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Uh, this will not include normal humans much, if at all. And the said humans will be naked. In the buff. Bearing their Birthday suits.

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Prologue - The Edge of Tomorrow

In 2087, roughly seventeen years have passed after the discovery of the alien ruins, and more importantly, Element Zero on Mars back in 2070. One hundred and four years after its discovery first faced the void, cold of space, humanity was on the verge of extinction.

It was their own fault. Some acknowledged this. Fewer were smart enough to read the signs. Heed the danger. Cryotubes soon became their homes. Havens even. The rest were too filled with stress and fear to see the upcoming doom. Too busy fighting each other. Ripping and clawing. Begging and pleading. Death was soon to be prominent.

After reveling in the horrid effects this new, material, named Element Zero, had on them a year after encountering the ruins and the seductive element it contained within, Element Zero was deemed far too dangerous and the alien ruins were abandoned with post haste.

Element Zero seemed to cause… maddening effects on any humans near it. Hallucinations. Cravings. It did something to a human's nervous system that was the equivalent of narcotics, times a billion.

In 2109, Eezo had been successfully smuggled onto earth and synthesized into a new drug that had triple times the potency of crack, and was described as being even better than sex itself. It was called Edge. The world is too plunged into anarchy the upcoming months, as black market drug cartels and black listing mercenary's in wide quantities to suck whatever meat they needed to get more Edge. American was the first to fall thanks to a plethora of misguided and abused African American communities. Racism and hatred fueled the already raging fires of Edge. Then the drug's slaves and whores almost systematically began to head over to other countries and cities.

In 2155, most all governments were in a state of unrest, and those that weren't strong enough fell to anarchy and practically shredded its own structure of order, falling to collapse along the way. Nuclear reactors, soon left unattended, mixed with the dangerous capabilities of Eezo. Radiation and Eezo formed a sort of abomination of an element. All human life was now threatened, save for the rapidly decaying addicts and mutants. But they too, soon risked death, and perished.

With ionizing radiations cascading across the world and environmental pollutants making life extremely difficult, cancer diseases surplus and bacteria's and fungi to their dirty work as cures weren't being created by dead doctors and decaying corpses.

Within two years' time, reaching the year 2157, all human activities, life, and genuine existence, were rapidly starting to desist rapidly. By 2187, humans were no longer capable of physical reproduction.

By 2198, active human life of the surface halted completely and died.

Which now leads us to the year of 2205, only a mere seven years later.

2205, Undisclosed location, Underground Laboratory.

The tube shaped refrigerator popped its hatch with a hissing noise. Dumb AI Prototype began running its standard revitalization subroutines as per standard protocols. It first checked the integrity of the cryo pod.

The lab was small, dusty white in decor. The light hum of machinery slowly turned on. Amidst the dust and grime of an elderly monitor long forgotten, a once black screen glowed a soft green. Text flickered on its surface.

Structural Integrity of Laboratory: 47.9%

Coolant Threshold: 99.5%

Number of Occupants: 1

Initializing Awakening Process

The cryotube's hatch opened with a steamy cold hiss. Light blue eyes fought away the haze of sleep. A naked woman stepped out.

She had an olive complexion. Short brown hair and a scar over her left brown eye that made it seem to permanently scowl. Wide waist and impressively large mammary glands indicated healthy genes. She looked well for someone who slept for over 15 years.

"Computer. Status." The woman demanded in a thick American accent.

A light, female mechanical voice replied as the Lab lights slowly flickered to life.

"The Laboratory is within optimal conditions." The voice said crisply. "All preparations have been set and cared for until your return."

The woman nodded. "Excellent." Walking over to her closet, and never pulling out a set of hot clothes kept warm by in-closet heaters. She didn't sling on some clothes, ignored the clean white lab coat, and popped only popped on a pair of clear glasses with red rims. She wouldn't need clothes for what she was about to do. Most would call her crazy, insane. Many would attempt to burn her alive and have her choke on the smoke. Few would actually understand. And none were alive to see her do what would be necessary.

"The planet is in a state of nuclear catastrophe that much I know. You wouldn't have awoken me otherwise. Are there any humans alive up there?"

A brief pause. "Scans estimate casualty rate of 99.4%. Human life is all but extinct." The voice lingered in the stilled air. Though, in truth, all humans but the one or two, not including the woman herself, sealed themselves off.

"I see." The woman nodded as she closed and opened her eye. She took the eyepatch of, and placed "Well, no time like the present right?"

The computer knew what that meant. It did not respond. It just prayed, if that were even possible, that she would survive the process.

The woman in question sat in the middle of the now darkened lab criss-cross style with hands clasped firmly together in front of her buxom chest. Like she was praying. The only light in sight would be the already preset black candles in a perfect circular fashion, humming as it flickered. A pentagram star in white chalk in the middle of the ring of candles. She sat on the bare border of the pentagram star.

She closed her eyes, and the soft whispers of olden, forbidden chanting began. "Aden Ma, keen shaka mu. A festh seffern ka! Lord Mudan!

The pentagram glowed a malicious red, and the air seemed to crackle. The woman's head fell, but her many maintained her posture.

Daemonic summoning was often considered dangerous, but not impossible. Especially if one has a favorable history with said daemon. Favors have been used secretly for generations, often fucking over someone else horribly for the unethical egocentric gains and wants of themselves. Money and sex were only the scraps of the more prominent desires.

But not all such Favors were indescribably crappy. Some, few, but some, have been for the benefits of others, but at the expense of their own well-being.

Like right now.

The penta-star glowed so brightly, and a bright red flash engulfed the room.

"So. It is time?" The demon was massive. He was imposing too. His head was that of a bird, and a lizard. His chest, ape-like in comparison, but without the fur to cover it, and without pecs as well. Really fucking buff too.

"As per our agreement. I've kept you waiting long enough." The woman's naked body leaned back on the cold, lab floor. Her back quivered as she spread her legs wide and open for the Daémon to claim its prize.

Passion and pains soon insued.

The Deal was already made beforehand, leading her to great joy, with questionably not-quite-loathed consequences.

Earth would be consumed in a thick black fog, the clouds would blacken, and crisp red lightning would dance and dash amidst void-filled clouds.

Earth was changing. For better or worst. And when it was all said and done, humanity would be saved. All by one brave woman's efforts.

In exchange for saving Humanity, she would allow herself to become his. His lover. His bride. His child bearer...

Lust moans and roars were to be heard this fateful day. It would be known by all future-humans as only one name. It would be known as:

The Sacrifice.


"I call thee, now fulfil the deal he shook upon. I call upon the Fiery Wrath! Lord Mudan!"

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