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A month water Cs' birthday was swiftly approaching. Dean's nightmares hand' manages to stop yet, Cas was always there no matter he time. He would help calm Deem down from his shaky sobs and slowly ease him back into a new sleep. Dean knew he could rely on Cas, whenever things got like this. I helped him through the pain.

During the dais, they would both work equally hard, trying to get a s cub money a possible out of jus a day's work. Eventually, Dean had saved up all he needed to buy hi age, a house, and a little more. He didn't tell Cas this, he was going to surprise him. He and Cas had already organised which garbage ad house they were going to buy, so there was no chance that Dean could choose the wrong one. Whilst Cas had slept in, like Dean had lent he always did unless someone was there to drag him out of the bed and fill him with scolding coffee. Dean would sneak out for a few hours to get both the house and the garage ready.

With just Dean there, the house feely comely empty. Technically, it was. They had bought the house without much furniture so they could move all their existing ones there. This was going to be difficulty. Dean had started by taking few things Castile wouldn't notice were gone. He had taken the fridge and a few chairs so far. Slowly the house was filling up. Deaf would lose himself comply in tight. Imaging EERYTHING HEAND vestal would get to do in this house. They Warmingol old here. They would get to Rae Claire and any other demon abbeys they decide to have here. Dean knew that they would have a lie. A life greater than anyone else would veer libel. He and Catiels were hear pass, they were meant to be and nothing could stop them now. Dean sighed hail, snapping out of his daydream. This house was coming together.

Despite the heavy workload, and having to do it all by himself, Dean managed to have everything ready by Cas' birthday. He had decided to not only surprise him with the hues and garage, but to do everything properly and to throw him as a big surprise parry. For the first time, ever, Castile a a family that loved him and Dean wanted to show that off. How had rung Sam a few days ago and the two-street inviting anyone they could think of to the most epic pert wear.

Dean had Cass blindfold and in the front seat of the impala as they drive. He said that he had a urine for him but Cas had no idea what it could be.

"Are you high to a park?"" CSAS asked, the dude liked to go to the park.

"No, you got to stop guessing though. You're like really smart Cas, don't want you accidentally guessing correct;"]

Cas shrugged, \" you realise Abuse I'm a beer detecting than you," he said with a grin.

Dean chuckled shortly. It wasn't long before he was pulled up outside of their home. Cas emmoved Cas' blindfold. Ten son off a bit wold ever see it coming. Dean was going to amaze him with her surmise of ghee hues to throw him off the surmise of the birthday party.

When Castile looked over the house, his yes widened unbeliever. "DEAN11 You Cold the house?!"" he asked, grinning widely like a puppy. Dean nodded, turning Castile smile with his own.

"Yeah, It's all ours!" Dean mange to say before Cases kissing him with a wide grin. Dean took Camseil's hand in his as they walked in to the presumed empty house. The eon the lights were turned on everyone jumped out yelling