Author Note: This will be the concluding chapter of The Skunk story. Befote I wanted to make this super long but... Things change. Still I hope you like this ending.

"The Plot" will still continue for as few more chapters and I have writen a DBS fanfiction and a Samurai Jack fanfiction that you may like too. Those are the only three noncomplete stories as of posting this chapter.


Pepper had went off and hidden in a little pet home. It was not occupied and did not belong to anyone currently.

The pets all looked at each other. They wondered why she would react like that.

Russel said "Jeez. Looks like she is pretty emotional.

Sunil got up and said " She must just be scared".

Zoe said "Let me speak with her. As a fellow female she is sure to want advice and comfort from me"

The pets watched as Zoe walked up to where Pepper went into a pet home.

Zoe walked up and said "Hey miss Pepper are you alright"

She walked in and...

Pepper scratched Zoe.

Zoe went out quick saying "Ow!" And whimpering.

All of the pets gasped.

Zoe came back said "She is a horrible beast!"

All of the pets were about to speak of how mean and evil it was of Pepper to do that until Sunil said "Friends. Let me speak to her she is just scared".

Sunil then walked up to the pet home avoidinhis friends worries.

He bravely went up to the pet home and said " Pepper. It is I Sunil. I am sorry we frightened you. Please come out!"

There was no reply so Sunil said " I am comming in" He then said before entering "Please do not scratch me"

Sunil went inside. He saw Pepper sit laying down facing the opposite way. She said "What do you want?"

Sunil said "We would all like to be your friends Pepper"

Pepper said "I don't need any friends. You all will hate me. That dig already hates me. She scared me... Dogs have... Hurt me before"

Sunil did what he wanted to do for a long time. He hugged Pepper and said "It will all be ok. I love you Pepper".

Pepper started crying and said " I-I - I love you too. Thank you for saving me!"

After a hug Sunil got Pepper to come out.

Pepper apologized to Zoe and explained why she scratched her. Zoe forgave her.

The pets all got along...

And a certain mongoose and a certain skunk fell in love...

Sunil and Pepper hugged and kissed.

They lived happily ever after.