A week had passed. My Dad struggled to find another school nearby I can attend. He didn't blame me for getting kicked out. He knows I wouldn't have done something like that to someone. When I got home I spent the remainder of what would have been my school day in my room. Played a couple games but spent most of the time trying to figure out what happened.

I looked at the clock. School was almost over for today. I decided to head out to meet Kagami outside the school. So I put my shoes on and left the house. Once I had got to the school I noticed that i was was a little early. No big deal, I thought. I could just wait. So I did.

Eventually Kagami approached me asking me many questions "I take it you heard what happened…" I sighed. "Did you really hurt that girl!?" She yelled at me. I waited for her to calm down a little before replying. "I did absolutely nothing. I swear." I spoke as I stared right into her eyes. She returned the stare for a few seconds before relaxing a little bit. "Then what happened?..." I'm sure she was believing me at this point. Thank God. I proceeded to explain to her what happened from my point of view. As I spoke, she raised an eyebrow and waited until I had finished before speaking.


I could tell she was trying to believe me but it just sounds way too strange. I couldn't really blame her. After we discussed the possibilities, we decided to just forget about for the time being and just go home.

It's been a week now. I haven't seen any of my friends since. I don't know why, I just haven't felt like seeing them. Maybe I was just afraid of being confronted and blamed for the situation. I know I'm more of an hermit and stay in doors but the situation was still bothering me. So I went out for a walk in hopes of clearing my head a little. The streets were quiet due to it being on the verge of going dark, so I didn't plan to be out long.

All of a sudden a shiver travelled up my spine. A colossal wave of paranoia washed over me. I turned my head and looked over my shoulder, half expecting someone to be there. The fact that I was correct caused me to jump and almost stumble and lose my balance. But I managed to stay up right and quickly turned away from the figure and continue walking. I took a few turns down various streets then glanced behind me again. I was horrified to see they were following behind me. I snapped my head back straight ahead and began to walk quicker. The thoughts going through my head were a mixture of "Why are they following me?" and "Maybe they're just going the same direction". I took a turn that resulted in me looping back towards the way I came. This was when I looked again and they were still there. Now I was sure they were following me. I thought about running. But I was brave but stupid. I decided to stop and face them.

So I did. I took a good look at the person. I could make out that he was male but his face was covered by the shadow projected by his hood being up. I casually stood there with my hands in my pockets, with an annoyed look on my face to hide the absolute fear I honestly felt.

"Can I help you?" I spoke with a slight snap.

He was completely silent.

"Do you mind not following me? It's extremely aggravating."

Again, he said nothing. Instead he began walking towards me. He too had his hands in his pocket. Fearing that he might have a weapon ready to pull out I began stepping backwards.

"Hey now. Get the hell back, man…"

Ignoring me, he continued to walk towards me. I wasn't watching where I was going as I kept my eyes on him. This caused me to reach the edge of the pavement and fall back onto the road. I gasped in fear and looked up at him. He was right in front of me now. I was petrified with fear now, I couldn't move. He pulled out a knife but it was already bloody. The sight of the blood instantly made me feel sick to my stomach. He knelt down in front of me and I reached my arms in front of me in attempt to protect myself. But then I felt him grab my hand and place the knife in it, squeezing my hand onto it so I'd hold it. Shaking, I stared at him confused. He then got some of the blood of it with his glove and wiped it on my face and clothing. I quickly pushed him away, dropped the knife and got up. I wasted in no time in running away. I did not stop until I was completely out of breath.

I looked around and saw that he had not followed me, to my relief. I looked at the blood he had smothered on my shirt, which as a matter of fact was white. What was I to do? If someone saw me I'd be tackled and arrested. So I kept away from people and took the long but safe route home.

I got through the door and ran straight up to my room. I removed the shirt and threw it as far away from me as possible. After that, I sprinted to the bathroom and rinsed off my face. I then retreated to my bed and stayed awake, staring at nothing the majority of the night.

Morning eventually arrived. I got out of bed and joined my Dad downstairs to watch TV. The news then introduced a new story. The reporter explained the murder of a young, teenage girl. They stated that the name of the girl were to stay anonymous for the time being. My blood ran cold as my thoughts took me to the events of last night. The reporter then went onto say a weapon had been found earlier this morning in a different town.

"Authorities have confirmed the blood to have belonged to the victim. Fingerprints have been taken from the weapon but police are still on the lookout for a suspect to match the prints. So far, they have nothing."

I stayed quiet and afraid. Who was this girl and was it connected?...

A knock to the door caused me to jump. My Dad answered the door and two police men greeted him and asked to question us both. Dad then allowed them in and they all sat down. Now I was shaking…

"You're friends with Tsukasa Hiiragi, correct?"

We both nodded, saying nothing anxious to know what words were to come out of the officers mouth next.

"I'm sorry to say that last night she was murdered...She was on her way home with her sister when she was attacked by a suspicious person. Unfortunately, her sister had failed to see it happen and before she knew it, the culprit has vanished but blood droplets lead to the direction of the train station. After searching we managed to find the weapon used just a few blocks down. I'm sorry but I will have to take your fingerprints as we need the information we can"

I almost vomited. This is it. I'm done for. Despite the crippling fear, I kept my cool and allowed them to take fingerprints. The two officers continued to question us. I didn't tell them what happened last night. I was too afraid to.

Eventually they left. Then it hit me. Tsukasa was gone. Tears instantly began rolling down my face, dripping onto my lap. I couldn't believe it! I lost one of my best friends. It hurt so much. But then I thought about Kagami. She was never going to get over this….