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Touchdown Tommy

One day Angelica, Phil and Lil and Chuckie and their dads were at Tommy's house. Today all the dads and Grandpa Lou were watching the Ultra Bowl XXXVII game on TV at Tommy's house. Chuckie's dad was reluctant about watching it being afraid of the game and wanted to watch chess, but the other dads refused to watch chess.

Once Angelica and all the other babies were in the play pen, her uncle Stu introduced his new invention. It was what he called a protection helmet called the automatic baby bumper; it was to protect the kids from bumping into things and getting hurt. Story is Tommy hurt himself after bumping his head on a table and Stu needed to create something to prevent Tommy from getting hurt so not to worry Didi. Angelica didn't like her protection hat very much at first, but once she and the babies started balancing on their heads she liked it.

Sometime later Grandpa Lou came in with bottles of milk for the babies. Angelica reminded her grandpa that she wasn't a baby and didn't drink from bottles anymore. It was then Grandpa presented Tommy with a bottle of chocolate milk; something that he fixed up himself. When Angelica realised that Tommy was drinking chocolate milk she wanted it. "That's for big kids, give it to me!" she commanded. Tommy was a brave baby and he always stood up to Angelica's bullying and bossiness. "This is mine Angelica!" shouted Tommy. Angelica was about to charge at Tommy to grab the bottle away from it. But then she stopped. "Fine you can keep your bottle," she said "I'll just get my own". That made the babies confused; Angelica always took the babies' things and would never stop on getting what she wanted no matter what.

Truth is Angelica figured that if her grandpa fixed up the chocolate milk himself, then there must have been some more. Despite being two years old Angelica was quite clever and she knew on how to plan things and such. (As everyone knows not only is Angelica spoilt and selfish, she is also wilful and independent) So Angelica went into the kitchen without the men noticing; they were too busy watching the game. Angelica smelt the kitchen and she smelt chocolate on the counter. She moved a chair to the counter and that's where she saw it. There was a saucepan with chocolate milk in it. "Bingo" said Angelica, and she drank it all up.

Meanwhile Tommy finished off his bottle of chocolate milk; he had also shared some with Phil, Lil and Chuckie. "What did Angelica mean she was going to get her own?" asked Chuckie. "Maybe there is more chocolate milk in the kitchen" said Tommy. "You're right about that;" said Angelica, who just came back, "but I've finished it all". She did a small laugh for her victory.

It was at that moment that Didi and Betty came back from shopping. Didi saw Angelica and the babies happy in the play pen and saw that none of them were hurt. "I hope you dads watched the kids while we were away" she said to the men. "Of course we did, I watched them last" said Grandpa Lou. That was a lie of course because none of them watched the kids ever since Grandpa Lou gave them their milk. Didi wasn't sure but since there was no mess or any other mishaps she didn't question anymore and neither did Betty.

No one knew that Angelica had drunken all of the spare chocolate milk Grandpa Lou made. The babies did of course but they couldn't tell because they couldn't talk yet. As for Angelica, she was happy to have drunken a lot of chocolate milk.

Hope you liked this chapter. Since Angelica doesn't turn three until the Angelica's Birthday episode then she was still two in the Touchdown Tommy episode. I'm surprised she never looked into the kitchen to find more chocolate milk, because nosing around in the kitchen to look for treats is what she loves doing. Look forward to another changed episode chapter.