He could feel the heat on his neck the minute they walked out of the prison. Some of the prisoners working were from E-Block: Dangerous bunch. Ranging from mass murder to other horrible acts of violence on another human being.

Several made cat calls to Dean and Rami.

"Stanton! Taking your little 'girlfriend' out for a walk are ya? Thought you were married!"

Rami's hand clenched and un-clenched hearing more crude remarks. Dean beat him to the punch this time.

"Mind your own business, Rhodes. Get back to work!"

Cackling they did just that.

The blond haired guard shook his head in disbelief turning to Rami. "Sorry about him. That was Alex Rhodes."

Rami nodded. Lips pursed in a thin line. "I've heard of him. Over- heard dad talking to mom about him one time. I was only eight when he bombed that hotel…" That was the first time people learned of home-grown terrorists in the United States. Scared the hell out of him.

They started with some casual talk. Dean asked Rami where he grew up, Rami would listen to Dean. It was nice. Just the two of them getting to know each-other.

"So what's your wife's name?" Rami asked.

Dean bit the inside of his cheek. "I've never been married."

"What?" Rami shook his head in disbelief. "A guy like you? You're pulling my leg."

Dean's lips curved in a grin. "I'm not. Bachelor around the block. Now what about you?"

And he froze.

Rami hated it when people asked him that. He would start to sweat. Get real anxious. Worried that Dean would shun him, be disgusted by him if he knew 'The Truth'.

"I'm…." Rami began. Mouth opening and closing, clearing his throat. "No. No uh, I'm not seeing anybody."

Dean noticed his sudden change in behavior. Placing a hand on his shoulder. It oddly reminded him of how a female friend of his confided to him that she liked the same gender. Poor thing burst into tears. Disowned from her family when they found out.

"Hey," he said softly. "Hey it's okay….You don't have to be afraid around me, Rami. Ever."

Rami sucked in a small breath that he had been holding. Wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his uniform.

"I found out when I was sixteen," Rami began. Wringing his hands out of habit as Dean listened. "There…was a boy. Little prick of course. Tormented me most of our school years with childish pranks. I got him back one day finally. He had me in a choke hold. Couldn't breathe.

The kids around us were too scared to stop him. Local trouble maker and all.

Something told me to bite down on his arm. Didn't know how I managed but I did. He howled like a banshee. I didn't let go until a teacher came and pushed us apart finally after a girl ran to get help.

We were both suspended for a few days."

They found a spot that was shaded some to sit down. Dean offered Rami a water bottle, watching as the other continued.

"Can't remember the guy's name honestly but he met me at a diner one day again years later. I noticed the scars on his left arm from where I bit him, we ended up laughing about it. Started spending time with each-other day by day.

One day, well…he asked me if…" he paused. Horribly unsure how to word it. His cheeks burning red at the memory and the knowing grin on Dean's face.

"A-Anyway," he cleared his throat again. "That…was when I knew. At first I didn't want to. I was scared we'd get caught down by that river.

My dad found out before my mom. That I…had sex with a boy. They weren't angry, mom was hurt that I kept it from them. They still love me."

"So why were you afraid to tell me?" Dean asked.

"My aunt and uncle sneer when they see me. Some of my friends left me. I knew you were a good person the minute I met you, but after the pain I experienced from others I wasn't sure."

Dean supposed that was understandable. He couldn't believe how Rami was treated by some of his own family members, abandoned by his friends. And all because he simply just had an attraction to the same gender.

"And Paul of course," Rami chuckled softly. Remembering when he told Rami that if any boy wanted to date him he'd have to get through him and his father first, same gender or not.

Dean laughed softly. "See? You've got nothing to be scared of here, Rami. We're all good people. Well…minus Percy."

They both chuckled. Yeah. Percy was a definite no on 'kind'.

Harry called a moment or so later, saying he needed their help with an inmate stat.

Before they walked inside Rami gave Dean a friendly smile. His eyes seeming to shine when he gave it. "Thanks for listening by the way. You're a good man."

"Of course. I'm here if you ever need me."

A strange feeling was felt. Dean blamed his red face on the sweltering heat when Harry asked if he was alright.