Hello people thank you for clicking this it is my first time trying to do this type of fanfiction a messanger game app I will be using some of the origional plot and I am trying to follow the Yoosung good ending common route. Since that is the only one I have completed so far and I will admit to having a soft spot for him. As always a Disclamer is needed such as I own nothing but the Origional character and some parts in the plot otherwise all of it belongs to the great and wonderous creators of the Mystic Messenger app. I hope you enjoy the story.


You had just finished setting up all your classes for online instead of having to travel back and forth to school that way you wouldn't have to miss any work you were trying to save up so that you could buy an apartment for yourself. You also wanted to avoid school and people in general sadly, you were very shy and slightly antisocial it was mainly cause of middle school in America everyone bullied you and you were already having a tough time at home you didn't need anything else going on. To escape the reality of the world that had become hell you turned to books which turned into manga which then turned into anime, Korean dramas, and all sorts of different things. You learned Korean, Japanese, and Chinese since you were so into those types of shows and you also found out that you preferred food from those countries rather than the fast food that was sold on every corner in America.

Right before high school something terrible occurred which caused your family to move to Korea and from then on you attended High school there and in a way it was worse. Now you weren't teased just for being a book worm you where teased and bullied for being a foreigner and for trying to be yourself you soon learned it was just better to take what was given out. You had one sibling who was younger then you lucky enough she was taken by another relative when the incident happened you kept in touch but since she was still in America and you were in Korea getting to see each other in person was impossible. Plus you had to take care of your family you made sure besides saving money to get a place for yourself that you also sent money to your relative who had taken in your younger sister so that your sister could have spending money or just to help cover things that your sister might have needed. Though your relative told you that some of it was also going into a savings account so that your sister could have some money saved up for college or getting a house or car later on in life.

As you were leaving the college and walking towards a close corner store to see if you could grab a quick and cheap bite to eat having not eaten yet today and it was already close to noon and you had no idea what you had at the house. But right as you stopped in front of the store your phone dinged you frowned you didn't very many contacts on your phone you could count them on your hands. You grabbed your phone from your pocket and sat down at one of the few tables outside the store and typed in your password funny there was a new app on your phone and you don't remember downloading and on it was a space saying message. Curious you clicked the app and out of nowhere a text message popped up on your screen with a weird black and green back ground.

Unknown has entered chat

Unknown: ...Hello...?

You: ?

Unknown: Can you see this?

You: Yes I can

As you where answering in the chatroom you were thinking this is getting weird and slightly creepy.

Unknown: ...Finally connected. Thank God.

Unknown: It's not every day you get a text from a stranger.

Yeah no kidding you thought to yourself for a few you got caught up in your thoughts trying to figure out what was going on when you heard another ding from your phone signaling you that he had sent another message.

Unknown: I'm a bit flustered myself. I found a smartphone at the subway station, but all it had was this messenger app.

Weird you think to yourself why would there be a smartphone that only has a messenger app on it if it was someone's that got lost they would be sure to have a lot more on their phone such as numbers and pictures you heard another ding.

Unknown: I want to find the owner but I don't see any contact info or calls records...

You: Maybe it's broken?

Unknown: I've been sending messages with this ap but no reply.

Since Unknown never responded to your question you can't help but wonder if they were ignoring you but you sigh if they really just want you to help them return a phone then what was the harm in helping out. Just in case though you had speed dial on for the police all it would take was one small suspicious thing and you were dialing another ding caught your attention you looked back at the chat Unknown was still going.

Unknown: All I see is an address and some important looking numbers saved in notes.

Unknown: I'd like to go there myself but I'm currently abroad.

Well that would explain why they needed your help if the address in the phone was a Korean one and Unknown was in America or something that would require assistance in getting the phone back to the proper owner.

You: First... Who are you?

Unknown: Me? Oh sorry. I didn't even introduce myself.

Unknown: I'm just... a student studying abroad. I'm Korean.

When you read the last part of their reply you almost face palmed no kidding if you weren't we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Unknown: I could tell you my name, but it doesn't really matter.

Unknown: You won't find me on search engines.^^;

You didn't want to know their name to look up on search engines no if you wanted to find out who they were you would take some of your savings out and hire a hacker or a tracker or better yet both.

Unknown: But, anyways..

Unknown: Can you help me find the owner of this phone?

Unknown: I know you're surprised to have someone suddenly pop up and ask you a favor like this.

Unknown: But still...

Unknown: I'd appreciate it if you could help.

As you remembered your thoughts earlier you wanted to be cautious but you knew that if you said no now that you would feel guilty later and you rather live without that so with a sigh you answered back.

You: How can I help you?

Unknown: Uhm... I'd like for you to go to the address saved here.

Unknown: I saw the street view through the internet, and I've been there before.

Unknown: It's an apartment in downtown. Very crowded.

Unknown: It's really a safe place. If you feel unsafe, you can turn around.

You reread Unknowns messages at least they had done a bit of research before trying to find the owner of the phone otherwise things would have been quite a bit more complicated.

Unknown: I know the area. It's developed.

Unknown: Please?

If you were second guessing helping them out the Please at the end there had just thrown your rejection out the window you were a sucker for helping people even if they never helped you back you let out an even bigger sigh and prepared yourself to be in this for the long haul. At least you had taken work off today since you didn't know how long it was going to take to get your classes situated and then leave so you didn't really need to be any were at the moment.

You: Fine... But I'm leaving right away if it feels sketchy.

Unknown: You trust me...

You didn't trust them as far as you could throw them which wasn't very fair at all for a 5'3 female but you still wanted to help didn't mean you wouldn't be cautious while doing so.

Unknown: Thank you!

Unknown: Just a sec. I'll send you the address.

Unknown: Found it.

Unknown: Click Address

At first you were hesitant on clicking the address but you shook yourself and clicked it when you saw the address you looked it up on your phone and walked some of the way and then decided to take the rest of the way via bus. But soon you walked up to an apartment door when you studied the silver door you noticed immediately that it had a number lock pad on it so unless you had the code there was absolutely no way you were getting in. You're phone dinged you eyed it suspiciously as you took it out of your pocket and clicked on the app again it took you back to the same chatroom but a new message had appeared.

Unknown: Are you there? ^^ See. Nothing strange.

You snorted nothing strange alright but your timing you thought like how can they text you just a few minutes after you arrive at the apartment slightly freaked out you look around trying to see if you could spot any cameras or someone watching you. Finding nothing you finally just shrugged it off and hoped to get this done quickly and go home.

Unknown: Is there a password lock on the door?

You: Yes

Unknown: I'll send you the digits. Try it.

You: Should I really be doing this it could be considered breaking in?

Unknown: Password

You sigh and go ahead and put the password in a few minutes later when you realize that they weren't going to give you an answer. The door opens when you look inside just a bit you don't see anyone and everything has a nice layer of dust over it, it must of not been used for a really long time strange.

You: The doors opened.

Unknown: Good. Why don't you go inside?

Said the spider to the fly you mumbled under your breathe as you finished reading the message.

You: Can I just enter a stranger's house?

Unknown: You can just leave a note. I'll give you my info.

Unknown: If something happens, you can just show my messages. That'll do.

You: ... Alright

This was giving you a weird feeling but you also had a feeling if you didn't do this there would be even bigger trouble so you just went with it.

Unknown: Th

Unknown: ank

Unknown: you...

Unknown has left the chatroom

You were shocked when they left the chatroom where they not going to make sure that you left the note now you were even more suspicious but was also to afraid to leave the apartment without leaving the note.

You entered the apartment and went over to the desk the door you had entered from lead straight into the middle of the apartment on one side was an office like area and on the other was a bed and then on the right side of the bed was the kitchen at least that was what it looked like.

You grab a sticky note from on the desk and then grabbed a pen when something on the computer caught your attention your curiosity got the better of you and well you immediately entered another chat room. You were so shocked all you could do was stare at the screen for a few minutes.

To be continued...