Its funny. Not the kind of 'haha' funny, but the strange kind of funny. Two years ago I was the typical geek, collecting all things anime and game related. I loved my life. Never thought of changing it once, never thought of doing things differently. Never thought of losing ones I loved. I miss that carefree life. I'd give anything to have it back, even just for a day. I used to feel joy and happiness. Now I feel barely anything at all...


I gently set down my controller onto the carpet floor beside me, moved my hands behind my head then lay back using my arms as comfort for my thoughtless head. There was nothing but silence and an empty room. The game, now paused had ceased all noise that it was just generating. Laying in the stillness for some time, I began to close my eyes as I acknowlaged the tapping of the rain showering my window with tiny waterdroplets, that then drizzled down creating a minautre pool on the ledge outside. It eventually got too vast began spilling water, dripping, plunging to the concrete below. The rain caused me to take my mind back to those days when I felt a great passion for wet days. It was the element for ball games being cut from TV, failing to interupt the times all the Anime would air, I wouldn't miss an episode.

A low growling noise seized all of these thoughts. My stomach was craving some fresh instant noodles. I gently set my hands down onto the carpet. Pushing myself up onto my feet, I took one final glance at the still screen, displayed with the paused racing game, then dragged my feet down stairs. The house was completely empty and the only thing to break the complete silence was my bare feet slapping on the floor with each step taken as I headed for the kitchen. Once I had reached my destination, I grabbed a nearby stool, put it against the kitchen counter then climbed up onto it. My hand reached out, grabbing the handle of the cupboard followed by pulling it open. After gripping onto the sealed pot of instant Ramen, I shut the cupboard then hopped down off the stool.

After a good half an hour had passed, all was left was more silence and and empty Ramen cup. I sat down and switched on the TV. Just as the empty screen came to life, I heard the turning of a key in the door. My head automatically turned in the direction of the sound to see my dad walking in then closing the door behind him. I greeted him as usual and then the household phone rang. "Take a seat and rest, I'll get the phone" I said as I hopped to my feet then aproached the phone. I picked it up and answered.

"Izumi residence. Konata speaking" I spoke my usual line when getting a call via house phone. A familiar voice replied with "Hey Konata, It's Kagami. I was wondering if you wanted a sleepover with me and Tsukasa after school tomorrow" I scratched my neck as I took a second to search though my brain for boss raid time and dates that I had arranged and memorized. "Yeah sure, I ain't got nothing else going on" I yawned half way through saying. "Okay. Cool!" Kagami cheered at the other end of the line. "Alright, I gotta go do my homework now. I'll see you tomorrow at school. See ya" After saying bye and putting down the phone I decided I'd go get some solo hunting done.

Just as I always do, I played until Heaven knows what time in the morning and eventually fell asleep with my head on my desk. This day was normal. This day was ordinary.