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Year 3: Chapter 5ish: Boggarts and Joke Shops

After being forced to remember the details of Dan's death, Alison has been having nightmares of Dan's death and him berating her saying that it was her fault that he was dead.

When Lupin said that a boggart takes the shape of your fear, Alison's thoughts immediately jumped to Dan telling her that it was her fault that he had died. She couldn't think of a way to make it funny, and she couldn't face her fears (how Gryffindor she is, she thought snidely)

Even Neville's success didn't cheer her up too much or give her any ideas for herself.

Thus, when there were only four people ahead of her, Alison made a show of swaying in place then running to the wastebasket. Subtly pointing her wand at herself, she muttered the spell, Emeticus! Thankfully, the spell worked, and Alison puked into the wastebasket. The act of vomiting once caused Alison to vomit again, her body to shake, and her to feel overheated.

After gagging one last time, Alison noticed the presences of Hermione and Lupin at her side. Alison looked up to them and with tears in her eyes said, "I don't feel well."

Lupin looked at Hermione and said, "Miss Granger, would you please take Miss Smith to the hospital wing?"

"Of course, Professor," Hermione replied. "Come on, Alison." Hermione helped Alison unsteadily stand up.

Lupin suggested, "Maybe you should take the wastebasket, just in case."

Alison smiled shakily, "I think I'm good now, Professor. But, thank you."

Alison felt all the eyes of the class on her as Hermione helped her to the door. Outside of the classroom, Alison asked, "Can we stop for a bit? I'm not going to puke again. I just need some time to recover. I hate how puking makes me feel."

"Are you feeling well?" Hermione asked, clearly concerned. "I've noticed that you've looked like you haven't sleeping well. Are you okay? Is it from getting attacked last year, because I've had some nightmares about that too."

Alison didn't want to discuss what her nightmares were really about, so she simply answered, "It's not nightmares that made me ill." Because it was a spell, Alison continued in her head. "I did have some nightmares about getting attacked but those are long gone. I'm just not feeling well now, but I'll feel better if I just rest for a bit."

As Hermione sat next to her in deep thought, Alison reflected on the experience. Puking was definitely a good way to get out of class, but the act of puking was so unpleasant that Alison would not be forcing herself to do it unless it was really necessary. Too bad it wasn't not unpleasant because it would be useful as an excuse for skipping class. Lee and the twins would definitely use it if it wasn't unpleasant, Alison thought fondly.

Then Alison had an epiphany. If Alison, the twins, and Lee could accomplish what she was thinking, then . . . yeah. Alison needed to discuss this with them.

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That night, Alison found herself sitting in the fifth year boys' dormitory. "I've had an idea today in class, and I think that you guys will like it."

"We're listening," the three boys said together.

Alison prompted, "What if we could make a potion or spell or something that would make you puke but then stop and not leave you with any of the unpleasant side effects that comes with puking."

"Where are you going with this?" Lee asked, clueless.

"Can you think useful that would be to get out of class?"

"But isn't there already a spell to do that?" Fred inquired.

"There's a spell to make you puke but it leaves you with the unpleasant side effects. I used the spell today to get me out of class, and I was indisposed until the next class period began."

Lee asked curiously, "Why'd you want to get out of class so badly?"

"For unrelated reasons," Alison waved his concerns. "The point is that if I had wanted to use that class period for something other than going to the hospital wing I wouldn't be able to after using the vomit jinx."

"So we need to come up with something that would only get you out of class-" Fred began.

"But not cause any long-lasting damage," finished George.

Lee commented, "It stinks that Zonkos doesn't sell a product that does that. It sounds like something they would."

Fred's eyes lit up and looked at George, who was doing the same to Fred. "We should-"

"Definitely. And-"

"Too true."

"It's a brilliant idea," the twins exclaimed in harmony.

Lee and Alison exchanged exasperated looks, only too used to this kind of exchange. "Will at least one of you be so kind to enlighten those of us whose brains are not attached to one another to what is so brilliant?"

Fred and George traded excited smiles and began, "Well-"

"You know how the puking-something sounds like a prank product-"

"And Zonkos, the only store that sells pranking items-"

"For now-"

"Doesn't sell anything like it-"

"Nothing similar to it at all."

"And we are the best pranksters-"

"And the best pranksters are inventive in their pranks."

"So we were thinking that we should invent the puking-something-"

"And other pranking products like it-"

"And other pranking products not like it-"

"And we could sell them-"

"And become a better store than Zonkos."

"Since we are so talented,"

"So brilliant,"

"And so good-looking"

"We could definitely be successful-"

"And even overtake Zonkos."

"Besides, we could never end up working at the Ministry-"

"Like Mom wants us too."

"We'll leave that to-"

"Perfect Percy," the twins ended together.

Alison and Lee were silent for a while, trying to process this enormous idea that would impact their future if they went along with it.

Alison went first, "I think that's a cool idea. I can help with the inventing, but I don't think I'd be any use with the business side of it."

Lee started hesitantly, "Well, I think it's an amazing idea for you guys, but I don't think I'd be that helpful in inventing products or in dealing with business stuff. Also, I want to be a radio host when I'm older, not a business owner. But I can definitely help with the advertising and stuff."

"And with being the test subject," Fred injected snidely.

Alison, George, and Fred all laughed at the expression on Lee's face.


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