Yo! So here we are. I wrote this on a whim-it's just an idea I've always loved and wanted to try my hand at, and I had no idea what the response would be. This isn't my most popular fic by a mile, but you know what? I love this and I'm super proud of it, so thank you to all readers!

Marvolo walked down a busy street. The sky above him was a beautiful and clear blue with not even a single cloud in sight. He entered an establishment, a small bell chiming over his head as he pushed open the door.

"Welcome! Have a seat anywhere you like!"

The place was very busy, Marvolo noted as he walked through the establishment, taking in all the movement and noise around him.

There were Tonks and Bellatrix, arguing as always while McGonagall sat nearby, dipping a freshly baked biscuit into her tea while she scolded them both.

And there were Fred, and George, and Rodolphus, and Rabastan, their table a mess while they scribbled their latest plots on a large, spread out napkin.

And there were Ginny and Blaise, sharing a milkshake and holding hands-probably the most tame thing they've done in public so far.

And there were Neville and Theodore, listening in bored amusement as Draco bragged about passing his latest set of exams with perfect marks all around.

And there were Remus and Fenrir, finally having an uncomfortable but necessary and serious conversation.

And there were Lucius and Bill, chatting over tea and a world map, as both pointed out where they wanted to travel.

And there was Ron, drooling over the many mouthwatering sweets being shown in the display case, lamenting about how there was no way he could only choose one.

And there were Severus and Hermione, deep in discussion, their tea and dessert all but forgotten, their fingers discretely locked together under the table.

A laugh sounded and Marvolo looked over to see Narcissa laughing gleefully at something being said by a very serious looking Luna.

Marvolo sat down at the one remaining table and spent a moment going over the menu. Really, it was no surprise Ron couldn't stop drooling. Everything looked delicious.

"What can I get you?"

Marvolo looked up at the young man standing nearby, then reached out and grabbed him by the front of his apron, pulling him closer.

"You're the only thing in here I have any interest in ravishing."

Harry laughed, green eyes glinting. "Well, I'm not exactly on the menu, but I suppose I can allow you a...sample."

And if Marvolo enjoyed the sample he got of Harry here, well, let's just say he absolutely devoured the full dessert he got later that night.


Like I was actually going to kill off Luna! Also Narcissa, I guess. Who do I look like? Someone who likes causing emotional pain by permanently killing off fan favourites? As if! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I liked writing it. And for the last time, looking forward to reviews! Laterz!