Before I knew it I was back in school. Wonderful.
On my first day back, I approached my friends with my usual smile accompanied by a wave.
"Hey guys. Guess who's back!"
All three of them smiled at me in unison.
"I'm so glad to have you back Izumi-San" Miyuki said to me with a soft tone. Tsukasa's eyes teared up as she hugged me.
"I was so worried about you!" She yelled. The hug took me by surprise but I hugged back and reassured her that I'm okay. I looked over at Kagami and scanned her body before grinning.
"Couldn't keep to your diet while I was gone?" I teased holding my hand to music mouth and chuckling. Kagami snapped.
"Why you little!"
"I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Don't hurt me Kagami-sama!" Instead of continuing to release hell rage onto me, she calmed down and sighed. From then on everything went as normal. But only for about a week. That's when things got weird.
I entered the school and walked down the hallways, something felt off. Multiple students turned and looked at me. Some even whispering to my friends while doing so. I shrugged it off and entered my classroom and sat down. Tsukasa looked at me with a concerned expression.
"Um…." Her voice sounded a little worried. "Kona-Chan. Are you alright?.." I replied with, "Yeah. Are you?" I smiled as she nodded and turned back to face the front. I began to get confused. Lunchtime eventually arrived and Kagami sat down opposite me with her bento on the desk. Kagami looked at me while the Tsukasa and Miyuki looked at her.
"Konata" Kagami started. "Is someone bullying you?" I raised an eyebrow and took a second to process what she just said. "No, Where'd this come from all of a sudden?" I replied. "Someone has decided to spread rumors about you. Are you aware of this?" Kagami stared directly at me. I could tell she was concerned about what could possibly be going on. "Let people say what they want. It doesn't affect me" I state as I take a bite from my chocolate cornet. The sight of the chocolate slipping from the bottom irritated me so I proceeded to turn the pastry over and lick the chocolate.
"Right, but someone is telling everyone they saw you talking to yourself on the way home the other day." I laughed as I questioned the rumor. "What the hell? Even if I did talk to myself, what would be so bad about that?" Starting to lose interest in the conversation, I continued to repeat the same process of biting my snack and licking the chocolate. "They said you were talking to yourself about murdering someone….In detail" Kagami, at this point started to find it funny and let out a little giggle. I burst out laughing after hearing this. "Who said that?" I said whilst laughing.
"I have no clue. It's just something that's been said around the school" Kagami stated as she ate from her bento.
The rest of the day seemed normal until I got off the train and began the walk to my house. On that one quiet street something hit me in the back of the head. The next thing I remember was waking up sat on the ground against the wall. I rubbed my head as I tried to figure out what was happening. I looked down and noticed dried blood on my uniform. I stood up and continued my walk home, looking over my shoulder every few seconds. I was confused and scared. I got home, took off my shoes and ran straight to the bathroom and locked the door. Resting my hands on the sink, I looked into the mirror to see more dried blood coming from my nose and a cut on my eyebrow and lip. I stared at myself. Just what in the hell happened? I cleaned up and put a bandaid on the small wound on my eyebrow and whispered to myself. "If anyone asks I walked into a door." I had no idea why I chose to not tell anyone what happened. I guess they couldn't have really done anything anyway. I went to go play a game and quickly forgot about what happened.
The next day, I again found myself walking through the halls of the school. I was about to enter my classroom until I heard Kagami talking. Something made me stop outside the door and listen. She sounded annoyed.
"We have to do something about these stupid rumors. This time someone said they saw her trying to harm a innocent boy. But he managed to hit her a few times and got away. This is unreal. We should tell the headmaster." The confusion was beginning to make my head hurt. I decide to go ahead and go inside the classroom. "Hey Kagami. What are you doing in here?" Kagami turned to look at me and was about to speak but she saw the bandaid and cut. "What happened?..." She asked, her voice ever so slightly shaky. I rubbed the back of my head "Oh yeah. I um. Walked into a door last night." She looked at me for a few seconds before speaking. "Right...Be more careful next time idiot." And with that she left to go to her own classroom. I turned to Tsukasa and Miyuki who were both silent. The bell rang before I could even speak. So I just sat down and waited for class to start.
During lunch time, I quickly excused myself from the others to go to the bathroom. After using the toilet, I began to wash my hands. I heard the bathroom door open and close but I didn't pay any attention as this wasn't anything out of the ordinary. But then the lights went out. "The hell?." At first I thought it was a power outage put then I heard the bathroom mirror smash. I jumped and backed away quickly, my heart racing. The lights came back on and there was a girl sitting there with her head gushing blood. She started screaming and crying. Shocked, I quickly approached her to get a better look at how bad the wound was but it only made her scream even more. Teachers slammed the door open in to see what all the commotion was. As soon as they saw the girl they shouted for help. "What happened?!" One of the staff shouted. The girl then pointed at me whilst continuing to cry. My eyes widened as I struggled to get my words out "I-I didn't do anything!" One of the teachers grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of the bathroom and to the Headmaster's office. I tried to tell them that I had done nothing for at least an hour and they didn't believe a word I said. "I am not having such a violent student in my school! Even if Hattori-San's parents don't press charges against you, you will never attend this school ever again!" The headmaster slammed his fist down on his desk. I flinched as I stared down at my own feet and began to tear up. Just what was happening to me….