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Spike the Wonder dog

Today Angelica was at her uncle and aunt's house again while her parents were at work. She was playing with her new toy cell phone; with the phone she could be like her mum who always spoke on her cell phone.

Right now she had seen her Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil try to see if spike the pet dog could talk. Earlier the babies were watching a TV show about a poodle who could talk. Of course real dogs couldn't talk but the babies were babies.

Angelica thought this would be a good idea for a trick. Thing is Didi had baked a dozen of chocolate chip cookies for after dinner. But Angelica, being a greedy and impatient girl, wanted to eat the cookies now and all for herself. Cookies were her favourite food. Her trick would be have one of her toy phones tied around spike's neck and talk through her other toy phone to make the babies think that Spike was talking. And then she would make the babies get the cookies for her, through Spike.

But before she did start to carry out her plan, she started to smell something sweet outside. Amazingly enough Angelica was able to smell anything sweet like chocolate, cookies etc with her nose, even if they were well hidden. The smell was coming from outside the fence. With no one, not even the babies, were looking she went outside the back gate.

There was a lady standing outside on the pavement and she had three shopping bags with her. In one of them was a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Angelica decided to have these cookies instead. When the lady wasn't looking, Angelica sneaked to her shopping bags and grabbed the bag of cookies, and then ran back to the garden. Angelica laughed happily with her success and ate up all the cookies. "If I knew taking cookies was this easy, I would have started it ages ago" she said, chomping away. She held no sympathy whenever she took things without asking.

Stu and Didi and the babies never found out what Angelica had done, so they didn't know that she had stolen cookies from somebody else. When dinner was finished Didi gave everyone a cookie. Angelica was happy to have cookies twice in one day.

Angelica underestimated Spike; Spike may have been not very smart but he did understand when something was wrong and knew when someone did do or was doing something wrong. I always find Angelica's sense of smell for sweets amazing.