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U/N has entered the chatroom

You looked at the chat screen after you had gotten over the shock you hit yourself calling yourself stupid why had; you let your curiosity get the best of you. After worrying about it for a few you figured nothing you could do about it now might as well read and see what's going on the first thing you see in the chat is this.

Yoosung : Failed my midterms FML T_T

Yoosung :T.T

707: Cuz u played LOLOL all night lol.

Jumin Han: If you want to work for our company, you should take care of your GPA.

Yoosung: I'm still on the list?! +_+

Yoosung:(Sparkle emoji**)

Jumin Han: Yes

707: Nice~ Can't believe u get to work straight after college lol

707:In this day and age!

Zen: Lame. It's nepotism.

Jumin Han: It's called recruitment actually.

Zen: It's giving a free pass instead of actually training the worker.

Jumin Han: Whatever. I couldn't care less what you say.

Zen: What's the difference between recruitment and nepotism?

707: Thought they r the same? O_O?

707:(Shrug emoji)

Jumin Han: It's nepotism if you recruit a person you know and they aren't of any help.

Yoosung: Oh… So you become a candidate for nepotism the same time you're recruited!

Zen:(... emoji)

After reading the conversation as it was popping it up you couldn't help but giggle about what they were fighting over it was completely ridiculous did it really matter. Though this Zen guy should watch out what he calls it or else he might end up accidently hurting Yoosungs' feelings by calling him useless and that he would be no help it was 707's next message that caught your attention and reminded you of your nervousness from before.

707: Wait!

Yoosung: Why?


707: Think someone entered the chat room;;

Jumin Han: U/N…?

Zen: Wtf. How did it get in here?

Okay now you felt slightly offended it did he seriously just call me an it if you weren't so nervous and didn't mind offending someone you would text him back calling him a savage or something.

707: Hacker!

Now that one you laugh out loud at you couldn't hack anything in your life the only thing you knew how to do with a computer was only the normal stuff like using the internet and games anything else other than the normal programs such as Microsoft and it would be a completely different language to you. You snorted and said out loud yeah I'll be able to hack a computer when pigs fly.

Yoosung: Hacker!? Therae's a hacker in ouer room!

Yoosung: Sevnee do something!

Zen: Hey, typos. -_-;;

707: Wait a sec. I'm searching.

Now you were curious what is he searching for?

Jumin Han: Who are you? Reveal yourself. Hey, Assistant Kang.

Well there went the option of hopefully leaving before being detected but then again you guess that ship had sailed when seven had noticed you in the first place.

Jaehee Kang: Yes, I am here.

Zen: You were so quiet I thought you went somewhere.

Jaehee Kang: Nothing was out of the ordinary so I was just watching

Jaehee Kang: but I see something just happened.

Yoosung: omg

Jumin Han: Why is a stranger in our chatroom?

Oh no reason you thought to yourself you just thought you would stop by for some tea you sarcastically said to yourself. It's not like you where lead here by a complete stranger thinking someone had lost a phone and would really like it back you know what they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions you sigh.

Jaehee Kang: No one can enter this chatroom without installing the private app we use… It seems someone has downloaded the RFA messenger.

Oh so that was the app that had appeared on your phone when Unknown was messaging you weird someone must have hacked your phone and placed it on their cause you knew for a fact that you hadn't downloaded it last night on your phone creepy. This was all starting to really scare you and tears where starting to gather in your eyes but you sucked it up crying never solved anything all you could do was get this over with and then later on when some things where figured out and everyone had the answers that they seek you could let loose your feelings.

Yoosung: I thought Seven let only us download it?

Yoosung:(? emoji)

Zen: Maybe someone downloaded the app on two phones?

707: Maybe?

Jumin Han: Who downloaded it twice?

Yoosung: Not me!

You sighed they weren't going to let this go you thought might as well chat back considering nothing was going to get solved and might get even worse if you didn't at least try to cooperate.

U/N: Hello…

Yoosung: Gahhhh it's talking!

Yoosung:(scared emoji)

Okay you thought that's it that was the second time you had been called an it by someone you were putting your foot down its just plain rude.

U/N: Well that is quite rude I'm not an it thank you very much I am not an inanimate object I am a human being.

Zen: So it's not two smartphones.

Jumin Han: Who is it?

Yoosung: Find out what it is!

You looked at the screen in disbelief you were just completely ignored oh my god you were getting even more frustrated grrrrr.

Jaehee Kang: How did you find out about this place? Where did you download the application?

U/N: I didn't download it, it just appeared on my phone yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds but it's the truth.

707: oh… ^^; Wait.

707: Just found something. This is weird.

They were ignoring you again you just decided to wait and see where this goes.

Zen: What is it. Hurry and tell me.

707: I traced the IP…

707: It's from Rika's apartment.

Yoosung: Rika's apartment?

Jumin Han: Where was it?

Jahee Kang: The location is not revealed. I know it to be classified.

So that's who's apartment this is you looked around a saw all the dust again were has she been it looks like she hasn't been living here for a really long time you were also tempted in telling them the address. So you went to look at your phone and where the address was in the message only to find all of it gone except for the passcode which you were smart enough to copy into your notes before using it.

707: Anyways, someone must have broken into her apt.

707: It talked just now, so it must be a person ^^;

U/N: No I'm a freaking robot of course I'm person "sighs" not that anyone listens to me anyway

Yoosung: So it hacked the program, Seven?

707: Yup

Yoosung: Who are you?! How did you get into Rika's apartment?!

Yoosung: How did you get this app?!

U/N: I explained it earlier but you didn't listen to me T.T

707: U/N did it seems we were so into our convo that we didn't notice

Yoosung: Gah so scared right now….

Yoosung:( scared emoji)

Yoosung: I thought the apartment has a passworh lobk?

Wow so many spelling mistakes is this what happens when he gets scared or worried you thought to yourself though you had to admit he was cute very cute you blushed a bit.

Zen: Typo

Jaehee Kang: I assume it was a break in.

Jaehee Kang: U/N I recommend that you confess.

You were so nervous now that your hands where shaking slightly as you tried to type out your answer but you weren't sure where to begin and if they would give you the time to explain before they tried to arrest you but before you could finish typing you accidently pressed send and you didn't get anything out there.

U/N: uhm …I.. I didn't

U/N: T.T

Zen: Jaehee, would you voluntarily confess to everything if it were you?

Jaehee Kang: No. But it is good to ask first.

707: Lolol

Jumin Han: Quit shitting around.

Jumin Han: U/N… Who are you?

Jumin Han: Reveal yourself, stranger.

Jumin Han: If you do not reveal yourself, you will pay.

Oh my god you were starting to freak out as you read that last sentence wth you were just trying to explain to everyone but do they listen no there too busy with their own conversation to listen to you. That Jumin Han though he is kind of scary and his threat sounded serious if you weren't already scared before you were terrified now.

Zen: Stranger you will pay? Lmfao

Zen: omg~* so scary*~

Zen: It might be a girl.

Now you were just exasperated he was making fun of his friend you're guessing in the chat well at least he has the right idea just for that you had forgiven him for calling you an it early since it seems he was the first one to get it.

707: That's sexist lol. U should watch what u say now that ur a famous actor.

Zen: I'm not famous;; just a bit recognizable

Yoosung: Nah~ Look at the youtube hits~

Zen: Dude. Stwap;;

707: lolol

Jaehee Kang: That video is still excellent no matter how many times I watch it.

Yoosung: Zen, when do you start your next piece?

Zen: ;; Don't know. It's up to the director.

Yoosung: He's a celebrity lol! I'm gonna tell everyone at school.

Looking at how they were chatting without you maybe you had gotten lucky and they had forgotten you now you could slip away right as you were about to leave you noticed the next few pings showing Jumin and there went your chance at escape. You could have cried right then and there it was getting harder and harder to hold them back so much had happened today you weren't sure how much more you could handle.

Jumin Han: Hey.

Jumin Han: Don't get distracted.

Yoosung: Oh, right. U/N…..

Jaehee Kang: … An abrupt stranger.

707: My hands r shaking as I hack.

Jumin Han: Who are you? Reveal yourself right now.

U/N: Just a small town girl. Livin' in a lonely world.

You just couldn't resist the moment he asked Who are you again well it just kind of fit and popped into your mind you had to type it and press send you stared at the screen as you waited for their reactions.

707: Lmfao I think I'm going to like U/N

Zen: Isn't that from some American song.

Jumin Han: This is no time for joking! Now reveal yourself

Yoosung: Yeees! Who are u?!

Zen: Use proper English please.

707: If it dosen't say anything I'll hack in and find out.

Zen: …Maybe

Zen: one of my fans?

Jumin Han:

U/N: Sigh I'm y/n. Who are you all and what is this place?

707: Lol so awkward.

707: I thought it was a computer talking.

Zen: Seems more normal than I thought.

U/N: No I'm about as abnormal as you can get.

Yoosung: What were you thinking?


Yoosung: Should we… introduce ourselves?

Jumin Han: Are you serious….?

U/N: Well it would be nice.

Jaehee Kang: I think it is a bit too early for that.

You read Jaehee Kangs replie and then you look at what Zen had just put into the chat and laughed well at least some of them are friendly you were worried all of them would make you feel uncomfortable.

Zen: Hi, I'm Zen. (24 yrs old) Musical actor… Don't look me up on the internet.

Zen: It's embarrassing.

Yoosung: Zen, you're so brave!

Jumin Han: Guess he wanted to show himself off.

Zen: No way~!

Zen:( picture of zen drinking tea)

After seeing a picture of Zen you had to admit he was very attractive but sadly not your type really you probably wouldn't be able to stand the fact that he would always be surrounded by other women.

Yoosung: Omg… a photo too.

Jaehee Kang: My eyes have been cleansed

U/N: lol

You could kind of already tell that Jaehee might have had a crush or was in love with Zen.

Jaehee Kang:(cleansed emoji)

Jaehee Kang: Wait. I can't be like this…

Jumin Han: I see that he has zero interest in his privacy.

You smile as you read Jumins comment well jaehee doesn't seem to mind too much now dose she you giggle.

707: Lolol

707:My nickname's 707

707: Real name is a secret.

707: Fyi, Zen's real name is Hyun Ryu.

Zen: Your name's a secret but not mine?;

You giggle yep he gave that right away.

707: U don't care anyways lol.

Jaehee Kang: 707 does have the strangest name so I understand the secrecy.

707: The name's too holy to be spread around~ I'm gonna pray after I finish hacking.

Zen:(... emoji)

Zen: Pray, yeah right;;

707: Just remember me as the 22yr old young hacker lol

707: where I live is also a secret.

Zen: So many secrets;;

Yoosung: I'm Yoosung Kim! I'm a college student…21 yrs old.

Wow he's just a year older then yourself you wonder which college he attends he was really cute Yoosung was definitely more your type then Zen.

Jumin Han: I don't know why everybody's introducing themselves. You don't even know who that person is.

Yoosung:(Insert Yoosung with drink)

Seeing the picture that Yoosung had just posted it was adorable he was so cute you where blushing with where your thoughts were heading but you stopped it there and got back to what was going on.

707: So warm and fuzzy here

Zen: Lol. Seven, you don't have any selfies to show?

707: nothing recent

707: Oh and also!

707: Jumin's the heir of a pretty famous corporation and Jaehee is his assistant, 27 and 26 yrs old respectively.

You laughed as you thought about Jumins and Jaehees reaction to how 707 just pretty much spilt both of their identities and other things about them like it was not the wrong thing to do you giggle.

707: You have a better sense of who we are now, U/N?

Jumin Han: Why did you say that…?

707: Doubted you'd do it urself.

Jumin Han: Stop shitting around.

707: Oh, fyi, Jumin has the cutest cat.

Awe Jumin has a cat you had always wanted a cat but you were never allowed pets you had planned to get a cat the moment you were able to get your own apartment and you were able to keep up with the payments.

Jumin Han: Hey.

Jumin Han: Why are we talking about Elizabeth 3rd to a stranger?

707: The cat's name is Elizabeth 3rd

Wow Jumin must love cats to an obsessed stage or maybe it's just his cat he's obsessed with.

707:( picture of cat and jumin)

707:Oh, U already said lol.

Yoosung: That info's a bit useless…

Yoosung: We're not even close with this U/N person yet lol

Jumin Han: Can't believe he showed a photo of Elizabeth 3rd to a stranger…

Jumin Han: Idiot

Jumin Han: I know you came to my house the other day and harassed her. It's all on CCTV.

707: My precious privacy!

Zen: Yeah since you care so much about privacy.

Yoosung: CCTV screenshots omg

Jumin Han: And Yoosung.

Jumin Han: Is my Elizabeth 3rd Useless


707: That was so funn~~

707: I want to see the cat again ~

Jumin Han: NO.

Zen: Stop talking about cats. Giving me goosebumps.

They really just had an entire conversation about a cat you started to laugh oh my god these guys a hilarious but you better not tell them that considering you might accidently offend them.

To be continued…