I know that probably this is not the best way to say it, but there are some people that are just not meant to be together no matter how hard they try things just don't work out. However, they are some that are perfect for each other, but they don't want to do any work what so ever in hope to have a better relationship. The problem is when a person has had both experiences and doesn't recognize which is she or he was living at that moment.

Moose had tried so hard for years with his relationship with Casie in part because she had been his first love and on the other hand because she was Luke´s little sister and he knew that his best friend wouldn't be happy with him if he broke her heart. Sure enough, their relationship turned up to be a messy one from the start, it all started with the fact that even though he like her Moose wasn't sure what having a relationship entail and even if he care to put the effort. Casie, however, loved or at least thought she was in love, with Moose and she made sure that everyone knew about it. From the moment she was four she declared in front of her entire family that she was going to marry Moose and they would be together forever. The adults found her adorable and even went as far as to tell her that Moose was very lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend which didn't settle well with the Afro kid who declared that girls were yucky.

Just a year later his feelings toward girls change, but that didn't include the five-year-old who would pretty much stalk him on a daily basis. Even when he went out on dates with Luke, Casie would make sure her brother would take her with them, or she would appear wherever they were making comments about how she and Moose were meant to be together until his date got tired and went away. Sure this would be fun if Moose hadn't been 8 and completely head over heels over the popular girl of his class as the rest of his friend including Luke and had miraculously managed to score a date for her.

Casie was just two years younger than them, but she did a number on his social life consistently making all his girl friends run away. When Moose was about to explode and tell the little girl off Luke had a talk with him about everything that was happening and asked him to be patient with his sister; Casie was her favorite person in the world, and Luke had a tendency to excuse her behavior. This scenes would repeat themselves for a couple of years until finally, she was 8 and Moose 10 and on his birthday party, they kiss, from that moment on they started "dating" with Luke's blessing of course. They continue their relationship, and Moose was amazed at how well they got along for the first couple of months, Casie was an amazing girl, and he enjoyed being part of Luke's family. Sure she was a little clingy and demanding, but Moose was quick to change and adapt to the situation.

Cassie and Moose share their first real kiss together; He had actually had his first kiss with a girl from his grade when he was 7, but he never told anyone about it not even Luke because he knew that Casie would do something to the girl. Dating his best friend little sister would turn to be awkward for him to share some of his experiences with Luke and the rest of his friend, so he got closer and closer to Casie. Soon they were making plans and getting jobs at the mall together so they could see each other and when he started high school he assure her that things wouldn't change because he was in another school. They would share everything that happened to each other every day no matter what he would see Casie before the day ended. At some point; he felt like she was turning into his only confidant and hey maybe he was overthinking things, but he just wasn't comfortable telling Luke about how he and his sister had gone all the way after a particularly hot night of summer when his parents had gone out. He was shy that way also fear for his life play an important part of this, sure he could have told his other friends but guys talk to each other, and he wasn't about to put his faith on loud mouthed boys.

However with Moose starting his plans to go to college things started to take a turned for the worst with Casie freaking out about him possibly choosing to go out of the state. Moose had always dreamed of studying away from home like most kids in his grade but having his girlfriend consistently telling him that it was a bad idea to go away to college was making his decision harder. Every tour he took at his colleges of choice she would go with him or bombarded him with text telling him how much she missed him or how much they could have been doing together instead of him going away. Luke didn't exactly help him either with his comments about how he better behave if he was thinking about going away to study and in other times ignoring him when planning ahead on things because "he obviously was too busy planning to go away" for them to count on him.

Finally, when the letters came back he sat down and waited for his, but the one that he wanted most never came, maybe MIT was a pipe dream. If he was honest, he suspected that his letter might have come but as time passed by he decided that a local college wouldn't be bad after all and so he stayed. He soon found himself looking into moving out of his house and into a dorm room and to his surprise Casie was more than ok with that. Casie soon found her way to his everyday routine; he would come back from class and Casie would be laying on his bed talking with his roommate while listening to music or outside some of his classes. She had tried going to a lecture with him, but she got bored easily and would doodle or started talking to him which annoyed the rest of the class and even the professor who tell them to leave or shut it.

Soon enough he would see her a little less every day, and by the end of his first semester, Casie was a no show on their dates no matter if she was the one orchestrating them or not. By the time Moose was on vacation waiting for his second year at college the signs that his relationship was in bad shape was obvious to everyone around him, even Luke started to tell him that maybe he should move on. Casie would be happy and pretty much ignore him for days to come and then suddenly she would call him in a bad mood or just sad and demanded that he stayed with her and entertained her. They would stay at home if she was tired or go out and drive around if she was up to it, he once suggested a trip to the fair, but she was not really into it, so they dismiss it. Moose had planned to get a job so he could get some extra money while the classes started again but trying to be available for his girlfriend was not leaving him with many options.

Moose's parents didn't like the toll the relationship was having on their son and decided to have a serious conversation with him, sadly the result wasn't what they expected. It seemed that calling out his relationship problems only exacerbate all the feelings that he was trying to keep under control, so he went on looking for Casie, he wanted a reason to keep fighting for them. It seemed that even the weather was against him because it started raining like the sky was crying about something but either way he was not changing his mind, not after everything he had giving up. He walked to her house and knocked on her door a couple of times but nobody came, and he wanted to scream, Moose decided to walk a little more just to clear his mind and so he started to wonder around trying to see what was going on with his life. He used to walk this street with Casie clinging to his arm talking non-stop about the plans she had for both of them for that day, that week, the months to come. How Moose should probably be saving up his money because she thought that it would be nice if he could take her on a little road trip in the summer, sure her brother could come with her current girlfriend but would leave them alone at some point.

All the stories came to a hold when he noticed a couple making out in a park near his view and smiled at the memories of his time with Casie there; yes she hadn't been his first kiss, but he had been hers, and it fill him with such happiness. He was in love with Casie and her family; he had an ok relationship with his parents, but he had always wanted to be part of a big family and now that he was with her his dream of having a brother was a reality.

Everything came to a halt when he was about to cross the street to enter the park, and a car came rushing by making him stop on his track. Moose shout a cursed to the driver that almost ran him over and decided that his walk was over and it was time for him to go back home. He walked towards his house while sending a quick text to Casie telling her that he was going to pick her up tomorrow for a little road trip and some much-needed quality time. The response didn't come until the next morning, and it was a negative that also included a short reason why she wouldn't be available to meet for the rest of the week.

By the end of the week, Moose was bored out of his mind and decided to see if some of his friends were still in town. He knew for a fact that his roommate, Sam, was going to move to Chicago into an apartment with other friends. Even though they had coexisted for the entire semester, Moose was never close to the guy he seemed too jumpy like he was hiding something. At one point he started to wonder if maybe he had something that was illegal or something, he would have asked him, but the guy didn't seem like he wanted to share. So, Moose send a quick text to one of his friends, and he told him that they were helping Sam and Joshua move their things and that he was welcome, with a plan in mind he set to the building that was near campus and soon saw the moving truck park outside the building.

Moose said hello to some guys and together they climb the stairs carrying the couch they had just unload from the truck, groaning at every step after all they were engineering majors not really into lifting heavy things so by the time they made it upstairs they pretty much collapsed on the couch they had just carried upstairs breathing heavily making empty promises about working out more. Moose stood after a while and found himself face to face with his old roommate who looked really surprise to see him there but shook his hand and make small conversation. They had a nice enough chat, but Moose felt like he was imposing until Joshua pulled some beers out of the fridge and invited everyone to stay so they could help connect some of the things they had bought for the apartment. A couple of hours later all the guys were having a great time and Moose found himself helping install some sound system with Sam directing him to the correct position of the speakers and soon enough they started talking.

At the end of the day, he found out that there was another room at the apartment that they were going to use like a little office for them so they could try to start developing some projects they had in mind. Moose decided to spend the night and put some input in what his friends were talking about and also making some plans with them, of course if Casie was ever to call him he would go and see her but for now it was nice to have something to do.

Days turned into weeks until finally, it was time for them to go back to school and before going in completely, he decided that it was time to have a serious talk with his girlfriend. Like most days he went looking for her hoping that things could go back to when they were younger, and she wanted to be with him. Casie opened the door and told him that she was just on her way out but she was happy Moose was there so he could give her a ride, his girlfriend who he had seen less than a dozen times since his college started just wanted him to give her a ride. Once in the car Moose tried to talk to her about his day but he could sense that she was less than interested in anything he was saying, when did things change? WHY did things change?

Moose drove Casie to the mall to meet her friends and started searching for a spot to park so he could join her when she stopped him telling him that she was going in alone.

"Look, Casie, I understand that you want to hang out with your friends, but we barely saw each other, and I'm starting classes soon." Her entire demeanor changed suddenly, and she seemed apologetic but still wouldn't let her joined her friends, and that is when he wonder if maybe she was seeing someone else on the side. Moose was never keen into hanging out with Casie's friend they were usually nice but he rather spent time with his friends, and they all know her already so he thought she really enjoy it now he realized that maybe it wasn't that the case.

Casie promised him that they would see each other the next day but that feeling in the pit of his stomach wouldn't go away, so he went in looking for her. However, he felt really bad when he noticed that she was only hanging out with a big group of girls laughing that was of course until she notice him and she turned angry. At that moment he thought she was going to come at him and tell him off but she just continue to talk to her friends and walked around for a while, to his luck he found Sam and Joshua there and he was quick to join them on their shopping spree. The three of them were discussing what games would be better to have at the apartment when they felt that they were being watched and then they heard giggles. Slowly they turned and realized that a group of girls were looking at them one of them was Casie, which confuse the three of them, suddenly she came up to them and said hello while the rest of the girls stood back whispering.

"What is going on Casie?" Moose asked not really understanding what was happening and the flirty air the girl had while walking their way change now that she had her back to her friends.

"That's what I want to know. I told you I was going out with my friends and here you are with this guys following me, you need to give me some space. Now I'm going to go back with my friends, and you guys are not going to come near us. Understand?" Everything she said was done in a yelling whisper that resembled the way a snake sounds when she wants to attack.

A second later she gave them a forced smile and returned to her group that suddenly surrounded her and started gossiping between them while walking away from Moose and his friends sending the boys flirty looks while giggling. Joshua was the first to ask Moose what was going on. Sam, on the other hand, was the only one that didn't seem shocked about what had just happened, together they walked out of the store and started their way to the parking lot in complete silence. Once they arrived near Sam's car he turned and told Moose to come with them telling him that he shouldn't be alone right now.

Joshua took Moose's car and told them that he was going to pick some food for them and that he would meet them at the apartment. When they were alone Sam was quiet but every now and then he turned to look at Moose until he finally parked the car near a hamburger place they used to go and got out of the car. "Let's eat something. I just texted Joshua that we are eating and he is going to join some other guys for dinner."

Once inside Sam asked him if he was ok and Moose shook his head and after another series of simple questions he just broke down and told him everything about was going on with Casie. "I just don't get it. I haven't changed I still care for her the same way I did, and I'm making an effort. Did you know that Professor Spencer offered me an internship with him in New York for the summer? It would be the chance of a lifetime, and I said no, because I knew that Casie was not going to be happy that I didn't spend time with her. Now if I get to see her for more than 30 minutes is a miracle and what just happened. I mean is insane the way she acted. I don't know any of those girls and she just …."

Moose put his head in his hand and groaned, he had given up so many opportunities to be with this girl, and now she didn't even give him the time of day. Sam waited a couple of minutes to see if Moose wanted to say something else and then started talking bringing Moose a new perspective on things. He told him about how his girlfriend would always talk about her plans for the future and things that didn't really included Moose. Together they piece the possible moment when the girl had started to fall out of love with him, the life she was living now at her high school with different kids that didn't know she was Moose's girlfriend or Luke's little sister was changing her. Not necessarily for the worst but for the first time in her life she was presenting herself in a different light and apparently he wasn't part of her plans.

A text interrupted their conversation, it was from her telling him that he needed to go to her house so they could talk, and they realized then that it had been hours since they had arrived at the burger place. They paid for their meal, and Sam drove Moose to her house and told him that he would wait for him giving him a sad smiled knowing that when he sees the boy again, he would probably have broken up with Casie. The first couple of minutes of the conversation were spent with Moose apologizing for following her into the mall and Casie just going at him until she was satisfied.

"Fine Casie now that we both agree that it was a mistake to follow you. How about we talked about why I did it? You have to admit that is not normal that you and I don't spend any time together also you never introduce me to any of the girls you were hanging out with. If I'm not wrong, you were really acting like you were flirting with some random guys." He finished his statement while crossing his arms giving the girl a stern look.

"Look I was trying to find a better time to tell you this, but I guess this is as good as any. I think we should break up Moose; I understand that you might not want to, but I can't live this charade anymore. I want to be able to go out with my friends anytime I want without you making me feel bad for not choosing to be with you. I want to have fun at outings while we talk about boys we like in our class and obsess with them about who are we going to the prom with. The only thing you want to do is go out with your friends and talk or go to some little get-together, Moose I'm young I want to go to big parties."

Casie continued to rant while he tried to understand where she was coming from, he wasn't an old person for god sakes Moose was just two years older than Casie and now she was talking to him like he was ready to go to a retired home. He gave her time and space; he had forgotten his dream to go away to college to stayed near her to be here for her every desire. Sure he never had any interest in her parties, but if he remembered correctly, she never invited him to any or even mention them to him. Moose assumed that he was going to go to her prom with her, but now he realized that she never plan for that. He cut her rant to ask her if there was someone else she like and Casie slapped him.

There was not more to say after that, she ran upstairs calling him some insults and before he knew it Luke was in front of him pushing him outside the doors telling him not to come again. Moose tried to explain the situation however, Luke was having none of it. "I told you that you should move on a while ago. Poor Casie didn't want to hurt you, but you push her into this, get out Moose we don't want you here."

That's how Moose walked out of that house without a girlfriend and a "best friend" although if he was completely honest, he had gone into the house without them either.


Here we go again, I had such a horrible writers block for a while sorry. But when I sat down to write again this is what came to me, I hope you guys enjoy it feel free to say what you think about it. Not to worry I'll finish the other stories I just needed something to help me out of the slump