A Bounty Hunter named Naruto

Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

"Listen up. We're going to face some hefty opposition in there, ten guards with cavalry experience." Kakashi said as the others looked a little unnerved, except for Sasuke and Zabuza.

"Shit, you really are slipping Hatake if those little pissants from the cavalry got ya scared." Zabuza was clearly smirking as best behind his bandages.

"It's an idiot that doesn't take any fight seriously. I'd thought you knew that since the last time you got in over your head I had to ride in and save your sorry hide." Kakashi said as Zabuza growled before going silent and letting the one eyed bounty hunter continue.

"Now the signal for the townsfolk to get down into their cellars and back rooms is two shots at the edge of town. Once I give those two shots it's also going to draw Gato's men straight to me. When that happens it's going to be up to each and everyone one of you to put as many of them down as possible. Try not to aim for the windows and make sure there's no friendly fire and we just might walk out of this part alive." Kakashi said as he and the six other riders made their way close to the town.

"And what if they just shoot you in the head when ya start shooting? What then eh Kakashi?" Meizu asked as Gozu chuckled a bit.

"Yeah what then Cold-Blood?" Gozu, the less rowdy twin asked as Kakashi shrugged.

"Then shoot them in the head, I don't know avenge me or something." The masked rider said as the other six did not look all that convinced.

"You haven't been thinking about this long have you?" Zabuza asked as Kakashi shrugged, causing everyone to groan.

"Well if I'm being completely honest I wasn't expecting this much help. I figured winging it would be the best way to go, but..." Kakashi trailed off as he looked a little embarrassed.

"You mean to tell me we're going in blind with ten cavalry trained guards who are gonna be shooting everything that moves?! Ya know for a famous bounty hunter you're not that bright." Naruto said as he felt a whack upside his head, turning to see Sasuke glaring slightly at him. Leaping to his feet, Naruto growled at the raven haired man.

"You got something you wanna say Tribesman?! I don't care if you got magic eyes like I heard about, no one does that to me but my Granny!" Naruto ranted before Sasuke grabbed his foot and flipped him over on his back. Naruto growled as he was about to rush the Uchiha, but he turned his head sharply, his eyes red hot and with three tomoe marks in them. The marks began to spin rapidly as Naruto felt light headed before passing out. Sasuke sighed as Gozu and Meizu, who had been sitting closest to him inched a few spaces over.

"He'll be out for the rest of the night." Sasuke said as he got up and grabbed his bed roll, laying it out the others deciding to do so as well except for Kakashi and Zabuza. Zabuza motioned for them to walk to the edge of the treeline near the main road to be out of earshot.

"Alright Kakashi start talking." Zabuza said as he looked Kakashi square in the eye.

"What do you want to talk about?" Kakashi asked as the bandaged man darkly chuckled.

"Cute, real cute. Now cut the shit and tell me what in the hell are we doing out here? I've been to Hope River before, it's a dirt poor town and they suddenly have enough to pay that much gold now and half later? You better be honest with me, just how much money is really going to be coming out our way?" Zabuza asked as Kakashi sighed.

"... That's all the money coming." Kakashi said as Zabuza went for his gun, only to see that Kakashi had already pulled his and had it aimed directly at his face.

"You bastard, wasting my time like always. If you didn't have that gun on me I'd..." Zabuza began as Kakashi seemed to glance back over at the campsite and seeing Naruto sleeping there.

"Look I got cash stored away in a cabin a few days ride from here, just north of the rest stop we met you at. There's more than enough for you and Haku to do whatever you want with it but I'm asking you to stay and ride this one out with me." Kakashi said, but Zabuza had noticed his line of sight towards Naruto.

"Even if I was to believe that... What's that got to do with the little shithead?" Zabuza asked as Kakashi growled a little, mostly at himself.

"... He's Menma Uzumaki." Kakashi said point blank as Zabuza almost did a double take.

"You mean he's..." Zabuza was stopped the second he heard Kakashi pull back the hammer on his revolver and the familiar click filled the air.

"Yes. He is. Now if you want to keep breathing you won't mention this to anyone especially not him. The second he thinks someone knows who he is he'll run." Kakashi said as he holstered his gun. Zabuza sighed as the two stayed in silence for several long moments looking at the sunset.

"Why'd you bring him along on this anyhow?" Zabuza asked as Kakashi snorted.

"Because if what's coming is half as bad as I think it is and if he's half the man his father was he'll live through it and maybe... Just maybe we Whirlpool Springs will get some justice for what happened."

The Next Day

Naruto was running along the back of the town, getting into position behind some barrels in the alley next to the saloon as he drew both of his revolvers. With a deep breath he looked out and saw Kakashi walking down the main street. Kakashi drew his revolver and shot twice into the air. At once all the townsfolk went inside to the main saloon, the general store, and every other relatively safe hiding spot, three of the ten guards Gato had posted in the town rushed to his location.

"Now what's going on here?" One of the guardsmen asked as Kakashi looked up, clearly smiling behind his mask.

"OH HELL IT'S..." One guardsman began to yell before he was shot dead by Kakashi before the two could even react. Before they could open fire, Naruto began firing from his hiding spot behind the barrels, managing to get the two in the leg before the seven remaining guards could join in the ruckus.

Before one guard knew it he was bisected by Zabuza's cleaver of a sword, as his partner got shot in the back of the head by Haku. Meizu and Gozu had managed to get on top of the bank and were taking pot shots with a pair of rifles at the three still out in the open before Meizu managed to kill one.

"Dangit I had him!" Gozu said as he glared at his brother.

"Come on we both know ya can't shoot fer shit with a rifle!" Meizu snapped at his brother before he was winged in the shoulder by one of the guards and fell over hissing in pain. Gozu growled as he opened random fire on the ground below managing to shoot one guard in the head and the other in the leg. At this point Sasuke emerged from his hiding spot near the treeline where a guard was trying to circle around and flank the others, but before he could he was shot in the chest by the Uchiha. Naruto, who had been nearby walked up and shot the man two more times, once more in the chest and once in the head, as he glared at Sasuke.

"What did that do aside from waste bullets?" Sasuke asked as Naruto glared at him.

"Does it bother you?" The blond asked as the Uchiha scoffed. Before anymore could be done they both noticed one guard trying to run. Sasuke aimed his revolver at the man, but Naruto pushed his hand down and tried to take the shot himself, before Sasuke backhanded him to the ground. Naruto got up and was about to tackle him when Sasuke growled.

"You let him get away!" The Tribesman snapped at the blond.

"If ya hadn't decked me I would'a had him!" Naruto growled out as he and Sasuke locked eyes in a glare before Sasuke broke it.

"Whatever, what's your problem anyway?" The Uchiha asked as Naruto looked incredulous.

"Me?! First ya call me an idiot! Then ya knock me down at camp and do that weird eye magic on me and just NOW ya backhanded me! What's YOUR problem with ME?!" Naruto ranted, but nothing more could be said as Kakashi, Haku, Zabuza, Meizu, and Gozu walked up, Meizu holding a cloth to his bleeding shoulder.

"If you two lovebirds are done, we better let the townsfolk know it's safe to come out." Kakashi said as Naruto kept glaring at Sasuke.

"The Tribesman let one of them get away." The blond said as Sasuke elbowed him in the stomach.

"I didn't, I had him in my line of sight before this idiot tried to take the shot for himself." The raven haired Tribesman said as Kakashi nodded.

"Well it's probably for the best. He'll run to tell Gato, so that gives us at least a week to get everything ready for when he comes." The one eyed gunslinger said as Meizu, Gozu, and Naruto looked confused.

"Why would it be a week?" Gozu asked as Kakashi sighed while Zabuza just face palmed.

"Oh for the love of shit, it takes three days to get to Gato's place right? That gives him a day to get his men together, and another three days to ride back." Zabuza said, clearly having no patience for any of this.

"Oooh." Naruto, Meizu, and Gozu said in unison as Zabuza huffed.

"Anyway Kakashi, I'm riding out." The bandaged man said as Kakashi sighed.

"You really don't want to stick around?" The masked man asked as Zabuza shook his head before walking to his horse.

"There's a cabin near here that seems about my speed. Rest and relaxation. Why knows I might find some money in it. Either way I'm cutting out." Zabuza said as he mounted his horse. Haku however did not move.

"You comin'?" Zabuza asked as Haku was silent for a few moments, looking at the ground, before he looked back to his companion.

"Mr. Momochi... I think I need to see this one out." The androgynous young man said as Zabuza gave him a curious look.

"You know I ain't coming back if you get in trouble right?" Zabuza said, though his tone had a note of compassion towards it that he hoped Haku would pick up on. It was his way of saying not to stay.

"I know... But these people need help... And if I turned my back now I know I wouldn't be of any use to you or your dream in the future." Haku said as Zabuza took a deep breath.

"I'll stay at the cabin for a week. If you ain't there I'm leaving without you." Zabuza said as he rode off. With that the remaining six began to walk off into the town to collect the townspeople. However Naruto stopped Sasuke by grabbing his shoulder.

"You never said what your problem was. Do it now or else I might just put a bullet in ya." Naruto said as Sasuke turned to look at him.

"You remind me of someone who caused by tribe great pain. You act the fool, when there is clearly a more cunning mind behind what you do. Just like him."

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