Infinity War Part 8

The goblin alien was about to stab down at Vision, but Soron tackled it. They ended up with Soron on top and the alien on the bottom. Soron didn't waste any time as he began to punch the alien repeatedly with his right hand as he choked with his left. However, the alien bashed him aside with its right hand. That sent Soron tumbling. As soon as Soron had managed to get to his feet, he was kicked into a tree. As soon as he had made contact, he felt something skewer him in the right shoulder. He looked towards it and saw that there was a tree branch poking out of his shoulder. It was long, pointy, thick, and covered in his blood.

"Ah, son of a bitch," Soron said with pain in his voice as he looked away. He reached for the branch, but before he could his attention was grabbed. He looked up and saw an explosion against the force field's ceiling up in the sky.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield…

Black Widow and Okoye battled against the ugly alien female. Each strike the alien woman attacked them with was blocked by either Okoye's spear or Black Widow's shock batons. Around them, the giant buzzsaws were still rolling around destroying things in their path. One, in particular, was bearing down on them, but all three of the women dodged it successfully. However, the alien woman immediately sent Black Widow flying back with a spartan kick as soon as the buzzsaw had passed. The alien woman then tossed Okoye to the ground.

Back with Soron…

Soron had managed to grasp the tree branch, but even though he had Asgardian strength he couldn't snap it. He just didn't have a good angle one way or another. So, he just hung there helpless as he had no idea how to get free. Suddenly, he heard a noise and looked to see that the goblin had stabbed Vision close to the stomach.

"I thought you were formidable, machine," the goblin said with cold eyes staring down on the android, "but you're dying, like any man."

The goblin then removed the spear from Vision and allowed him to fall. The goblin slowly walked towards Vision but was suddenly tackled into by Captain America. As soon as Banner informed that Vision needed backup, he ran as fast as his enhanced legs would let him. CA had tackled the goblin with such force that they had fallen to the ground. However, that didn't stop either of them as they both moved.

"Get outta here!" CA ordered Vision when he looked at him. He didn't wait for a response as he stood up in time to punch the goblin. He punched three times and the third punch knocked the goblin to the ground.

"Go!" Cap shouted when he turned to see Vision was still prone on the ground. He quickly turned back around.

Back with Black Widow…

BW did her best to defend against the alien woman's attacks, but eventually, she was knocked to the ground. The alien woman ejected a spike out of her arm and prepared to stab down. Suddenly, she heard a roar. They both looked up in time to see Wolverine tackle into the alien woman.

The alien woman stabbed at him, but he dodged and cut her arm off in the process. He slashed down at her leg, but she kicked him backward and sent him flying.

"You're hard to kill," the alien woman said as she picked up her arm and reattached it to her stub, "but all things can be killed."

She then walked towards Wolverine as a needle ejected out of her palm. However, before she could make it halfway towards him she froze.

"You're right," Wolverine said with a smirk as he looked past her at Wanda Maximov. Suddenly, the alien woman was ascended into the air right into a buzzsaw. The buzzsaw shredded her to pieces, and her blood and guts fell all over the place. Fortunately, the four heroes were spared from being splattered. Except for Natasha of course.

Logan pushed himself to a sitting position as Okoye pushed herself up from lying belly down. Wanda plopped onto her ass while Natasha pushed herself up a bit.

"That was really gross," Natasha remarked.

With Captain America…

CA punched the goblin alien multiple times till he was able to rip the spear from his hands. The spear went flying off, but the goblin was still deadly as he grabbed CA by the neck and threw him. CA tumbled to the ground, but when he tried to get up the goblin jumped on top of him and squeezed on CA's neck. Suddenly, a blade protruded from the goblin's chest. The goblin was lifted into the air before being slammed down onto the ground. The last thing the goblin saw was a foot-stomping down on his neck cracking it.

"On your feet soldier," said a strong feminine voice as a hand was offered to him. The battle may be won, but the war is still going.

"Who are you?" CA asked as he accepted the hand.

"I am Sif," the woman responded as she pulled Steve to his feet. "Now tell me. Where are Thor Odinson and the ground shaker?"

"Thor is in the plains helping the Wakandans," Steve said as he breathed heavily. "I don't know who 'ground shaker' is though."

"I think she might be talking about me," Soron called down to them weakly. Sif and Steve turned toward him and widened his eyes.

"What in Odin's name are you doing in a tree?!" Sif exclaimed.

"Oh, you know," Soron joked. "Just hanging around."

"Since when did you get a sense of humor?" Steve asked as Sif tossed Soron his sword that she had used to kill the goblin.

"I guess getting penetrated gave me one," soron joked again as he slashed the branch in half. He pushed himself from the tree and fell to the ground. Unfortunately, he was too weak to land safely. Fortunately, he didn't have to Sif caught him and lowered him to the ground.

"You've lost too much blood," Sif said worriedly.

"Oh, I'm fine," Soron said. "Hey, is it me or is it getting darker?"

It wasn't getting darker. Soron was just losing consciousness. However, he was jolted back when an orange beam blasted through him. Sif and Steve whirled to where the beam came from and saw Vision standing against a tree firing the laser from his infinity stone.

"His wounds have been cauterized," Vision said weakly as Sif rose to her feet angrily. "That's the best I could do. He'll last till he can get to a doctor."

"I thought I told you to go," Steve said both relieved and disappointed.

"We don't trade lives, Captain," Vision replied.

Back on Titan…

Spider-Man swung around dodging meteors while carrying Mantis with a web rope. Venom did the same for Strax while Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Star-Lord flew about doing the same. Nebula just jumped around. Too proud to be carried undoubtedly. Doctor Strange flew down to the ground toward Thanos who hadn't even been hit by the meteors.

Suddenly, Doctor Strange formed orange mystical circles and slammed them on the ground. That sent an orange lightning bolt striking the ground as it headed toward Thanos. However, Thanos jumped in the air and raised a fist. He blasted energy from the power stone toward Doctor Strange, but Doctor Strange immediately activated the mirror dimension and forced it toward Thanos. It sucked in the energy, but it wasn't able to do the same to Thanos as the mad titan punched it with the infinity gauntlet destroying the mirror dimension portal. He sucked in the shards of the portal with a black hole formed by the infinity gauntlet. Thanos sent the black hole toward Doctor Strange, but the sorcerer supreme was fast enough to create a spell to counter the black hole. He turned it into green butterflies.

Thanos watched as Doctor Strange duplicated himself many times over and surrounded him. They all created a mystical whip and wrapped it around Thanos, but Thanos sent a wave from the power stone which defeated all the clones and knocked Doctor Strange back a bit. Thanos used the reality stone to pull Doctor Strange toward him, and caught him by the throat.

"You're full of tricks, wizard," Thanos said angrily as he grabbed the Eye of Agamotto.

"Yet you never once used your greatest weapon," Thanos continued as he crushed it and allowed the shards to fall. "A fake."

Thanos threw Doctor Strange to the ground and walked toward him. He raised his hand, but when something rammed into it he looked down. It looked like it was part of Iron Man's armor. He turned to see Iron Man who flew toward the ground and performed a superhero landing.

"You throw another moon at me," IM said angrily as he stood up. "And I'm gonna lose it."

"Stark," Thanos said.

"You know me?" Tony asked surprised.

"I do," Thanos admitted. "You're not the only one cursed with knowledge."

"My only curse is you," Tony said before he launched at Thanos.

"Come on!" Thanos growled right before the missiles exploded on him. IM knew that the missiles wouldn't do anything, but he had a plan. He flew right at Thanos and turned his feet into a giant booster which he hit the titan with. He bounced off Thanos and flipped in the air before landing on his feet.

Thanos tried to grab Tony but was knocked back by booster powered punching weapons. He was sent into a boulder hard. Thanos quickly grabbed Tony's helmet and shattered it by pulling back. He prepared to punch, but the nano-tech created another helmet while tony held up his arms to block the attack. Thanos pulled Stark's armor piece from the infinity gauntlet and blasted energy from the power stone. Tony reacted quickly and produced a shield.

Tony flew toward him once the energy had passed and morphed his right leg into a clamp and pinned the gauntlet to the ground. He formed his left fist into the punching weapon again and bashed Thanos in the face.

"All that for a drop of blood," Thanos smirked as he wiped the blood from his face. He suddenly wrenched his left hand from the ground which sent Tony flipping through the air. Thanos punched down on Tony, and it was all Tony could do to block the attack with his arms. Thanos repeated the punch multiple times. He broke several pieces of Tony's armor before picking him up and punching Tony with power stone energy. That sent Tony tumbling on the ground, but he quickly got up and blasted a steady stream of repulsor energy at Thanos who slowly advanced. However, no matter how many streams were hitting Thanos he just kept on coming thanks to the protection of the infinity gauntlet.

Thanos bashed Tony's helmet off and punched again. However, Tony quickly blocked with both arms. Tony removed a hand and turned it into a blade, but when he stabbed at Thanos the titan grabbed the blade and snapped it off Tony. Thanos immediately stabbed the iron avenger in the side. Tony grunted and panted in pain as he was forced backward and down into a sitting position against a piece of rubble. Thanos knelt in front of him and grabbed his head with the infinity gauntlet.

"You have my respect, Stark," Thanos said honestly. "When I'm done, half of humanity will still be alive."

"I hope they remember you," Thanos added as he stepped back. He raised the infinity gauntlet and prepared to use all the stones he had on Tony, but paused with Doctor Strange spoke up.

"Stop," Doctor Strange said pained. Thanos looked toward the wizard who had pushed himself into a sitting position.

"Spare his life," Doctor Strange continued. "And I will give you the stone."

"No tricks," Thanos said sternly. Doctor Strange just shook his head.

"Don't," Tony said as Thanos aimed the infinity gauntlet at Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange raised his right hand and summoned the time stone in between his index finger and thumb. Thanos raised a hand and Doctor Strange sent it towards the purple bastard. Thanos placed the time stone into its spot on the infinity gauntlet and tensed up as he felt the energy combine with the rest of the stones.

"One to go," Thanos said victoriously as he stared at the empty spot on the gauntlet. Suddenly, two blasts of energy hit it. He looked up to see Star-Lord flying toward him blasting repeatedly. However, Thanos merely formed a blue swirling portal that swallowed him up and vanished. Star-Lord crashed into the ground and coughed while grunting from the pain of hitting the rocky terrain. He pushed himself into a kneeling position as he pressed the button that deactivated his helmet. He raised one of his blasters and aimed it around.

"Where is he?!" Quill demanded. Stark didn't respond at all. Instead, he just sprayed foam to seal the stab wound.

"Did we just lose?" Quill asked.

"Yes," said Venom angrily as he turned toward the sorcerer. "All because of him!"

Venom leaped toward Doctor Strange, but Spider-Man swung into him with his feet. That sent Venom tumbling to the ground.

"I don't know why you suddenly decided the wizard was the bad guy," Spider-Man said. "But we don't attack our teammates! Also, heroes don't fight heroes… unless its an extreme difference of opinion. Right, Mr. Stark?"

"Why would you do that?" Stark asked Doctor Strange.

"We're in the endgame now," Doctor Strange replied cryptically.

Back at Wakanda…

M'Baku bashed down on an alien's skull multiple times until he was certain it was dead. After killing the alien, he started a chant in Xhosa as he walked forward while pumping his right arm up. Thor in the meantime was flying through the air with Stormbreaker was covered in electricity. He flew right through several of the aliens killing them, before flying into one of the gigantic drop pods causing it to explode in an upward procession.

"Holy explosive butt plugs Batman!" exclaimed Deadpool as he looked at the exploding drop pod.

"Get your attention back on the battle, Wade," said Colossus as he grabbed an alien that had leaped at Wade. He immediately began using the alien to bat the other aliens away.

"Quit being dull, chrome cock," Deadpool said as he fired to his right without looking. This time he had a DL-44 blaster in his hand. The red blaster bolt hit an alien in the temple as it was about to chomp down on one of Okoye's warriors.

"Where the hell did you get that?!" exclaimed Rocket from nearby.

"Oh, this?" Deadpool asked as he looked at the blaster. "Oh no… the feels."

Suddenly, a body fell to the ground next to Deadpool. Deadpool looked down and saw Harrison Ford from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He gently placed the blaster into the corpse's hand before he pulled out his katanas again. However, when he took a step he quickly looked to the side.

"What?" Deadpool asked innocently. "Star Wars is now owned by Disney. I don't like it any more than you do, but you do have to admit that without Disney we would've never gotten an awesome show like 'The Mandalorian'. However, if you still have complaints… know that it won't even be used again in this because that was because the writer had no clue what to use for that 'shooting off to the right' moment. Other than a Wookie bowcaster, and that wouldn't make much sense. I may be king of breaking physics, but… I'm not going to go that far. Also, he won't let me. Now, let us get back to the scheduled violence and mayhem before you start hating on him."

"Who the hell are you talking to?!" shouted Bucky as he fired from his auto-rifle.

"The readers," Deadpool replied. Bucky just blinked twice.

"Anyhoo," Deadpool said. "Time to carve me some turkey!"

He jumped into the air, flipped forward, and landed on the back of an alien.

"Let's see," Deadpool said. "Ah yes."

"Stub A goes into slot B," Deadpool said as he leaned back and stabbed one of his katanas into the alien's earhole. The alien crashed to the ground and Deadpool was sent tumbling. Once he came to a stop he widened his eyes as a dead alien's head fell right onto his family jewels.

"Cut scene," Deadpool whined.

Back in the forest…

Soron lay against a tree incredibly weakened by his stay on that branch, but at least he was healing; albeit slowly. Vision, on the other hand, wasn't looking so hot as he lay against a fallen trunk in a much worse state. The only things happening were Sif and Cap talking off to the side, and there was no entertainment in that.

"I have heard a great many tales of you," Sif said to Steve. "I am gladdened to see that Thor was not just boasting out of loyalty."

"When did you get here?" Cap asked.

"I was busy searching for ways to get him home," Sif said as she gestured to Soron.

"Asgard?" Cap asked.

"No," Sif shook her head. "He is from Midgard, but parallel to your own as I am sure you've assumed by now."

"He did say something strange back at headquarters," Cap nodded. "However, I dismissed it. I thought it was exhaustion or something warping his thoughts."

"Just as many would," Sif nodded in understanding. "The multiverse is widely known, but only known as a theory on Midgard. I can inform you that it is very real."

"Well, did you find it?" Cap asked curiously.

"Nay," Sif nodded. "There does not seem to be a portal that can lead back to his reality."

"What brought you back?" Cap asked.

"I was informed of the invasion by this device," Sif replied as she held up a cellphone. "It made a noise, and then spoke words at me."

"You don't have phones where you're from, do they?" Cap asked with an amused smile.

"Do not jest with me," Sif said offended. "This is a serious matter!"

Any more chance at conversation was stopped as Wanda finally arrived. As soon as she landed, she headed straight toward Vision.

"Are you ok?" Wanda panted as she knelt next to him. As soon as she caressed his face, the mind gem in his forehead glowed and he groaned in immense pain.

"What?" Wanda asked. "What is it?"

"He's here," Vision said with a panicked look.

"Wanda," Soron called to her. "Can you heal me really quick? I know, not a great time. However, we're not going to get any if Thanos wins."

Wanda nodded in agreement even though she didn't know if she could heal with her powers. She focused hard before she sent a blast of energy at Soron. Soron gasped as the energy went in him, and for a second his left eye glowed red. Once the glow faded, he got to his feet. With a grin, he kicked his sword into the air and caught it.

"Thanks," Soron said as he walked to stand next to Sif.

"Everyone, on my position," Cap said when he touched a device inserted in his ear. "We have incoming."

Already in the forest, Natasha, Falcon, T'Challa, Okoye, and Bruce looked around. Natasha was the only one to speak up.

"What the hell?" Natasha said.

Bruce looked behind himself and saw a blue swirling portal form with Thanos stepping out. Everyone stared with fear at Thanos. Everyone except for Soron, who had extreme rage.

"Cap," Bruce said calmly. "That's him."

"Eyes up," Cap said as he weaponized his left arm's shield. "Stay sharp."

All of a sudden, Soron rocketed himself toward Thanos and slashed down at the mad titan with an animalistic roar Wolverine could be impressed by.

Thanos blocked it with the infinity gauntlet and looked at Soron in contempt.

"You ran last time," Thanos said as he grabbed Soron by the head. "Now, I won't give you the chance to do it again."

He began to squeeze, but Soron released a blast from his left hand right into Thanos' knee. That forced Thanos down and allowed Soron to get free. Soron prepared to decapitate him, but Thanos punched him with a power stone empowered fist. That sent Soron flying through the forest.

Thanos got to his feet started walking forward. When Bruce Banner flew at Thanos, the titan raised the infinity gauntlet and surrounded him in a blue glow. Thanos made Bruce intangible which caused him to trip and roll. As Bruce turned around, Thanos released him just as he was partially inside of the mountain wall.

Thanos sent Cap flying through the air before he reached him, and grabbed T'Challa who had leaped toward him. Thanos punched the Wakandan King to the ground which released the stored kinetic energy. Falcon came flying in as he fired from his UZIs. Unfortunately, that didn't do anything at all. Thanos merely forced him to fall to the ground and walked passed him. Sif ran toward him and prepared to slash with her sword, but Thanos grabbed her with both hands and pulled hard. She gave a bloodcurdling scream as she was ripped in half.

"Wanda," Vision said with a sense of urgency. "It's time."

"No," Wanda said sternly before she turned back toward the titan.

"They can't stop him, but we can," Vision pressured as he grabbed her.

"Look at me," Vision said prompting Wanda to do so.

"You have the power to destroy the stone," Vision continued.

"Don't," Wanda said sternly.

"You must do it," Vision implored her. "Wanda please."

Wanda turned to look at the android with her bottom lip trembling as Vision grabbed her hand and placed it on his left cheek.

"We are out of time," Vision said.

"I can't," Wanda shook her head as she removed her hand from his face.

"Yes, you can," Vision said kindly. "You can. If he gets the stone. Half the universe dies."

"It's not fair," Vision said understandingly. "It shouldn't be you, but it is."

"It's alright," Vision continued consolingly as Wanda prepared to destroy the mind stone. "You could never hurt me."

Wanda stared at him about to break into a fit of crying as Vision stared at her with nothing but kindness.

"I just feel you," Vision said. Wanda's right hand glowed red, and then she launched a stream of red energy into his forehead. She kept the stream going as Thanos sent Rhodey crashing to the ground, blasted Bucky with energy from the power stone, threw Okoye, and buried Natasha. Groot made his appearance and wrapped Thanos in roots, but he broke out of them easily while Wanda began blasting red energy with her left hand.

Cap slid under Thanos' hand and then punched Thanos in the knee, gauntlet, and then delivered an uppercut. Thanos made to grab the First Avenger, but Cap held up his hands and stopped him. Steve used all his strength and kept pushing as Thanos did the same. Thanos stared at him surprised and impressed at the willpower, but eventually, he punched down knocking Cap to the floor.

Wanda looked back and saw that Thanos had gotten closer, and she quickly moved her left hand toward the titan. She was now blasting both of them with her red energy. Thanos did all he could to defend against it using his collected infinity stones. He also pushed against the stream of energy.

"It's alright," Vision said kindly and quietly.

"It's alright," Vision continued as his stone began to shatter. "I love you."

Vision closed his eyes as he began to crack, and then the mind stone was shattered entirely. That caused an explosive shockwave that knocked Wanda to the ground and made Thanos stumble. Thanos walked forward slowly and stared at Scarlet Witch with nothing but sympathy as she slowly pushed herself up with grief on her face.

"I understand, my child," Thanos said as he came to a stop in front of her. "Better than anyone."

"You could never," Wanda said angrily.

In response, Thanos brushed her head with his very large right hand.

"Today I lost more than you can know," Thanos said.

"But now is no time to mourn," Thanos continued as he resumed his trek. "Now is no time at all."

He came to a stop in front of Vision and used the time stone's power to rewind time. Wanda watched as Vision was rebuilt from all the exploded bits, and as soon as the rewound was complete Vision opened his eyes.

"No!" Wanda shouted as she leaped toward him. However, she was easily batted away.

Thanos grabbed Vision by the neck and then dug the mind gem out of his forehead with his free hand. Once again, Vision was dead. However, this time all the color left his body. Thanos tossed his corpse aside like it was a banana peel as he stared at the mind stone. He placed it into the last empty spot on the infinity gauntlet, and when he felt the combined power of the stones surge through him he let out a cry. He raised looked down at the gauntlet, and as soon as he made a fist a bolt of lightning struck him. He was sent sliding on the ground creating a narrow groove. As soon as the lightning attack let up, Thanos got to his feet and blasted with all of the infinity stones' power. However, the owner of the lightning threw his weapon and it's power overtook the infinity stones. Suddenly, the weapon embedded itself in Thanos' chest and Thanos grew a shocked and pained expression as he fell to one knee.

Thor landed in front of him and grabbed Thanos by the back of his head.

"I told you…" Thor said with vengeance and anger in his eyes as he pushed Stormbreaker's blade further into the titan. "You'd die for that."

Thanos screamed in immense pain the entire time and only stopped when Thor eased on the pressure. Now, Thanos could only look down as he breathed weakly.

"You should have…" Thanos said weakly as he looked at Thor.

"You should," Thanos said again as he grabbed Thor's chest. "You should have gone for the head."

Thor could only watch as Thanos raised his right arm as he prepared to snap his fingers. Soron had finally made it back, but he knew he wouldn't get there in time.

"No!" Thor shouted just as everyone became only able to see white and nothing else. No objects. No people. Nothing.

Suddenly, their vision returned and the infinity gauntlet was smoking and incredibly damaged.

"What did you do?" Thor asked. "What'd you do?!"

However, instead of responding Thanos activating the space stone's power and fell backward into a portal allowing Stormbreaker to fall to the ground with only purple blood left on the blade. Thor just stared at his weapon as Cap walked out of the forest.

"Where'd he go?" Cap asked. Soron's interest in the conversation was non-existant as he saw something which made him drop his sword. Sif was lying in a pool of her blood with her skin going pale.

"No," Soron said as he hurried toward her. "Nononononono!"

He fell to his knees right next to her top half and grabbed her hand.

"Help!" Soron cried out. "Somebody!"

"Steve?" said the voice of Bucky attracting Soron's attention. He widened his eyes as he saw Bucky disintegrate.

"Soron," coughed Sif suddenly. Soron immediately returned his attention to her.

"Never run from a fight," Sif said as she weakly clenched her hand. "However, don't go looking for one. Don't desire vengeance. Only justice. Above all, find a reason to continue existence. You don't need me. You never have."

Soron couldn't say anything, because if he tried he was pretty sure he'd break out into a crying fit.

"Goodbye, son," Sif said as she too disintegrated.

Soron could only watch helplessly as this reality's version of his mother ceased to be.

Out on the battlefield, the Wakandans and their allies watched as Wakandan warriors around them disintegrated.

"Luke," said Danny Rand aka Iron Fist as he began to disintegrate. Luke could only watch wide-eyed as his friend became no more.

"Oh, fuck you Thanos!" shouted Deadpool from nearby as he too disintegrated. "Fuck you too wri-"

"Logan," Colossus said as he disintegrated. Logan fell to his knees trying to catch his friend's ashes.

Back in the forest…

T'Challa now without his helmet, hurried to Okoye concerned.

"Up, General. up!" T'Challa said as he held a hand out to her.

"This is no place to die," T'Challa added as Okoye grabbed his arm. However, as she got into a sitting position the king of Wakanda too disintegrated. She looked with horror as she got to her feet before saying something in her native tongue. Over with Rocket and Groot, the former looked at his best buddy who was leaning against a fallen tree.

"I am Groot," Groot said weakly as he began to disintegrate.

"Oh…" Groot said horrified as he hurried toward him. "No, no, no! Groot! No."

Wanda also disintegrated, but she seemed at peace. Falcon didn't have that luxury as he still had people he cared about in the world… probably. However, he too disintegrated as he pushed himself up as Rhodey showed up.

"Sam!" Rhodey called not knowing that he had just missed him. "Sam, where you at?!"

Back on Titan…

The heroes all gathered near Tony while Parker helped the Iron Avenger to his feet. Quill had his arm around Mantis while Drax, Nebula, and Venom were apart.

"Something's happening," Mantis said as she looked around. Unknown to her, she was disintegrating. However, everyone else noticed. Tony widened his eyes and took a couple of steps toward her.

"Quill?" Drax asked his friend and leader as Star-Lord looked at him. Drax had also begun to disintegrate.

"Steady, Quill," Tony said.

"Oh, man," Quill said disappointed as he too began to disintegrate.

"Tony," Doctor Strange said attracting his attention.

"There was no other way," Doctor Strange assured Stark before he too disintegrated.

"Eddie?" said Venom as the black ooze began to vanish leaving nothing but Eddie Brock behind. Eddie fell to his knees in grief over the loss of his constant companion.

"Mr. Stark?" Peter Parker said attracting Tony's attention. Peter's expression was a look of pain and utter fear. His spider-sense was going off like crazy.

"I don't feel so good," Peter said as he stumbled toward Tony.

"You're alright," Tony said.

"I don't… I don't know what's happening," Peter said as he stumbled toward Tony. "I don't know…"

Peter fell and Tony caught him. Tony may not have been a hugger a while ago, but right now he felt like he was a father and Peter was his kid. He had to comfort him.

"I don't want to go," Peter cried as he slowly disintegrated. "I don't want to go, sir. Please. Please, I don't want to go. I don't want to go."

Eventually, he fell to the ground on his back as Tony could only watch.

"I'm sorry," Peter said as he glanced at Stark before disintegrating one more time. Tony put himself into a sitting position unable to do anything else while Nebula just stood there.

"He did it," Nebula stated. Tony could only look at the ground angry at everything, and that's when Nebula felt compassion for one of the few times of her life. She knelt next to him but was unsure what to do.

Back on Earth…

Cap rolled Vision's corpse over to get a better look at him with all of the surviving members of the forest battle gathered behind him. All except for Soron who was still kneeling by where Sif was. Natasha arrived at a run and gasped when she saw Vision's appearance. Cap only flopped to his behind as he panted.

"What is this?" Rhodey asked. "What the hell is happening?"

"It was Thanos," Soron said emotionlessly as he stood up. "He completed his goal. He won."

"And it was all his fault!" Soron shouted as he glared at Thor with his one eye. "Instead of torturing him, you should have killed him!"

Thor didn't respond as his eyes flickered back and forth.

"Listen to me!" Soron shouted as he walked toward the Thunderer and punched him in the face. Thor stumbled back and turned toward Soron. He punched Soron in return. Soron tried to punch Thor again, but he was stopped by Natasha while Thor was held back by Steve.

"It was all our fault!" Steve looked at everyone. "We all failed. However, we gave it our all. That is all we can be expected to do!"

"If Thanos killed Sif right in front of you," Thor spoke up. "Would you have done any differently?"

"Sif was right there," Soron said his voice cracking as he gestured to where she had been. "Ripped in half and dying, and yet she was still snapped away. Once again, I could do nothing to save her."

A few minutes ago, in a city…

A car was driving down a street at the speed limits. Inside was an African American man with an eyepatch and a caucasian brunette woman.

"Still no sign from Stark?" asked the man.

"No, not yet," the woman replied. "We're watching every satellite on both Hemispheres, but still nothing."

"What is it?" asked the man when a device in the woman's hand beeped.

"Multiple bogeys over Wakanda," the woman replied.

"Same energy signature as New York?" the man asked.

"Ten times bigger," the woman replied.

"Tell Klein we'll meet him at-" began the man as he turned to look at the woman. He didn't notice as a car in the other lane suddenly skidded into their lane.

"Nick!" the woman exclaimed. The man now known as Nick stopped the car just before the other car spun into a parked car next to them.

They both got out of their car and the woman walked forward to see if the driver was okay. However, when she got there the car was empty. She stared with nothing but shock on her face.

"They okay?" Nick asked.

"There's no one here," the woman replied completely baffled.

Nick turned around in time to see a helicopter smoke and spinning out of control before it crashed on a building. Suddenly, people began panicking as they finally noticed something odd was going on.

"Call control," Nick said without looking at the woman. "Code red."

"Nick," the woman said attracting his attention. She was disintegrating.

"Hill," Nick said before she was gone completely. Nick suddenly felt something off with himself and immediately hurried to the side of his vehicle and pulled out a pager. He managed to press a button just as he began disintegrating.

"Oh no," Nick said as he disintegrated. "Mother-"

Right before he completely disintegrated he pressed another button on the pager before it fell to the ground. An image appeared on the pager's screen. It was a star with a red and blue background.

A couple of weeks later, at night…

Soron knelt on a rooftop in Manhattan as he watched the streets below. After the Infinity Snap happened crime slowed down. However, that didn't mean there wasn't any danger. Ordinary citizens became criminals themselves. Either free of any excuse to remain lawful, or having just gone crazy upon seeing their families disintegrate in front of their eyes. Soron looked down at an object in his right hand before he put it on. It was a helmet with one eyehole this time. He stood up and jumped off of the building onto a car driving over the speed limit that had guns aimed at an orphanage. When he landed, the front of the car crunched and the occupants stared at him through the windshield. Soron got off of the car and removed the driver's side door entirely.

The driver aimed a revolver at Soron, but he grabbed his wrist and snapped it before grabbing the guy's head and bashing it into the steering wheel rendering him unconscious.

"The rest of you," Soron said emotionlessly. "Out."

The other three criminals quickly clambered out of the car and stared at him. One whipped out a UZI, but Soron immediately blasted him in the head which made his skull shattered. The remaining two watched in horror as their friend fell either dead or a vegetable. They looked at each other before throwing down their guns.

"What made you think I was going to spare you?" Soron asked before pulling out his katana and jumping toward them. They could only scream as Soron slashed when he reached them.

Meanwhile, across town…

It was a silent neighborhood, and no crime was being committed. There were no lights on, and it was devoid of anything except for the sounds of crickets and the occasional dog barks. The silence was interrupted as a green swirling portal appeared on the ground and an armored hand with a golden ring popped out.

We're FINALLY at the end of the Infinity War arc. I had originally intended to have the Fantastic 4 make their debut at the end of this story. However, as I'm not even certain that I'm going to do Guardians of Time anymore... I won't. The story will resume in Season 2. It'll take place 5-years after Soron's last scene for this chapter but a week before the final battle of Avengers: Endgame. Expect the second season to be about Soron and the SHIELD agents fighting off Soron's former owner. Not sure how many episodes on it I'll do, though. However, it won't be about that at first. instead, it'll be about Daisy trying to get Soron to be a hero instead of a killer of killers. She doesn't want him to be targeted by SHIELD after all. She now sees him as a friend. Especially, after he helped her escape Sakaar and then found her just to help fight Graviton. That hand at the end of the chapter belongs to the new and improved ex-master of Soron. Also, I am considering bringing this into a Crisis on Infinite Earths story I want to do eventually. As always, comment, like, and/or follow the story if you want more.