Hello! My sister just told me that the Prologue was messed up so I hope I fixed that! This is the last part to the story but I am planning to do a sequel. I know I've said that before but I just wanted to clarify. Also, if you want to base anything off any of my stories, go ahead. If you do though, I would love it if you could leave a link so I could read it! That's all I had to say, so please enjoy! (I'm sorry its so short.)


The dragon soared higher.

She did not remember her given name. She did not care.

The dragon was the only one left of its kind.

Perhaps she was the only one that had ever existed. She circled back to above the vortex. She didn't remember it being there before.

Perhaps she had created it.

Perhaps she did not. She did not care.

She left the vortex after circling it one last time. She began to remember a face. A face she did not recognize, but felt that she needed to find.

She searched, for the brown haired, green eyed woman.

She never found her.