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Dean slammed close the door of baby and carried the heavy tv box with his strong arms towards the large house in front of him. He nocked at the door patiently waiting for it to be answered. When the tall man answered the door Dean found himself completely shocked by the beauty of this man. He had stop himself from throwing him against the wall and kissing the guy until he couldn't breath. "Ah, you're here with the Tv," the man said, stepping aside so Dean could enter. "Yes, sir," Dean followed the guy into the living space. He looked around the room, noticing the strict layout of the furniture. He didn't think it suited the guy, he was better than that. "You really don't have to call me sir, Castiel is just fine," Castiel replied. Dean smiled, the name suited him. Dean stepped forward to begin installing the tv. He explained what he was doing as he did it,listening to Cattel's hums everysooften. When he was done Dean told Castiel that if he had any products he needed updating he could do that for him. "Yes, I actually have a computer my wife uses, when she's working at home. She gets quite stressed when it's slow. So I thought that maybe if it was faster she could get through her work faster and we could spend more time together," he said with a sad smile. Dean nodded, understanding Castiel difficult situation. As Dean was finished up installing the software that would make the computer run faster than it would have without, Castiel said, "sometimes I don't see her for days, she works so much." Dean clasped Catiels shoulder, "it's okay Cas, I understand," he said in a soft voice, wanting nothing more than to kiss away the man's troubles. "Dean…" "I know…I should go Cas, I'm sorry," he said quickly gathering his things and leaving.