Hours passed and it slowly became early morning. Eddie, having filled up on junk food, was out cold on one the small sofas, though James was restlessly watching Parker pick a lock she'd pulled out of nowhere. Hardison's donation had ensured the crew was left alone. The hacker was busy keeping track of Wake's downfall, making sure all of the evidence he'd collected found its way to the right people.

"How'd you know there was going to be tax fraud?" Parker asked curiously.

"In a large corporation, run by a selfish man, there's more than likely going to be tax fraud," Nate answered, keeping his voice low. "It was just a matter of finding it."

"And the cutting corners?"

Hardison chuckled. "That was more like a good guess."

"All we really had to do was get in, play with Wake's head, and leave with all his money," Nate said, his tone brooking no argument. "Each of the small things wouldn't have been enough to keep him down, but he'll be in prison for a long time because of everything he's done over time."

At that moment, Eliot came through the closed doors. The hitter had a disposable gown over his clothes. As he approached, the team all straightened up. James went still, his eyes widening with apprehension. Once he reached them, Eliot grinned. "Jess and the baby are going to be fine."

Relief and jubilation spread at the announcement. "Can I go see them?" James asked, shaking his brother's shoulder.

"Not yet, bud, but soon."

Sitting up in her hospital bed, Jessie smiled when Sophie opened the door slightly and rapped lightly on the wood. "You all can come in," Eliot said from where he was leaning over his sister. "Just keep your voices down, alright?"

"I can't guarantee that these two young men with us will be able to manage that," the grifter responded cheerfully. She glanced over her shoulder and made a gesture.

"Eliot, will you hold her so I can hug my boys?" Jessie asked.

Gingerly, Eliot lifted the sleeping bundle from his sister's arms. It was just in time because James and Eddie burst into the room. "Mom!" they both exclaimed as they rushed for their mother.

"Hey, hey! Quietly," Eliot said as his nephews climbed onto the bed. "Or else you'll wake the baby."

"Oh, boys," Jessie said, hugging her sons tightly. "I'm so glad you're alright."

The rest of the Leverage team entered, making the room feel tinier than it had before. Jessie looked over Eddie's head. "Thank you so much for bringing my boys back to me," she said. "How did you ever manage it?"

"It was our pleasure, Jessie, and it's probably best if you don't know exactly how it happened," Nate said to her. He cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable with where he was. "We have a little something for you."

Hardison stepped forward —as much as he could in the crowded room, that is—and handed over a slim file. "This is a portion of the money we made off this case. Now, I've invested the majority of it, and with the interest you should be able to be a stay at home mom again to raise your kids."

Amazed, Jessie took the file. "I-I wasn't expecting—"

"And your husband, or should I say, your soon to be ex-husband won't be able to touch it after the divorce is finalized," Sophie informed her.

Mixed emotions crossed Jessie's face. "I don't know how I feel—"

"So that's from Nate and Sophie," Hardison said, interrupting her quickly. He pulled a box from the bag that hung on his arm. "And this is from me. The highest rated, top of the line baby monitor system on the planet. No one is hacking this thing. It picks up even the slightest sound, so you'll know exactly what's going on in the baby room."

"It's tiny," Parker observed, staring at the baby.

"She is a newborn, Parker. They're supposed to be small," Eliot told her, the unspoken 'something's not right with you' in his tone.

"Parker, didn't you have something for the baby or Jessie?" Hardison asked, pointedly lifting the bag which clearly had something else in it.

"Oh, right!" Parker exclaimed, spinning around. She bounced over to Hardison and took the bag from him. "I know Hardison thinks his investments are safe and everything, but I prefer to have something more solid. So, this is for you."

After a nudge from his mother, James was the one who took it and he nearly dropped the bag. "It's really heavy," he reported, his eyes wide. He dragged it to the foot of the bed and left it there.

"Parker, did you just give them gold bars?" Sophie asked in a whisper.

"Of course I did. Gold is the best," the blonde young woman answered without shame. "Only one, though. It was the best I could do on short notice."

James and Eddie both looked rather confused as Jessie laughed. "So," Nate said, eager to change the subject. "What are you going to name your daughter?"

Jessie's smile widened. "Jasmine. Jasmine Elinora Emerson."

Her two sons exchanged high fives, clearly delighted with the name. "Jasmine?" Sophie repeated with a puzzled frown. "It's lovely."

"It's a family name," Eddie confided with a grin.

"What? It is not. Jess, you've got to find some other stories to tell these boys," Eliot said, shaking his head. "Before you know it, they'll be off doing who knows what because they want adventure."

"Alright. You've mentioned these stories several times," Hardison said. "Why don't you let the rest of us in on this 'family story?'"

Eddie bounced up and down on the bed. "I'll tell it! I'll tell it!" he said enthusiastically. "A long time ago, our great, great-uncle's Hub and Garth McCann went to Europe in the summer of 1914. They were shanghaied and fought in the Foreign Legion. Hub rescued a princess named Jasmine and married her."

The boy spoke so quickly his words ran together, and the team looked at Eliot for translation. "It's a crazy family story," Eliot said dismissively. "Our mother was a McCann and would tell us the story to put us to bed at night."

Both of his nephews vocalised how scandalized they were by that sentiment, and the noise woke Jasmine. The baby let out a wail that made Parker jump back, eyes wide. Eliot was quick to pass his new niece back to his sister. Gently, Jessie hushed the baby.

"Well, we're going to leave you to rest," Nate said, anxious to leave the hospital.

"Thank you for everything you've done," Jessie said, smiling at them all. "Even if it's all Eliot's fault in the first place."

Nate expertly herded his team out, with Eliot hanging back. "Dad should be here in a few hours to take the boys off your hands. If you ever need anything," he began to say.

"Nate will be the first person I call."

"Ha ha. I'm being serious, sis. I'll be here if you need anything."

"I know, and I appreciate that. At the same time, though, I don't want to take you away from the others," Jessie said, nodding towards the door. "They need you, more than the boys and I do. So, you keep your family safe, Eliot. That's what will make me happy."

"Keep your mother and sister safe," Eliot said, moving his gaze to his nephews. The boys had opened up Parker's bag and were staring inside with awe. They looked up long enough to nod before they both tried to tell their mother what was in the bag.

Jessie's attention went to her sons and Eliot left the room. His teammates were waiting for him. "All good?" Nate asked.

Eliot gave a nod. "Let's go."

A/N: Thank you, everyone, for reading! I hope you enjoyed my first Leverage tale.