CHAPTER 2 : I think we should talk.

Hi guys, so I didn't think I would come with another chapter when I wrote the last one, it was more of an one hour thing but yet here's chapter number two. Also english is not my language so sorry if there's any sentence that make absolute non sense.

« So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. »

« What about now ?...»

Those three little words were planning in the air unanswered. They were still looking at each other, eyes full open expressing unspoken feelings. Rory put her right hand on each sides of Jess' head. She felt like all the feelings, all the love she has been trying to push away for years were rushing back in her mind.

« I don't know, what I do know is that right now, I don't want to think I just want you » and as she let the last letter out she kissed him passionetly and fiery, their hands traveled all over each other's body, she took his jacket off making it clear what her intensions were. Their lips still attached to each other's she wrapped her legs around his waist as he hold her up to take her in the appartment upstairs where he was living. Once upstairs he lay her down on his bed, they wanted each other badly but they also wanted to take their time as it was their first time together. He unbottoned the blouse she was wearing while she was doing the same thing to his shirt, they throw it on the ground their lips still stuck to one another's. She broke apart to undo his belt before taking off his pants and he did the same with hers.

The next morning Rory was the first one to wakes up, she didn't want to open her eyes afraid of discovering she has been dreaming but when she did she was glad to see Jess laying next to her. She couldn't help but smile knowing last night was more than real. Jess was so peacefull and she found herself staring at him for a few minutes she imagined herself waking up everyday next to him and she felt happy, she wanted this, she wanted him.

Jess finally woke up and Rory stopped her staring and bent to kiss him.

« Good morninger Mr Mariano »

« A very good one » he said returning her her kiss

He saw the way she was looking at him, she was smiling in a way she hasn't been in a very long time and he was happy to see her like that and even happier to know it was because of him.

She leaned towards him and put her legs on each side of him

It was Sunday so they knew there were no chance to see Matt and Chris appear. She kissed him on the lips before moving on to his neck then his chest.

« I'm glad you're still here. » he leaned towards her to kiss her before she answered.

« What, you thought I would have change my mind about you and sneak out, throwing your phone number in the trash can, delete all the pictures of you I still have on my phone and laptop, and move to another country so I never see again ? That's what you thought ? » He laughed at her answer and kissed her again.

« Hum I wouldn't have say it like that but yeah, pretty much. »

« Well I'm still here, and I have no intention on being anywhere else. »

Jess slowly sit and turned to face her.

« I think we should talk. »

« Talk? Isn't that what we just done. »

« I mean real talk.»

« Oh… you want to leave, throw my phone number in the trash can, delete the pictures of me you could still have and move to another country to never see me again ? »

« No, nothing like that. » he told her still with a small laugh. « I mean a where is this story going kind of talk, I don't think we shouldn't think too much about it and just let things happen but I want to make sure we both want the same thing. Also the absence of talkis is mostly the reason why everything went wrong between us because we didn't open ourselves to the other and didn't share what was bothering us I don't want to make the same mistakes again.

« good point. »

« How about I take you out for a walk, we'll got you coffee and we'll talk a little ? »

« Sounds good to me. »

They give eachother another kiss, went into the shower and got dressed before going out. It was a nice Sunday, the weather was pretty warm for a November day, there weren't too much people so they got their coffee quite fast. Once their coffee in hand they headed to the park. On their way Rory noticed a bakery, and of course Rory being Rory she was incredibly hungry.

« Oh look that looks good. » She told Jess looking at what seemed to be some kind of portuguese pastries.

« That does not look good at all but knowing you, you would eat anything who's not related to vegetables or fruits if you're hungry. »

« Oh common try one with me. » She turned to face him and laughed as she saw his desgusted face « Oh okay fine go for the basic croissants, you don't have the bravery to try something new that's fine.»

Jess had noticed her tone insinuating challenge, he knew that was what she wanted to hear but he decided to play along anyway. « Bravery huh ? You think it takes bravery to eat a pastry ? But fine I'll try it. » He told her with the same look and the same tone he used years ago when they were on the bridge eating Rory's basket. « Hi, give me two of those little weird looking things please. » They said thank you to the bakery guy and continued their walk to eat their pastry in the park.

Once they reached it they sat on the ground and start eating. Rory waited for Jess to try first wanting to see his reaction.

« I can't imagine someone could potentially enjoying eating this. » He said making his disgusted face again. She laughed at him before taking her first bite of that thing she made him eat.

« Okay I admit that's not good, not good at all. » She said while putting the rest of the pastry in the bag.

« And… » He said giving her a I told you so look.

« And you were right, happy mister Mariano, you were right. »

« I won't say I'm enjoy this victory but I am. » He bring her head on his shoulder before giving her a kiss on her forehead.

« So I guess it's time for the big talk now huh? »

« I guess it is. »

« Do you have doubts Jess ? »

« Not a single one, I thought I made it pretty clear about what I wanted yesterday. I want you Rory, you and no one else I truly, fully believe this can work but I want to make sure it's not one sided. All those times I came back to see you with someone else really hurt me and I ended up thinking that you were done with me and that I shouldn't hope for a rest of feelings still hidden in you and that wa smy fault because I'm the one who came and left. But I know I want it, I want to pursue our story, the one we left out years ago, the one that deserved better than fights over nothing and better than the end she'd got. I want to create new memories with you, I want to wake up every morning next to you, I want a life with you Rory, I want to whole thing. The question is do you want it too ? »

She looked at him for a few seconds, plunging her eyes deep into his before giving him a kiss that could take all his worries away.

« Remember that last phone call you gave me when I told you that I thought I loved you and that I needed to let it go ? Well I didn't think I loved you, I knew I did like I know I do now and I never truly moved on. I tried, long after, and it never worked. When I saw you passed that door near my dorm my heart stopped and I think I heard my soul crying inside me and I'm not saying that to make you feel bad but it's just..when I saw you I realized how much I was missing you, just like when you came back in Stars Hollow months earlier. I saw you walk through that door coming closer to me and I stopped reasonning, I wanted to go with you, I wanted you more than I wanted anything else but it didn't seem like the right time, that seemed rushed out and I don't wanted that for us, I don't wanted that decision to be taken like that. Every NO that came out of my mouth hurt every part of me I never meant to reject you in any way and when I saw your face after the last No and realized what I've done I was afraid it might be the last time I would ever see you. But then you came back and surprised me with your book, you were a whole new man, I noticed it the second I saw you. Once again you appeared and my feelings rushed all back in. My feelings for you never left me Jess, not even for a minute, not even for a second but dealing with them was harder than I thought it would be. When I saw you again that night you seemed pretty happy, I was so proud, I am so proud. You were everything I knew you could be and you're still proving me that today when I see where you are with Truncheon and everything. Me on the other hand, at that time I was a mess, you noticed it, I was far from being happy, I was going nowhere and I didn't want to interfere in your new you and new life, I was finding excuses for Logan that night like I was trying to find excuses for myself and when you left I let you go because I thought it was best for you. When I received the invitation for you opening house I didnt hesitate much before coming, I wanted to see how far you've come and tell you how proud I was of you and yes I wanted to see you because I always wanted to see you, you have no idea how many times I wanted to come here. Did I thought for a second that what happened yesterday would happened NO, did I lowey wanted something like that to happen YES. So no Jess, no it is not one sided, and yes I want a lifetime with you, I want to go to bed every night next to you and wake up the next morning feeling blessed at the sight of your pretty face and I feel like I've been waiting for this moment since the day you left years ago, I've been waiting for you to come back to me, like we were destined to be because it's you Jess, you and no one else.

Jess was speechless at the words that just came out of Rory's mouth, he wanted the feelings to be mutual, he wanted the assurance of them being on the same page but wow, he didn't expect that. After a few seconds of silence he took her hands.

« No more running, no more I love you but I'll pretend I don't, no more hurting ?! »

« No more running, no more I love you but I'll prented I don't, no more hurting. » She repeated before kissing him.

So I finally thought I would try to write a chapter two, I'm not sure about this one, there are meanly talking for now and the chapter is short but I coudn't just put them together like that after everything that happened between them so I thought they needed to let the other know they were all in and no turning back was possible and I wanted the chapter to end on those last words so I could possibly move the story on another one. I don't know if I could write something else as you might have noticed I'm not really good for small talks or description of the actions and I can't base an entire story on speeches but I would like to try how far I can go so there might be a chapter 3 coming after. If there is a chapter three there will be no more, or less long speeches and more action and story. Anyway I hope I didn't waste your time thank you for reading and if you could review that would be very nice.