Hello everyone! And Happy New Year! (Even though it's a bit late)
Okay, so I'm starting something a bit different than the norm; I'm doing a series of Q & A's for the characters in my stories to answer! This mini-series takes place once a month, and you, the readers, can submit any questions to me, whether it's via PM or Review! You can ask questions to as many characters as you want, but your limit is two per any one character. The way this works is super weird; Basically it's like a 4th wall-breaking mini-series where me (As Professor Lugia) interviews the characters and hands them the questions asked by you guys as letters!

I think that it will be fun! I didn't receive too many this time, but I hope as time goes on, I receive more and more feedback! Also character deaths are ignored in this series unless asked about by a reader.

Also, if this is the first story of mine that you're reading, welcome to my page! If you like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Adventure, Romance, Tragedy, Friendship, or all of those, then give the rest of my stories a look! PMD: Firestorm Origins is my baseline PMD story, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it! (Also because I don't think you'll know what's going on in this 'story' otherwise) :P

Okay, so without further adue, I present to you the first story published on my page in 2017! Professor Lugia's Q & A!


-Professor Lugia's Q & A!-


-Prof. Lugia-

Okay, so this is kind of weird. I'm not sure how to write my responses in, but here goes. *Opens Letter*

Question: "From: Kalmarin - So when you get around to the Super Mystery dungeon storyline will you keep mega evolution limited to using emeras only or will you make them able to take mega stones if they aren't alpha Pokemon?"

Answer: Uh… I like the Emera idea and all of the boosts they give you and stuff when you find them, but for mega evolution, I think that mega stones are the way to go. Now, I might implement a system for the mega stones that allow them to only be activated once or twice in a Mystery Dungeon, since it's located in a completely different part of the world. So… I will be keeping mega stones, yes.

And… Question: what did I receive for Christmas?

Answer: I honestly received a lot more than I anticipated. I got an Iphone 7, some of those Apple Airpods, a few t-shirts, a Pikachu onesie, Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver Monopoly, Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Soulsilver (Trying to collect all the pokémon games), and a few miscellaneous items.

And now that my questions are over, on to more questions! First pokémon are… Grovyle and Celebi!

-Grovyle and Celebi-

They sat on the woven sofa and accepted the letters from this mysterious entity that appeared before them. One by one, Grovyle sifted through the scrolls, then opened the first one he set to the side, reading it out loud for everyone to hear. "From: Kalmarin - Grovyle and Celebi… How did your first encounter with each other go? Spare no details but if you're not comfortable saying it in front of everyone we can go somewhere else.' ...What?"

He chuckled and rolled the scroll up with a small smile. "Spare no details… Of our first encounter? What do you think happened, we were instantly best friends or that we had some intimate experience?"

Celebi giggled and looked at the mysterious entity who was writing down each and every word they were saying. "Tee-hee… Our first encounter… It seemed to be by chance at first. I met my dear Grovyle when he was only a Treecko. This was long before he became a Temporal Guardian, mind you. He had just been killed by Dusknoir after an attack on Dragon Mountain by Primal Dialga's forces. Mew and I worked together to deliver him back to the entrance to the Insurgo, then I used my time-altering abilities to reverse his wounds so he would live."

"You did?" Grovyle asked. "I thought you just healed me normally… using aromatherapy or something.

"Of course I did, my dear Grovyle. The first time I laid my eyes upon you, I knew that you were something special. I had to make sure you lived."

"Was it because of the prophecy?" he asked innocently.

"...Perhaps." she said sheepishly. "But that wasn't the only reason, of course!"

The strange being smiled and pointed to Grovyle with his pen. "Alright, now what's your take on your first encounter?"

"At first I didn't like her," he said with a short laugh. "She was beautiful, but a bit rude."

Celebi shrugged nonchalantly and smiled as he placed his arm around her. "But as time went on… And we began talking… I found myself slowly falling for her. It's funny, how falling in love works… Most of the time it's similar to how one falls asleep. Slowly… and then all at once."

"But Celebi, you said you met him shortly after he… died?" the creature asked.

"Correct. He doesn't remember that part too well, but it did happen."

"Okay, so when I first saw her, we were in the Insurgo Cave," Grovyle quickly got back on subject. "There were giant pokémon everywhere. I thought she was an illusion, because she would vanish out of nowhere when a big pokémon walked past her. And… I think that's about it. We began talking and we slowly started getting together more."

"Interesting… Go on and read the second one. I believe it's for you, Grovyle."

"Alright," he replied as he unraveled the scroll. "For: grovlye From: OnyxWhip - Hey you being a temproal guardian and well i wanted to ask you what would happen with this paradox: If i go back in time and kill my grandfather i wont be born but if im not born i wouldnt be able to kill my grandfather which means i will be born and kill my grandfather. So what happens?"

"First off, it's Grovyle," he said. "Not… whatever spelling that is. So… let's see… if you went back in time to kill your grandfather - I don't know why you'd want to do that, but okay -You wouldn't be born, which means your grandfather lives because you never interfered with time, which means you would be born, which means- Oh, I see. Well, that's a simple answer; If you went back in time to kill someone who is directly tied to your life, if you were to kill them, that would become a separate branch of reality, having no effect on the version of you that travelled through time. So... it wouldn't affect you, and your grandfather in that time would die, and you'd eliminate an alternate you."

"Seriously? That's such a common question about Time Travel," Celebi said. "You think we wouldn't be prepared to answer that?"

-Victor and Mordred-

"What is this?" he asked the mysterious entity that appeared before them. "Questions, you say?"

"It's from people who are curious about… stuff." the shadowy figure said. "I would call them fans… but no-one really likes you that much, since you're the stereotypical easy-to-hate villain."

"I see… What is your name?"

"...Let's just say I'm here to record your response."

"Very well. Let's hear these questions," he said.

Mordred accepted the scrolls from the humanoid creature and opened them slowly. "To: Victor… From: OnyxWhip: Hello victor this is dr phil calling,. I have. Contacted day asking you to make a appereance on the show. The reason for this is that your. Ex girlfreind Valerie has brought to my attention domestic issues you two had in the past as well as the fact she has a child now and belives you to be the father. We want to take a DNA test to get this cleared up. I await your response."

Before he could say anything, a wave of heat evaporated the note as Valerie strode into the room with a look of disbelief on her face. "Okay, can I just say something real quick? There were no domestic issues; We just weren't meant to be. Also, no, I don't have a child. Third… Are you OnyxWhip or Doctor Phil? Make up your mind before you go throwing false accusations. And fourth of all, I never brought any of that to your attention!"

The entity who handed them the scrolls pointed his pen at her once she stopped. "Valerie, you need to wait-"

"No! That was about me! And it was borderline slanderous!"

"You're awfully defensive…" Victor muttered.

"You… shut it. I want to say something about the spelling and punctuation in the letter as well, but I know that's not my concern."

"...Are you done yet?"

"Just about… One more thing; Who are you, anyways?" she asked as she turned to the mysterious entity.

"My name is Lugia. But not the guardian of the sea. People get confused by that sometimes."

"I don't see why. Lugia is much more pleasing to the eye than you. I can't even see what you are through that shroud of darkness."

"We're done here." he tapped his pen to the pad he was holding, and Valerie vanished in a tornado of fire.

Victor suppressed a light laugh and closed the scroll. "No further comments are necessary."

Mordred then unrolled the next scroll, reading it out loud. "From: OnyxWhip: STOP RIGHT THere criminal scum you violated the law! Pay the fine or rot in prisiom!"

"Criminal?" Mordred chuckled and rolled the scroll up as he rose from his seat. "I didn't realize this was a setup…"

"It's not, I assure you," the entity said while writing on his notepad. "Sit down."

The Bisharp grunted softly before taking a seat once more. "That's not really a question… So I don't have to respond."

"Fair enough."


"Uh-huh… So… letters from fans asking questions?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Very well. I don't see what harm could come from that…" she opened the letter and began reading it out loud. "From: OnyxWhip - For jade. Hello this is donald trump the abomasnow. I am here. To ask for you endorsement for president of immanis."

She paused and looked to the shadowy entity, who was shaking his head lightly. "Uh… What's wrong?"

"I don't… Uh… I don't know where this is going, so please don't take offense to it." (It wasn't me saying this) :P

"I don't get 'offended' by trivial things." she rolled her shoulders and continued. "I know you have suffered at the hands of illegal dark type terrorists. Well i i am elected i will be tough on crime. And tough on dark tupe caused terrorism. After all when dark types send thier pokemon their not sending their best. There bringing drugs their bringing crime, their in the mafia. Which is why we need a ice wall to keep illegal dark types out. And make them pay for it which is why im callinf for a complete shutdown of dark types entering immanis.

The mafis must be defeated. I will hyper beam the s*** out out of them. If you endosre me we can end the dark type blight on immianis.."

She narrowed her eyes, kind of shocked by the statement. "First off, Immanis is not ruled by one being. It's a thriving community made of multiple kingdoms and villages. So… there's that. And… your spelling is absolutely appalling. Third… pardon my language, Professor, but how the hell is this a question?"

"I… I don't know. Heh."

"Okay… Please read over them beforehand if you wish for me to respond in the future."

"Will do," he said. "My bad."

"It's alright… I just don't really understand how statements get into a Q & A. I mean, you're the one that allows them in, right?"

"Right… I wanted to see how this went."

"Not that good. Tell Onyxwhip that if he wishes to speak to any of us, make it a legitimate question that we can answer, and use proper spelling. Arceus…" she phased through the wall and vanished into shadows.

-Connor and Vulcan-

He accepted the letter from this shadow-enshrouded entity and unraveled it, sitting on the ground with a small smile. "A letter? It'd better not be another challenge."
"No; It is from someone who is an admirer of your accomplishments."

"Oh. Well alrighty then."

He unrolled the scroll and began reading it out loud. "From: Parousia 45: If you were to become another Pokemon aside from being a Swampert or a Legendary, what will you become? Also, do you know that you have a counterpart from a parallel universe that is a Spacial Guardian?"

"Uh… I did not know that, but I kind of figured. Since I'm just one of me in thousands of different realities. And… if you mean Cosmic Lord, then that's really cool, actually. I'd like to meet him someday." He shifted in his seat and tapped the scroll in his open palm. "Um… If I could be another pokémon besides a Legendary? Geez, I don't know… I've been either a Swampert or a human for as long as I can remember. I'll stick with the water type, obviously. So… maybe a Blastoise? They're really tough and I like the whole 'shell' thing that they can do to protect themselves."

"Interesting… Another starter pokémon is your choice… And why do you choose water?"

"Because I'm a go with the flow kind of person, I guess… It suits me, since water goes with the flow, too. And I can breathe underwater. That's awesome."

"Hm. Alright, thank you… Vulcan?"

The Charizard nodded and unrolled his scroll with a small smile. "From: Parousia 54: Does it bother you that Manaphy keeps call you his mother and Connor his father?"
Vulcan facepalmed and laughed at the silliness of the question. "It kind of bothered me at first, since I'm a guy… But it's grown on me quite a bit. I don't mind it too much now. And neither does the team."


"Hello, man of darkness…" he smirked and used flash to try and burn away the shadows surrounding the entity, but his light was snuffed out as the creature reached his hand forward and handed him a scroll. He grabbed it with the end of his cloak and unraveled it with psychic. "...Am I supposed to read it out loud, or…? Yeah? Okay… Uh… To: Roy, From: Parousia 45 - Hey, can you tell me a pun? (Warning: My Aggron OC, Isaac Stonearc, breaks the 4th wall and he'll might come there) Also, can you annoy my Aggron OC with puns and break the fourth wall? Don't worry, I'll repair it."

Roy smiled as he thought about the many routes his response could take. "Okay… Why is it that in nearly every letter there's been a misspelt word or a punctuation error? He'll might come here? What does that mean?"

He laughed and shook his head lightly. "Okay, I'll answer the question… A pun, you say… Uh… Why did the Octillery blush?"

The entity rolled his eyes, but responded, "Why?"

"Because he'd just seen the bottom of the ocean!" Roy laughed sheepishly at his own joke. "That was so dumb… Uh… So you're not afraid of ghost puns, right?"
"No… I'm not."

"That's the spirit!" he paused for effect, then the shadow-infused entity put his hand on his forehead. "That was really bad…"

"I know… Okay, so this… Parousia forty-five… They want me to annoy their Aggron OC Isaac Stonearc with puns… But is he here? I don't think so. And why's that? Because he's in another reality. And Palkia is the only one that's not letting his laws be bent for this thing. So sorry, but that's not gonna happen. Even with fourth wall breaking and all that."

"What thing?"

"This series of questions and answers, of course!"


"So I have to read this out loud… Ugh… I don't want to..."

"Well, my apologies, Aaron. Do you have somewhere better to be?"

"No… I mean, I guess not…"

"I thought not."

Aaron cleared his throat and unraveled the scroll that the mysterious entity handed him. "To… Aaron. From: Parousia 45 - How are your feelings after the death of Team Firestorm?"

He raised his palms in a questioning manner, slightly baffled by the question. "Not good…? How else am I supposed to feel? That was a terrible question!"

"But I believe they intended to ask something deeper, as you didn't seem very attached to this team upon your banishment from the Northern Desert."

"Well, obviously. I didn't have the time in like the rest of them. I was the new guy. But from what I could tell… They were all really cool. I like Connor and Roy. Oh, and Vincent. It's pretty sweet how he can transform with his paint and stuff. But yeah… I realize that my actions say differently, but I really do care. I mean, I'd be a terrible person to say I don't care about them. Since they're all dead, supposedly… It'll take some getting used to, that's for sure. I was starting to like them, then that Queen just got on my last nerve. I thought they stood for freedom from oppression, yet they knelt before this Queen whom they had never met before. After that, I thought that they were just another bunch of hypocritical scumbags. Telling others to stand up for themselves, yet when they were outmatched, surrendered without a fight. But… After I left the kingdom, I realized… they were just using the King and Queen to protect themselves while they built up their strength. It's something I didn't even think of. But it was so obvious after I left…"

"Huh. Well, thank you for your time!


"Alright… I hope you realize that I'm not supposed to be doing this…" the Farfetch'd muttered as he accepted the scroll from the shadow-enshrouded being standing before him.

"I am aware. However, you have many admirers. I think they took a liking to you after you beat Grovyle in blade to blade combat."

"Oh, that was nothing… A mere warm-up match, if you must call it something."

"It sounds like you're just getting cocky," the being said with a friendly laugh.

"No, I was just getting started, as farfetched as it sounds." he laughed internally at his own joke, then continued. "Now, Basileus… That would be a real challenge. Sadly, I don't see that happening anytime soon."

"You would be surprised. Now let's see the question you've been asked."

"Very well… Ahem… To: Leroy. From: Parousia 45 - Where did you go after the collapse of the Colosseum, Aaron's banishment and the deaths of Connor and the Queen?"

He smirked and tapped his beak with his leek, thinking deeply about what exactly he was doing. "...I was running errands. I get the feeling that many of you have a sneaking suspicion that I'm more than just a normal Farfetch'd, so that's all I have to say about that until my actions are explained later."

"What…? That's it?"

"Yes. Where I was is crucial to the events of this time, so I cannot disclose that information at this moment."

"...Very well." the entity finished jotting down some notes on his paper and stood up. "Thank you for your time."

"It's my pleasure, Mr. Lugia."



"It's Professor Lugia."

"Ah. My apologies." he stood up and bowed to the creature whom he knew was a being of immense power. Possibly greater than Arceus himself. "I look forward to meeting you again."


"So… I just answer some questions that have been asked by fans?"

"Essentially, yes."

"Oh, goodie! It's good to know that there are others out there enjoying your work!"

"It's kind of funny, many of them seem to like you the most."

"Well, obviously. I'm pretty much a walking goddess; What's not to like?"

The shadow-infused being chuckled and handed her a scroll. "Here you go. This is the first one of these Q & A sessions, so there aren't that many to go over."

"Oh, this is so fancy… I'm really excited! It's so different from anything I've seen! And I'm sure you didn't get this idea from anyone else."

"Yeah… totally," the entity looked to the side as she unraveled the scroll and began reading it out loud. "To: Valerie, From: Parousia 45 - You're so awesome Valerie! Can I ask you some advice about an OC breaking the fourth wall that leads other OCs to come in comments?"

"Other OCs to come in…? Oh, you mean like I did with Victor? How I burst in when that ridiculous lie of a letter was addressed pretty much to me? And how I'm like best friends with Professor Lugia right here after asking who he was and acting all stuck up to him? I don't really have any advice on that; This kind of style is absurdly hard to write, plain and simple. I think that the Professor has a hard time making it believable and funny while not overdoing it. Oh, and I already know I'm awesome. But thanks for the compliment anyways!"

"Valerie, I don't think that they will be satisfied with that advice."

"What else can I say? Breaking the fourth wall is pretty much my thing and maybe Galvantula's. I don't know anyone else who does it openly and as well as me, though. Not to sound narcissistic or anything… But it's true."

"But if you had to give some advice to this person… what would it be?"

"That's not what this letter asks. It asks if I can. And the answer is nope!"

The entity sighed, but shrugged and stood up. "Very well."

Alright, before anyone says anything about roasting some questions: Like four of them weren't even questions. And if you spell words wrong, the characters will point it out. I literally copied and pasted the questions from my PMs into the slots, so it's just as you guys typed them. Anywho, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! If you want to ask any other characters some questions, here is the list so far of characters:

Team Firestorm: Connor, Vulcan, Atlas, Vincent, Rose, Magnus, Mirage, Nocturne, Alice, Caroline, Jade, Roy, Aaron, Dawn

Insurgo/Temporal Guardians: Grovyle, Celebi, Amber, Briar, Basileus, Tyranitar, Galvantula

Mafia: Victor, Mordred, Rogue, Koumori

No Team: Valerie, Andreas, Gabriel, Heimdall

So as always, I hope you guys enjoyed this thing I'm doing! I really enjoyed making it, and I hope to hear from you all in the future! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, leave them in the form of a Review or PM! Much Love!