long ago in the dark days there lived the most powerful being that walked the earth but it was not always so, for they had once been children from another time and world displaced when the had ended their war and battle against Voldemort, Harry and Hermione had been labeled the next dark lord and lady when they tried to abolish the werewolf laws in the wizengamot, soon after they were captured and thrown into the vail of death, however death had other ideas for his master and transformed him and his sister in all but blood into beings of great and terrible power.

no longer needing to speak their magic or focus it they became living gods who ruled with an iron fist, until they were betrayed and their essence and souls trapped in idols buried beneath the earth in the temple that they once ruled from, Hermione had long since become the 'Enchantress' and Harry 'Incubus' the rulers of the ancient world, but with immortal souls no matter what were to happen to their physical forms they would live on for as long as there was death in the world so to would there be eternal life for them.

Time skip

(Enchantress p.o.v)

I had just freed my brother from his slumber we had waited far to long for our escape from the confines of the idols, humans had become weak relying on the machines and technology forgetting the power of their minds and abilities of Mother Nature it was as if they were a plague upon the earth and the only cure were my brother and I for once again magic had called upon us to cleanse the earth of the taint that was humans.

sharing the body of this mortal is becoming insufferable but until I can gain back my heart to take the power that is stored there, I will have to abide by their ruling, as my brother feeds his power strengthens soon he will have the power to sustain us both and I can take over this body permanently, until then I bide my time and plan the end of their civilisation, to bring in a new era where Incubus and I will rule again.

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thankyou for reading, obviously I don't own the original characters it's just my take on the fantasy of this crossover.