The next song that the Rainbooms will sing is the Midnight in Me. They have already sung a lot of songs such as Shake Your Tail, Awesome as I Wanna Be, Shine Like Rainbows and A Friend for Life. After they sing the Midnight in Me, Dance Magic will be the last song remain as a matter of fact. Let's hope that the Rainbooms can sing the Midnight in Me.

"What song are we going to sing, Rainbow?" Indigo Zap asked.

"We are going to sing the Midnight in Me, Indigo" said Rainbow Dash. "After that, Dance Magic will be our last song remain for the Equestria Girls trilogy"

"That is true, Rainbow" said Indigo Zap. "Can we sing it?"

"Sure, Indigo" said Rainbow Dash. "Get your instruments ready"

"One, two, three" said Pinkie Pie.

The Rainbooms are now performing the Midnight in Me.

[Indigo Zap]

It used to be so simple

It was a world I understood

I didn't know what I didn't know

And life seemed pretty good

But now the darkness rises

From somewhere deep inside of me

Her power overtakes me

Can I keep this midnight from getting free?

If I can stay with the light

I know I'll be free

And I can start to be whole

I can start to be me

But instead I am struggling

With all that I see

And these friends

Mustn't see the midnight in me!

The midnight in me!

They mustn't see the midnight in me...

The song ends and the Rainbooms did a good job singing at it.

"That was a great song, Rainbow Dash" said Indigo Zap.

"It sure was, Indigo" said Rainbow Dash. "Dance Magic is now the last song to sing for us and we still have a lot of songs to sing for MLP"

"Okay, Rainbow" said Indigo Zap. "We have to go home"

"See you tomorrow, girls" said Rainbow Dash.

"Bye, Rainbow" said Pinkie Pie.

They put their instruments away, left Canterlot High, waiting for their parents to picking them up and went home. See what happens in the next chapter of this long story.