Hey guys, I'm back.

Unfortunately, this is not an update to the chapter for this fic. In fact, after much consideration, I have decided to drop this story for good. If anyone wants to take this story somewhere, go right ahead.

I know most of you are gonna be disappointed and probably angry about my choice, but let me explain my reasoning.

RWBY is not the show it used to be. In my opinion, anyways. I remember being so excited for RWBY in its early days, but now, it just kind of became stale and the plot is going some crazy direction. I can't say I care too much for the series anymore. It doesn't help that RoosterTeeth is currently bombing its own fanbase with multiple controversies and dramas.

There were times where I tried my best to squeeze out a chapter years ago, but I kind of gave up and told myself "okay, just take a break and maybe something will happen." Obviously, it never did, because by the time I turned my attention to this story again, RWBY went somewhere I didn't expect.

I could go and write my own version of what happens in the story, but frankly, I am sick of it. I wrote this when I was a junior in high school, and I admit, my writing back then was pretty ass. I'm not saying I'm much better now, but I look back at what I wrote about Edward and Alphonse and the rest of the cast, and I just cringe.

And now that years have passed, I simply cannot hold out any hope for this story. I had great ideas, for sure, but I felt that it was going to suck regardless.

In case you guys wanted to know how the story was first going to end, I'll give you all a brief rundown of what I wanted to write:

1. Edward and Alphonse recover and become impromptu Hunters on Remnant, and everyone thinks their Semblance is alchemy.

2. Meanwhile, Salem sends Pride to Vale along with Cinder and the crew, who all think he's a bit fucked up in the head. Of course, they don't know that he's the literal incarnation of Pride.

3. The RWBY and JNPR crew go along with the usual shenanigans with the siblings, up until Mount Glenn.

4. Edward ends up getting captured by the main antagonists due to Salem's growing interest in his skills. Arc 2 ends with him being taken out of Vale by Tyrian and his friends, who come a bit earlier in the story.

5. Alphonse then spends much of his time trying to find out any information on where his brother went, while the Vytal Festival goes on. RWBY and JNPR don't really have their hearts in the fights, since everyone is worried about Edward.

6. Meanwhile, Edward is uncooperative and attempts escape multiple times, eventually forcing Salem to plant a parasitic Grimm onto him that would completely drain him of energy if he tried to escape.

7. Pride, of course, wanting revenge, takes his sweet time beating the ever-loving shit out of him. Emerald starts to feel pity for Edward and comes to try and talk to him, but Edward doesn't give a damn.

8. Meanwhile, shit finally goes down at the Vytal Festival and Grimm and White Fang invade. Alphonse was called to the secret bunker where the Maiden is to see if he could help out in case things go wrong.

9. Cinder, of course, waltzes in and steal her powers, and mocks everyone there. Alphonse then figures out his brother was taken by them and not White Fang.

10. Alphonse comes with Pyrrha to help fight Cinder, and saves Pyrrha's life. Ruby still activates her eyes and crap.

11. After the evacuation of Vale, Alphonse goes with Ruby and the rest of team JNPR to fight the bad guys and save his brother.

12. Edward, in the meantime, has not seen day in literal months. He finally succeeds in escaping by killing the Grimm after Truth decides to give him a little help.

13. He sneaks out and is horrified to figure out that Vale has fallen. He tries to lay low in some villages by pretending to be a student.

14. Eventually he decides to go to Haven after figuring out that Lionheart knew Ozpin, all the while being pursued by Emerald and Mercury, the former of which is having serious doubts about everything.

15. Happy reunion time until they get attacked by everyone.

16. Emerald decides to join the group and leaves Cinder behind. It's clear she loves Edward, but he's still focused on getting back home to his friends and Winry.

And this is kinda where I stopped. At this point, I was busy with everything else and had lost all drive to continue.

I know you guys probably wanted me to write this all, but I don't have the patience or energy to do so.

The least I could do was to tell you guys how the story was going to go.

So, this fic is now officially dead. I will update the summary to make sure people who find this story don't get high hopes. I'm really sorry it had to end like this, but I just can't deal with RWBY too much at the moment.

You have every right to be angry, but this is ultimately my decision and I am going to stick through with it.

But thank you all for joining in and leaving reviews. I read every single one of them, and I am sorry it ends like this.

Signing off for the last time. It's been fun.

Stay safe.