Usual disclamer i own nothing but the plot.

This story is a AU in which there was no nighthowlers and which Judy never became a cop.

Also Nick never became a hustler still became the first fox cop and also moonlights as an actor.

Nick had just arrived home from doing a boring shift with the ZPD when he got a call from a friend saying that the new Weetabix advert that he filmed was going to be showing later that evening, so after a quick wash and geting dinner ready he popped on the tv.

After a few minutes of waiting the advert started showing Nick dressed up as Robin Hood and playing a rather catchy song witch went like this.

Robin Hood Robin Hood,riding through the Glen.

Robin Hood Robin Hood,with his band of men.

Feared buy the bad,loved by the good.

Robin Hood Robin Hood Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Robin Hood,could be in in a fix.

Robin Hood Robin,spies the Weetabix.

Does he retreat back to Sherwood.

Cos he would Cos he would Cos he would.

He just no sooner put the telly of when the phone started ringing and to his utter horror it was Clawhauser on the other end and Nick knew that it would it would reach colleages in record time so he went round to Clawhauser`s place with doughnuts to bribe him to "delay" the news untill he could come up with an excuse to Bogo as to why his face was plastered all over tv.

The end

They lyrics to the above song came from an actual Robin Hood styled Weetabix advert from the early 1990s you can watch it on Youtube.