Michelle is on her way to Kate's apartment. The reporter wasn't her favorite person in the world, but right now she was desperate to solve this string of killings. She was willing to partner with whoever she had to, in order to ensure Ghost Face was stopped.

She can't get John off of her mind. He had returned to the force to help her out. And he had died because of it. She owed it to him to solve these murders.

She pulls up to the Allandale Heights apartments, parking next to what she believes is Kate's building.

She climbs out of the car and climbs the steps to the second-floor landing. Right off the landing is the doorway to Kate's apartment. Michelle instantly notices the door standing ajar. She slowly pushes the door open, peering inside.


Kate? Are you here?

No response comes from within the apartment. Michelle draws her gun from its' holster, stepping into the apartment, out of sight.



Logan is still tied to the chair. He has no idea how much time has passed by at this point. The killer had left after making the phone call to his friends. He took the lantern with him, so it was pitch black again.

He hoped they didn't take the bait. If they came looking for him, they would be killed. It was smarter to leave him to die. It's what he wanted. Just so it would all be over.

So no one else would be hurt.





After exclaiming that he knew exactly where Logan was at, Josh had said nothing else whatsoever. It was as if he were waiting for them to ask. Brie sighs, her face turning red with anger. Whitney slaps Josh.


Get to the point!

Josh gives Whiney a shocked look. How dare she slap him!


He has to be at his house!

Josh looks very proud of himself. He seems to be waiting for everyone to applaud his intellectual abilities. No one does. Actually, everyone looks very confused.

He waits a few more seconds for the light bulbs to go off in everyone's head. It doesn't.


What in the hell are you talking about?


He has to be at the killers' house! Where else would the killer make plans? At his mom's house?! I don't think so!

Everyone stares at Josh like he is an idiot.


Maybe, but we have no idea who the killer is. So why would the killer give us a hint that we can't use?

Brie looks nervous. She bites her lower lip, looking left and right. Tears are welling up in her eyes. This doesn't go unnoticed by Whitney, who places a reassuring hand on her shoulder.


Don't worry, we'll figure this out.

Brie looks like she's about to say something. But she's trembling, as if she's scared to say it.


Well, the killer meant for us to figure it out. We don't know who the killer is. But we do know who the killers were the first time.


Joey and Nathan.

The teens all seem to be in thought. Brie looks hopeful now.


Joey was the mastermind, right? So what if it's his house that the killer has Logan? That place has sat abandoned since this all happened, right?


That's the best lead we have right now.

Brie wastes no time getting into the car. Before she shuts the door, she looks at the others.


I have a feeling that's where we'll find him.



Michelle stands in the living room, looking around in shock. A broken lamp lies on the floor. A large blood splatter is strewn across the wall. The couch has several huge slashes in it. Michelle takes a deep breath, moving from the living room into the kitchen.

As she rounds the corner into the kitchen, she lets out a gasp.

Lying on the floor is Lance, face down. He seems to have several stab wounds to the back. A large puddle of blood surrounds him. Michelle is about to check her pulse when a loud clattering sound comes from somewhere further back in the apartment.

The noise causes her to jump.

Slowly, she makes her way out of the kitchen and down the small hallway towards a door at the end of the hall. She had a feeling something awaited her on the other side of that door.

When she reaches the door, she reaches out a shaking hand, flinging it open. It's a bedroom. There doesn't seem to be anyone in here, though. She steps into the room, ready to fire the gun if necessary. As she's looking around, a thumping sound comes from behind the closet door, making her jump again.

She makes her way across the room to the closet door, her heart racing. She grabs the knob, jerking this door open quicker than the last.

She screams when a cat comes running out, screeching. Luckily she doesn't shoot the little kitty. It disappears under the bed in a black blur.

Michelle clutches her chest, sighing heavily.


(under breath) Michelle… it's okay…

At this moment she notices a laptop sitting open on a shelf in the closet. The webcam is on, recording her. She stares at it for a moment.


What the hell?

Her heart skips a beat. Had the killer set this up for Kate, but somehow forgotten about it? Was this the killer's laptop? If so, maybe there would be some evidence as to who the killer was.

Michelle starts to reach for the laptop when she notices a ghostly figure appear behind her on the camera.

She turns to fire at the killer, but she is too slow. The killer knocks the gun from her hands, stabbing her in the shoulder with a knife. Michelle screams in pain.

Ghost Face yanks the knife from her shoulder, rearing the knife back for another strike. Michelle, thinking fast, kicks the killer between the legs. A muffled male grunt comes from behind the mask as the killer falls to the floor.

Michelle starts to make a move for her gun, but the killer grabs her leg, bringing her down to the floor as well. Before she can make another move, Ghost Face sinks the knife into her side, making her scream in pain again.

She manages to punch the killer in the face, knocking him off of her again. She struggles to climb to her feet, as does the killer.

Michelle finally manages to stand up. She tries to make a run for the exit, but Ghost Face tackles her, causing her to hit her head hard on the night stand.

Her vision goes blurry. She's going out of conscience. The last thing she sees is Ghost Face raising the knife above his head, preparing to deliver another strike.



The two vehicles of teens pull off of the road at a giant wrought iron gate. Past the gate is a driveway that winds out of sight. The driveway is surrounded by forest on either side.

After the massacre a year and a half ago, Joey's aunt and uncle had moved away, as they had become the town's most hated residents. The property had set abandoned since their exit.

The teens climb out of the vehicles. Caleb grabs hold of the bars on the iron fence, yanking on them. At first it seems like they won't open, but after another yank or two, the gate creaks open.


We should probably continue on foot from here. The killer might hear us if we drive to the house. If we go on foot, we'll at least have an advantage over the killer.


It sounds like the killer is somehow keeping tabs on us. He's probably going to know we're coming either way.


So are we taking the cars in or not?


Are you saying… someone in this group could be the killer?

Everyone seems to think this over, looking at each other suspiciously.


We can't rule it out. We never thought Joey or Nathan would turn out to be the killer. And yes, we might as well drive in. I'm sure the killer knows we're here.


Hey guys… Brie is gone.

Everyone turns to Marie, noticing that Brie has disappeared completely. Did she run off towards the house while they were discussing their plan?


She's acting really weird. We don't have time to worry about her now. We need to hurry and save Logan, if he's here.

Everyone piles into Marie's vehicle. Whitney is in the driver's seat, Josh in the passenger, Riley, Caleb, and Marie in the back. Whitney shifts into drive and speeds through the gates. The vehicle disappears around the corner, past view.



Brie is running through the forest, heading for the house as quickly as possible. She knew this was where Logan was. She was one-hundred percent positive. Logan was still alive and could still be saved. She just hoped if everything came out in the open that everyone, but most importantly, Logan could forgive her.



Whitney continues to speed down the driveway. It had been a long time since she had been to Joey's house. He had thrown a party that everyone went to back when they were in their sophomore year of high school. He and Casey had just officially started dating. Whitney hadn't wanted to go to the party for that reason, but Summer had convinced her to go.

The Masters' owned a very nice, very big log cabin that was set about two miles back from the driveway.

Whitney comes to a fork in the road. The left path leads to the house. She wasn't sure where the path on the right went. She had never been that way before. As she branches off towards the left path, a van comes flying out from the right path, speeding behind them.


Oh fuck!

Josh looks through the side view mirror.


Is that the killer?!

Caleb, Riley, and Marie all turn in their seats, looking to see. Ghost Face can be seen behind the steering wheel of the van.


It's him! He's coming up on us! Everyone buckle up!

The van slams into the rear end of their car. Whitney almost loses control, veering off of the road, but she manages to swerve back onto the road, trying to outrun the killer.

The killer speeds up, slamming into the rear end of the vehicle again. This time, Whitney loses control and the car goes flying off the road, heading right for a tree.

As the car hits the tree, Josh, the only one who was still unbuckled goes flying through the windshield, getting thrown several feet from the car.

Whitney's head hits the steering wheel, causing the horn to blow. She doesn't move. The horn blows continuously. No one is moving in the back seat.

Ghost Face sits in the car, watching to see what happens.

In the car, Marie is the first to stir in the back seat. She sits up straight. She has a cut on her cheek that is dripping blood down the side of her face.


Hey…guys… guys?

Riley groans, also sitting up straight. She has a cut lip. Riley and Marie share a look. They both look terrified.

Marie leans forward, trying to stir Whitney. She places a shaky hand on her shoulder, trying to get her to sit up. Whitney doesn't move.


Oh, come on, Whitney! Don't be dead. Don't be dead. Please, don't be dead.

Caleb is the next to stir. He has a bloody gash on the side of his forehead, pouring blood down the side of his face. Riley is excited to see that he isn't hurt any worse than he is. Marie continues trying to get Whitney up.

Caleb looks out the rear window, seeing Ghost Face stepping out of the vehicle.


Oh Jesus, we gotta get the fuck outta here!

Riley looks out the window, starting to panic. Ghost Face is taking his time, slinking across the driveway.



Marie is crying. Riley and Caleb continue to panic. Caleb tries to open his door, but it won't budge. He keeps trying, tugging on the handle, but soon realizes that the door won't open because the whole side of the car is wedged up against a tree.


What the hell are we gonna do!?

Caleb nods to Marie's side.


We have to go out on her side.


And be closer to the killer?

Caleb looks back out the window. Ghost Face is still taking his sweet time. He's not even made it all the way around the van yet.


I'm not leaving without Whitney!


Marie! We have to! I'm sorry. If we don't go now, we're all gonna be dead!

Marie tries to argue but Riley reaches around her, opening the door. Together, Caleb and Riley shove Marie out of the car, following behind her. Marie instantly is at Whitney's door, yanking it open. She manages to pull Whitney out of the car, but Whitney's body is completely lifeless.

Riley starts to run, turning back when she realizes that Marie and Caleb aren't following her.


Come on!

Marie is gently laying Whitney on the ground. Caleb stands in front of Marie and Whitney, almost like a shield. He couldn't leave Marie defenseless while she was trying to save the girl she liked. What kind of friend would he be?


Riley, go on! Run! But I have to stay and help them! I can't leave them to die!

Marie sits on the ground, sobbing. Whitney may actually be dead.

Ghost Face is moving a little faster now. He's made it around the van and is now in the grass, not too far away…

Caleb looks around for a weapon, grabbing a broken tree branch from the car crash. He wields it in front of him as a makeshift weapon.

Marie continues to sob, but she seems to be coming to her senses. Riley stands a few feet away, not sure what to do.

Marie stares down at Whitney. She shakes her head. Then she slaps her. Twice. Suddenly, Whitney begins to cough, coming back into conscience.


Oh, thank God, you're not dead!

Whitney looks around, slowly trying to sit up. She has a bloody nose, a busted lip, blood running down the side of her head. The left lens of her glasses is cracked. She finally makes it into a sitting position, rubbing her head and groaning.


Yeah, she's not dead, but if we don't get the fuck out of here soon, she might be!

Ghost Face is closing in. Caleb swings the branch at him, but the killer ducks, jamming the knife at his stomach. Caleb gasps in pain. Riley screams. Marie is trying to help Whitney to her feet.

The killer jabs the knife at Caleb's stomach again, making him jerk violently.

Whitney manages to make it to her feet. Marie begins to pull her away from Caleb and the killer. Whitney stumbles at first, but after a moment starts to run on her own. Riley is frozen in place, watching in horror as Caleb turns to her. He has two big bloody gashes over his stomach. Blood pours from his mouth. He reaches out a bloody hand for her.



He falls to the ground in a heap. Riley lets out a shriek as the killer begins to chase after her. She runs off into the forest, in a different direction that Whitney and Marie….



Brie is still running. She comes stumbling out of the forest, looking up ahead to see a large log cabin sitting on top of a hill. That was it. Joey's house. She had to hurry and get in here to save Logan.

She had to be the one to tell him. Before anyone else.



Whitney and Marie stumble through the forest. Marie didn't think the killer was pursuing them. She thought she saw him going after Riley.

Poor Riley… she was going to be all alone against the killer.

Marie comes to a stop.



She gives Marie a questioning look.


(sighs) I have to go back to help Riley. I can't leave her alone to fight the killer.


What? You can't go back there! We need to stay together!

Marie opens her mouth to argue, but before she can, GHOST FACE appears from behind a tree, causing both girls to scream and run in terror.



Riley stumbles through the woods, crying. She couldn't believe she had been stupid enough to come out here. She thought it would be better to come with the group of people rather than being alone. Now she was alone, being chased by the killer.

Ghost Face isn't far behind her, and he's gaining on her.

Riley continues zig zagging through the trees, finally coming to a clearing. A giant red barn stands before her. She starts to make a run for it but Ghost Face tackles her to the ground. He attempts to slash her throat, but she throws her arm up just in time, getting slashed on the arm instead of the neck. She cries in pain, punching the killer in the face. He topples over, off of her.

The girl climbs to her feet, cradling her slashed arm to her chest. She runs inside the barn. Ghost Face climbs to his feet, pursuing her.

Riley climbs the ladder to the loft, hiding behind a bale of hay. She tries to hold her breath, but she's having a hard time doing so after all of the running.

Ghost Face steps into the barn, looking around for his latest victim. He begins to check all of the stalls, throwing things out of his way as he moves around on the lower level.

In the loft, Riley looks around. She notices an axe propped up against the wall behind her. She grabs it. Better to have some sort of protection.

She's doing a better job of holding her breath. She can hear things being strewn around beneath her. Her heart is racing. Soon the killer would be making his way up here. Riley had no choice left but to fight.

Down below, Ghost Face finishes checking the last stall. He comes out in an angry huff.

Riley continues to listen, not hearing anything now. She decides against coming out of her hiding spot to investigate. But several minutes go by without any noise coming from down below.

Had the killer left? Was he trying to get her to come out of hiding?

Suddenly the image of the killer standing right next to her on the other side of the hay bale flashes through her mind. She peeks around, seeing nothing. Slowly, hesitantly, she climbs out from behind the bale of hay.

The girl makes her way over to the ladder leading down to the first floor. She peeks down, not seeing the killer anywhere in sight.

Should she risk going down? What else was she supposed to do, stay up here for the rest of God knew how long?

If there was ever a time to be brave, it was now.

As if to further entice her to come down, she suddenly hears a weak voice calling out to her. A voice she recognizes.


…Riley? Are you… i-in h-here?


Caleb!? Hold on, I'm coming down! Watch out, the killer was just here!

Riley climbs down the ladder. When she reaches the landing she turns to see a bloody Caleb standing in the doorway of the barn. He looks as though he can barely stand. He's leaning against the door for support. He still has the tree branch from earlier.

Riley looks extremely happy to see him.


Thank God! I thought you were dead.


We…need to get…out of here. Now…



Riley makes her way across the barn, stopping in front of Caleb. She's still holding the axe.

Before she can do anything else, Caleb grabs her arm, yanking on her hard. Riley is taken aback by this. He seems a lot stronger now than he could possibly be after being stabbed twice.

He continues yanking on her, trying to pull her out of the barn. Riley semi-cooperates with him, all the while trying to get a closer look at the "wounds" on his stomach.

He yanks on her again, this time causing her to cry out in pain.


Caleb…that hurts!

He yanks so hard on her that she stumbles forward, into him. She thinks that she's going to fall, throwing her free hand out to catch herself, hitting Caleb's stomach. She gasps in surprise.

There doesn't seem to be any tears in the flesh of his stomach or anything. Caleb lets go of her arm, letting her stand up right. He has a blank expression on his face. Riley takes a step back. She looks nervous. Looking to her left, she notices the Ghost Face costume laying in a heap right outside the barn.



Caleb looks really sad. He looks over at the costume lying on the ground. Then back at Riley.


Dammit Riley. I was hoping you wouldn't find out about my little secret.


What are you talking about!?

Riley takes a step back, a look of growing horror on her face. Caleb takes a step towards her.


I'm one of the killers. I was hoping you wouldn't find out. I was supposed to kill you, you see. But, I really like you. I decided if I could keep you alive, I would. So I was gonna take you to safety. But you've fucked it up.

Riley stares in disbelieving horror at Caleb. He was one of the killers? How could this be happening….?


I guess it's out of the question that you won't say anything about this?

Riley shakes her head, taking another step back. She lifts the axe in her hand.


I thought so.

Caleb pulls out the signature hunting knife. Riley screams, taking a pitiful swing at Caleb. Caleb ducks out of the way, grabbing hold of the axe handle. He yanks it from her grip, kicking her in the chest.

Riley flies a few feet backwards, hitting the wall of a stall and falling in a heap on the floor.


Why are you killing everyone!?


Well, I've only killed Callie, April, and Mr. Berkley. My partner did the others.


You sick bastard!

Riley climbs to her feet, tears streaming down her face.


You're the one whose sick! You fell in love with an asshole who was always willing to cheat on you! He never cared about you! I cared about you so much that I killed Callie, the girl he cheated on you with, for you! I made sure he would die too! I did it all for you! And you don't even return my feelings?! You stupid bitch!

Riley can't even find words. She's so taken aback by the events unfolding. Caleb takes a step towards her. He looks at the knife in one hand, the axe in the other. Deciding which one to kill her with.


I think you deserve a painful death.

He drops the knife, swinging the axe at Riley. Riley isn't even able to let out a final scream before the axe lodges itself right in the right side of her face. The top of the blade goes in right above her eye and stretches all the way down to almost her mouth.

Caleb lets go of the handle, the axe wedged in her face. She falls to her knees, then onto her side, the axe not coming out of her head the whole time.

Riley's dead.

Caleb looks down at Riley's body, a sad look returning to his face. After a moment he shrugs, walking out of the barn.



Whitney and Marie are still running, but Ghost Face is no longer pursuing them. After a few moments of chasing, the two girls had looked back to see he was no longer there. That hadn't stopped them from running though.

They continue moving through the forest, finally coming to a clearing.


Look, there it is!

Sitting at the top of a hill is the Masters' house.



Logan still sits, tied to the chair. It's driving him crazy wondering what's happening with his friends right now.

Suddenly, he can hear someone coming down what he believes is a set of stairs. Who was it? The killer? Or his friends?

He is blinded by a source of light that shines right in his eyes. He shuts his eyes, then squints, trying to make out who is holding the light. It's coming from a phone.


Thank God! I made it in time!

It was Brie. She had came after him.

Brie starts untying him, struggling with the ropes. Logan tries to say something to her, but his words are muffled behind the duct tape over his mouth. Brie gets up and rips the tape from his mouth.


You shouldn't have came here! He's going to kill us!


I wasn't going to leave you alone to die!

Brie goes back to untying the ropes while Logan continues to complain about her coming here. After a few minutes, she's able to get the ropes fully untied. She helps Logan to his feet.


Where are we?


Joey's house. But we'll talk more after we get the hell out of here.

Brie leads Logan towards the stairs, leading him up to a kitchen.

The kitchen is familiar too him, even in its' deteriorating state. After all, Joey had at one time been his best friend. At one time. Everything is covered in dust and spiderwebs at this point. It's semi-hard to see everything in the room in the evening light. All of the furnishings still sit where they had last time he had been here.

Mr. and Mrs. Masters must have left all of the furnishings behind when they left.

Brie continues to lead Logan through the house. As they round the corner, Brie runs right into someone, causing her to scream and Logan to gasp.

But it's just Marie and Whitney. Everyone sighs in relief.


Thank God you're alive, Logan.


I know, but you guys shouldn't have risked your lives' coming after me!


(to Whitney) I saved him.

Whitney stares at Brie in confusion. She had been acting weird for some time now.


Yeah, you disappeared on the rest of us.


Yeah, to save my boyfriend!


Ok, look! Now isn't the time to be arguing. We need to get the fuck out of here!

The four teens start to head down the long hallway towards the front door. But suddenly, Brie's phone goes ding!, causing her to come to a stop. Logan, Whitney, and Marie all turn to see what she's doing.

She has the phone pulled out, reading a message.


Seriously? Can the texting not wait until we get out of here?!


No, it can't. We have to stay here.



Brie shakes her head. Not answering. She continues to hold the phone in front of her.


We can't go outside.

Everyone looks confused. What was happening? Whitney is the first to make a move, snatching the phone from Brie's hand.


Give that back!

Whitney turns away from Brie, reading the message. Brie continues to claw at Whitney, trying to get the phone back.


What the fuck?!

Brie stops trying to get the phone back. She backs away slowly, her hands at her sides, her head hanging low. Marie and Logan look from Whitney to Brie.


What does it say?

Whitney holds the phone out for the rest of them to see.

It's a message from an unsaved number. Actually, there are several messages that have been exchange between Brie and the unsaved number. But the most recent one reads " Leave the house and I'll make sure your part in all of this becomes known".

The message before that is one from Brie. It reads "Whitney, Marie, Caleb, Josh, Riley, and myself are coming to Joey's house to get Logan."


You wanna tell us what the hell is going on?

Brie rubs her left arm with her right hand. She looks nervous and shameful.


I guess I've gotta come clean.