The following night Rami had been given paper work to complete with Brutus. He suddenly began to chuckle making Rami look at him tilting his head.

"What're you laughing at?" He asked.

"We've got a night visitor." Brutus said.

Confused at first, Rami noticed the other male pointed at one area of the room. Now it was the younger male's turn to chuckle. There sat a cute little field mouse. The small creature stood on hind legs at first, before scurrying off back to the padded room.

Brutus quietly called for Paul and Dean to see it.

Rami was grinning like a fool when they walked in.

"The legislature loosened up the purse strings to hire yet another new guard." Brutus stated.

Like how Rami had been, Paul and Dean raised their brows until Rami motioned them over. "Just have a look. He's…right…ah. There."

Sure enough, the mouse is back again. Some of the inmates watch as he scurries up and down the Mile without a care in the world.

"It's not normal for mice to be up here," Dean said. "Could be rabid."

Rami couldn't help but snicker hearing Brutus tease Dean a bit. Ignoring the eye roll the other male gave him. "Well 'Mouse Man'," he teased. "Looks pretty normal to us. He's not foaming at the mouth."

"We just wanna see what he'll do," Brutus insisted. "For science."

Taking some peppermint treat off the desk, Rami knelt to the mouse's level with the soft peppermint candy in his opened hand. Arlen and the others watched as it sniffed the peppermint Rami offered, let out a squeak seeming to be of approval.

The mouse took the peppermint in its tiny hands running back to the restraint room.

"He's in the damn restraint room," Dean sighed heavily. Slapping his thigh. "And you just know he's chewing on the padded walls, making himself a nice little nest."

Who knew such a thing would be so troublesome. Rami lived out on a farm so mice were nothing new to him.

"Alright. Let's go get that damn mouse." Paul ordered.

Arranging of furniture took place.

It took only a minute later for Paul to realize Rami had been 'slacking off', sitting behind his desk with his hands behind his head. "Care to lend us a hand?" He huffed out.

"Nah, I'm good." Rami replied with a grin. "You gentlemen just carry on."

Dean returned with a broom in case the mouse was to streak by.

"Four grown men…outsmarted by a mouse."

Rami couldn't remember the last he laughed so hard.

He didn't get any sleep the night before. Rami had asked Paul if it'd be alright for him to take a snooze just for a while in one of the empty jail cells.

Once he had gotten the okay he did just that.

Although the mattress is hard and lumpy Rami doesn't care. He takes off his hat placing it over his face, hands folded behind his head with one leg propped over the other. Everything had been actually quiet at first aside from Percy's whistling.

As if someone had poured a bucket of ice water on him, like what his mother used to do if he didn't wake up Rami found himself falling hard on the floor right on his hands and knees.

"What the shit?!" He hollered, limping out of the cell.

Percy. Of course it had to have been that damn Percy. Running around like an idiot trying to batter the poor mouse.

"PERCY!" Rami snapped. "What the hell man?!"

Brutus grabbed hold his arm before Rami could go over and knock him a good one. He didn't want the other male to get hit by Percy's baton or something else he had thrown.

"Percy! We already tried that!" Brutus called out.

"What?" Percy panted heavily. Sweat dripping from his face. "What'd you say?"

Brutus and Rami shared a knowing look. "…Nothing." Rami shrugged. "Just keep doing what you're doing."

"Yeah. Hope you get that son of a bitch."

Percy practically knocked himself out. The others approached, trying to keep straight faces as they watched him stare in disbelief that, that mouse was nowhere in the corner.

"Percy," Paul began. "You wanna think about what you did just now?"

"I was trying to get the mouse. You blind?" Percy gave a glaring look.

Paul was un-phased. Harry spoke up next. "You also scared the crap out of me, Bill and Rami. Not to mention the other inmates."

Percy scoffed. Ignoring Rami's snarl. "So what? They aren't in cradle-school anymore. 'Cept you treat them like they are."

"They've got enough strain on them as is." Brutus argued. "We aren't here to scare 'em."

"Men under strain can snap. Hurt themselves or others. You do better to think of this place as an intensive care ward in a hospital."

"I see it as a bucket of piss for rats to drown in. That's all." Percy studied each of their reactions.

Rami wanted nothing more than to give him a good punch in the gut. He'd only known Percy for a few days but just those few days he learned how sadistic and unpleasant Percy was. Not understanding how he got the position of a guard.

Brutus suddenly grabbed him with his strong hands. Slamming him up against the wall.

"Try it," Percy spat. "Try it. See what happens. I know people."

"We all know who your connections are, Percy..." Paul stepped forward. "But you ever threaten a man on this block again, we're all gonna have a go. Job be damned. Get all this shit back in the restraint room." Paul ordered, "You're cluttering up my Mile."

Rami breathed out once they exited the room, feeling Dean rub his back.

"You alright?"

Rami nodded. "Now I am."

"Sure gave you a fright didn't he?"

"Yeah," Rami chuckled. "Yeah. Sure did."

"Care to go for a walk? Might relieve some stress."

Rami agreed to Dean's suggestion. Believing that a walk was just what he needed today