From the time he received that email Moose was going into overdrive trying to think how he was going to act when he finally saw Cam again, in his preparation he decided that it was time for him to search for more details about the girl. He logged on to Facebook and taking a deep breath he went searching for her page; he remembered how in the midst of his anger he had erased her from his friends and blocked any way of communication with her. Still, after he knew she was no longer in Chicago he tried to look for her, but he discovered that she had erased him too and that her profile was now private and her picture was no longer one of them together smiling at the camera but one of a fountain. Moose decided then that he had already made up his mind about his relationship with Cam and he shouldn't be trying to make more out of it so at that time he searched no more.

Now years later Moose tried to see if maybe he had missed some clue about where she was at this point of her life. He was sure that he wanted to be with her again, but he also wasn't sure if maybe Cam had moved on or simply wasn't interested in having something with him. Moose decided that he was going to limit the search because he didn't want to go down the rabbit hole in his quest of looking for her especially now that he was sure he was going to see her in a couple of months. Every day he would sit and dedicate one hour to search his friend's walls to see any photo of her from the past years and every time he found one he would stare at it for a while trying to determine if he could read her mood from it like he used to do when he saw her at any point of her life. To give himself extra boundaries he decided that he would arrive an hour early or stayed an hour later at work so he would only use his work computer to do the search. Moose knew that if he gave himself a chance to go through Facebook at his house, he wouldn't stop at one hour but he would go on and on. Moose´s work proof an obstacle for him when he tried to go through his friend's pages due to the amount of it he had at that time of the year. His project was going fine, but he started to worry that he was not going to be able to have enough time to spend before the wedding with his friends. Sam had written to him that he wanted all of them to be in Seattle for a week before the wedding at least so they could reconnect.

Moose smiled when he looked at his friend page where his main picture was one of Sam and Carla smiling at the camera showing her ring, to think that they had been together for so many years. He remembered going on double dates with them and talked to Cam about how they could totally have a double wedding with them making her blush and laugh at the same time. Quickly he went down the pages and soon saw an old conversation between Sam, Joshua, and Michael about what they were going to do for the long weekend. Honestly, Moose was a little jealous that his friend had managed to stay in closer contact and have get together´ s regularly, due to the relatively short distance between their cities, sure they always told him to visit them and they made a point to travel to new York at least once a year to see him but it wasn't the same.

Michael had a great opportunity to help with a start-up company that thankfully was doing ok and was getting better. He moved to Portland a year after they finished school and was planning to arrive in Seattle a week before the wedding to joined the festivities. Sam and Joshua had made it on their own, their continues projects had put them in a comfortable position and they had decided to move to Seattle and their company was doing more than ok. They were planning to sell the company in about two years, and they were already developing what would be their next big idea, sure they weren't in a snapchat, Instagram kind of developing but still people were interested in their projects and they were more than ok with that. The girls were also working on their field, some for big companies and others on their own projects, and again he wondered what was Cam doing now.

Time flew by and soon enough the wedding was only a week away, and he had managed to gather enough photos to have a folder in his computer full of Cam's pics which he looked at daily practicing his future conversations with the girl. Sam and the rest of the guys had created a chat for them to share their schedules with each other so they could plan their week and Moose was getting depressed by all the plans that he was not going to be able to join. The amount of work had double in the past few weeks, but he had made it clear to everyone at his job that he was not going to miss the wedding of his friend. Sam had decided that his wedding was going to be on a Monday which was the weirdest thing ever, but he wanted and excused only to have the people he wanted at his wedding, and so many of the unwanted once had declined because of the day that it was obvious the idea was working. Now, some still accepted but as Sam put it " If they are so eager to come then I can accept them knowing that this is an inconvenience for them.

Moose remember Sam as one of the nicest guys he ever met but to hear him say something like that made him extra happy to be on his good side. Soon the week started and the pictures started invading his phone, and he was quick to look for Cam, she didn't appear until Tuesday, and she looked beautiful as always. He really love the picture that Sam had send him as a favor, yes Sam knew about what Moose had planned, and he was glad that his friend was finally going to do something about his relationship with Cam. The photo was of Carla and Cam standing in front of a mural, and both of them were pointing to it like they were models in a game show. He decided then that he was going to try to fly on Thursday no matter what, so he stayed at his office working until it was Thursday at 10 am when he informed everyone that he would be seeing them next week and went on his way to his apartment for his luggage. He took a quick shower, change and grabbed his suitcase and soon he was on his way to the airport looking forward to seeing all his friends and his hopefully future fiancé.

Arriving in Seattle, Moose felt anxious he went to left his things at the hotel, and he took a picture of himself there informing the group that he had arrived. Michael was the first to respond and told him that he would be going to pick him up, and Moose felt himself starting to feel nauseous, and he prayed that he wasn't going to get ill. An hour later when his former roommate knocked on his door, they embraced in a brotherly hug, and Moose felt relieved. Michael started talking about how everyone was basically the same they were in college and how much he loved to see everyone together now after all those years. "We were talking about how this was going to be the first time in years that you were going to be with of all us at the same time. Sure, you have been with the guys, but the ladies are here too now. Can you believe that Joshua and Jane are dating?"

Moose stopped in his track and turned. "Wait, what? Are you saying that Jane gave Joshua a chance?" Moose started laughing non-stop, and Michael joined in, both of them had been witnesses of their friend pretty much stalking the girl for years just for her to say no like that was the only word she knew. Apparently, things had changed since last year when he saw Joshua last, even though his friend was honest about not leaving him behind after his relationship with Cam ended he also felt like they weren't as close as they used to be. Joshua dating Jane and him hearing about it from Michael and not his friend was proof that they weren't as in tune as they used to be. The small talked with Michael made him think back to the time when they all used to hang out in bars while dreaming about their future and how they were going to rule the world.

Michael soon guided him to a restaurant and once inside he didn't need for his friend to tell him where the rest of the group was because a burst of laughter came from a corner and he could see all of his friends there. His eyes searched for Cam for a second and soon found her sitting between two guys, one of them was Joshua, but he didn't know the other one, and he could feel himself getting tense, and his stomach started getting into knots. Who was that guy? Maybe he was silly thinking that there was a chance for him to win back Cam? He felt himself being guided to the table and soon enough his friends were standing up and greeting him.

Joshua hug him, and after letting him go, Jane came into his line of vision and while he hugged her Joshua mouthed to him that they were dating with a huge smile on his face. Moose just raise his thumb congratulating his friend on finally getting the girl of his dreams, Jane let go and he let her go, and in a quiet voice, she told him to be careful about what he was planning to do next. That startle him, but at this point, Jane had moved on to the side, and Moose found himself face to face with Cam, she looked beautiful, but he could see that Cam was avoiding looking into the eyes.

Moose wasn't sure how to behave himself with Cam, if he was honest and gave free range to his feelings he would hug her and ask for a chance to redeem himself, they would talk and tried to fix things up. She seemed hesitant at first, but Sam was behind her, and he whispered something in her ear making her smile, she took a step forward and gave him a quick hug asking him how he was. He was speechless, and she moved to the side and before he could answer he was being hugged by Carla and finally Sam. The last one told him to pull his act together and then let him go inviting him to sit with them at the table, quickly the rest of them went back to their chairs and Moose wasn't sure where he was going to be. Sam disappeared for a second and came back with a chair which he put next to Carla leaving a space for Moose between her and Joshua, Moose sat there and found himself just a person away from Cam.

His first instinct was to listen as much as possible to her conversation with the people around trying to piece together her situation at the moment. Also, he wasn't sure what part did the guy sitting to her other side played in her life, he badly needed to at least know that for him to relax a little. Carla tried to tell him something, to made him part of a conversation but he kept losing the flow of the conversation because he just wanted to know more about Cam. His friend got tired of this and called the other girl out making the other conversation that was going on at that point between Cam and the people around her stop. The brunette seemed taken aback but just asked Carla what she needed, and the soon to be bride asked her how were things with her and Jane´s business. Even though the girl looked confused she answer that things were ok, but they were having some issues with their new development, Sam was quick to offer his and Joshua´s help if they needed something which bring a smile to the girls face.

The conversation helped Moose discover that Cam had worked in Chicago until last year, the year before that she had decided to break on her own but was still preparing what would be her main project. Jane had been working with another company for several years, but once she heard Cam wanted to do something on her own, she didn't wait a second before calling her friend. Together they started developing an app they had started at college and in less than a year they had made it happened, and that was when Cam had left her old job and move. Now at this point, Moose was dying to know if the information of where she had relocated when she finally said it.

She had moved to San Francisco and was living with Jane both girls high five at their amazing luck to be together and he smiled at the camaraderie on the table, but he was still wondering who the guy sitting next to Cam was. Giving up on getting the information by himself he turned towards Carla and Sam, and whispering asked them if any of them knew the guy that was sitting next to Cam, he didn't miss the smile the couple share before answering. "That's Carla's cousin, Josh, he lives in Portland, but Cam and Jane gave him a ride to the wedding. I think he likes Cam because he insisted in seating next to her wherever we go out."

Moose stuck his tongue out to Sam making the couple laughed and soon they started talking about their plans and how the actual ceremony was going to be. He was informed that he was going to be a groomsman and he was going to walk into the church with one of the girls, Moose's eyes twinkle making the couple laughed again. Carla cleared her throat to make her voice more stable and started trying to get everyone's attention. "Hey, guys if you could give me your attention for a minute. We want to tell you how much we appreciate that you are here with us. We know that on the schedule we gave you for the week this afternoon was supposed to be spent at the space needle, but we have decided to do it later on. Now we want you to join us at this park near here where there is supposed to be this little fair of local artisans, don't worry they sell food too. So there is something for everyone, let's go shopping!"

They went to the fair in little groups discussing their lives; sure they stayed in contact, but there were some details that escape the occasional weekend update. Laughs and stories fill their way to the fair and even when they were there the groups would change sizes and participants, at some points, the girls would go on their own and then again the groups would mix. The entire afternoon, Moose found himself in the same group as Cam at least six times, ok exactly six times he was well aware of that, and even though he had enough opportunities to talk to her he always froze. In his mind, he still thought that he was playing it cool by paying enough attention to the conversation so he could laugh on cue or said yeah when needed. Once again that was what he thought was going on. They finally left the fair after having some dinner at the food trucks which proof to be one of the best experiences he had in his culinary life.

On their way back to the hotel Michael was next to him in a second asking him about his life in New York; he wasn't sure about what exactly because he was focusing on the fact that Cam was walking with Josh laughing at something. He was so busy following them that he didn't notice Michael giving up on their conversation and stand back with Jane, Joshua, and Marla talking about their plans for later that night. He also didn't notice when Jane broke out from the group and went to his side; he did notice though when she looped her arm around his. "Hey there. So you need to stop looking at her like that because you are making her uncomfortable."

He stopped in his tracks pulling Jane with him and asked her if she was honest, and the girl nodded. "How am I making her nervous? I've barely spoken to her. I haven't talked to her at all actually, because I freeze the second she is near me. So please tell me how exactly am I making her uncomfortable?"

Jane held his arm harder and started walking making him move with her; she didn't want the last group with the rest of their friends to be near them when she told him about what she had noticed. "You know the freezing is one of the things that are making her uncomfortable. However, the real issue is how you keep staring at her like she is the only source of water in the desert even the rest of the wedding party that doesn't know the story of you guys knows that there is something going on. Talk to her Moose if she doesn't want to talk to you at least know that things are over."

He stopped again and turned toward her but before he could ask her what she knew about the situation Joshua was putting his arm around Jane's shoulder and asking what they were talking about and Moose wasn't sure what to say. Jane told him to stop being so curious and told both boys that she was going to have something at the bar of the hotel and invited them to go with them. Joshua apparently dropped the subject, and when they made it to the hotel they went straight into the bar, Cam and Josh didn't join them and that sour Moose's mood but he managed to have a good time with his friends.

Friday was uneventful although he made a point of stopping, or at least lessen, the amount of time he stared at Cam and ever so often he would turn to see if Jane was checking up on him. That night they all went dancing at the club, but they make it a point not to dance as couples but more as a group. At one point, however, Moose found himself in front of Cam dancing and he didn't miss the chance to spent an extra amount of time with her. On Saturday morning they were all going on to the market to buy ingredients for a big barbecue they were planning on doing in Sam's and Carla's house, they went as a group, but soon everyone was going in different directions. He was looking for some things to eat when he found himself picking things that he knew Cam would also like just to make it a point to her that he was still interested in her.

When they were at the house again, he helped put things to the grill while having a great time with the boys even Josh joined in and to his dismay the dude was cool. He wasn't sure if he should be asking about his intentions with Cam, but the decision was made for him when the girls arrived with salads and other stuff and putting everything on the table to later on summoned the guys to sit with them. This time Moose wait for Cam to sit down and he made a point to sit next to her startling her a little but finally, she smiled at him. Josh, however, gave him the evil eye because Jane had already sat next to the other side of Cam and Michael and Joshua were sitting in front of the girls.

He started talking a little with her noticing that at first, she seemed reluctant to have a conversation with just him but as time passed by both of them relax and enjoy each other company. The best for him was when he started showing her all the different things he had bought knowing that she might enjoy them for the longest time Cam looked at him with this secretive smile that she used to give him and only him and he felt his stomach doing flips. Josh choose that exact moment to come next to them and ask Cam to go for a little walk with him so they could sight-see like they had planned to do the day before when he said that part though he gave Moose another look like challenging him to say something.

Moose wanted nothing more to say something in the lines of "Back off dude. Cam and ME we are meant to be." But of course he couldn't say anything like that at least not at this moment, he hoped that shortly he could say that or kiss Cam making it a point to look mockingly at the guy. Who was he kidding he would be so focused on the kissed that he wouldn't even remember the guy existence. Cam nodded and told Josh that she was still eating so maybe they could take that walk a little later, that throw him off, but he tried to hide his disappointment poorly walking away anyway. Moose also failed poorly in hiding his smile at the way Josh was walking away looking defeated sure his smile was short lived when Cam turned and gave him her best "you stop that this instant" look.

True to her word she continued eating and having some light conversation with Jane and the other people closer to them, sure she continued to talk to Moose, but he could sense that their "moment" had passed. Jane stood up to pick something from the kitchen and Josh was suddenly sitting next to Cam asking her about something dumb just to make conversation so when Jane came back, she had to go another chair which pissed Joshua a lot. Josh acted like he hadn't noticed what he had caused, so Joshua told him that it wasn't ok to that, a little embarrass he stood up, and Jane was able to go back to her seat, but the mood was sour already.

Minutes later Cam excused herself and went on to look for Josh so they could have that walked, and Jane told Joshua that they should do the same. Everyone clear the table and Moose went back to his hotel and decided to clear his head while playing video games but his mind didn't want him to let go of Cam. Moose didn't even go to sleep until the next day, when he went down at seven am he decided to have a big breakfast and send a quick text to Sam telling him that he was going to miss the morning's activities cause he needed to rest. Twelve hours later Moose woke up feeling physically better but mentally exhausted; he had been thinking about Cam and how she had left with Josh the day before.

Moose had dated random girls for no more than a month since he had split with Cam, but he hated to think that she had done the same. The reason wasn't that he wanted to think that he was the only man in her life, he was well aware that Cam had a life before knowing him. Heck, he also had a life before Cam, but he had enjoyed his life much more when he share it with her and part of him hoped that she had enjoyed that part much more too. Nowadays seeing her with another guy talking like she used to talk with him, maybe not like she used to talk to him but still, hurt him a little and make him wonder what her life was like when he knew nothing of her. Did Cam fall in love with someone else? He had like some girls it that time, but he hadn't felt in love with any of them, and he was sure of that because looking back at his relationship with Cam he understood that she had been the only girl he had truly love.

He joined the group at a restaurant with a clear mind and purpose to have a talk, an honest one, with Cam about them or the possibility of them. They were going to a semi-formal place, so he put on his sneakers, black jeans a shirt and a jacket, his hair was a mess, but he didn't mind it, and he was sure the rest of his friends wouldn't care about it either. Moose was supposed to be there at 7:30 but waking up at seven he was half an hour late to the restaurant, he did send a text to Sam telling him that he was running late. Once at the restaurant, he was sure that the hostess was trying to see if he was well dressed enough to go in, but he was clever enough to smooth talk his way in, he was no player, but he could compete with the best of them. Finally, at the table, everyone greeted him although he noticed that Josh wasn't as excited as the rest of them to see him joined, that was Josh's issue, not his, and he didn't intend to feel anything about it.

Jane motion him to come to her side and he smiled at his friends, Moose said hi to everyone and made a point to thank Sam and Carla for being so understanding about him missing out on their activities, both of them said not to worry about it. Cam and Josh were sitting two seats away from them, but he could feel that she was trying to see how he was acting when he said hi to her he gave her a lingering kiss on the cheek and saw the blush spread which gave him the strength to asked her what he was dying to know . "We need to talk later, ok?"

When he move away from her leaving the question unanswered Moose saw Cam's eyes searching for the reason behind his question but his expression was guarded. He shook Josh's hand before moving on to sit next to Jane and started to talk with them about what they have been up that day and some of the stories made him laughed. He had blocked out of his memories how much he enjoyed spending time with this group of people, and he hoped that his life would lead him eventually to move near them because he would love to have more evenings like this in the future with or without Cam by his side. They stayed there for hours until the waitress told them that they needed to get out because they were going to close the place they tried to look ashamed but once outside they burst into a fit of laughter.

Walking back to the hotel they starting goofing off like they used to do, Moose jumped on Joshua's back making the boy almost fall, but both of them were laughing harder than they had in years. Sam and Michael caught up with them and soon they were having a race while the girls were calling them immature but at the same cheering them on. Josh and the other guys on the wedding party joined, and everyone was having a great time until Carla announced that they needed to go to sleep because the wedding was later on the day. Moose and the rest of the gang said goodbye wishing each other a good few hours of sleep when he was in his room he closed the door and dropping his head against it he released a sigh. He had dropped the ball enormously with the entire Cam issue; he had been so brave when he arrived at the restaurant but as time passed by his bravery diminish, and at the end of the dinner he was afraid of talking to her.

It was three am went he went to bed the wedding was at noon, so he put three alarms, one at 9, one at 10 and the last one at 10:30 because he was sure he was going to need a lot of helped to get up. What Moose didn't anticipate was the knock on his door that came at 7:30 that jolt him out of bed because of the voice that accompanied it. No matter how tired he was his brain was wired to wake up at the sound of Cam calling his name, it had always worked when they lived together, and she sometimes needed to be helped. Groggily he stood up and walked to the door opening and saying her name, she looked tired, ashamed of waking him up and suddenly extremely red. He didn't know what was the reason for the last one, but he told her to come in, and then he realized that he was shirtless and pant-less, the only thing he had on was his boxer, and he said a small pray that his weekly sessions at the gym were showing off.

Cam moved into the room looking for a place to sit down, to her dismay there was no surface that was free, Moose was a messy person but that room looked like a cloth and technology bomb had exploded in the room. She turned towards the bed while motioning to the room and the mess in general she smiled and chuckled "Really? How can you possibly do this in four days? That's it. You are giving half of your monthly salary to the poor woman or man that has to clean this after you leave."

Moose blushed but try to argue that he was going to clean the place before leaving. "Everything that is on the floor is going back to my suitcase as the rest of things that are all over the room. If you ask me, they should be giving me part of their salary because I put the little sign that says not to clean the room until I leave which gives them extra time for the others room or hobbies."

He went on and on making her laugh harder and harder by the minute until she finally sat on the bed clutching her stomach, Moose felt so happy to be the reason she had that laugh. After she stopped laughing and while she cleaned the tears of laughter that escaped her eyes, Moose started cleaning the chair for him to sit there but Cam shocked him by taking his hand and motioning him to sit next to her. "What did you want to talk to me about yesterday?"

It was now or never, and Moose looked into her eyes and he started talking her to about how sorry he was about the way things had ended between them and for the first time he saw how her eyes look at him with a hardness he had never seen in them. His spirit lessened, but Moose was not going to be discourage to at least tell her all he was feeling and so he move on with his little speech. Cam sat next to him every now and then she would make some comment about something he was telling her about how his perspective had changed with time and space about what happened between. Finally, he was going to start professing his desire to have something with her again, but Cam wasn't dumb she knew what was coming and she stop him and his heart sunk.

"It took me some time to understand what exactly happened between us because for me things were great and then in an instant I was your worst enemy. You hurt me so much with the way you talked and acted toward me back then that if I had seen you back then, I would have hit you, heck even Ty wanted to hit you for what you said to me. A couple of months later I finally understood with some helped that you didn't have that argument with me, but you had it with Casie because once again you assumed that I was her and that I was going to put myself before you. You thought that I would prioritize my interest over yours, and it made me sad to think that even after all those years we were together you didn't realize how different I am from her. When you told me about the job I thought we could make it work but I wanted to hear from you that you wanted to make it work too but all I got was this hate and disappointment about me even asking you. I'm not her; I was never her but the fact that after all that time together you still were just waiting for me to turned into her hurt me." For Moose, that felt worst that if Cam had slapped him in the face repetitively.

Taking her hand in his, he asked for her forgiveness, and when she tried to tell him that it didn't matter he stopped her and told her that no matter the time he was never ok with hurting her. Moose was honest when he said he wished to go back in time to tell himself to realize what took him so little time, later on, to do, Cam was never going to act against his well-being. They talk for a while, and Moose felt worst hearing the pain he had caused her, but he also was glad to have this moment to try and convinced her how much he did regret the entire situation. After the air a felt a little lighter they exchange stories about their life, and Moose lost no chance to make her smile with dumb stories about how he tried to adapt himself to New York city. Cam in exchange told him about her life with Jane and how much she was enjoying this new moment of her life, Moose loved the way her eyes twinkle and how excited she felt about the entire situation she was living.

His alarmed sound effectively scaring both of them making them jump a little closer to each other and Moose used that opportunity to see what would happen if he tried to get closer to her. The next couple of minutes they stayed in the same position neither of them moved away, and their legs were touching and while she continued to tell him how much she loved her new project he found himself fighting the urge to kiss her. His second alarmed made her turned towards his alarmed clock, and when she brought her head back to look at him, they were so close that he couldn't fight the urges anymore and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. Moose made it quick afraid that she was going to push him or screamed at him, but when he left her lips, he noticed her eyes were just closing so he went back in. They kissed slowly for a while; he put his hands on both sides of her face because he was worry that he wouldn't be able to control where they were going to go in the middle of the kiss.

After a couple of minutes he deepened the kiss, and when she let go of a groan, Moose responded with one of his own and slowly move her to laid on his bed, his mind was screaming at him to stop it because this was going too far. Cam seemed to think the same because he could feel her tense and he decided not to laid over her, and so he laid next to her, and she relax again, then his third alarmed went off, and they stopped. The weight of what happened seconds ago dropped on them, and Moose tried with all his mind to find the right words to calm her nerves, but Cam was out of his room in a flash telling him that they were going to be late to the wedding. Moose knew that following her at that moment would be the wrong thing to do so he moved to the bathroom and took a long cold shower. Once at the wedding, he walked with one of Carla sisters and although he would have preferred to be with Cam he understood that this wasn't his moment and so he smiled and was a perfect gentleman to the girl.

Later at the reception, he didn't go after Cam although not doing it was killing him inside but if things went south, he didn't want it to be in his friend's wedding. With his friends, he took photos and in some she was there, and he made mental notes to asked to be tag in each one so he could save them. Michael convinced him to dance with a couple of his friends that were also friends of Carla, and they did a little choreography for a while until he needed to go to the bathroom. When he came back, Jane pulled him to the dance floor, but after one dance she decided to change partners, and he found himself dancing with Cam. His goofy smile rival hers and he whispered in her ear if they could talk about what happened in the morning because if it was ok with her, he wanted several repeats for the rest of his life of the exact same thing. Moose had decided that he was going to be very open about his intentions with Cam and if she didn't want him he rather know that now that in the future. The blush that covered her cheeks and neck made him fill with pride and when she nodded even though it was almost imperceptible he wanted to scream of happiness.

"I do want to see what we would be now but you have a life in New York, and I have one in San Francisco. I don't want you to leave your dreams and I think I'm the right place to develop my business so we can try to see what our life would be like this but we need to take things slow, and I mean it. Today things escalated quickly, and I don't want that to happen again I mean I like what happened but I ..ugh stop looking at me with that smug smile on your face this instant!." Moose chuckled and was about to steal a kiss from her when she stopped him; Cam explained that today was their friends day and she didn't want to do anything to take the attention out of them. He loved how considerate she was, and he acknowledged that she was right about the way she wanted to handle their relationship.

Hours later while laying next to his now naked girlfriend trying to get his breathing to go back to a steady pace after the activities they had shared until a minute ago he wanted to make a joke about her wishes to take things slow, but he didn't want to ruin the mood. Cam slapped his chest and told him that she knew what he was thinking, and they were going to take things slow after this, the laugh that erupted out of him earned him another couple of slaps to his chest. They left the room later to have some lunch and Moose wanted to laugh at Josh's face when he saw them holding hands, and if he could take a picture of that face, he would have used it as his Christmas card. Joshua and Jane joined them for lunch, and both couples were glad to have some time for themselves and made some plans to get together again in a couple of months.

Moose was scheduled to leave for the airport that night, and Cam was gonna drive back home the next morning, he really didn't want to leave his girlfriend, but she told him that it was necessary that he started to get used to it. They needed to see if their relationship was going to work with the distance, she thought they could make it and even though he was sure too he just wanted to follow her to San Francisco and stayed close to her forever. His first week back he kept calling and texting her, he video chat with her during his lunch break or any free time he had, that Friday when they were video chatting he told her he was looking for a plane ticket to go see her that weekend. "Moose you need to stop this ok?. I understand that we are going to make an effort to see each other and I do miss having you near me but I think you are making a much bigger situation out of this. We are not going to be able to do this every week without me telling you off or you becoming annoyed with me."

He would have loved nothing more than to argue but deep down he knew she was right. "I forget how logical and right you are about most of the things we discussed. I do think I need a plan to be sure that I'm making the right effort because if you tell me to chill you know I'll do that and I don't want you to think that I don't want to be with you. Trust me the instant you need me with you I'll be there." Cam smiled at the camera and told Moose that she was sure he was going to do that, and that was one of the reasons she had agree to be with him again.

The proof, he was telling her the truth came when six months later Cam had a car accident and when Jane called Moose to tell him that even though Cam was ok, she was going to spend the night there for observation his mind went into auto mode and Moose knew he needed to with her. Before he had even hung up, he was already online searching for a plane ticket that would take him straight to his injured girlfriend. He sent a quick mail to human resources telling them that he was using a week of his vacation for a family emergency, but he would be available via email. Of course, he knew that if he stayed in the office, they would try and stop him but he was not going to change his mind, so he just went down the street and ran all the way to his apartment. Putting some clothes on his backpack and picking up another one where he kept little presents he picked for Cam whenever he saw something she would love he requested an Uber and went downstairs to wait for it.

Thankfully there was a flight to San Francisco at 9:30 am so if he managed to get to the airport on time he would be there a little later than one pm and then his ride came and he was on his way to the airport. Once he was in the airport running to his gate, he realized that he was going to need to asked Jane what hospital Cam was so he could see his girlfriend. When he sat down at his seat, he realized that the reason the ticket was so expensive was not that it was for the same day, although that still was partially a reason, but because he had bought a ticket for fist class. Sending a quick text to Jane asking her what hospital was Cam in he went online, thank you domestic flights for having wi-fi, and saw that human resources had responded that he was not to leave that day but the next day. He sent a quick mail to some of his friends at the office asking them to cover for him, and they assure him that they would try their best because someone from human resources was already trying to check up on him. Moose worked all the way to San Francisco, and he made some great advances by the time he was needed to put his laptop away his friends assure him that Human Resources had no clue he was out of the office.

Moose walked out of the plane and didn't stop until he was inside a taxi on his way to see Cam, later on when he was in front of her door knocking he noticed that he was trembling and later he realized that he was nervous about Cam. Was she ok? Jane had said that she was fine, but now he wondered if she was just trying not to make him nervous, he pushed the door open and saw Cam laying on a hospital bed, and he felt his eyes fill with tears. Jane was next to him in an instant whispering to him if he was ok? Ty who was already there came to his side too, and Cam called for him from her bed. They all spent the rest of the day with Cam and that night Moose pleaded with Ty to be the one that stayed with her and reluctantly Ty accepted not before winking at his sister and telling her that he didn't want any sharing of the bed.

The rest of the week Moose stayed with Cam they talked about their plans for the future and both of them decided that if things continue to go as they were in two years, they will talk about moving together. The place would be determined at that point but after a year of things going great with them and Moose only seeing that living in different places was making him at least extremely sad took the initiative to start searching for a job in her area. He didn't mention anything to Cam because he didn't want to pressure her by any means, although he would talk to Jane about how their business situation was going in the sense of if they would need to move the business to make it more successful. Jane told him that she thought that going to Seattle would give them a better chance to be near bigger companies that were interested in their projects. Also, she told him about a merger that they were discussing with the guys for a new project but that nothing was settled and when he asked Cam she told him about the project but didn't mention the move.

He centered his job search for Seattle, and he was happy when a couple of companies seemed interested in him, and then he traveled to Cam and told her that he didn't want to live on the other side of the country anymore. She seemed to misunderstand his intentions at first thinking that he wanted her to move to New York, so he quickly explained that he was ready to move wherever she needed him to be. "I know you are probably going to need to be in Seattle near the guys and I'm ok with that. I have some offers from companies, and if you want to stay here I can find a job here too, either way, I want to be near you, and I just need you to say if you are ok with me being near you."

Cam told him that she didn't want him to resent her for making him move and he stopped her telling her that he was the one that wanted to move near her. She told him more reasons why she was afraid he would later see the situation with different eyes and he dismissed every single one of them assuring her that he was certain and plead with her not to be afraid. By the end of the conversation Cam was convinced that Moose was sure about what he was offering her and she was more than glad to think that soon enough she would be living in the same city with her boyfriend. At the end of the year they all move to Seattle, Jane and Michael share an apartment and Cam and Moose found a little townhouse that serve as little office for the girls company. Four years later on an afternoon when all his friends were in town Moose looked around the table and smiled at the fact that he was more than happy about how his life was going. Cam put her hand on his cheek caressing it slowly while asking him if he was ok he smiled at the cold sensation that spread on his face due to her rings making his smile mimic one of the cheshire cat while he looked at her.

He took her hand and kissed her palm and then gave special attention to her two rings giving each one a kiss making her laughed. Moose love how she wouldn't take them off since the day he had put them on her finger promising her that he would always love her and treasure her for eternity. Yes, he love his life and the fact that in a couple of months they would welcome a little version of themselves make his future look brighter by the second.

The End.


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