It seemed that time would go by so fast at the Isle O' Hags. At least, that's when you have so many big adventures, as Banjo and Kazooie would know. But the one thing they didn't expect to come to them or their home world... are wild Pokemon!

"Hey, uh... Banjo." Kazooie started as she pointed her red wing at the Pikachu moving about in the green grass near Jiggywiggy's Temple. "Did you recall seeing a Pikachu anywhere near here...?"

"Not that I recall, no." Banjo mumbled as he was eating a honeycomb he found nearby, noticing the Pikachu. "You think he was trying to get some honey...?"

"Banjo, it's a mouse, not a bear." Kazooie sarcastically remarked as she rolled her eyes. "Just because both it and honey are yellow, doesn't mean they're connected."

Pikachu picked up his ears as he noticed Banjo and Kazooie talking about it, deciding to approach them as they was curious as to why they were thinking about him.

"...Should I be friendly, or attempt an attack?" Banjo stated as he rubbed the back of his head.

Kazooie lowered her eyes as she sighed. "Gee, Banjo, what would you do to what appears to be disgustingly cute?"

Banjo glanced at Kazooie, then at the Pikachu, taking out a honeycomb piece as he handed it to the electric mouse Pokemon. Pikachu took a sniff of the honeycomb, smiling as he danced happily, with Banjo facing Kazooie with a smirk as Kazooie shrugged in response.