A/N: The last chapter of "Gift of the Daleks" bugged me as much as it did you guys. I had to write it like I saw it, though, in order to stay true to her story.

For the record, I honestly thought her story was finished until I dreamed about her last night. I've been busy reading the Time Winds ever since to figure out what happened.

Here's what I saw.



"Doctor?" Jack watched the Doctor pick Bella off the floor. Fury emanated off of the Time Lord and Jack wondered if the man was losing his mind.

"I said, NO. I'm not losing her!"

Jack followed the other man as he carried Bella to the Infirmary. The Tardis helpfully moved the room close to the Console Room and the Doctor quickly placed her on the first bed he saw, flipping switches on the equipment and madly starting to work.

Jack could read enough of the systems to see that Bella was gone. The heart monitors were flat and there were no indications of brain activity but the Doctor refused to give up.

The Doctor tossed Jack a respirator. "Place that on her face; I need you to breathe for her."

Jack quickly obeyed, working the controls and watching the chest of his friend once again rise and fall. The Doctor ripped open her shirt and grabbed two paddles off of the nearby cart.

"Clear!" The Doctor yelled. Jack jumped out of the way as the Doctor sent an electrical charge to Bella's hearts.

A blip, then nothing.

"Clear!" The Doctor repeated the action.

Another blip. Nothing.

"Don't do this to me!" The Doctor shrieked, hitting her again with the charge.

"Doctor, she's gone," Jack said, placing a hand on the Time Lord's shoulder.

"No!" The desperate Time Lord shoved him away. "There's got to be a way! I've got to save her! I can't lose her now, she's all I've got! You're not leaving me Bella, you hear! I'm bringing you back!"

The Doctor worked furiously, trying madly to save his wife with an assortment of tools Jack didn't recognize.


Bella was dead.

"NOOO!" The Time Lord wailed, pulling her up and hugging her close. "I can't feel her! You can't do this to me Bella!"

"Doctor, I'm sorry," Jack tried again. Tears streamed down a face that was mad with grief and Jack feared what would happen when the Time Lord finally realized the truth.

"Jump start! I can jump start the regeneration process!"

Jack watched in shock as the desperate Time Lord laid Bella back on the bed, grabbed her face, and kissed her deeply. A glow started emanating from the Doctor and flowed around them both. The ex-Time Agent crossed his fingers and waited. If anyone could save Bella, it was the Time Lord, and he was obviously desperate to succeed.

"There! I gave her ten years of my life," the Doctor explained as he pulled away to look at the monitors. "I've not done this before, so hopefully that will be enough."

"Enough to what? Trigger regeneration?"

"Yes. K'anpo Rimpoche did it to me in my third incarnation. Gave me a bit of a jump start using his own regenerative energy. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but it should work."

"But I thought you said that you didn't finish the treatments that would even allow her to regenerate?"

"I didn't, but they were close to being finished. If I can stimulate what is there she should be able to regenerate at least partially, enough to heal."

"Oh God, I hope so!"

The pair pulled back and waited for the familiar glow.


"Shouldn't it have started by now?" Jack asked after several moments had passed.

"It's alright, we've still got time. I was dead for quite a while before I regenerated into my Eighth form. The anesthesia I was given delayed the process. She might be building up."


"Come on, Bella, regenerate!" The Doctor placed his fingers to the woman's temples and closed his eyes. "I can't feel her!" he cried as he pulled away.

Jack placed a hand on the Doctor's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "Doctor, I think she's gone."

"No!" The Time Lord pulled away, grabbing Bella and kissing her again, allowing the familiar glow to cover them both. Jack watched in growing horror. Would the Doctor kill himself trying to save her?

"Doctor..." Jack began.

"I won't lose her, Jack," The Doctor growled as he pulled away. "I've lost too many, I won't lose her too."

Jack looked at the monitors, hoping for signs of life.


They waited.

"Doctor, she's gone," he said softly, hoping to reach the man.

"Just wait." The Time Lord trained his eyes back on the broken body of his wife.


Jack jerked his head up and looked at the monitors. Had he seen a blip?


"Come on, Bella! Regenerate!" The Doctor yelled.


Jack brushed bloody hair away from Bella's forehead and softly bent down to give her a kiss. "Come on, Bille, come back to us," he begged.


Jack didn't bother to wipe away his falling tears when they began to cover the face of his dead friend. It wasn't fair! Why did everyone have to die?


"Doctor, did you hear that?" Jack whispered.

"Hear what?" The Time Lord asked.

"Shhh! Listen!"

Jack pulled back and watched the monitors expectantly. He had heard something.

"What did you hear?" the Doctor demanded.

"Listen!" Jack refused to tear his eyes from the monitor.


"Look!" Jack yelled, pointing at the brain wave scanner. A single blip indicated a moment of activity.



"Come on, Hillbilly, I know you can do it," Jack begged his broken friend as he stroked her hair. "Give me a sign, show me you're fighting."


"Ha!" The Doctor cheered, jumping in jubilation as he saw the momentary movement on the monitor. "Come on, give me this. Just this once just give me this!"

Jack grabbed the respirator and once again started pumping oxygen into Bella's lungs. Maybe it would help. "Do you think we should shock her?"

The Time Lord shook his head. "Might disrupt the regeneration process."

"Then am I hurting her?"

"No. Oxygen should be fine."


"She's fighting!" The Doctor whispered, a nervous smile forming on his face as he watched the monitor. "Come on, sweetheart, come back to me!"

Poof! Jack jumped back as Bella was engulfed in a pool of light. She gasped, chest rising from the table as the monitors suddenly sprang to life and the light disappeared.

Bella was alive.

"Yes!" Jack cheered as he hugged the jubilant Time Lord but as he turned to look at Bella his smile dropped.

"Doctor, why isn't she healing?" Bella's body looked just as broken as before. The only thing that had changed was her vital signs.

The Doctor madly started flipping switches. "I don't know!" Jack stood away and allowed the other man to work.

"Okay, apparently I managed to trigger a partial regeneration." the Doctor informed Jack as he finished the scans. "It was enough to save her life, but not enough to heal her."

"So now what?"

"Now I get to work."