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CHAPITRE 3 : We let some people go to make place for other to come in

« I want to break up »

Logan turned aroud to face her as he heard the 5 little words he though he would never hear from a girl, he was surprised, he had noticed a distance in her behavior lately but he didn't think it would lead to a break up. He searched for something in her eyes hoping to find doubts or a 'say something that would dissuade me from breaking up' kind of look but instead he found certitude and as much as he wanted to make her change her mind he knew he couldn't. It was over for her.

« You want to break up ? » He finally said after a few minutes of weighty silence.

« I do, I'm sorry Logan it's over. »

« But why now, you just woke up and decided you wanted to break up ? » His voice was a mixe between misanderstanding and surprise.

« Kind of. I mean I think I always knew, it doesn't work at least not as good as it should. I think I wanted to love you so bad that I almost succeed to convince myself that I really did but I'm not in love with you Logan. I think I'm just not in this relationship anymore, I stalled a while ago. You should be with someone who's truly in love with you Logan and I should tooand I think breaking up is the best for both of us.

Logan kept his eyes on her as she headed to the door he then saw her luggages he haven't noticed before and watched her leave without letting out a single word. It's when she was out of the door that Rory knew she had made the right decision, he didn't try to stop her or to catch her, she wasn't as important for him as she should be for someone who wanted to marry her.

Her break up with Logan came back to her mind as she was watching Jess making her breakfast. It was the next day after their little talk in the park, after what, they came back to the appartment and made love for the rest of the afternoon. She was watching him with a big smile on her face, the one only him has ever been able to earn. The situation of the day before when she was about to leave for good felt quite similar to the one with Logan except that this time someone has stopped her and she was glad it was Jess, she wanted it to be Jess. This, Them, it felt right, it felt good.

« What ? » He said when he noticed her starring.

« Nothing I just, I'm just enjoying the view, thinking about how lucky I am to have you just for me. »

« I'm the lucky one. » He said kissing her.

« I'm sorry to ruin this nice moment we have but you know I'll have to go back to Yale eventually.. »

« I know I just had hoped you would have forget. » He said with a smirk

« Jess, you're the one who made me go back there you're not gonna tell me to abandon now, I only have less than a year left. »

« Promise me we'll still see each other even if I'm here and you're there. »

« Of course we will, and we'll call each other every day. I had missed hearing your sexy voice and I dont want to miss it ever again. »

« My sexy voice huh. » He said with another smirk before putting his lips on hers.

« You're very sexy voice » She said as she looked at him bitting her lips. « I have to go back to my hotel to take my stuffs before taking the road to Yale. »

« Alright, you want me to come help you, I can also drive you there. »

« You would ? »

« Yeah there's only 188.2 miles, 3h and 42 minutes. »

« You looked it up ? »

« I just quickly googled it a few times when I thought about visiting you. »

« You looked it up ? »

« But I never did, knowing you were with him, thinking you might not wanted to see me… »

« You looked it up. »

« Why does this conversation sounds familiar. »

She smiled as she remembered why it seemed familiar « Because it is, I guess you has always needed to know how far from you I was. »

« Are you familiar with something called curiosity ? »

« Admit it, I'm sure you even had dreams about you coming to my dorm to tell me how you couldn't live without me and us ended up having sex. » she said teasing him.

« Pretend like you haven't. » he said with the same smirk that has been on his face since the beggining of the conversation.

« Okay fine, maybe that happened once, or twice, three times tops. »

« So you're basically admitting having sex dreams about a guy who isn't your boyfriend » he said amused

« I didn't say I enjoyed them. »

« You did. »

« Okay maybe I did and the times you came back didn't help much you were so attractive with your different haircuts. » she said biting her lips

« Oh because you even paid attention to my hair.»

« Now who's pretending he never did the same » she said remembering that time he asked her if she had changed her hair before they were dating »

« Fair enough » He took her up in his arms making her release a small scream of surprise.

« I guess we have never left each other's mind. » She said once he put her down.

« I guess not. » He kissed her again before they went back to the bedroom to get dressed.

An hour later Rory and Jess were on the road, Jess had previously asked Matt and Chris if he could take his day off so he could drive Rory to Yale. It wasn't a busy day at Truncheon so 3 people weren't requiered. They didn't tell Jess but they both knew something would happen between the two. They saw the way they looked at each other like everyone and everything disappeared as their eyes met, it was like nothing but them mattered and Matt and Chris were happy to see their friend like that.

Once Rory and Jess arrived at Yale they had just a few minutes before Rory's class, they kissed each other goodbye and took seperate ways.

After her last class Rory decided to call her mom, she hesitated before telling her about her and Jess. For once she didn't want her mother's feelings toward Jess to ruin the current happiness she was on. After a few minutes of wondering she finally dropped the news, she felt to happy to hide it anyway and her mother would have figured something was up.

« Hi mom.

« Hi sweets, I hope you're calling to tell me you'll be back soon because you're missed over here. »

« I will, I don't know when yet but I will. Hum mom I have something to tell you. »

« Should I be worried ? »

« Oh no, nothing to worry about. I..I saw Jess two days ago. »

« You saw Jess ? Two days ago ? What happened ? »

« I don't know where to start…. I went to his open house, I received the invitation and I had to go there, oh mom if you could see what he has done that's amazing. Anyway I was about to leave when he asked me not to then he started this huge speech telling me how much he still loved me, he apologized for everything and told me he would not let me go this time. »

« Wow and what did you say ? »

« I kissed him and then I just opened it, the box of hidden feelings I had tried to burry. Everything just came out before I had time to register anything, he kissed me back and I spent the night at his appartment. Yesterday we went for a walk because he wanted us to talk more about what this meant, he wanted to make sure we were on the same page and we are mom we are.

« Finally » Lorelai said releived like she knew this would happen eventually.

« What ? » Rory said confused.

« Oh common kid, it has always been obvious, you have loved Jess since the moment you met him and so did he. You have never looked at Logan or Dean the way you looked at Jess. »

A little silence settled in for a few seconds as Rory didn't know what to answer to what her mother had just told her.

« So you two, you're together again ? » Lorelai finally asked breaking the silence.

« Yes we are together again and it feels so good mom,. When I woke up yesterday morning seeing him next to me, I, I just wanted every morning to be like this one. I think I spent too much time trying to convice myself that Jess wasn't what I wanted but he is, he is what I want. »

« You do sound happy and excited about this, I'm happy for you kid. You haven't sounded that joyful in a very long time. »

« So you're okay with that ? »

« I'm okay with whatever makes you happy hon, you know your happiness is all I want, even if Jess is the one responsable for it. Beside Luke has been seeing him a lot and keep telling me how proud he is of him, how much he has changed and grown.»

«Thank you mom, it has only been two days but I already feel over the moon isn't that too weird ? »

« I don't think so, you and Jess have been turning around each other since the moment he moved in Stars Hollow. Even I could see how you were around him, it was nothing like the other guys you dated. You didn't just love him, you were in love with him and now you're finally letting yourself feeling it. »

They talked for another few minutes before they hang up. This night Jess was in Rory's mind and she was in his. Rory couldn't help thinking about how much she wanted to be with Jess but at the same time she knew that being away from each other for now was better than rushing into a relationship that wasn't new but that has been chipped a few times.

And 188.2 miles away the same thoughts were on Jess' mind.

Jess and Rory spend the next 3 weeks calling each other every day, Rory went back to Stars Hollow for the week-end two weeks after her phone call with her mom. They talked about Jess and Rory told her mom she felt like things were finally falling into place. Yale was doing great, seeing what Jess has managed to do with Truncheon, and writing his book, that made her want to proved herself she could do it too. She has been working more than ever, especially after that one phone call she had with Jess.

« Hi pretty boy » Rory said laying on her bed after a long day of studying.

« Hey pretty girl, how are you ? » he replied

« Good, just missing you »

« I miss you too. So how's Yale going ? »

« Yale is going great, I can't believe I almost screwed it up, especially after how hard I worked to get in. I never thanked you by the way, for making me realize what a mistake I was making, I would still be miserable if you had never bring me back to my senses. »

« I did nothing, like you said it was your dream I'm sure you would have came back there eventually. »

« Don't underestimate your intervention on this one Jess, you really saved me from the mess I was. »

« Don't be so hard on yourself. »

Jess had always been the most supportive of her boyfriends, he knew what was important to her, he knew what her dreams were and has always pushed her in this way, she was thankful for that, thankful for him.

« Still want to be the next Christiana Ampour ? »

« Still on my plans yes. »

« You know, for what it's worth I think being Rory Gilmore is great enough. I know you can do anything you want. I'm still sure you can do it. » They both thought about the car ride they had together as he said his last phrase.

« Aww that's so sweet, who are you and what have you done to my hoodlum boyfriend » Rory said with a laugh.

« I guess growing up had this unpleasant affect on me that you call sweetness. »

« You have always been a sweet guy Jess, you were just hidding how sweet you were making yourself what they called a 'bad boy' reputation. »

« A bad boy ? they saw me as a bad boy ? Sounds sexy. » He said with a smirk of his own.

« You're unbelieveable Jess Mariano you know that. » Rory said with a smile added to a laugh.

« But that's why you chosed me. »

« That's why I love you. »

Jess a waited a few seconds to reply like he wanted to take his time to appreciate those three little words that just came out of Rory's mouth. Jess had been wanting to hear those words from Rory for so long and so badly especially after he told her how he felt that night in Stars Hollow. He was so scared of admitting his feelings that when he did, he just ran away afraid that she might not have the same.

« I love you too Gilmore. »

Since this phone call Rory was reapiting Jess' words in her mind, she wanted to make her dream become a reality, and like Jess has told her she was Rory Gilmore, she could do anything. So she worked harder at the Yale paper hoping that maybe her work would be noticed….