The two men sat in the car down the street from the house. They saw the car pull in and not long after that, a squad car. One of the men was holding a small receiver aimed at the house that relayed people talking. Both of them knew from the conversation they were listening to that their targets left not long before they got there. The other man pulled out a cell phone and speed dialed a number.

"Sir?" the man replied when someone picked up on the other line. "They're gone. We just missed them. What do you want us to do?"

"Are you monitoring the house?" came the reply.

"Yes, sir, but no one seems to know anything except for the car they were in and our car. The police arrived soon after the family did."

"Get out of there," he said angrily. "See if you can find the car. I want them found."

"Yes, sir. And what of their families?"

"Leave them be for now. We'll deal with them later."

"Did you find them?" asked Carson when Chief McGinnis got off his cell phone, hours later. Night had settled in and they were sitting down at the table eating dinner.

"A car matching the description of the Lincoln was pulled over heading back to Chicago," McGinnis answered. "Unfortunately, they scared the crap out of the driver who was the only one in the vehicle. When he was showed pictures of Nancy and Frank, he confirmed they were in the car with him. He dropped them off along with another woman, whom we are assuming is Dr. Foster, at a bus station five towns over. By the time the state police got there, they already caught a bus, to where we don't know."

"So, that's it?" Fenton said. "What are you going to do next?"

"It may become a federal case," McGinnis said sadly. "Although none of them are in trouble, it is the people who are after them that the feds want. They have already contacted me and an Agent Davis is going to be the one in charge."

"Did anyone find the other car?" asked Hannah. "The one with the two men inside?"

"Yes," McGinnis nodded. "The car was seen right down the street here moments after you arrived. No one reported it because they were just sitting looking at a map as if they were lost. It was gone by the time any of my men arrived to investigate."

"It was that close?" cried Carson. "Are we in danger?"

"For the next few days, I'm going to have an officer here at all times," McGinnis stated. "I would suggest to you, Fenton and Laura, to stick around for a little while until we know you are all in the clear. Can you do that?"

"Yes, of course," Laura said, nodding her head.

"Agent Davis said she will be contacting you soon about any developments that may arise," McGinnis said. The house phone began ringing. Carson rose from the table to get it in the kitchen as the rest of them continued talking. He wondered who would be calling.

"Hello?" He heard nothing at first. Then a quiet voice whispered four words that made his heart skip a beat.

"I love you, Daddy." The phone went dead.

Two weeks later, after skipping across the US, avoiding the police and whoever else might be looking for them, Frank, Nancy, and Amelia sat at a little café inside the banking district of Geneva, Switzerland. While still in the states, Frank got a hold of his long time hacker friend, Kyla, asking for help in getting IDs and passports for them to get out of the country. They waited over a week to get the package from her but she eventually came through for them, using current pictures and false names she produced fake IDs and passports. Using a good portion of the money James gave them at the hospital plus some more that Amelia drained from her account, they were finally able to acquire airline tickets out of the country. With no problems getting onto the plane or through customs, the three finally seemed to heave a sigh of relief and relax a little before heading to the bank. The instructions James left for them to access the account led them to Geneva with one of the largest private and confidential banking systems in the world.

"How much longer do we have to wait?" Nancy asked, impatiently. She tapped her manicured nails on the table, annoying Frank. She was dressed in a tight black dress and long jacket that made her look uncomfortable but also looked the part she was about to play. Her hair was pulled back into a chignon at the nape of her neck with large dark sunglasses on her face. Along with a purse, she had what looked like a duffle bag that was empty. Frank sat next to her scanning the area as best he could without making it look like he was doing so. He wore a nice charcoal suit with a tie and sunglasses as well. Although he still had pain in his left shoulder from being shot, the sling was discarded before they came to Europe. Amelia was the only one who was not dressed up, in jeans and a coat.

"I think we're good," Frank replied finally, looking around one last time. His part in going into the bank was to be Nancy's bodyguard, much to her chagrin. She kept insisting that she would be fine but he told her that most rich ladies wouldn't go into a bank and make a withdrawal without some kind of protection, so she relented. He also knew she was getting annoyed with him for taking too long, so he extended his time in scanning the area to irritate her more. She was still mad at him about going all over the US and packing up every other day to stay off the grid.

"Finally!" You really know how to make a girl sweat! Literally."

"Sorry, Nancy," Frank replied, irritated. "I had to be sure we're not under surveillance. Are you ready?"

"Duh." Nancy rolled her eyes and got up out of the chair, smoothing out her dress. Although it was a temporary outfit, Frank couldn't help looking at her figure. The dress clung to her every curve, the long jacket complimenting it. Nancy looked beautiful though he was afraid to say anything in her current mood.

"I hope that when this is all over and we can move on, you two stop fighting the way you do," Amelia said quietly. "I thought you would be over this by now."

"Tell that to him," Nancy said, shrewdly. "I wanted to stay in one spot more than a few times but he kept insisting we needed to move even though there was no threat."

"If we stay in one spot, Nancy," Frank replied, rising from his own chair and grabbing the duffle bag, "we will be more vulnerable. Maybe whatever we get out of the bank will help on that front."

"Is Kyla ready for the transfers?" Nancy asked, ignoring Frank's ability to be right on occasion.

"Of course she is," he stated. "As soon as you transfer money into the account we have set up, she'll take it from there."

"Fine, then let's go," Nancy said, walking away before turning around to Amelia. "We'll meet you back here when we're through."

"Good luck!" Amelia said, waving. Nancy walked over to the bank, Frank following close behind.

The bank was beautiful on the inside, with a large foyer and marble flooring. Crystal chandeliers hung from the cathedral ceiling. Nancy's heals clicked on the floor as they approached the desk where a woman sat, looking at them. After several pleasantries and formalities, the woman escorted the pair to a private room with a computer. She told them to have a seat while she went to get the other items that were in the account. The woman soon returned with a large box she carried by the handles, placing it on the table next to the computer. She opened up the main account online and instructed Nancy that the account was ready for transfer whenever she was. Nancy looked at the screen and her jaw dropped in shock.

"Is there something wrong, Mademoiselle?" the woman asked in heavily accented English.

"No, no problem," Nancy said quickly. She had never seen so many zeros in her life. Even Frank was surprised by how much was actually in the account. Nancy hit the button to transfer the money, hoping that Kyla was waiting to split it off into several other accounts.

"I will give you privacy to look into the case," the woman replied. "If you would like us to keep what is in it here, we can keep your account open for you. If you decide to take everything, just let me know when you leave. Excuse me."

When the woman closed the door, Nancy heaved a sigh of relief and leaned back in the chair she sat in. Frank went over to the box and began opening it to see what was inside. She stood up when he whistled pulling out Euros and several passports. There was also a note inside from James, who had obviously been there before them. It read that they would find everything they need to get around for the next few of months inside the box, including a few guns that he had procured when he arrived in Europe. The passports he gave them were backups in case they needed it along with some new IDs. He insisted that they keep a low profile as best they could and not to arouse any suspicion as to who they were. Once it was found out they were in Europe, it may become harder for them to move about without notice.

The guns he left for them were on the bottom, along with several boxes of ammunition. Frank filled the duffle with everything he could, while Nancy put a few things into her purse, including a small amount of the money and IDs. Once they were done, they left the empty box and walked out of the room, giving word to the woman at the desk that the account was closed. When they got out into the plaza, Amelia waved them over frantically to where she was.

"Someone took my picture not too long ago," she said, nervously. "I didn't catch him until it was too late. He didn't look like a bad guy but then again I don't know what to look for anyway."

"We should go," Frank said. He guided the women away from the plaza, concerned that someone may have found them already.

"How long ago was this photo taken?" asked Agent Pauline Davis. She was looking at the screen where a photo of a woman in what looked like a plaza or cafe was displayed.

"An hour ago," the tech agent stated. "It was tagged the moment it was taken and the agent is waiting for instructions."

The computer beeped again as another photo popped up, this time the woman was with two other people.

"Where is this?"

"Geneva, Ma'am. Facial recognition has confirmed that it's them. Should I tell the agent to apprehend?"

"No, by the time we get a team out there they'll be gone. Besides, the older woman tagged the photographer, from the way she's standing and pointing. Print out the photos. I need to go see the families."

After a long drive from Chicago to River Heights, Agent Davis pulled into the front driveway of the house. Once she rang the doorbell, Carson Drew was right there to answer it, eagerness written on his face. She knew the Hardys were still there which made it easier for her to relay what she was about to say.

"Were you able to find them at all?" Carson said quickly. Agent Davis didn't answer, walking into the kitchen and sitting down at the table. Both families looked at her patiently, waiting for good news. She pulled out several photos from an envelope and handed the first one of Amelia over to Carson. The others gathered around him to see.

"Do you all recognize her?"

"Of course, that's Amel…Dr. Foster," confirmed Hannah.

"When was this taken?" asked Fenton.

"Several hours ago," Davis replied. "Facial recognition confirmed her but I wanted to hear it from all of you. Here is another one."

They all took a collective breath as Davis handed another photo over. The moment the group saw them, even with the sunglasses on they instantly knew they were looking at Frank and Nancy. She was dressed in a tight, black dress and long jacket while he was in a dark suit, carrying a duffle bag. Neither one of them looked happy.

"Where are they?" asked Carson. He didn't recognize the area but assumed they were still in the states.


"Which state?" asked Fenton.

"No, as in Geneva, Switzerland," Agent Davis corrected him.

"What the hell are they doing there?" he cried. "And how did they get there without anyone noticing?"

"And why are they dressed like they're going to a funeral?" Joe piped in. They all turned to look at him. "What? Just saying."

"According to the agent who took the photos, Frank and Nancy just walked out of a bank. Geneva has the best banks in the world for hiding money from sight."

"Okay, that still doesn't explain why they're there," Carson stated. "We don't have any money in a Swiss bank account."

"Yes, but someone else did. Whatever money was given to Dr. Cox is now in their possession. As for them getting there without anyone noticing, someone did notice. Just not us until these were taken. We caught this moments later."

She handed a photo of two men following the other three as they left the plaza.

"They're known associates of one William Powers."

Author's Note:

Thank you everyone for reading! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it! Look for the next one within the next few weeks. Not sure how long it is going to take me to smooth out what I want to do with it including finding a title.