A crack between worlds, a portal—a wrydgate.

Creatures of evil—of darkness, of pain, of despair—came through the crack.

Only fire can harm them. Only fire they fear... except the kings. They fear nothing. The kings can only be banished back to their dark world, or another. There is no way to harm them in this world, but in their own... it is why their world is of ice and darkness and cold.

There is only one bloodline that can banish them, one heir that can save their world.

One must start at the beginning to understand.

Before the dark creatures—the Valg, this world named them—others came through.

They became known as gods, for they were powerful. More so than any creature of this world. They were said to have been there since the dawn of time, the dawn of this world.

But some knew better, for they themselves were there when the gate opened and let the otherworldly beings into their home.

Only one is left now.

Someone had to open the gate—from both sides.

Someone who knew about the others—the gods.

Someone reckless—wild enough.

Someone who didn't care what they would do to this world.

Someone so deeply broken that they would do anything to bring someone back.

Someone called…