Author's Note: Before I get started with Story I just want to say that I Love Edd and Marie together but this story will be short I have no Idea if I will continue this Story later on in the future. So with out wasting Time Lets get started.

Chapter 1:An Unexpected Love for Edd

The Story starts off after the episode May I have This Ed where the Eds just saw their own School fall to the ground due to Rolf's Sea Urchin Costume pulling up pieces of wood off the floor.

"No School Tomorrow!" said The tall Ed

Eddy made a huge smile after hearing that.

"Seems I did learn something from your book Eddy, after all I did get to dance with Nazz." said the smart and shy Edd

"And I got Wilfred's phone number guys" said The tall Ed.

Edd and Eddy gave each other a confused look when finally Eddy broke the silence and said "Your'e and Idiot Ed."

Ed laughed.

"Come on guys lets go home I'm done with dances." said Eddy

Ed and Edd as always followed until Edd turned back and noticed that he noticed that Eddy left his fake beard on the snow. So he turned back.

"Hey you coming Sockhead!" yelled Eddy

"In a minute Eddy it appears you forgot your..." but it was too late Ed and Eddy already left him

Edd sighed and sat down on the snow. He watched people trying to get out of the school, He saw Johnny having trouble pulling Plank out, He saw Kevin,Nazz,Sarah,and Jimmy trying to get Rolf out under the broken wood. Normally Edd would help but he didn't want to help, he just wanted to think on why Eddy mistreated him. Sure Eddy and him are best friends but friends don't treat each other like that.

Edd then saw Lee, one of the Kanker Sisters, getting wood off of Rolf so she can get to her sister May. Surprisingly Marie wasn't there. Edd thought on where she could have gone but his thinking stopped when he saw Marie walking up to him not smiling as always, but instead she was angry and she was making a fist.

"Oh dear oh dear, ED EDDY!" screamed Edd hoping his friends were still there. But then Marie did something that surprised Edd, She slapped him across the face.

Edd then looked up and now saw Marie in tears as if she regretted that decision.

"Why Oven mitt why did you dance with NAZZ AND NOT ME!" said The blue haired sister

Edd just sat there rubbing his cheek in confusion then Marie slapped him again.

"Well I'm waiting"

Edd then got up and said "First of all You do not slap me and second of all the only reason I danced with her is because She asked me to dance! Sure I did want to dance with her in the first place, but even if I didn't I would have dance with SARAH!" screamed an angry Edd who was now not afraid of Marie anymore.

Marie then ran off into the woods crying... Ed and Eddy were right behind him and Eddy shook his head ,while Ed was confused on what had just happened.

"Come on Double D I thought you were better then that" said Eddy still shaking his head in disapproval.

"We came back when you screamed our names and we come and find this" said Eddy.

"Not cool Double D" said Ed now walking away

Eddy then followed.

Edd then thought on what he just did and sighed "What have I become, I hurt the girl who loved me all her life and this is how I repay her... I got to go find Marie" said Edd now running to the woods.

Lee had just gotten May out of Rolf's back and then walked home forgetting about Marie.


Edd was running around in the woods screaming "Marie! Marie!" but no use. He didn't care if a wolf came up and attacked him, all he cared about was apologizing to Marie.

Then Edd gave up "What have I done" he said "What have I done"

Moments later while Edd was trying to find a way home he saw a figure sitting on a log.

Edd then walked up to figure nervously and poked it on the back.

The figure was Marie... crying

"Marie?" said Ed

Marie's first instinct was to run but she didn't bother running now that Edd had found her.

"What do you want" said Marie still crying.

"I came here to apologize for yelling at you and for hurting you." said Edd

"Yea whatever" Marie scoffed

Edd then sat by her "Oh Marie I do mean it I didn't mean all those things I said, I only said those things because I was angry, embarrassed and confused."

"Confused about what... your Double D you never get confused" said Marie now getting confused.

"Sure I do everybody gets confused Marie... well to tell you the truth I was also confused, on why I didn't dance with you" said Edd

Marie then looked at him right after he said that. "Really" she said.

"Really" Double D said Smiling.

The two then stared into each other's eyes smiling and then leaned closer until Lee and May walked in.

"Well, Well, Well look at what we have here May we have our sister Marie with her man isn't that nice" said Lee

Edd was now starting to worry.

"Well we'll just leave you two alone and here we also stole the school's radio so here you can have that and remember Marie be home before midnight or else mom will kill us all" said Lee walking away with May

Then Marie turned on the radio on and it started to play Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling I Love

Edd then got on his knees and held Marie's hand. "Marie would you like to have this dance" Edd said blushing

Marie then blushed more and pulled him up.

The couple then began to slow dance holding each other's hand while, Edd put his hand around Marie's waist while Marie put her hand on Edd's shoulder.


Meanwhile Ed and Eddy were looking for Edd.

"Ed do you have Double D's scent?" said Eddy

Ed barked like a dog and began running towards the woods.

"Ed wait up!" screamed Eddy


Back with Edd and Marie the song had just ended and Marie and Edd looked into each other's eyes and leaned closer to each other's lips until Eddy and Ed jumped on Edd.

"Ed!, Eddy! Whats the meaning of this!" screamed Edd.

"Don't Worry Double D I'll save you from the horrible demon" said Ed

"Eddy what's this for" screamed Edd

"Don't worry Double D your safe now Ed attack!" screamed Eddy

Ed ran towards Marie until May and Lee jumped in

Ed then stopped and started to sweat.

"Well,Well, Well look at this May your boyfriend was just looking for you" said Lee

Ed then began to walk back towards Eddy

"Aww Really come here" said May running towards Ed.

Ed then screamed and began to run away leaving Edd and Eddy.

Eddy then began to sweat

"Aw look at my little man do you want a hug" said Lee

"Oh would you look at the time sorry Double D but I have to get home right now so bye" said Eddy running for his dear life.

"Oh playing hard to get I love my man like that." said Lee chasing after Eddy

Marie then sat down on her log.

Edd sat by her

"Oh Marie I'm so sorry I didn't know they would come" said Edd

" It's fine Oven Mitt now my sisters can party like we did" said Marie

Edd blushed and looked at his watch 11:53

"Oh No I was supposed to be home an hour ago what would mother and father think" said Edd now starting to worry

Marie then placed her hand on top of Edd's hand

Edd stopped worrying and looked at Marie.

Edd then placed his hand on Marie's cheek.

Marie placed her hand on the back of Edd's neck

The two then looked into each other's eye's and leaned forward. This time there was no distraction

The two finally did the thing they wanted to do all night.


Edd then broke the kiss and said "I'll see around sometime"

"I'll be here" said Marie

Edd then got up and said something no one would hear him say to a Kanker sister "I love You"

Marie blushed and said "I Love You too"

Lee then came back along with May smiling.

"So did you do it" said May

Marie smiled, blushed and then nodded

"That's my sister come on lets go home I'm tired" said Lee


Meanwhile Edd came back to the Cul-De-Sac and saw Ed and Eddy covered in lipstick with kiss marks all over their faces.

"She got you too" said Eddy

"Oh you have no Idea Eddy No Idea" said Edd smiling