Karasu Kanashimi

Chapter 1

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A petite young lady with long black hair and bangs that completely hid her forehead sat slouched over a wooden desk. Her face was buried in her folded arms to block the light from her eyes. She turned her head in her sleep and the dim lighting in the classroom shone onto her face. Golden eyes fluttered open and she sat up. She blinked drowsily and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She yawned widely. She noticed her vision was very blurry. She looked down at the desk and spotted what appeared to be a pair of glasses. After she placed the glasses on, everything came into focus and she found herself in a room filled with desks like hers, a podium, and a blackboard. 'Am I in a classroom? How did I get here? Why am I here?' She thought drowsily.

She froze solid when she couldn't remember how she got into this situation. Her face turned blue when she was unable to recall her name.

"Who am I?" she muttered aloud. She repeated it over and over like a mantra, screwed her eyes shut, and clenched her fist in frustration. Tears leaked from her eyes when she could not remember her own name. She couldn't remember anything. She glanced down at the paper folded neatly on her desk, picked it up, and began to read, "Karasu Kanashimi, Welcome to School A new semester has just begun. Since your starting new lives, this school will be your new world. Gather in the gym at 8 for the welcoming ceremony." It was written in crayon. Complete with a picture that appeared to have to be drawn and colored by a kindergartener. But she didn't care about the picture; she focused on only two words.

"Karasu Kanashimi," she murmured testing it on her tongue, "I am Karasu Kanashimi!" she declared then giggled feeling exhilarated and relieved that she finally had a name. Karasu was suddenly overtaken by a desire to keep this paper, so she would never forget her name again. She patted her thighs in hopes of finding a pocket, but she was wearing a red sundress. Finally, she stuffed it in the brown leather travel bag, with the strap hanging on her shoulder, resting on her opposite hip.

Karasu felt slightly more relaxed and began investigating her surroundings. She glanced out of the window only to find an iron plate was obstructing her vision. Her face fell flat as she stared at the iron plate. 'Am I a prisoner?' was her first thought and one look at the security camera confirmed her suspicions.

That was when she had an idea. A smile appeared on her face that spelled trouble. Karasu was quick to jump into action and stacked a few of the desks on top of each other and climbed to the top. She was now sitting directly in front of the camera. She stared at the camera. And stared. And stared. The she made a face. She tilted her head, stuck out her tongue, and closed one eye. She made a peace sign next to her head and said, "Selfie!"

Somewhere within the building a certain someone, the mastermind, watched shocked at her unorthodox behavior. Her behavior contradicted almost seven months' worth of data the mastermind had gathered on Karasu Kanashimi.

Karasu hopped down from her perch. She felt that she had goofed off enough for one day. Besides didn't she have somewhere to be?

With a jolt that she remembered she had somewhere to be. Her eyes darted to the clock. It was 8:00. She was late! Karasu darted out of the classroom and turned left only to run into the brown haired boy who had just exited the classroom he was in. The boy was sent crashing into the floor while Karasu managed to stay on her feet. She flitted around him while panicking and apologizing repeatedly.

"I'm sorry! Are you okay? Do you need help?" Karasu said without stopping to take a breath.

"No worries!" He responded as she helped him to his feet.

"I'm Makoto Naegi," he introduced himself with a smile then he frowned, "Were you crying?"

"I am Karasu Kanashimi!" she introduced herself with a little more enthusiasm than necessary, "And sometimes I cry in my sleep."

Makoto looked startled at the confession, but accepted her response without protest. "My title is the Ultimate Lucky Student. What's yours?" He asked.

Karasu froze and quickly turned around to conceal her panic. 'I have a title?! I have no idea what it could be!' she thought frantically as she searched for response.

"Are you okay?" Makoto asked, concerned.

Karasu slowly turned back around with an insane grin on her face and answered quite cheerfully, "That's for me to know and for you to find out!"

Makoto sweat dropped and opened his mouth-.

"Hey, I found the gym! Hurry up; we're late enough as it is." Karasu exclaimed. She had wandered off without him.

-Only to find himself standing all alone; he had been abandoned in the hall. How did she move so fast?

"Hey! Wait up!" He shouted as he ran after her. By the time he caught up with her, she had already thrown open the gymnasium doors. They were met by the sight of fourteen other students nervously glancing around, pacing or in deep thought. They paused and glanced at them when Karasu opened the door.

"Hey- did you guys wake up in a classroom too?" Karasu said in a sing-song tone with her insane grin, heavily contrasting with the nervous atmosphere.

"Yes, everyone here woke up without a clue how they got here." An absolutely adorable girl known as Chihiro Fujisaki replied shyly.

"How peculiar..." stated Celestia Ludenberg sporting a perfect poker face.

"Reminds me of the days we had back in Juvie." said Mondo Oowada.

"Hey, maybe they will auction off our organs." Leon Kuwata joked.

"You have no excuse for your tardiness!" shouted Kiyotaka Ishimaru.

"Could you just, not?" asked Junko Enoshima.

"Ah cool, that will make sixteen of us." Yasuhiro Hagakure said.

"Maybe now we'll get some answers." stated Hifumi Yamada.

"This is supposed to be a special school, right?" asked Aoi Asahina to a very muscular… man?

"I suggest that first, we assess our situation." stated the very muscular Sakura Oogami.

"Okay…" Makoto Naegi responded looking very much intimidated.

"Bet he thinks I'm a troll." muttered Toko Fukawa.

"You don't look anything like a mountain troll," Karasu told her seriously with a deadpanned expression.

"What?" Toko asked confused.

"Why not take a picture?" demanded Byakuya Togami.

"Can I help you?" asked Kyoko Kirigiri.

"Just teasing." giggled Sayaka Maizono.

"If you are quite done flirting, we can move on to weightier matters." Byakuya interrupted.

"Such as?" Makoto asked.

Byakuya sighed in exasperation before he explained, "Such as our current quandary. Someone has collected us here for a reason."

Toko clutched her head and expressed, "We're all essentially prisoners!"

"You'd think the least they could do is give me back my cell phone. It's like, totally barbaric." Junko complained. That said everyone frantically checked their pockets in search of their phones. Karasu searched her bag and pulled out a flip phone. A toy flip phone.

"Are you okay?" Makoto asked when he sensed her anger. Then she had an idea. Her enraged expression morphed into that insane grin of hers. She flicked her wrist and the toy flipped open. She brought it to her ear as Makoto watched her with a look of exasperation.

"Hello?" Karasu said aloud. The effect was instantaneous; everyone dropped their search for their phone and glanced at her hopefully. They spotted the orange and purple object in her hand instantly and looked away annoyed.

"Ya think that's funny bitch?!" Mondo yelled angrily. Karasu grin fell away instantly and she looked at Mondo in fear. She darted behind Makoto to hide, but it was a futile effort seeing that she is taller than him.

"My phone is missing as well. Does that mean they have been confiscated?" Sakura asked to return everyone's focus to the situation at hand.

"Yeah no, there's no way. They'll give us our stuff back after orientation, I'm sure of it," Yasuhiro said, "In fact, it's already been foretold!"

"Dude please, a crystal ball?" Leon asked exasperated. Karasu glared at the glass ball as if it had personally insulted her.

"I'm dead on thirty percent of the time!" Yasuhiro declared proudly.

Touko scoffed. "Isn't that impressive?" She mocked. Karasu giggled from behind Makoto.

Yasuhiro groaned. Then the sound of a malfunctioning microphone echoed across the room and everyone flinched or covered their ears.

"Testing. Mic test, mic test. One, Two. Anybody hear me okay on this thing?" Asked a disembodied whimsical, childish voice, it grunted then continued, "Hiya kiddos! Time to roll out the welcome wagon! Not literally, of course. I'm not sure what that means literally, but you get it."

"See we are not prisoners! This is just how they do things here at Hope's Peak!" Yasuhiro announced.

"Well, you're half right," Kyoko stated. Makoto and Karasu glanced at her out of the corner of their eyes'.

Then for one reason or another, all eyes focused on the podium sitting upon the stage, expecting someone to be standing there. No one was there until a half-black-half-white teddy bear popped up and landed seated on the podium. One-half was the picture of innocence while the other half grinned maliciously at them.

"What the heck?" Makoto asked aloud, echoing everyone's confusion.

"I know what you are all thinking and no I am not a high tech build-a-bear reject," the bear told them as it waved its arms around then it popped up onto its feet, "I am the principal of this illustrious institution, Monokuma, pleased to meet ya!"

Hifumi screamed and said, "I had a nightmare just like this once!"

"Young man, some respect if you please? Monokuma, your principal!" Monokuma introduced himself again.

'This is… weird' Karasu thought.

Monokuma stood on the tips of his toes and waved his arms around again as he respond as if he had heard her thought, "Yes, yes, like nothing you've ever seen before. Uncanny, unsettling even! Yadda, yadda, movin' right along. Now all of you stand at attention, give principal your snappiest good morning!"

Kiyotaka immediately bowed and said, "Good morning, Principal Sir!"

Toko shrieked, "Please don't encourage it!"

"Eh. That will have to do, I suppose. Anyway, welcome bright young things to your new living quarters! Now before you get all uppity, rest assured it's for your own good. Mustn't like the outside world dull that dazzling inner spark! We got to keep that freshness sealed in." Monokuma explained.

"Hold on, we-" Makoto began only to be cut off by Junko's angry shout of, "I don't think so!"

"So now you're wondering how long you'll be guests of our program. Approximately… the rest of your lives!" Monokuma continued.

Everyone gasped but that only egged him on. Monokuma jumped up and down and exclaimed, "Oh yeah! By new living quarters, I mean permanent living quarters!"

"You- you can't be serious!" Leon exclaimed in disbelief.

"We'll be here forever?" Chihiro asked, sounding close to tears.

"Aw, don't fret. We have an astronomical budget. Your needs will be satisfied in perpetuity." Monokuma said in what he obviously thought was a comforting tone.

"That's not the issue. What if we have families?" Sayaka asked.

"No, just no." Junko refused.

"Excuse me! So the iron plates in our rooms, those are to shut us in." Makoto asked.

"Bingo! You're here for keepsies!" Monokuma confirmed, "Kick and scream all ya want, no one outside can hear ya!"

'But why iron plates and not iron bars?' Karasu thought, 'Wouldn't they both serve the same purpose?' She was about to ask Monokuma when Celestia said, "Forgive me if I suggest this to be less than ideal, but to spend the rest of our natural lives confined in a place like this.?"

Monokuma cleared his throat with a squeak, "Natural life? Oh, now that's rich. Actually, for those who wish to leave there is a loophole."

"Enlighten us," Byakuya asked in a fashion that made it sound more like an order.

"Good old fashioned murder!" Monokuma jumped off the podium and landed on the floor to exclaim with insane enthusiasm, "Yes! The student that kills a classmate, and gets away with it, will be permitted to leave scot free!"

Monokuma didn't wait to see the horrified looks on their faces and proceeded to explain the many possible methods to kill with obvious glee, "Pummel! Shiv! Bludgeon! Mutilate! Emulate! Exacerbate! Asphyxiate! No magic? Conjure it!"

Karasu flinched at the word magic as she realized that they were all at his mercy. Monokuma would provide everything they needed to sustain life, but not let them go free without being entertained.

Monokuma disappeared and reappeared with a squirming fish in his arms. "Know what you kids and these salmon have in common? Neither of you has the faintest notion how jingly the thought of watching you all slaughter each other makes me!"

He turned so his black side of his body that was grinning maliciously was facing them, "The best of the best, the crème of the crème forced into a gruesome free for all! Is there anything hotter?" He turned to face them again looking, as much as a robot could, like the thought gave him immense pleasure.

"You're crazy" Leon accused.

"But why, what could possible the point in making us kill?" Sayaka asked fearfully. 'What is the point?' Karasu wondered 'Only one way to find out, let's see how this plays out. After all, no one here came prepared to kill.'

"Yeah, what they said! If you think we are on board with this bullcrap, then you're out of your mind!" Hifumi ranted.

"Bullcrap, where do you get off talking like that to your principal?!" Monokuma scolded Hifumi, his one red eye glowing threateningly. "Love it or hate it, sweetie pies, from here on out this school is your entire world. Them's the breaks!" 'It would seem so,' Karasu mused silently 'unless we combine forces and destroy you, of course'.

"Look on the bright side! I'm letting you get away with murder! For real, so stop whining and start plotting!" Monokuma chirped happily.

"You want murder teddy-two-tone? Take this shit any further and you'll be victim number one!" Mondo threatened the bear to intimidate it.

Monokuma was having none of it, "Is that a threat? You gonna impale me on that pompadour?" he asked mockingly.

"Bitch, No! What I'm gonna do is tear you apart 'til nothing's left, but whatever is making you jabber! Mondo raged. Karasu flinched at the word 'bitch'.

"Erahh! School rules expressly state no harm must come to the principal under any circumstances!" Monokuma panicked and started beeping like a bomb getting ready to detonate.

"Uh, guys? What's that noise?" Mondo asked the others.

Beep... Beep... Beep...

Kyoko gasped, "Oh no, toss him!"

Beep.. Beep.. Beep..

"Huh?" Mondo grunted.

"Trust me just do it!" Kyoko commanded. Mondo leaned back and hurls the bear into the air with all his might.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

KABOOM! Monokuma disappeared in a bright flash of light and heat. The resulting smoke of the explosion dissipated as the Ultimates gasped and shifted around nervously.

"This is real, isn't it?" Makoto asked no one in particular.

"It could have blown my face off!" Mondo panicked.

"So the teddy bear is kaput?" Chihiro asked shyly.

"Not a teddy bear! Monokuma!" the bear corrected and reappeared atop the podium, "Ta-da!"

'Well, teaming up to destroy him won't work. How many spares does he have anyway?' Karasu wondered.

"You son of a-" Mondo cursed in a fit of rage.

"Consider that a verbal warning, young man. Get smart with me again any of you, and let's just say around here forgo written warnings in favor of instant corporal punishment!" Monokuma threatened.

"This now concludes the introductory portion of your orientation, boys and girls! Here's to you all enjoying a fun, fulfilling, and not exactly long scholastic enrichment year at Hope's Peak High!" Monokuma said cheerfully as he disappeared, leaving uneasy students in his wake.

Celeste summarized the speech as she twisted her hair around her finger, "So if I understand this correctly, to make it out of this place we are to kill."

Kiyotaka growled, "This is absolutely bogus!"

"No, it's a joke," Chihiro whined.

"Ha! A joke it very well be, but that doesn't alleviate my concern as to one of you takes it at face value." Byakuya shared with everyone.

'Great job, Byakuya! Combining our efforts to find an alternate way out has been all but destroyed. Bravo!' Karasu thought sarcastically, and rolled her eyes.

She spotted Aoi and Sakura out of the corner of her eye standing atop the bleachers. Sakura was in a combat stance, then with a battle cry, lashed out with a punch that resulted in a shockwave.

"It appears my strength is insufficient." Sakura deadpanned. 'Okay then. Note to self: stay on Sakura's good side.' Karasu thought.

A sound that was reminiscent of a computer booting up was heard throughout the gym as the digital notebooks power up. Karasu decided that her priority was to explore and find food, medicine, and a safe place to sleep. Corporation at this point in time was essential. Safe as well, all things considered, no one truly wanted to kill yet.

"Nothing" Aoi reported.

"Same here" Mondo reported as well. He kicked the podium on the stage, while he cursed under his breath. Leon picked up the microphone as he investigated the same podium.

Kiyotaka shouted encouragement to everyone in the room. "Bah! Don't lose heart friends! If we persevere the way out is bound to present itself!"

Aoi made a noise of agreement. "I'm with captain pep talk! Better to stay positive then spin our wheels!"

"I agree," Sakura said.

"Yeah, fine. Leave no stone unchecked right?" Leon asked no one in particular.

"I'd prefer to search alone," Byakuya stated as he addressed the group.

"Think that's smart?" Junko asked him.

"I do, yes, considering that one or more of you might already be planning my untimely demise." Byakuya retorted as he walked toward the exit.

"Oh come on," Sayaka said exasperatedly.

"Only a fool would deny it," Byakuya said to defend his point of view as he passed her.

"Whoa, there pal! You can't just do whatever you want!" Mondo countered.

Byakuya scoffed. "Out of my way, Narwhale." Mondo's face contorted with rage as he cracked his knuckles.

"Ohh! Your paranoia is about to be right on!" Mondo threatened.

"Hold up guys! The last thing we want to do is fight." Makoto said in a futile attempt to stop the fight. He was rewarded for his efforts with Mondo turning his wrath upon him.

"Say what!" Mondo turned to face Makoto, "The hell you think you are punk? You wanna lecture me? GIVE ME A LESSON ON TEAMWORK?" Mondo yelled in Makoto's face.

Makoto backed up quickly when he realized that he was in danger. He threw his hands up and waved them between Mondo and him as if that would ward off the inevitable punch.

"No, I-" Makoto started to say, only to be interrupted by a cry of 'shut up' before he fainted. Mondo's punch missed him completely. Everyone's look of fear changed swiftly to a bemused expression when Makoto hit the ground.

'He really is lucky' Karasu thought to herself. Mondo meanwhile, was horrified by what just happened and just stood there stuttering. Sayaka ran to Makoto's side and attempted to lift him. The best she could do was lift his torso off the gymnasium floor.

"Let us help," Aoi said to Sayaka and she nods. Aoi and Sayaka hoisted him up between them, so only his feet were dragging on the floor now. They began their struggle to the hallway and find somewhere for him to recuperate.

Sakura decided that watching her new friends struggle was unacceptable and promptly relieved them of their burden. They all left the gym together; Sakura was carrying Makoto bridal style. Everyone else stood in place and watched them leave. Then Byakuya suddenly followed, presumably to begin his search alone.

"Why are you following me you imbecile! I will not be alone with anyone. Anyone of you could be planning my death." Byakuya lectured Karasu, who was following him.

He stopped and she walked in front of him. She stared him straight in the eyes. 'He really believes that the only way out is to kill. He won't kill right now; there is the second part to rule 6 that remains unknown. He doesn't care about us. He sees this as a game. A game to be won. He's despicable!' Karasu thought as her expression slowly turned to one of disgust and anger.


Karasu had slapped him. "And here I thought you were smart," Karasu said with a disappointed sigh and walk out of the gym while she ignored Byakuya's splutters of indignation.

After they searched the school for a bit, they met up in the cafeteria to discuss what they found. Karasu stood behind Byakuya to keep an eye on him when Makoto, who had regained consciousness, arrived with Sayaka to meet up.

"Oh hey, there's the man of the hour! You okay?" Aoi asked Makoto as he walked to an open seat.

"Sure am. Never better." Makoto replied as he took the open chair next to Mondo.

Mondo added what could have been his version of an apology, "So let's just chalk the whole thing up to stress."

"Yeah, no worries Mondo, I mean we're all on edge. Tempers flare up sometimes." Makoto said.

"I doubt any of us would kill in front of witnesses. That is to say that under present circumstances, safety in numbers would seem to hold true." Celestia thought aloud.

"But what's stopping us from killing all the witnesses? What stopping us from killing everyone else?" Karasu asked as she tilted her head in a bird-like fashion. She heard with a buzz from her bag and saw the horrified look from her classmates. She reached into bag and pulled out her digital notebook.

Regulation 8: The guilty party may only kill a maximum of two persons during any single "killing game," unless clearly stated otherwise.

"Well there is Regulation 8." Karasu answered as she slipped her digital notebook back into her bag.

"What the F-," Mondo began when Celestia interrupted, "Ah! I see. You tricked Monokuma into creating a regulation that would protect us."

"I did?" Karasu asked. She thought she saw Celestia's pleasant smile waver for a millisecond, but this was the Ultimate Gambler. Her poker face was unbreakable.

"Got something to say, Mondo?" Karasu asked innocently.

"Grr- it's nothing." Mondo replied.

"Right, listen up! I hereby call to order the first Hope's Peak High School Briefing on Academy affairs." Kiyotaka announced, "Let's review the present state of our intel."

Celeste and Mondo investigated the entrance hall, Aoi and Sakura found a stairwell leading up blocked by a security gate, Hifumi lazed about in his dorm, and Chihiro searched the kitchen and learned from Monokuma that the freezer, refrigerator, produce, and pantry would be restocked depending on how much they all ate the previous day.

"There is an incinerator by the dorms. Monokuma told me that only one of us will be on trash duty for a week. I volunteered to go first." Karasu added.

"I volunteer to go second!" Hifumi exclaimed.

"Anything else to report?" Kiyotaka asked.

Touko added quite rudely, "Report. We are still in the dark about who's behind all this and we're still trapped. This investigation was a waste of time."

"No, some useful information was gleaned from our joint effort. We now know the boundaries of our confinement and that we will be here for a while." Celestia countered.

Touko screamed "Stop! I'm having a nervous breakdown!" She rubbed her head with her hands as if to straighten out her thoughts.

"Monokuma has made that perfectly clear. From where else should the incentive come for us to kill?" Byakuya asked.

"That's not something to joke about." Junko retorted with a scowl on her face.

Leon clutched his head and asked in desperation, "Oh man, what are we going to do?"

It was Celestia who answered, "Adapt I suppose." She was the picture of calm and collected.

"What?" Junko asked angrily.

"These aren't such bad arrangements."

"So we just suck it up and get used to being prisoners!?"

"In the game of survival neither the strongest nor smartest have the advantage, but rather those most willing and able to adapt, the most pliable." Uneasy murmurs were heard throughout the room. "With that chestnut in mind, I would like to offer everyone if I may, a modest suggestion."

"Yeah, and what would that be?" Mondo asked.

"You will note in the rules a designated curfew. Why not make an addendum to these so called night hours?" Celestia proposed.

"Like what exactly?" Junko asked haughtily.

"At night we all stay in our rooms, simple as that." Celestia replied calmly.

"What? What would even be the point?" Toko asked.

"Think about it, my dears. Given this predicament, the dark hours will be especially hard on our nerves as it is. The tiniest sound will persuade a foul is afoot." Celestia explained. Her explanation was met with terrified gasps.

"Now, needless to say, that must be self-imposed. It's only means of enforcement will be peer pressure." Celestia finished.

After the meeting ended, everyone went their separate ways. Karasu headed to her dorm room and locked the door behind her. Exhausted, she fell backward onto her back and stared at the ceiling. She thought about the day's events.

'The only one I am concerned about is Byakuya and Celestia. They are both pretty even-tempered and intelligent. Byakuya willing to play the game, but he won't kill so soon. Celestia is also a potential hazard, but only when motivated. Everyone else seems not to be a hazard yet.' Karasu thought.

But that was not the only thing on her mind. She wanted to know why she reacted to the word magic in such a way.

"I can understand why I would react to bitch that way. It is an insult after all, but the way I reacted to it suggests that my parents or guardians abused me.", Karasu said, "But why magic?" She flinched again.

Suddenly remembering that she had yet to familiarize herself with the regulations, Karasu whipped out her digital notebook and navigated to the rulebook tab.

Regulation 1: Students may reside only within the school. Leaving campus is an unacceptable use of time.

Regulation 2: "Nighttime" is from 10 PM to 7 AM. Some areas are off-limits at night, so please exercise caution.

Regulation 3: Sleeping anywhere other than the dormitory will be seen as sleeping in class and punished accordingly.

Regulation 4: With minimal restrictions, you are free to explore Hope's Peak at your discretion.

Regulation 5: Violence against headmaster Monokuma is strictly prohibited, as is the destruction of surveillance cameras.

Regulation 6: Anyone who kills a fellow student and becomes "blackened" will graduate, unless they are discovered.

Regulation 7: Additional school regulations may be added if necessary.

Regulation 8: The guilty party may only kill a maximum of two persons during any single "killing game," unless clearly stated otherwise.

'Are these loopholes intentional?!' Karasu wondered with a grimace. She rolled off her bed and walked to the bathroom to wash herself. She along brought a change of clothes.

Once she locked the bathroom door she stripped and turned on the shower when she noticed a large scar on her right arm and just how visible her ribs were. It appeared to have once been a puncture wound and it appeared that she must have been starved and made a mental note to eat balanced meals. She turned on the warm water and took the hair tie out of her hair. She placed her glasses next to the bathroom sink.

Karasu decided to relieve herself before entering the shower to give the water time to warm up to the desired temperature. As she sat on the toilet, she noticed a security camera in the corner of the room. Her face flushed and she glared.

"Pervert," she muttered under her breath and she felt a tingling in her veins. Unbeknownst to Karasu, a certain someone could no longer see into her bathroom. The camera had been temporarily disabled.

Karasu then washed her hands then stepped under the flow of warm water to wash herself. After washing her hair and body she dried herself off with a towel. As she finished dressing herself she felt the tingling in her veins again and the camera was functioning again. The mastermind would dismiss the incident as a technological failure, for now.

As Karasu brushed her hair, she noticed that a mark that was once concealed by her bangs. She lifted her bangs and found a scar in the middle of her forehead. A scar that appeared fresh as if it had just begun to heal, a scar in the shape of a bolt of lightning. She doesn't remember anything that had touched or carved that mark on to her forehead. 'I couldn't have happened while I was awake, so it must have happened while I was unconscious or before I was caught in this elaborate scheme.' Karasu reasoned.

Her hair reasonably dry, Karasu returned to her room just about ready to fall asleep. She dragged her feet all the way to her bed, tucked herself in, and began to dream.

She dreamed of a brown eyed girl with bushy brown hair and a blue eyed boy with red hair.

Authors Note: Guess who Karasu is! If your guess is a fem!Harry you are correct! But I wonder how she got herself into this mess and what her talent is? Keep on Reading to find out! And let me know what you think in a review!