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~*Chapter Eight*~

" Well where have you looked at already? " Asked Marik, playing around with his millennium rod. " We've looked at basically every part of the city. " Said Yugi. " Every part? " Said Marik, twirling his rod around his fingers. " Well, we haven't looked down by the docks. " " Well mabey you should. If you say you've looked through practically the whole city. They could be in one of the warehouses along the edge of the docks. " Said Marik as he looked Yugi and Ryou over.

" Where are your millennium items? " Asked Marik Double checking them for the items. " That guy took them from us. " Said Yugi. " Oh, than I guess it's all the better that I help you. " " Yeah, I guess it is. " " Where would you like to start looking and when?" " Well, lets wait on Tristen then we'll go look. Ok? " Said Yugi taking a look at where Tristen was sitting. Tristen felt eye's on him, so he looked up and over at Yugi and Marik. " What is it? " He asked, seemingly worried about Marik being there.

" We're gonna go down and check at the docks for the Yami's. It seems that Marik's Yami has been kidnapped too. " Said Yugi, giving Tristen a comforting glance. " Oh, well then let's go. I don't want to wait around here anymore, it's to depressing. " Said Tristen, looking over at the spot where Jou had been killed. They were the best of friends and Tristen could hardly get over the fact that he was gone. He never really cared that much about Tea, but she didn't deserve to be put out of her misery like that.

Tristen stood up and walked over to where Yugi and Marik were standing. " Let's leave. " He said all the while glancing over at Ryou. Ryou came over to them and they all started walking to the docks. It had taken them 20 minutes to walk down to the docks, they looked in at least five buildings before deciding to take a short break. " You know guy's; this seems to be going nowhere mabey they aren't here after all. Mabey their not even in the city anymore. " Said Ryou with a look of defeat in his eyes. " No. They have to be here. They just have to. " Said Yugi.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the Warehouse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" I don't think that our lights are coming for us. " Said Malik. " Shut up! Their coming for us. They just wouldn't leave us. " Shouted Bakura. " Would they? " Said Malik, looking a bit doubtful. They were sitting in that place without anything to do, their kidnapper had gone out to try and get more millennium items. " Why did he take the millennium items from Yugi and Ryou? " Thought Yami aloud. " Who knows. Mabey you should ask him when he returns. " Said Bakura. " Hmph, well whatever he's planning i'll put a stop to it. . . just as soon as I get out of these chains. " Said Yami, looking down at the chains binding him, Bakura, and Malik to the steel beam behind them.


" God, I still can't get over the fact that Jou and Tea are dead." Said Tristen. " I know what you mean. They were with us just a couple of hours ago and now. . ." wispered Yugi. He was getting all teary eyed, and was about to burst into a fit of sobs. He really wanted to find his Yami and bad. He was missing him in the worst kind of way. He was in complete turmoil, beginning to think that his Yami's dispearance was all his fault. They all walked up to the last warehouse.

Tristen looked into a window and spotted something; but he couldn't make it out. He put his head onto the wall and listened for any sign that there were people inside. He could have sworn he heard voices. Who's were they? Wait! One voice he reconized! Yami! It was Yami's voice and the other voices must be Bakuras and Maliks! Their here! " Hey you guys! They're in there. I can hear them." Shouted Tristen with sheer excitment in his voice. " Come quick!"


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