A/N: This is honestly just a shameless, fun and fluffy oneshot for the love of Killua and Gon (especially Fem!Gon because I love her and will never stop loving her) and this idea is overused but just too fun. I'm going to try and put my own spin on it, so we'll see how this goes. Announcements at the end of the story. Thank you and enjoy! :) And who doesn't love a Possessive/Jealous!Killua? Hehe. We all do. Be honest. Oh, and a rather overprotective and brotherly Kurapika and Leorio, because they already are and it's adorable.

This is technically set in a canon universe but it's featuring genderbending, so keep that in mind. Only Gon is genderbent in this one. I'm also placing this a few years after the Chimera Ant Arc from the 2011 anime. So they'd be around sixteen, I would like to think.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hunter X Hunter.

Full Summary: It wasn't Gon's fault she couldn't stop people from adoring her. It wasn't Killua's fault that he had to learn to deal with it. Fem!Gon.

Perfectly Flawed

— A Hunter X Hunter Oneshot —

It occurred to Killua Zoldyck that the moment he discovered photographs of him and his comrades displayed across a multitude of ridiculous gossip magazines for the entire world to see, he decided to not care. It was not worth it to care in the first place.

The images of him when he was twelve years old, clinging to the trusty yellow skateboard and humming nonchalantly to himself beneath the security cameras in that blasted tunnel, surrounded by other contestants eager to complete the Hunter Exam… none of it echoed a bit of interest to him. When the paparazzi tailed the famous, successful Hunters—especially after the demise of the Chimera Ants and the heroic actions against the highly feared Phantom Troupe a few months prior—the public were eager to see their diminutive heroes in a more relaxed light. None of that made a lot of sense

Leorio and Kurapika were more forthright about the uses of their likeness in these magazines—unsurprisingly, the Kurta boy was rather adamant about making it a much bigger deal than it probably was—and of course, Leorio didn't want any of his images used to have potential employers steer clear from his desire to be a full-time doctor.

Thankfully none of these occurrences were actually a problem (big surprise) and by the time the gossip and photographs became less apparent and definitely less bothersome on the three of them, it was considered nothing to gawk over.

But then, when it concerned one Gon Freecss, plenty of aspects in the magazines were not considered acceptable by any of the overprotective males' standards. Kurapika was flabbergasted that these photographers and writers would have the gall to assume that Gon was "possibly a tragic heroine with a heart of gold and destined to marry so-and-so" when it was clear to all of her closest friends that suitors were not in her realm of vicinity.

How dare these daft people even assume that they could guess her future partner?

But the most ridiculous, ball-busting, throat-choking, tongue-ripping, gut-wrenching, insufferable and plainly stupid concept was slapped on the most recent issue of Mito's picked up copy of the Whale Island Bazaar, which was usually just a casual women's demographic series of articles and illustrations that never grabbed a fragment of Killua's attention. Not even Gon was attached to these things, but she always smiled at Mito and insisted that she could enjoy whatever she wanted, despite the slightly judgmental glances from her peers.

Killua hadn't been interested in even scanning the table upon visiting the comforting, lovely home that Gon's adoptive aunt opened up to him. He'd been able to contact Gon and book a sailing trip to Whale Island just to visit her, much to her thankful delight and excitement about how, just as she did when they were twelve, she would gladly show him around the place as if he'd never seen it before.

A soft, satisfied smile overtook his lips at the grateful thought. He ran his fingers through his snowy locks, his cerulean eyes narrowed and pure crystals in a spring rainstorm. Donned in a collared, pinstriped shirt overlain with a black wool sweater that hugged the slender, yet firm and toned muscles he'd worked hard to grasp, Killua knew he looked like he was about to enter an office space and demand an interview with the head honcho. He never did anything different with his silver-pale hair, though, even when he'd gotten considerable questions as to why he even bothered.

"Eh, Killua."

Killua glanced over at the girl lying at his side, her smile and topaz irises glistening as brightly as the stars overhead. She turned to him, the rare occasion of her hair being set loose in tumbled waves across her shoulders causing his cheeks to blush from the pressure.

His heart audibly thumped in his chest, and he did his best to ignore it. He suppressed a manly squeak when she reached over, her lips curled in a curious pout, as she flicked one of his wild strands of hair.

"Is it always like this?" she asked.

He blinked, smirking and turning away from her. He let her fingers toy with his hair, marveling at the simple sensations that caused his heart and stomach to flutter in unison.

"You haven't seen it any differently, so what do you think the answer to that question is?"

She didn't seem to mind his playful jab. She was so fascinated with her current target, so mesmerized with the wispy details, that she hardly seemed bothered by his incessant need to push her buttons at random times at all. She bit her lower lip, as if unable to decipher what she was experiencing.

"It's always so soft. You should just always keep your hair like this." She grinned and backed off from him, folding her hands over her stomach and inhaling the crisp night air. Crickets and songbirds chirped in the distance, only adding an extra layer of serenity between the two pre-teenagers.

Killua spluttered and rolled his eyes. "Whatever. You really shouldn't compliment me so much."

She smiled anyway. "I wouldn't give you so many if I knew you didn't like them."

He wanted to strangle himself with how easily his skin flushed with dreadful heat that night.

Killua sighed at the memory. It felt so long ago, thinking of a time once shared with his best friend, the person who'd earned his trust and vice versa, the one who defied countless odds and brandished her soul on the battlefield in a mess of green jackets and twirling fishing rods. Four years later, she was the same, but older, more mature.

And then, with these thoughts slowly turning the cobwebbed gears in his mind in motion, he realized that magazines should deserve scrutiny, because he was not the only one unaware of how widely adored his best friend was.

But oh, that will be addressed when the time comes…

As soon as Killua stepped through the front doors of the house with his tentatively small amount of luggage (which Gon always criticized him for), he was greeted with a warm hug from Gon's aunt. Mito smiled warmly and rambled about her kitchen for what seemed like ages, and then with a quizzical expression he spotted the collection of new magazine issues on the dining room table—it wouldn't have stuck out to him so much if a certain raven-haired Hunter wasn't displayed on the front cover.

"Oh, those are just the new issues for this month's magazine. I picked up a couple from the market for Gon to see for herself," said Mito, clapping her hands together. "Isn't she just so cute? I don't know how they got this picture, actually, but she looks so like herself!"

Killua slightly blushed. "Um, yeah…"

Well, she wasn't wrong. Gon Freecss was impossible not to recognize in a crowd, and it'd been that way since they were twelve. Now that she was older, she'd only grown a couple inches, remaining so tiny and feisty and petite—that same sun-kissed skin that glowed like summer sand, and those bright liquid amber eyes, and her tomboyish hair almost always pulled back in a frazzled, wispy black ponytail—

He was getting distracted. And he'd just looked at a picture of her. That was probably a new record.

This photograph in particular wasn't anything truly horrible, per say. It was Gon as he knew her, wearing a sleeveless cotton shirt stained with sweat, her shorts muddied from her scouring a wide swamp in the woods. He didn't know how these photographers managed to find her during either a mission or Gon just being Gon (because honestly her venturing in the forest was just one of many ways she liked spending her time when she was bored), but the tagline on the bottom made his eyes pop.

"The Whale Island Bachelorette of the Year? What the hell is this?"

He didn't mean to say it out loud. Mito blinked at him, perplexed.

"Oh, right. Don't worry about that, dear. It happens, sometimes. Gon's grown up so much now! And oh, you're all such popular celebrities, with all of your accomplishments and good deeds." She sighed warmly. "I am so blessed to have watched you all grow—"

"What do you mean it happens sometimes? What happens sometimes?" He stared at Mito with one eyebrow somewhat desperately risen. "Why is she being called a bachelorette? She's… she's not, really…" He drifted off, his nose scrunching in annoyance.

Mito frowned. "The boys have really taken to Gon, actually. She gets so many love letters! She told me not let you and the others know about them because you're all so protective of her, but I thought she was overreacting a bit." She tapped her chin in thought, as if another idea randomly occurred to her in the spur of the moment. "Ah, I remember! This magazine came out with this issue because a poll voted for the "most desirable" bachelor or bachelorette for Whale Island, and other magazines as well."

Killua had keyed in on the phrase love letters and frankly tuned out every other word Mito had said. He set down the magazine, pinching the bridge of his nose and releasing a hefty sigh. His hair was already silver, thank God, because if it wasn't, each strand would surely be turning grayer with how much stress he was feeling at once.

It was somewhat pathetic. Why did he even care? It wasn't like Gon nominated herself to be a… symbol, of sorts, for Whale Island in this way. What did these total hormonal teenage boy strangers even know about Gon other than her looks? She chose him to be his best friend and partner in their journeys together for an inordinate amount of time, and not once did he ever consider voting on a stupid contest poll to decide whether or not she was "desirable."

No, it clearly didn't matter that she was one of the strongest people he'd ever met, both physically and spiritually.

No, it didn't matter that when she laughed the whole world joined her because it's too infectious of a sound.

No, it didn't matter that she was a godawful cook because he would eat every damn bite of whatever she made and make fun of her for her lacking culinary skill.

No, it didn't matter that she had a weird fascination with green because he liked that she was stubborn enough to stick to one ridiculous forest-like color scheme.

No, it didn't matter that her teeth were always ridiculously perfect even in the middle of battle, because those pearly whites should've been chipped or something with how much trouble she got herself into.

No, it didn't matter that their arguments always fizzled and she somehow got her way in the end.

These magazines didn't give two shits about who Gon was. It was a platform asking a gaggle of pathetic boys to ogle at his best friend and make hormonally driven demands of a random picture of her being slapped on the cover.

It was almost embarrassing how frustrated he was over a situation that really wasn't a situation at all, but he felt like he could humor himself for the time being. He didn't come to Whale Island to become angry beyond his wits at the sight of a pathetic magazine.

He came to see Gon.

The door opened, and he instinctively turned around to see the (expectantly, he guessed) water-soaked form of his most precious friend at the doorway. She was still so small, beaming with that cheesy, annoyingly affecting smile that spread across her face with ease. Her ponytailed hair was sopping wet, slick against the curve of her collarbone and jawline. Her eyes were shining, her hiking trousers completely soaked and her white top faring no better.

Her skin was flushed with the excitement of running for miles from the forest, and in this moment Killua was awestruck at always being so amazed at how beautiful Gon was.

She was about to say something to Mito—she definitely had the "I just found something amazing and I need to tell your right away" expression—but then, her gaze swept to Killua, and all at once her train of thought changed with the snap of fingers.


She tackled Killua in an incredibly tight bear hug, burrowing her face into the crook of his shoulder. He smiled, his eyes softening at how stupidly cute she was.

"Hi, Gon." He rolled his eyes. "It hasn't been that long since I last saw you."

(Total lie. Three months is even too long if he knows she's within traveling distance.)

"It's so good to see you! I'm glad you could make it." She backed away from him and squeezed some of the water from her shirt. Killua raised an eyebrow. "I was diving in one of the great lakes near the mountains! I found another crow-tailed lobster-fish!"

Ah, so this was how she was keeping herself entertained while taking a break from jobs and contracts. It wasn't surprising in the slightest—Kurapika and Leorio would've guessed that initially.

"So, you've been fishing a lot?" He asked, folding his arms behind his head.

Gon nodded. "Yep. A lot more than I used to, even. When the seasons change, the animals move about, and that definitely includes the fish. I've been on Whale Island for so long and I still didn't realize how many different types of monster fish there were—"

Mito cleared her throat. "Gon, sweetie, maybe you should go shower and change. Don't you have something to go to later with Killua?"

She looked… mischievous, all of a sudden.

Killua blinked owlishly, slowly shifting his attention to Gon with a questioning look. "Gon, I swear, if we're going to jump in another Greed Island situation…"

She pouted and flicked his forehead. "No, nothing like that." She huffed, but the smile remained. "You'll love it. Trust me." She nodded towards her aunt. "I'll go shower! I'm glad I have you around to remind me of the important things, Aunt Mito!"

She bolted up the stairs before either of them could react. Killua shook his head, leaning against the table. It took nearly every ounce of willpower within him not to blush at just being in her presence…

He hoped that the butterflies in his chest and stomach would calm down during their time together later. He was positively elated at the fact that it was just going to be them doing something, apparently, and he had nothing to do with it. Gon wasn't one to usually plan these sorts of things.

He also noted, with a click of his tongue, that she paid no mind to the giant stack of magazines with ridiculous comments about her and photographs of her on the front cover.

I'll just ask her later. He rolled his eyes. It's not a big deal.


"She told me not to talk to you about it," said Mito, smirking knowingly. She left the living room before he could ask another question, and so he remained for the duration of forty-five minutes with not a clue as to what his crazy friend had planned for them that evening.

He heard footsteps, and backed up a witty comment on how she took forever to do things, but as soon as the words built up in his throat, they died in a forgotten mist. His hands slowly pushed into his pockets, sweat beading the pits of his palms because he was having a hard time preventing a gigantic blush from spreading across his nose, cheeks—actually, everywhere. Just, everywhere. His body was becoming a furnace.

Gon nearly tripped over herself with how excited she was coming down the stairs, but when she finally made it to the bottom—after the serious snickering from her guardian and best friend alike—Killua realized with a gobsmacked jolt that she'd never really worn anything outside of what they were seen traveling together.

She was dressed in a simple, long-sleeved olive dress that hugged her very slender frame, from the toned dips of her elbows to the flare at the waist, where the material billowed just above her knees. Her skin was clean and polished and even from where he leaned against the door Killua felt his heart race at the scents of lavender and pine and rosewood and cedar drifting off her body in glorious currents. Her hair was sleekly combed and styled in an elaborate crown braid, with strands of hair naturally curling and dappling her cheeks. She came over to him, a streak of red flushing her skin with heat out of what he could only assume to be embarrassment, because not in a million years would his Gon willingly wear something like this—


He realized his jaw had been hanging with the confused, quizzical look his friend gave him. He abruptly closed his mouth and scratched the back of his head, his thoughts running a mile a minute in pure disbelief at how goddamn lucky and puzzled he was in one instance.

She just looked so—so perfect and dear lord almighty was Gon Freecss wearing mascara?

"Eh, Kil-lu-a, you're staring. Is it really that bad?" She stepped back slightly, examining her dress with a scrunched nose.

Killua struggled comprehending the right words. He lowered his head, feeling incredibly awkward and stupid in front of the girl he'd been battling his feelings over for years, and the pit in his gut swelled up with intense distractions the moment he saw her.

"N-No, Gon. Um, you look…" He swallowed. You've killed countless people and you're struggling to give your best friend a compliment. Honestly. He cleared his throat, struggling to remain composed and not to break out into a series of jaw-drops and gapes. "You look really nice."

She blushed and placed her hands on her hips—the same stance she always made when spotting something in the distant horizon that she wanted to conquer—and it was so out of place yet so distinctly perfect for Gon that Killua wondered if he was dreaming.

"Thank you," she whispered, and it appeared so different to her proud stance, and he realized that she was probably just as nervous as he was. "U-Um, you look really nice too! And you smell like the ocean! Actually you always look nice! Well okay, actually when we're fighting a lot and we're all bruised and bloody, none of us look that great, but you always somehow do—I'm babbling."

He couldn't suppress the smile twitching the corners of his mouth. "… Idiot."


Mito walked into the room, a delighted squeal erupting from her barely contained self. Killua had wondered why she seemed so chipper when he arrived—he wondered how long it took for the woman to convince Gon to dress nicely for his arrival.

He then blinked at this thought. Gon dressing nicely for him… and she had something planned for them to do together on Whale Island, just the two of them…

Were they…?

Was this…?

He opened his mouth to ask, but as if it was a trick of the universe, Gon's adoptive aunt decided to disrupt the pregnant silence between the two blushing teenagers with her magic wand of common sense.

"Alright, well, you two have fun in town, alright?" asked Mito sweetly, grinning at Killua's confused, slack-jawed expression.

"Of course Aunt Mito!"

Killua was practically dragged out the door before he could even ask what was being planned.

The butterflies in his stomach refused to stop growing.


Even when they were twelve, the brief moments where Gon's hand made contact with Killua's would sent electric shivers up and down her spine in speedy waves. She wasn't sure how to react to it at the time, or even question the longing looks he gave her when he believed she wasn't paying attention, or the way he remained at her side in the darkest of times. She didn't deserve him in his best and he believed he didn't deserve her even in her worst.

Gon swallowed to push down the nerves. She wanted Killua to enjoy himself, for them to reconnect over the old memories they'd shared as children, competing against dangerous odds, becoming the first people comfortable to shed tears around the other, before eventually going off in separate directions to pursue more in life. Her own father had his own two cents to say about Killua even before meeting him for the first time, and Gon was just delighted in the fact that the legendary Ging could finally witness her interact with the most important person in her life.

He was silent as soon as they left her house. She had been dreading wearing anything not suited for scouting in swamps for tonight, but she felt so… warm, and fuzzy, at the glint in Killua's eyes when he saw her. She couldn't decipher what that emotion was, the depths of his cerulean orbs flickering with too much for her to think about clearly, and she didn't want to risk him calling her stupid out of her inability to read him at times.

Oddly enough, she found he was only hard to read when it concerned her.

She beamed a genuine smile at him. The trees formed a delicate canopy over their heads, casting rays of fine moonlight through the parted leaves. As they maneuvered through the bracken, Gon finally stopped in front of the wide, expansive marketplace that bled with great color, bounce and energy into the harbor. Bright, whimsical paper lanterns were taking off to the inky black sky, speckled with an indiscernible amount of stars.

"The market?" asked Killua. "Hm, I admit I'm surprised we're not scouting for lost foxbear cubs." His casual smirk betrayed the amusement that rolled off him like perfume clinging to his skin. Gon studied him silently, her head slowly tilting to the side, and with a jolt she felt his hand squeeze hers just a little harder.


She blinked. She didn't expect her heart to leap.

"Only Whale Island celebrates the Night of the Blue Fireflies," Gon quipped. She gestured towards the lanterns being gracefully lit by small clusters of families and friends that populated the small bed of rock and land that was aptly named after a marine creature.

Killua nodded in understanding, watching the lanterns bleed into the sky as if they were joining the countless stars. "That's really something." He smirked towards her, and a subtle glint of something she could only decipher as playful rested on that irritatingly perfect face.

She'd known when she first met Killua that he was beautiful. But she hadn't noticed the way her heart skipped when she saw him, or how her chest constricted in knots when other girls fawned over his handsomeness and incredible talent, or even how him telling her such personal stories and committing his existence to her when both were too young to realize the implications… none of these thoughts lingered in the back of her mind as much as they did now.

"You know, Gon," stated the former assassin, clicking his tongue as he casually removed his hand from hers and placed both appendages in his pockets. Gon frowned at the reaction, but quickly deduced that his hands—and arms—were slightly shaking. "If anyone were to see us, they'd think we were on a date."

She bit her lip, shrugging. "We've gone to eat before, right? Just the two of us?" She smiled at his perplexed expression. "Come on. There's another thing I want to show you."

Then, without warning, her best friend's arm jolted out of his pocket and encircled her slender waist, his fingers tentatively grasping her hip as he pulled her close to him. His eyes flashed for a moment, settling forward in a straight line as they guided each other through the marketplace.

Gon blinked, unsure of such a random act. Killua had embraced her many times in the past, mostly out of him being his usual overprotective self, and them greeting each other after what felt like centuries in between encounters. She didn't understand why he suddenly felt the need to do, well, this, especially when she could feel the heavy waves of tension stretching from his body in an almost elastic fashion.

Her skin flushed. Hm. Wonder what's up with him. She grinned suddenly and pointed with great enthusiasm to the soft glow of an outdoor café, where the doors were especially open for ths humid, intimate and peaceful night on Whale Island. The lanterns soared above the quaint little building's setup, and Killua's hand slightly relaxed on Gon's hip and waist.

"That's where I want to take you." She smiled up at him. "The best hot chocolate ever is in there! It opened around a year after you left with Alluka." She tenderly removed his hand from her waist, blinking at his lack of a reaction. "Eh, Killua? Earth to Killua?" She waved her hand in front of his blank, and incredibly ticked off expression. He was lost in thought, and she pouted in slight annoyance that he chose to do this now.


There were paparazzi imbeciles and onlookers everywhere.

Granted, the moment Gon introduced Killua to this section of Whale Island in its most intimate, pleasantly beautiful moments, he realized with a quick jolt that the same magazines were on display in virtually every stand imaginable that surrounded them. Even the pretty paper lanterns that glowed an interesting mercury shade were not enough to distract him from the subtle snapping of a camera that he could hear from just a few yards away, and Gon was too transfixed on him to even notice.

Instinctively, his arm encircled her waist and he pulled her close, casting an earth-shattering glare in the direction of said photographer, who squeaked and scrambled to another hiding place with barely his dignity intact. Killua would have to find the lurking bastard later and demand if he was the one who took pictures of his best friend without her knowing.


He blinked, groaning and rubbing his temples. He stared at the slightly perturbed expression on Gon's pretty face, and frowned in confusion.


"You're acting weird," she said suddenly. "What's wrong?"

Killua sighed, smiling apologetically. "Nothing's wrong. Sorry." He glanced behind her at the charming little outdoor café she brought him to, and instantly wanted to punch himself in the gut for being so ignorant. "So, we're eating here?" He grinned at her, hoping to ease some of the developing tension.

Despite the clear concern flashing in her eyes, Gon dipped her head and grinned in amusement. "Yeah, I wanted to show you this place. We should go sit!" She grasped his wrist—not his hand, he noticed with a carefully concealed frown—and led him to one of the small square tables perfectly fit for two people.

The lanterns flew above their heads in ripples of an ocean of light. Killua glanced across him, his eyes softening at the gentle blue glow that painted his best friend's caramel skin.

He swallowed. Stop. You have to stop thinking like that.

Gon turned to him, and her smile dissipated. "Killua? You look upset again—"

He shook his head, sighing. "No, Gon, trust me, it's not you." He rubbed his temple, grimacing at a growing headache.

She wasn't convinced. "What's bothering you?"

He closed his fists. Was it really this important for him to bring up? Was it actually bothering him so much that he would need to ruin the mood she was trying to create for them, whether it was purely platonic or if… or if his dreams were starting to come into fruition and instead of him asking her out, Gon decided to take the reins?

He shrugged. "There's these magazines on Mito's desk."

Gon blinked, and slowly nodded. "Yeah, she really likes those." She grinned bemusedly. "I don't really understand why she loves them so much, but yeah, those are all hers." She tilted her head. "Do they bother you?" She then gasped, a sudden surge of anger coursing through her aura. "Is there another article in there talking badly about you?!"

Killua blinked and laughed. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down there, tiger." He had to admit that her concern was becoming more and more flattering, but this wasn't about him. Not entirely. "No, I didn't even open the magazine. It's just, on the cover, there's a picture of you and a title of you being the most popular bachelorette in the country right now."

He let the words sink in. He wondered if she even knew what he was talking about—

"Oh. That." She shrugged and leaned back in her chair, a small blush spreading across her cheeks. The color looked so pretty on her. "Yeah. Aunt Mito showed that to me. I don't really get the importance of it all though."

Killua sighed. Well, at least she was still clueless. "Doesn't that bother you? That a ton of people you don't know and don't care for voted for you to be that just because of how you look?"

She flushed at that. Huh. She looked… surprised?

"Killua, that can't be true. I'm a Hunter, Ging Freecss' daughter—I'm pretty sure that's the only reason my name would be on anything." She shrugged.

Killua slightly twitched. She could honestly be so stupid sometimes…

"Gon, those types of magazine polls are stupid and pointless, and they voted on the public persona they think is the most attractive. Apparently a lot of… guys, I guess, think you're the most desirable woman in the country, and up for grabs, so to speak." Each word felt like utter poison on his tongue; the mere idea of another man attempting to steal away the person he genuinely treasured with every fiber of his being made him want to rip something apart with his claws.

Gon pondered this for a moment, her eyes drifting to the glasses of water placed in front of them. They apparently hadn't noticed.

"People can say what they want. It doesn't bother me." She smacked a flea that landed on her collarbone—Killua's eyes followed the motion, his breath somewhat hitching at where her hand landed—and regarded him with the barely curved corners of her mouth.

Killua frowned, unsure. "Really."

"Mm-hm," she said simply, grinning.

Killua crossed his arms, staring her down. "… So what if I told you that at least five different guys watched you walk next to me on the way here?" Gon blinked slowly at that. "You turn heads, Gon. It's not a big surprise. I don't know why you're so confused by it." He scoffed. "Okay, that's not all the way true. I don't understand how your mind works a lot of the time, but in this case you're okay with total strangers ogling at you?"

He was losing his patience, remembering so many moments over the years where Gon was total oblivious to how much people just adored Gon like she was the most precious source of life and light on the planet.

Boys, men, anyone would be willing to run their fingers through her hair, comment on the shininess of the color and how cute she was. She would laugh and say they were so kind, and paid no mind to their leers and obscene gestures (which he of course dealt with to ensure that none of those bastards ever went near his Gon again). She started walking taller, more proud, despite her insecurities that Killua had learned about, which he didn't understand: her incredibly small frame with a lack of curves anywhere, her "weird eyes," her "strange hair," and so forth… it was all a load of bullshit and she'd told herself so many untrue things and he hated how she believed it at such a young, tender age.

She was one of the strongest people he knew, but at times, just like himself, she could be her own worst enemy.


"Wait," he started, holding up his hand. She sighed but let him continue anyway. "Those magazines don't know you like your friends do. I think if there's going to be anything displaying you to the world, it should be for who you are as a person and what makes you so damn amazing, and none of those stupid glossy piles of garbage can do that."

An uncomfortable, weighty silence thickly coiled in the air. Gon studied him with an incredibly deep red blush on her face, unable to find the right words to counter what he was saying. The stubborn girl was never one to back down from a challenge, but when it came to words and matters of conversation, Killua almost always had her beat.

"You're…" She almost laughed. "I've never been called pretty before by other people besides my Aunt Mito." She smiled at him, and Killua's heart leaped. "But what Killua has told me has made me rethink some things."

The child-like way she addressed his name brought him back to when they were twelve years old, watching the stars and tracing constellations as if they knew exactly where their futures were heading.

He realized what an utter and complete fool he was to rant like that to his best friend when things were actually going relatively well. He wanted to bury his head in the sea and wait for Gon to forget any of this happened; he may as well just have screamed to the heavens above that he wanted to bear her children and live in the suburbs. Or, something just as ridiculously mundane.


"I think you're fucking perfect."

Gon's jaw slightly dropped at this confession, the blush somehow turning several shades redder than before. Killua, once again, mentally cursed at his horrible tact and inability to control the selfish urges that were driving both his mind and heart insane with second-guessing and hammering questions in the back of his skull.

"Eh…" Gon smiled slightly. "I don't think anyone can be perfect." Killua resisted smothering his face in his hands, mentally counting the days he would be able to leave Whale Island and scream, again, to the heavens, at just how naïve Gon Freecss could be. "Everyone has flaws, even the most beautiful people." She drifted off, lost in her own thoughts. "Life isn't a magazine, but I think most people know that." She then stared into his eyes, and his throat hitched with the pure ferocity and enchantment that burned in those molten topaz depths. "I don't think you're perfect, Killua. But your opinion on who I am matters the most to me."

Killua softened at the words leaving her lips in a feather-light whisper. With the gentle glow of the lanterns and the moody light of the café casting such warm, healthy glows on the girl he'd fallen so hard for, he had a difficult time restraining himself from launching across the table and kissing her senseless. Her eyelashes fluttered, as if in confusion, and she returned the longing look he usually gave her when, as she suspected, he believed she wasn't looking.

He felt his mouth go dry, his eyes zeroing in on the delicate, rumpled, gorgeous warrior of a young woman in front of him. His teeth and nails sharpened at the mere thought of his lips tracing her delicate collarbone, stopping at her pulse, reaching to trace his eager mouth along her jawline and listen to her whisper his name—

He shook his head. Shit.

Gon then stood up, sheepishly folding her arms behind her head—another gesture that seemed out of place with her fancy dress and subtle makeup, but it was so purely Gon that only an insane person could protest to such a statement.

She then swallowed, as if thinking of the correct words to say in this next moment. Killua felt awkward sitting down while his friend decided to make a rather dramatic pose, but with the forlorn, blushing mask on the girl's adorable face, he wondered if, for once, he actually succeeded in embarrassing her.

Huh. Wouldn't that be the day.

"Killua," she began, and slowly inhaled. "Erm…" She sighed in annoyance, scratching her head. "Oi, this is harder than I thought it was going to be…"

Killua slowly cocked an eyebrow. "What's wrong with you?"

She glared at him and huffed. "I—," she stopped, groaning, as if the words were permanently lodged in her throat. Killua threw back his head and laughed, barely able to control himself as she made a bit of a foolish image with her consistent struggling and the slightly confused stares of wandering passersby.

"Okay, before you hurt yourself with too much thinking—"


It was like a giant gong in Killua's subconscious abruptly decided to echo with a giant proclamation of "HOORAY."

He steeled himself, the sensations in his stomach flip-flopping tenfold, as he struggled to register exactly what his best friend had just told him. He hoped he didn't hear incorrectly; he hoped to the deepest core of his being that what she just said rang true.

"Care to repeat that?" He couldn't help the coy smirk lacing his lips, allowing a full, predatory glimmer to flash across his intimidating cloudy eyes. He had reserved this look for her and only her, and only Gon Freecss could cause his emotions to fluctuate in this manner.

Gon spluttered and sighed in defeat. "Can…" She grumbled. "Can you kiss me—"

His lips crashed onto hers before she could even decipher what happened.


Gon had heard rumors of couples meeting together for the first time beneath the light of the blue lanterns, watching as the hypnotic glow flickered across their faces and bodies as they promised each other to be in the other's arms. It was a time of devotion, of joy, of appreciation for romance that was spread through Whale Island—she hadn't expected a magazine that wasn't at all important to her to suddenly make Killua semi-confess to her.

The kiss was electrifying. His long, lean figure was taut with slender, ropy muscles beneath glistening marble skin, his lips tracing the exposed flesh of her neck, her shoulders, until his teeth found a sensitive spot on her collarbone and she squeaked in surprise. He murmured, breathless against her, kissing in apology while his dexterous, calloused hands swept up her tiny frame and glided over her arms. She nearly buckled beneath the embrace and just how viciously he attacked her mouth, and as he pressed her further against the soft wood of the sycamore tree just outside the marketplace, she still detected the soft glow of the lanterns illuminating the tousled mop of silver hair she'd come to love so dearly.

He kissed her again, his hands reaching to cup her face. Her carefully prepared crown braid tumbled out of place; she released a small moan at the other's mouth finding the same spot and nipping the area with his teeth. She grimaced, wincing at the action, but she returned the favor with a quick kiss on his neck—his breath hitched, his dilated pupils practically engulfing what was left of his irises as she toyed with the fabric of his clothes.

"K-Killua…" she breathed. Adrenaline and euphoria coursed through her veins like wildfire, and when Gon stared deeply into her eyes, she traced the look of a man who was so damn possessive and territorial, she wondered how she'd never noticed it before.

"Gon," he growled, tracing his lips along her jawline. "You… have no idea," he continued, his chest rumbling with a startling purr, "how long I've wanted to do this."

She grasped the hem of his sweatshirt and yanked it over his head before he could even blink. She drank in the form of his pinstriped, collared shirt, and the muscles that surely lay underneath waiting for her. He could barely pay attention to how she looked at him, how much she admired how beautiful he was, both inside and out. His dark actions never transformed the glass surface of his heart that she desperately wanted to keep protected and help grow for however long she would be able to.

"Mine," he whispered.

A bolting sensation akin to molten lava and lightning surged through Gon's body in streams of fire at the way he uttered that word. His movements became faster, his tongue and teeth eager to explore every inch of her that she would allow for tonight.

She tentatively reached for the buttons of his shirt, and he slowly calmed down, leaning back to trace a free finger down her flushed, overheated cheek.

"Yours," she whispered back.

And just like that, he captured her mouth again, this time stronger than the last.

Perhaps she was wrong.

To her, Killua—and every single flaw he wore on his sleeve and heart—was every inch the most perfect person to claim her heart and soul.


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