"Are you okay?" Alfred asked, polite and cordial—if not a little suspicious—as he held a glass of ice water down to Kon.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Kon took the water from him with a nod of his head and quickly took a sip of the proffered liquid. The burn from the Kryptonite lingered, and the blistering pain of Kon's bones reknitting from the damage that Tim had been able to reap was nauseating at best, but Kon mostly ignored them (and the fact that it had taken all four of the other vigilantes in the room to pull Tim off of him once they'd snapped out of their own various levels of shock) in favor of the conversation he knew was about to come. "Thank you for asking—"

"Oh, who cares about that," Tim snapped from across the room where he sat beside Bruce on the couch, arms crossed over his chest and one leg tucked up underneath of himself as he pouted and glared daggers across the room that ripped through Kon as if what was going on actually was his fault. "How did you know I was pregnant and why the fuck didn't you tell me?"

"Timothy," Bruce reprimanded him for several reasons, but Tim turned his scowl on him and Bruce instinctively shrank back before his shoulders stiffened and he forced himself to stand his ground.

"I am twenty-two years old, Bruce," Tim's words were laced with acid, and a weaker man would have crumpled under the weight of them. "I am more than capable of deciding whether a situation warrants the use of 'inappropriate' words or not; I am more than capable of asking the sire of my pup questions; and I am most definitely entitled to the answers of those questions. I don't know how, and I don't know when, but my alpha knew before he walked in that door this evening that I was pregnant, and I want to know how. I want to know how, and I want to know why the fuck he thought it was okay to not tell me."

"I didn't know you were pregnant—not for sure, at least," Kon turned the conversation back to himself, feeling the need to at least absolve himself of that, and he resisted the urge to wince as Tim's head and glower snapped back around towards himself. "I figured out a couple of weeks ago that something was wrong, but I did not know that you were pregnant."

Tim didn't believe Kon, that much was obvious in the way that he continued to just sit with his arms crossed over his chest and his back ram-rod straight, but Kon had been just as shocked by Jason's post-Kryptonite explanation as he imagined the rest of the room had been when they'd first heard the news, and he was still working through processing all of the ramifications of it.

"I…the thought had occurred to me, and I did look into it a little bit," Kon admitted, because that was true, too. He'd entertained the question for maybe all of twenty minutes back when he'd first noticed Tim's uterine cavity expanding more than usual, but he'd quickly dismissed the idea when Tim's next set of blood work came back normal. "But I've never encountered an omega so early in their pregnancy—at least not one I've had any reason to walk around x-raying—and the changes I've been seeing…they could be from anything, including you just having some kind of a benign cyst or an abnormal cycle, and I didn't want to bother you with something so trivial. I thought about bringing it up, but all of your regular testing has been coming back normal. So, I thought—I figured that I was just being paranoid. I went to Clark about it, once, in between rounds of blood work, but when he looked at your torso, he wasn't able to see anything because all of the changes are still so vague, and thought that the fatigue and the clinginess that I was describing was just you being tired from doing too much and me overreacting. He wanted me to say something to you about it, but—"

"But nobody tries to tell Tim that he's doing too much unless they're willing to give up the use of one of their limbs?" Jason offered with a small snort from where he was leaning against the wall, nursing a four-inch finger nail scratch down his forearm, and Kon looked to him, studying the quirk of his eyebrow for a moment before he risked agreeing.

"Exactly," Tim's glare sharpened for a moment, and Kon held his tongue in favor of giving him the chance to respond, but instead of saying anything, Tim just shrugged one of his shoulders in a, 'yeah, that's pretty much true, what are you going to do about it?' type of gesture a couple of minutes later before he returned to his previous state of silent judgment, thus Kon went on. "So, I told him no, and I thought he'd dropped it, but when he came over to look Tim over a couple of days later—"

"He cornered Tim at a family dinner and tried to tell him that he was a mated omega now, and that an omega's place was to sit at home waiting for his alpha?" Dick's eyes widened in realization before they shrunk back into a much more contemplative gaze, and Kon knew he was remembering the horrible fight that had happened before Kon and Clark had left on that Diplomatic Mission.

"More or less," Kon nodded his head again, looking downwards as he took another sip of his water. From his stand point, Clark hadn't been nearly as…harsh in his wording as Tim had heard, but regardless of his opinion on the subject, it still hadn't been Clark's place to have such a conversation with Tim, and Clark most definitely shouldn't have implied that it was easier for Clark, Dick, and Kon to handle the burdens of their mantles because they were omegas. "I didn't know he was going to do it, and if I had, I never would have gone to him in the first place, but he saw that I was concerned, and that I wasn't willing to say anything because we thought it was just Tim overworking, and he didn't see anything when he x-rayed you, so I didn't push the uterine cavity thing because I thought it was just me, and—"

"That's all wonderful, Kon, and I appreciate the explanations, really, I do, but they don't change the facts of what's going on," Tim cut Kon off, and Kon looked up to see him still sitting on the couch—all uncertainty gone as he once again let the anger burn through him. "How did this happen and why has it taken us this long to figure it out? We haven't shared a heat in months, and I've been on one form of birth control or another since the week you came back to life. This doesn't make sense. No matter how you slice it, this shouldn't be happening. There is no physical way that I can be pregnant right now."

"I know that, Tim," Kon switched gears, but he doubted that his pleas would have much of an affect on Tim—knew that no body would be able to get Tim to see any kind of sense until there was a literal pup in his arms and paternal DNA tests proving the child was genetically theirs because Kon's omega was just too damn logical sometimes. "I know this makes no sense—and that was part of the reason why I didn't push the issue with you. Why I thought I was overreacting. But it is what it is, and I don't see why that's a bad thing—"

"You don't see why that's a bad thing?" Tim threw Kon's words back at him without hesitation, and Kon physically braced himself for whatever was about to come. "You don't see why that's a bad thing?"

"No, Timothy—I don't—"

"Conner Kent, I am pregnant!" Tim yelled as he pushed himself up from his seat. "There is a tiny little half-alien/half-human fetus wiggling itself around inside of my body and it's only going to get bigger!"

The rest of the occupants of the room tensed and reached for various hidden weapons around their persons in anticipation of Tim attacking again, but Kon forced himself to stay in his seat and kept his mouth shut as Tim started gesticulating and pacing around the room.

"I'm not ready to be a parent!" he seethed. "The media is going to have a field day with this! What the fuck is Red Robin supposed to do while Tim Drake is stuck in a fucking hospital giving birth to a crazy alien-baby? As far as the public is concerned, I'm an unclaimed omega. Pretty soon, none of my clothes are going to fit! This is going to be impossible to hide! I'm going to be gigantic! How long am I going to be out of commission? I don't know how many hits I've taken to my abdomen over the last couple of weeks and who knows what poisons I've been exposed to while I've been out at night! Where the hell are we going to live? Gotham is no place to raise a child! Is this thing even human? Is it Kryptonian? We know fucking nothing about this, Kon!"

"If you were the one that was pregnant, we would at least have a pretty good chance of knowing that it wouldn't wake up one day and rip you to shreds, but hell, we can't even come close to that with me!" one of Tim's hands went up to his hair, and Kon cursed the temporary loss of his TTK because he had no way of reaching out and comforting Tim without actually reaching out and touching him, and Tim wouldn't accept such a gesture until he'd burnt his panic out of his system, so all Kon could do was sit and watch as Tim worked himself up higher and higher. "As it is, normal human babies can break ribs and cause organ damage if they're big enough, but what about a super powered, partial Kryptonian freak? Are they going to go to move one day and accidentally put a five-inch tear through my abdomen? Are they going to sense their umbilical cord wrapping around their leg or their arm and rip it in half and suffocate themselves by accident? What about once they're born? What if they turn out to be as unstable as all of the other clones before you? You got lucky, Kon. Lucky. All of the other clones before you died or went totally insane until they were finally put down, and do I have to remind you of the person who finally ended up putting down Prime, Kon—because I can assure you Kon-El Kent, that only one person in the universe can currently boast to killing a Superman clone by stabbing a kryptonite sword through their heart, and It's. Not. You. It's not you, and it's not Cassie, and it's not Bruce, or Clark, or Diana, or even Dick or Jason, Conner. It's me. The tiny ass little omega who was stupid enough to let you shove your knot up his ass, and if there is one thing that I am completely certain of, it's that I have no fucking desire to put my child down, Kon. I don't care how much of a homicidal little maniac he is. I don't. Want. To do it. I don't. But I'm going to have to be the one to do it, if it comes down to that, because nobody else is going to be able stomach it or manage it or be able to…be able to…shit."

"What is it?" Kon was up out of his seat and tensed down into a battle stance before he'd even realized that he was moving, his glass of water on the ground by his feet and long forgotten. Tim had been going strong, barely breathing in between words as he yelled at Kon until suddenly he'd trailed off and sworn under his breath, and that wasn't good. "Talk to me, love."

"Kryptonite…" Tim answered quietly, eyes unfocused and faraway as his hands hovered limply over his stomach.

"Timmy?" Jason pushed himself up from the wall.

"Kryptonite!" Tim hissed before he was turned and out of sight, a look of pure terror on his face as he streaked through the house towards the Cave.

"Tim!" Dick called after him, rocketing up from his seat on the carpet as Alfred gasped a, "Master Timothy,", and Damian questioned, "Drake?"; but Kon was already half way down the hall.

Tim was at the bottom of the stairs to the Cave by the time that Kon caught up to him, and it was barely a couple of heartbeats later that the two were across the floor as Tim pulled frantically at the wands and the wires for one of the ultrasound machines (if not a little violently).

"Idiot," he was whispering under his breath, but Kon wasn't foolish enough to hope that he was referring to Kon instead of himself. "Stupid, stupid, idiot. How could I have been so reckless—"

"Tim," Kon reached out to grab Tim's shoulder, but wasn't surprised or very offended when Tim swatted his hand away as the machine whirled to life in front of them.

"Shirt," he ordered as he squeezed blue gel onto the wand he'd deemed acceptable for whatever he was trying to do, and Kon closed his fingers around the fabric and tore it away from Tim's body without hesitation.

"Master Timothy, I beg of you—"

"Rrr," instead of responding to Alfred's concern with words, another snarl ripped its way out of Tim's throat, and Kon could feel the rest of the family halt in their places across the Cave at the sound of it. Without thinking, Kon shifted himself in between his mate and his mate's pack and watched worriedly as Tim started jabbing at buttons on the still warming up machine.

It took a minute for the screen to finish loading, an error message blinking where the picture of Tim's insides should have been, but after ten tense seconds of Tim just scowling at it, the proper image popped up and Tim immediately set to work—guiding the wand over his pelvis with his right hand as he poked at buttons and fiddled with nobs on the console with his left.

Kon had no idea what Tim was doing. He'd tried his best over the years to avoid the ultrasound machines in the Towers and in the Cave because they typically meant some kind of organ damage, and there was nothing that Kon could do to help with that, but oh, so very slowly, Tim's movements over the keyboard became calmer and calmer and he moved the wand less and less, and after what felt like forever, the ultrasound's screen lit up in two giant blobs of red and blue with yellow and green edging. Tim inhaled a sharp breath of relief in the heartbeat that followed as his shoulders relaxed and he just stared at the screen, and Kon knew he'd found whatever he'd been looking for.

"Tim?" he tried again, softer and right up close to Tim's ear, Tim's hair tickling at his lips as he did so, and this time Tim leaned back into the hands on his hips and reached up to lay his free hand over one of Kon's instead of trying to bat them away.

"It's…" Tim choked on the word as his eyes tracked over the screen again and again with the bright pulses of color around what Kon could only assume was his womb, and he cleared his throat and wet his lips with his slender tongue before he tried again (and wasn't that just distracting and teasing Kon beyond what was fair). "It's…I'm pregnant, Kon. We're having a baby. Me pulling the Kryptonite earlier didn't…it's…it's alive, Kon. It's still there."

"I see that, love," Kon found himself smiling as he leaned down to press a kiss into the fluff of Tim's hair, thankful that Tim had finally calmed down enough to let Kon near him again. "Or—at least, I think I do. The screen kind of just looks like a bunch of black and white and color to me, but I'm sure it means something to you, and—hey!"

Kon jumped as Tim's free hand collided with his thigh, but he quickly dissolved into a fit of giggles and nuzzled down into the bend of Tim's neck when Tim mumbled something under his breath about "ruined moments" and "getting knocked up by an idiot".

"I'm just being honest," Kon let go of Tim's hips in favor of reaching up and wrapping his arms around Tim's slender shoulders in a pseudo-hug.

"And I appreciate that," Tim gave a soft sigh as he reached up to squeeze at Kon's forearm with his left hand—right up at the meaty part near Kon's elbow where Kon knew Tim just loved—and Kon settled back down as he looked back up at the screen.

"Would you mind telling me what I'm looking at so I can share in this moment of happiness with you?" he let his right hand fall from Tim's shoulders so he could slip the wand out of Tim's right hand, and Tim relinquished control of it without a fight as he reached up to start readjusting buttons on the machine.

"Of course, I wouldn't," Tim hummed, and Kon gave his shoulders a small squeeze in response as he watched the colors disappear from the screen, leaving the image in black and grainy white once again. "Just give me a second to find…"

His nimble fingers wiggled their way back underneath of Kon's on the wand, and Kon was confused for a moment, until Tim pushed it back to his skin after dragging it through more of the gel.

"…Here we go!" he declared softly as the image from before more or less popped back up on the screen, and Kon retook the wand so Tim could go back to fiddling with the buttons on the console. "You know how an ultrasound works, right? Electrical impulses are manipulated into a sound wave through a transducer and then channeled into the body via an array in the wand. Those sound waves bounce off of various tissues in the body like muscles and blood vessels and organ walls back into another set of arrays in the wand. Those second arrays revert the sound waves back into electrical impulses that the computer can then interpret through the strength and speed of the altered impulses, and presents that data as an image that we as humans can understand. This up here at the top is the first layer of my skin where the probe is at and everything underneath of it is a sideways view of the tissues underneath. So—like—here are my abs, and this black space is my bladder, and this is what it would look like if you cut me in half at my waist and looked down at the remains from where my head was. You follow me so far?"

"Basically," Kon nodded his head against the side of Tim's dutifully as Tim squeezed his forearm again, and it wasn't a lie. He didn't exactly understand all of the technical terms that Tim used to describe the process, but he vaguely understood that an ultrasound turned sound waves into an image that humans could interpret (like sonar), and he could follow what Tim was saying about how the image was oriented as he pointed to all of the various landmarks he mentioned (again—just like sonar). "That blob thing-y there is the scar from when Ra's caught you across the stomach with that sword, right?"

"Yes!" Tim beamed, squirming around within the safe confines of Kon's arms excitedly, and Kon found the corners of his mouth pulling upwards again as Tim chanced a quick look up at him out of the corners of his eyes. "We're about two inches up from the bottom of it. Can you tell where we are from side-to-side?"

"About an inch over from your spine?" Kon barely registered his own words through the blue of Tim's eyes.

"Yes," Tim nodded his head two or three times in quick succession before he focused his attention back on the screen with an anticipatory energy that kept him fidgeting in his Kon's arms. "Bury the probe in just a bit farther towards my spine."

Kon hesitated a second just to watch Tim—to watch the way that his eyes flicked over the screen eagerly and his entire being just thrummed with pride—before his own eyes flicked back up to the screen, and he did as he was told.

The degree of changes in the image was surprising. Even as Kon only applied the smallest increments of pressure he could manage without his TTK to guide him, the tissues scrunched upwards towards the top of the screen significantly as Tim's skin gave underneath of the weight of Kon's hand. Deeper tissues came into view underneath of them, though—as Kon suspected they would—and it was kind of fascinating to watch. Kon only had a moment to wonder what the latest void of black was before Tim pushed a button again, and suddenly the screen was enveloped back in pulsing colors.

"You see all of these colors?" Tim peeked up at Kon again as he pointed towards the ball of red and blue.

"Yes?" Kon furrowed his eyebrows at the screen as he tried to make sense of the fluid filled organ underneath.

"Do you know what they mean?" Tim's voice had dropped down until it was all soft and raspy and intimate, and Kon's breath caught in his chest as he realized what he was looking at.


"The red shows blood leading into my uterine cavity, while the blue shows blood that's flowing away," Tim explained, eyes never once leaving Kon's face as he reached forward to hit the same button on the machine again to make the colors go away. "It's not—they're not a guarantee that the fetus is alive, or that it's healthy, or anything, but…my body still thinks it's alive and there are no serious abnormalities in the blood flow or any blood clots in the veins surrounding it that would indicate that the fetus or my uterine cavity are suffering any kind of undo stress, which are two very good signs."

"You see all of this 'free space' underneath of them when I take the color away?" Tim continued to watch Kon as he reached up and started pointing to things on the screen. "That's called the gestational sac and this circular line of white here is called the yolk sac. They're both filled with amniotic fluid and blood and other fluids that will eventually turn into the amniotic sac and nourish and protect the fetus. It's still a little early to say for certain, the embryo is small and uteruses rarely have staunchly smooth walls—not to mention how bad uterine cavities can be—but…my guess would be that this little bit up here is probably the part that will actually turn into something."

It was quiet for a couple of seconds as Tim watched Kon, and Kon knew that he was waiting for Kon to say something, but Kon couldn't find it in himself to look away from the little white flap that Tim had pointed it.

"That's…that's our baby?" Kon finally managed to tear his eyes away from the machine and spoke after a solid minute of silence, and Tim beamed up at him shyly when he did (and seriously, how did Tim even manage to do that?).

"Yes," Tim nodded his head, and if it was possible, his smile got even brighter. "That's our son or daughter."

The next thing Kon knew, he was dropping the wand from his hand and spinning Tim around so that Kon could pull him close and kiss the hell out of him. Bruce would give him a hard time about it later—and Alfred, if the wand broke as it clanked to the ground—but Kon couldn't find it in himself to care as Tim made a little preening noise and started running his fingers through Kon's hair and over his scalp.

The kisses seemed to go on forever—Tim's lips moving and sliding against Kon's as Kon held him close and kissed him back—until Tim finally pulled back enough that he could glare down at Kon, and when had he crawled up Kon's body like that? Kon most definitely did not remember that happening (not that he was complaining though).

"I'm still mad at you," Tim whispered, his fingers still working over Kon's scalp in hypnotic strokes. "Like—what you did was not okay, and my fears and concerns from earlier are still there, but I am happy about all of this, too, and I don't want you to doubt that for a second, okay?"

"I know," Kon nodded his head, ducking down to press a kiss to the skin on the underneath side of Tim's wrist. "If I had any idea that you were in trouble…that it wasn't just me being obnoxious…I would have said something right away. I thought—I thought—"

"I know," Tim leaned forward to brush his lips against Kon's closed eyes, and Kon held him that much tighter for his effort. "And we're going to sit down and talk about all of that kind of stuff one day, and hash it all out, but I've got some other stuff I need to think about right now—stuff that's got me really worried—and I need to know that you're going to be okay."

"What—me?" Kon's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, as he pulled back and looked up at Tim in surprise. "I'll be—I'm fine. I mean I'm sorry for not telling you and I'm sorry I kind of accidentally got you pregnant, but I did what I thought was best at the time, and I stand by that. That doesn't matter, though—what are you talking about? What's wrong?"

"I—I'm not sure," Tim looked back down away from Kon to the "empty" ultrasound screen, and Kon kissed him again—quickly, gently, in a motion that seemed to pleasantly surprise Tim—before he loosened his grip on Tim's waist and thighs and let the omega fall back down to the ground. As soon as Tim's feet were back on the ground, he was crossing the step or two back over to the ultrasound machine, "The fluid in my gestational sac had little white specs of something in it, and I don't know what they are, and I don't like it. I don't like it at all."

"Could it be from where the baby is part Kryptonian?" Kon questioned as he stepped back up beside Tim and rested a hand on Tim's hip as Tim pulled the wand up from the around their ankles by its cord and pressed it back to his pelvis.

"I don't know," Tim shook his head, glaring at the computer screen as if he was trying to intimidate the answers out of it. "…Alfred?"

"I have never heard of such a thing before, Master Timothy," Alfred emerged from the group behind them obediently. "At least—not this early in a pregnancy, that is."

Instead of pacifying Tim, Alfred's answer only seemed to concern him more, if the deeper set of his frown was anything to go by, but Kon appreciated Alfred's honesty.

"If you would be interested, I could preform a trans-pelvic exam looking for deformities that you are untrained to detect," Alfred went on, taking another step closer. "I'm afraid it has been awhile since I have preformed this particular ultrasound in regards to a potential fetus, but I do believe that I know my way around well enough to get you started."

"I would appreciate that, Alfred," Tim gave a small exhale of relief as he looked back over his shoulder at Alfred, and a second later he was handing over the wand for a third time. Kon took a step back in tandem with his omega, and Alfred stepped up in front of the machine, clearing out the changes to the settings that Tim had made as he slipped the wand back into its holder.

"Damian, if you would?" Alfred looked beyond Kon's shoulder, and Kon was only marginally surprised to realize that Damian had moved with Alfred and was adding another sheet and a pillow to the previously ignored bed behind them for Tim's comfort.

"Of course," Damian acknowledged the butler's request with a sharp nod of his head, but Kon's attention was quickly pulled back to Tim as Alfred re-righted the chair that Tim had knocked out of his way in his haste to get to the ultrasound machine.

"Kon, do you know where Clark is today?"

"No," he shook his head, reaching up with his free hand to brush Tim's bangs back out of his face. "I don't. I haven't talked to him since we got back from being off world last week—"

"I can figure it out for you," Bruce offered from where he was still standing back a bit with Dick and Jason—pulling a tablet out of who-even-knew-where Bruce kept those things (probably in some kind of a case strapped to a harness underneath of his shirt so he never had to be without one) as he did so, and Kon didn't think he'd ever been more thankful for Bruce's willingness to jump into action and take charge. "Just give me a minute."

"Alright," Tim nodded his head before he turned his attention to his elder brothers, and Kon stepped back out of the way as Damian shooed him away from Tim so that Damian could guide Tim towards the bed. "Jason—can you do me favor and go give Dr. Thompkins a call?"

Damian proceeded to roll his eyes as Tim's free hand reached out to snag Kon's, but Kon just sent him a downright dazzling smile and succumbed to the tug of Tim's fingers towards the bed as Tim climbed up onto the sheets.

"I don't have an OB/GYN I trust, but I think her expertise and opinions would be good to have, too," Tim went on as if nothing had happened, and he was so used to the once rivals-turned-brothers annoying one another, that Kon doubted he even noticed it anymore. "At least until we can vet an OB/GYN with more expertise."

"I'll do you one better than calling her," Jason promised as he weaved his way around both Damian and Kon to get to Tim to kiss his forehead. "I'll go wait outside her office door until she's done for the day, and bring her back here."

"That works, too," Tim's eyes closed as he leaned up into the kiss, allowing himself the small comfort until—

"Clark's still in Metropolis," Bruce spoke up from where he'd wandered in the Cave as he continued to scroll through something or other on his tablet, and Kon frowned as he watched Bruce's scowl set farther and farther onto his face as he read more of the information that he was reviewing. "It looks like he's taken a couple of days off to spend some time with some of his…friends. I can probably get him to answer his phone if I call him enough, but I doubt I'll be able to get him to talk to me long enough that I can get him to come—"

"I don't care what you have to tell him," Tim cut Bruce off firmly, and Kon would by lying if he said that certain parts of himself didn't stir just a little bit at the authority in Tim's tone. "I want him here—now. He's the best source of information we have."

"Are you sure?" Bruce raised his eyebrows down at Tim, but Kon knew it wasn't because Bruce doubted Tim's judgment.

Bruce was just going to do something that he knew the rest of the pack probably wouldn't approve of and wanted to make sure that he asked twice so nobody would give him any kind of grief about it once it had been done.

"Yes, I'm sure," Tim answered him, but Kon was temporarily distracted by Alfred reaching over to tuck a towel into the waste band of Tim's pants.

"Sorry, Alf—"

"That's quite alright, Master Conner," Alfred gave him a small smile as Kon looked around for another place to stand before he eventually just hefted himself up into the air.

"Dick—" Tim was looking to his eldest brother as Kon turned his attention back to him.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm on it," Dick waved Tim's order off, pausing a second to lean up and press his lips to Jason's, before Jason headed off towards the stairs and Dick took off towards the Computer as Alfred drug his chair and the large machine a step or two closer to the bed and then made himself comfortable at Tim's side. "Take the blood samples Dami's going to give me and run comprehensive studies on your hormone levels and lymphatic system, while starting a running record of everything that is said and done from here on out. This isn't my first rodeo."

As if on cue, Kon looked around to see Damian dumping a handful of IV kits and blood collection tubes by Tim's left elbow on the free side of the bed, just as Alfred poured some more gel onto the ultrasound's probe.

"I'm afraid this is going to be rather cold, Master Timothy," Alfred cut off whatever Tim's caustic response to Dick was going to be, and Tim's entire demeanor changed underneath of the beta's gaze.

"That's okay," he reassured Alfred quietly, and Kon immediately bent down to press a kiss to Tim's forehead. How he'd managed to get himself wedged in between the examination bed and the wall behind it was completely beyond Kon, but in between the examination bed and the wall was where he was, and Tim nuzzled up into his touch as Kon maneuvered Tim's right hand back down to Tim's side in favor of using both of his hands to caress the sides of Tim's face.

"Father," Kon vaguely noted Damian speaking up in what Kon could only describe as a clinical tone as he ripped open packages and hooked a surgical mask up over his mouth and nose. "How many vials?"

"…Eight," Bruce answered him after a moment of hesitation, and Kon finally forced himself to look up and paid attention to the conversation as Tim's eyebrows furrowed underneath of him.

"Just eight?" he asked, craning his head up again so that he could see Bruce over his own feet.

"Yes?" Bruce answered uncertainly, before he seemed to find his resolve and nodded his head firmly. "Yes. There is a myriad of tests that I want to run, but we don't know how sensitive you body is going to be the loss of the blood, and we don't know if the fetus will tolerate you receiving a transfusion if we take too much. We'll start with eight vials—that should cover the most immediate concerns—and the rest we can take later, after we know a little bit more about the fetus and what it's going to do to your body."

"Okay," Tim yielded to Bruce's judgment, flinching the tiniest bit as Damian started feeling around for veins in the bend of his elbow.

"Sorry," Damian murmured, gently repositioning Tim's forearm with his left hand as he worked with his right, and Tim turned to look at him.

"It's okay," he soothed, brushing his knuckles up along Damian's left forearm as the boy reached for an already opened IV kit and needle with his right hand. "You're not doing it on purpose."

"Still," Damian shifted in his chair after he'd successfully accessed one of Tim's veins on his first try.

"Master Timothy," Alfred cut in quietly, and Tim and Kon turned to look at him in tandem as Damian pulled back the needle and set about attaching the proper tubing to the remaining cannula. "I hate to be a bother, but could you possibly roll your hips under?"

"Of course," Tim answered him, moving to do as he was told while being as careful as he could about not interrupting Damian's work. "Like this?"

"Yes," Alfred answered him with a small smile as Damian flushed the IV with saline and adjusted the cannula ever so slightly for a better flow. "Just like that."

"Have you found anything, yet?" Tim asked somewhere between hopeful and concerned, and Kon found his thumb soothing down over Tim's temple as Damian started syphoning off blood from Tim's peripheral for the tests that Bruce wanted to run and released the tourniquet around Tim's bicep.

"Why—yes, Master Timothy!" Alfred answered, his eyes sparkling as he smiled down at Tim. "I can confirm that you still have a bladder, and that you are—in fact—an omega."

"Alfred," Tim huffed as he rolled his eyes in exasperation, and Kon chuckled again as he continued his ministrations over Tim's temples and cheeks—just because he could—and Tim relaxed some underneath of his fingers.

"I have yet to find anything that is too awfully concerning, Master Timothy," Alfred softened, as he pulled back to squeeze more gel onto the ultrasound wand. "And I agree with your earlier assertion that you are pregnant, but I'm afraid I can't give you anymore of an answer than that until after I'm done. Ultrasounds, as you know, are all-inclusive tests, and I'm not even a quarter of a way through all of things that I want to look at, given the circumstances."

Tim continued to half-glare at Alfred for a moment, before he grumbled an, "alright", and turned his attention back to Kon for a lack of having anything else to do, "Are you doing okay up there?"

"Yes, love," Kon nodded his head, pushing forward so he could press a soft upside-down kiss to Tim's lips. "I am wonderful. Is there anything I can get you to make you more comfortable?"

"No, I'm good," Tim shook his head, before he turned his face into Kon's hand and Kon took the opportunity to pillow his own head down onto the bed above Tim's left shoulder. "Has your TTK come back, yet?"

"No," Kon answered honestly. "But I don't think it'll be long now—my ribs are almost done healing themselves, so probably only another fifteen or twenty minutes."

"Well, it's good that you think it won't take that much longer," Tim sighed and let his eyes fall closed as his heart rate stuttered and jerked every forty-five seconds or so with his suppressed worry. "I'm sorry I pulled Kryptonite on you earlier."

"Don't be," Kon soothed—both figuratively and literally as his fingers continued to caress Tim's skin gently and he turned his head so that he could have a better view of the side of Tim's head and his face. "If it hadn't been you, it would have been one of your brothers eventually, and I'd much rather have you punch me in the face than one of them."

"That is very true," Tim let out a little giggle, his eyes opening back up as he turned to look at Kon, and Kon couldn't help it. His fingers threaded up into Tim's hair as Tim gave a sad smile. "But still. You treat me amazingly, Kon, in every aspect of our lives, and I shouldn't have thought the worst of you so easily. I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Kon leaned forward to press his lips to Tim's, and they both pushed the slightest bit closer to the each other as Damian and Alfred continued to work on either side of them, because all they could do was wait and see what happened, and Kon didn't like the thought of that any more than Tim did.

Standard ultrasound machines do NOT show blood flow (the flashes of color Kon references). Technically, part of the procedure that Tim performs here is a Doppler Echocardiograph, which uses ultrasound technology to evaluate information about the cardiovascular system via the Doppler Effect, but from a procedural aspect the two tests are almost exactly the same (at least as Tim uses them here). Doppler Echocardiography is an incredibly interesting field of study and I could go on about various ultrasounds and Dopplers for hours (I've literally had hundreds of them done over the last five years or so). Aside from the blood thing, all of the things that Tim explains are true "ultrasound" things, and the descriptions he gives are accurate—which is why I chose to use the term ultrasound instead of spelling out Doppler Echocardiograph every single time it's mentioned.

Ra's sword didn't quite knick Tim's spleen like it did in the comics, but that's (hopefully) a story for another day! Similarly, I've changed the back-story with Prime a tiny bit, but aside from Tim's comment here to Kon, it really doesn't affect the story all that much.

The angst is over for now! There is more to come, but it's a little bit better spaced out, and the next part largely focuses on family dynamics and contains a lot of fluff. It is also Jaydick centric (though, TimKon has their appearances, too!), just as I promised! I'm not sure how long it's going to take me to edit, but my goal is to have posted again by next weekend (January 14-15).

As always, thank you for taking the time to read, and feel free to let me know what you think!