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Edward hated Truth.

After all, it did take away his little brother's entire body, take his arm and leg, Colonel Bastard's eyesight, sensei's organs, and God knows what else.

But now, he hated him way more than he should have. Alphonse would have scolded him about how hate would eventually destroy him and whatnot if they weren't currently hurtling through time and space with their bodies converted to specks of matter traveling at the speed of light.

Just mere moments earlier…

"Hello again, Mr. Al-che-mist," smiled a smoky white figure, "You're here for your brother's body, aren't you?"

Edward smirked. Only a couple hours ago, he was busy fighting some Homunculi, saving the world from destruction, restoring all souls back to their bodies in Amestris, and fighting a mad being named Father who had essentially consumed God. Then after defeating Father, Edward had lost his little brother in exchange for his right arm back.

He was raring to go.

"But how are you going to take an entire human out of the Gate?" Truth asked, "What will you sacrifice? Your entire body?"

Edward scoffed lightly, his golden eyes burning with resolve. He pointed a thumb behind him. "There's something huge I can sacrifice right here."

A gargantuan grey Gate stood behind Edward, easily distinguishable from the white void that surrounded the two.

Truth's mouth had dropped in amazement and his smile disappeared.

"This is my Gate of Truth," Edward continued, "Which means I can do whatever I want with it." He paused and smiled. "Am I wrong?"

Truth was quiet for a short while than began to shudder. His slight chuckle slowly escalated into near insane laughter. This was the most fun he had in a long time. "So that was your plan."

Edward grinned like a predator that had caught its prey.

"But," Edward's smile faltered, "if you think that would be enough to get both of your bodies across the Gate, you're dead wrong, Mr. Al-che-mist."

Edward stumbled backward, his automail leg giving a slight screech of protest. He was so sure that this was a suitable price! All of his knowledge and his ability in alchemy for just two humans across the Gate!

Truth stood up forebodingly, his smile ever present on his face. "But, I guess I can make an exception for you guys, since you were the most fun I ever had in a while. In return, you do a little project for me."

Edward glared slightly. He did not like the sound of that. "What kind of project, you bastard?" he bitterly spat.

If Truth looked angry, he didn't show it. His smile just grew bigger. "Tell me, Mr. Al-che-mist, do you believe in alternate worlds?"

And now they were here, still flying across the void with great speed. If the diminutive alchemist could grit his teeth, he would have shattered them.

Basically, the idea was that a Truth in another world was experiencing some problems with the people there, and the world was in imminent danger, tipping the scales to the evil side's favor. Apparently, that world's Truth did not like that at all, and called to Edward's world's Truth for help.

And he had just waltzed right in, trying to get his brother back, completely unaware that Truth had a job waiting for him.

Edward "turned" to his younger brother's soul, which was tumbling around helplessly, with no clue of what was going on.

Truth had agreed to at least let Al go with him on his project, body and everything, until the job was done. Then all they had to do was to open the Gate again, and the other Truth would send them over to get back home, sacrifice free.

Suddenly, a bright flash of multicolored light encompassed the two Elric brothers, both temporarily stunned for a bit. The swirling vortex of light grew brighter and brighter, until Edward felt the telltale signs of being reconstructed. It was never a pleasant experience, and it was quite painful.

The Fullmetal Alchemist let out a scream of pain before he was knocked unconscious and darkness took him.


All was quiet in the Emerald Forest. The local wildlife were relaxed, all of them quietly minding their own business. Above them, a shattered moon bathed the landscape in ethereal light.

A lone doe gently walked across the many rocks and roots that stood in her path. She was obviously on the hunt for a midnight snack, the smell of fresh grass tantalizing to her sensitive nose.

The doe huffed and emerged from the unkempt undergrowth into a small clearing, which was completely filled with vibrant green grass, fresh for the taking. The doe salivated, but her instincts kept her from emerging too quickly. After all, there were very dangerous things in this forest. Smelly, black, and red-eyed things.

She cautiously sniffed the air and scanned the forest. Finding nothing of interest, she happily trotted over and started grazing.

There was no way anything could mess up her midnight sna-

The smell of ozone and the sound of crackling electricity encompassed an area to her immediate right. Heavily startled, the doe jumped several feet into the air and ran as fast as she could. Of course those humans with those strange powers messed up her meal.

The electricity died down, and in its place were two prone figures in the grass. Both blonde, but one exceptionally skinny.

Edward was the first to wake. The smell of burning vegetation agitated his nose, and he let out a small sneeze before his eyes shot open.

His body vaulted off the ground and turned into a fighting stance. His shocked golden eyes scanned the woods. Huffing heavily, the alchemist slowly started to relax. Then, realizing his current situation, Edward stiffened once more. "Damn Truth," he growled, "I'm gonna kill him!"

"N…Nii-san?" a weak voice said.

With a gasp, Edward slowly turned to face the voice. Golden eyes that matched his own stared back with shock. "N…Nii-san?"

With a choking gasp, the Fullmetal Alchemist dove onto the ground once more, clutching his brother tightly, as if he were to disappear any second. "Al…it's ok. You got your body back!"

Slowly comprehending what he had just said, Al's eyes began to moisten. He cried for the first time in years.

Edward never let go. He wanted his precious little brother to feel again, so he rubbed his back soothingly, taking notice of the alarming lack of any muscle. Alphonse was literally skin and bone.

They both rode out the emotional thunderstorm for a good while. Alphonse's crying slowly turned into hiccups, obviously too drained of energy to continue crying further. He gently extricated himself out of his older brother's arms and frowned a little. "But, Nii-san," he started, his voice scratchy from years of not talking, "what did you sacrifice?"

Edward simply grinned, as if the sacrifice was a very minor thing, like his favorite comic book was taken or something. "My own Gate of Truth!"

Al's eyes widened. "But that means…!"

Edward nodded. "Yup, no more alchemy for me! Look!"

He clapped his hands together and slammed them on the ground. With a crackle of blue electricity, the dirt morphed into a small figurine.

A healthy pause filled with confusion settled over the area.

"…Um, you did say that you gave up your Gate, right?"

Edward looked down at his bruised and scraped hands in shock. "Yea, I'm sure I did. Why the hell do I still have my alchemy?!"

Alphonse laughed a little. "That's great news though," he exclaimed happily, if a little confused, "Maybe you tricked Truth?"

"No, that's not it. Maybe he's letting me have my alchemy so I can finish the project he gave me…"

"What project?" asked Alphonse.

Edward flinched. He forgot that Alphonse was mostly unconscious and didn't hear a single word about the deal him and Truth had struck up. Edward gulped. Al was not gonna like this at all.

Edward turned sheepishly, worriedly scratching his head. "Um… how do I say this…? I might have made a deal with that bastard to solve some problems in another dimension in exchange for our bodies back…"


"I know, it sounds crazy, I mean another world, right? I'm not sure it obeys the laws of science."


"Al, talk to me man, you're kinda freaking me ou-"

"You idiot!"

A bony fist lightly bopped the top of the State Alchemist's head. It was a good thing the younger brother wasn't in his armor at the moment, since he knew that it would probably be enough to knock out the older brother for a while.

Alphonse kept hitting him on the head. "Why would you agree to do something like that, idiot brother?!"

Edward stiffened. "Al, stop it."

"Of all the stupid things you could do! You should have just left me back there instead of stranding us in another world! Do you even know what problems Truth wants you to solve?"

Edward lightly grabbed the bony arms with one hand and covered Al's mouth with the other.

Alphonse struggled for a little bit, his voice muffled by the newly given hand Edward had just received a couple minutes prior. But the younger stopped struggling when he noticed the older was intensely scanning the tree line, as if something was there, watching them; stalking them.

Noticing this, Alphonse shut up and looked with him.

Edward sat completely still with bated breath, afraid to move a single inch. Because he knew for a fact something was out there. Something big, scary, and dripping with enough killing intent to challenge a homunculus, but far more primal.

Wind gently whistled through the clearing, ruffling the sibling's long hair. Alphonse couldn't suppress a shiver, seeing how he had no clothes at the moment. Ed made sure that he would find or even make clothes in the immediate future.

A couple seconds passed with absolute silence. Edward slowly started to relax. Well, at least nothing was there.

A low growl, akin to that of a bear, emanated from the undergrowth, startling the two humans. Glowing red markings and eyes appeared from the darkness of the forest, and they could both hear the crunching of twigs and dry leaves from whatever that thing was.

Edward clapped his hands and put them on his arm. Nothing happened. Of course nothing happened, you idiot, thought the alchemist, I don't have an automail arm anymore.

As if angered by the clap, the thing growled louder and emerged from the trees, the light of the shattered moon clearly illuminating its ugly glory for all to see.

Edward and Alphonse narrowed their eyes. This creature looked suspiciously like a chimera, except for the fact that it was clearly not. It looked like a bear of some sort, except about two times bigger, had glowing red markings on the white bony armor on its hide, and mindless eyes that just screamed "I wanna kill everything."

The black bear stood up on its hind legs and roared, the mere vibrations of its voice rattling leaves and branches in the trees.

Alphonse was terrified. If he was back in his old armored body, he could have taken this bear easily. But in the severely weakened state he was now, it looked like he was about to keel over if a strong enough breeze came by. I'm sorry, but I'm leaving this to you, Nii-san.

Edward, as if hearing the telepathic message, smiled and clapped his hands together. Of course, the bear decided he did not like that at all and charged at the two brothers, completely unaware of what they were capable of.

Ed crouched down and slammed his palms on the ground. Blue electricity sparked to life, lighting up the dim surroundings.

Two pillars of stone shaped like giant hands erupted from the ground on either side of the beast and grabbed it midair, effectively stopping it from moving even a mere inch closer.

The bear roared in protest, trying to struggle with all its might. Edward wasn't worried though. Those pillars weren't gonna break any time soon. It would probably take another alchemist or a couple bombs to destroy this thing.

Edward clapped again and dragged a newly made spear from a nearby granite boulder. With a devilish and nearly sadistic grin on his face, the teen marched over to the struggling monster. Normally, doing this to any kind of animal would make the young alchemist feel bad about it. His brother would probably openly protest too.

Ed steeled himself. But they needed to know what they were up against. If these things were tough to kill, then it would be a pretty big problem later, seeing how it seemed they were both miles from the closest civilization.

But as soon as the alchemist raised his spear, the forest started to teem with activity.

Edward reeled backwards, standing next to his younger brother in a protective stance. From the darkness, about fifty or so black beasts emerged. Some looked the same as the bear in the stone hands, but some looked like giant bipedal wolves, some kind of pig, and a strange looking species with only two legs and had a head like a stubby dragon.

Edward and Alphonse cursed internally. There were too many things to fight in the state they were in. The only logical choice was to play defensive.

Edward clapped his hands once more. The other black animals took this as the queue to start running towards the duo.

A giant pillar of rock erupted from the ground underneath the grass underneath the humans, and they soared into the air, a good twenty feet above the squirming black horde.

Edward and Alphonse visibly relaxed. Now all they had to do was to patiently wait for the black monsters to lose interest and go away. And if worst comes to worst, they would fight their way out.

Edward sat down next to his brother and handed him his somewhat torn up jacket. Alphonse smiled in thanks and huddled into it, thankful for the warmth coming from the cloth. After so many years unable to feel anything, Alphonse felt happy he could actually feel things now, but didn't really enjoy the cold that much. The last time he had felt this cold was back when it snowed in Resembool; back when they were kids.

"So… what now?" Al asked, his eyes slightly crinkled with worry.

Edward, who had been watching the mob under them, picked up a few stray stones and chucked them at a wolf that kept making an annoying screech. "I guess we just need to wait for these things to pass and then find our way to the city."

Alphonse nodded. He looked up at the sky and his eyes widened. "Nii-san, you weren't joking about us being in a different world."

"What do you mean…?" Edward followed his brother's pointed finger and beheld the sight of a humongous shattered moon. "Huh, I guess Truth wasn't lying after all."

Alphonse smirked. "You're taking this better than normal."

Edward sighed. "Well, I guess I shouldn't get too shocked by much since we just saw someone eat God an hour ago."

Alphonse nodded. Then he stood stock still, hearing a dull, thrumming noise coming from behind them. Edward took notice of this and turned around.

There was a glowing white light that was moving too smoothly for a shooting star. And combine that with the fact it was heading towards them made the two realize that it was probably attracted to the hub below them.

Edward got into a defensive stance, standing in front of his younger brother. But after taking a closer look, the thing heading towards them was not an animal or something at all. He could clearly see that it was made out of some dark grey metal, and several propellers were attached to the outstretched wings.

Edward and Alphonse sighed in relief. The alchemist raised his hands and gestured to the approaching craft with yells and waving arms. "Hey, we're over here!"

As if hearing them, whoever was piloting the metal craft slowed down considerably and approached them slowly.

The horde below grew more and more agitated, especially since the propellers kicked up dust into their red eyes, blinding them as well as annoying them quite a lot.

The craft hovered right next to the stone pillar, and a metal door slid open to reveal several uniformed doctors, if anything from their clothes were an indication, a couple guys wearing some kind of greenish uniform, and a well-dressed grey-haired man, who was holding a cane in one hand and a coffee mug in the other.

"Get in quickly!" yelled the grey-haired man, his voice almost taken away by the steady roar of the engine.

Nodding in affirmation, Edward leaned down and gently pulled up his brother, making sure his jacket was worn tightly on his person. With a deep breath, the two jumped over the three foot gap between the pillar and the craft and nearly collapsed onto the floor.

The grey-haired man leaned over and yelled towards the pilot's seat. "Get us out of here, now!"

A person sitting in the front wearing a helmet of some sort nodded and pressed a few buttons, one of which closed the door behind them. The Elric brothers felt the metal beneath them shudder and turn, eventually facing what seemed to be west.

Alphonse felt the medics around him gesture towards an empty cot on the ground; their bags already open with IV drips and some other medical supplies. Nodding gratefully, the emancipated boy sat down and was immediately swarmed by the worried doctors, who had clearly never seen a body as malnourished as this.

Edward sat down heavily on a nearby seat, warily eyeing the doctors next to him, who were measuring his temperature. Alphonse noticed the protective glare and gave a smile that seemed to say, You worry too much, Nii-san.

Edward sighed. At this point, he didn't really care how the people found them or who they were, all he wanted was to find some beds and go to sleep. Alphonse could finally sleep, after all.

The Fullmetal Alchemist heard a throat clearing in front of him. He tore his eyes away from his precious brother. The grey-haired man set his cane next to him and extended a hand to the teen. "Hello, I am Professor Ozpin, headmaster at Beacon Academy. You are?"

Edward reached over and shook his hand with a firm grip. The old dude didn't seem so bad. He was powerful and had some status in this world, he could tell. There was no ill will in his voice or malice in his eyes. While the young alchemist was far from trusting Ozpin, it was imperative he got on his good side. And that meant (Edward shuddered) showing manners.

"Edward Elric, and that's my brother, Alphonse Elric."

Ozpin nodded, apparently happy with his answer. "Mr. Elric, what were you possibly doing in the Emerald Forest at this time? And why did you have your obviously malnourished brother with you?"

Edward rubbed the back of his head, taking notice that dirt and grime were coming off of it and onto his hand. "It's kind of a long story…can we talk somewhere private, Professor?"

The grey-haired man sipped his coffee slowly. His eyes twinkled with amusement. He clearly knew about what they were doing in the forest and how they got there, but he didn't let it show. After all, he had to see what kind of cover story the boy would think of. "I know just the place, Mr. Elric."


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