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~*Chapter One *~

Yami Bakura walked though the dark alley, at 3 in the morning. / Where the hell is that guy that wanted to meet me here. He said to be here at this exact place, and at this exact time. These duel monster cards he wants to show me better be good cause if their not that bastard will pay, for getting me up at 3 in the damned morning. /

Then before he could move a black sack was put over his head. " Who's there!? What is this!? Whats going on!? " Shouted a very freaked out Bakura. " Shut up, your coming with me! " Commanded a dark raspy voice. Before he knew it he was hit upside the head with something hard, and fell into a black whirl of a dream.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

/ Yami are you awake?/
/Yes I am Yugi , who was that you were speaking to on the phone just now?/
/ It was Ryou, his yami left in the middle of the night sometime and he hasn't returned yet. Ryou's very worried./
/He shouldn't be that stupid tomb robber is most likely out stealing from people, or he could be killing them./
/ No not this early. Ryou said that he usually is home when he wakes up in the morning./
/ Doing what?/
/He said that Bakura likes to watch the news./
/ Ha, thats a laugh. That tomb robber is to stupid to figure out how to change the channel's on the tv./
/ This is no laughing matter Yami. Ryou thinks something bad has happened to his yami./
/ Hmm. Well what do you think we should do about it?/
/ I'm going over there now to help Ryou calm down, and you are going to stay here and watch the game shop today./
/ Ok./
/ Well i'm leaving now, so I guess i'll see you later bye Yami./
/ Bye Yugi. Keep me updated on things over there ok?/
/ Ok./

Ring ring ring. " Hello, Yami speaking." " Hello Yami, I have some rare cards I think you'll be intrested in." " Oh really what are they?" " I'd like to tell you in person."
"Well i'm a bit busy can't you just tell me over the phone?" " No, I can't. You really have to see these cards in person their very powerful. I just know that when you see them you'll love them." " Ok, where do you want to meet?" " How about you meet me in the mainstreet alley, it's a very secluded area, so no one will be around to bother us."
" Um, well ok, but I have some things to finish up and i'll be right there. " " Ok, I look forward to meeting you Yami." " Ok bye." " Good bye." Click.


Evil S.: Dun dun dun what will happen to Yami? What has happened to Yami bakura?

YamiB: I know what happens everybody dies thee end.

Evil S.: -_-() No, thats not what happens Bakura.

YamiB: Yes it is its the 3 d's that make life fun.

Evil S.: What are the three d's that make life fun?

YamiB: Death Doom Destruction!

Evil S.: Your messed up.

YamiB: No i'm not

Evil S.: Whatever, oh yeah incase you people haven't noticed i'm a terrible speller, so don't freak at me for sucking at it. (*_*) Anyways i'm not writin another chapter until I get some reviews. Like mabey 2 or 3 mmkay. Bye peace love and harmony to you all that read this.