There had to be alarms rigged in the store. It wouldn't take long for the police to get there if they hurried.

Looking around, Lou was surprised more people weren't hearing the commotion that was coming from inside; glass cases being smashed, yelling from the man rampaging through. Why would he be fussing about? He was only stealing jewelry. There was no reason to be screaming your head off. He obviously wasn't the smartest crook. He left his suitcase on the sidewalk.

Behind the corner she had been witnessing the scene, Lou studied the man next to the case who looked nervous. To her, he didn't seem the type to be committing this crime. Hell, neither of them did. They were wearing obnoxiously bright colored suits rather than all black.

Lou wasn't sure where the sudden amount of stupidity came from but she decided to confront the one who most looked like a wimp.

Taking a deep breath, she briskly made her way up to the man, surprised that her little friend stayed on her shoulder. The minute the man noticed her, he appeared more nervous than before. Just the fact that he didn't pull out a gun gave Lou more courage. She finally made her way to him.

"I'm sure you know that the alarms have been triggered and the police are on their way", she said, trying to sound convincing. Of course she didn't believe it herself, for there was a lack of sirens.

The bigger man stopped staring around him and peered down at the teen. "And you thought it would be a great idea to hang around if the cops do come?"

The ruckus could still be heard. Why was that moron making such a mess?

"I'll be honest, I haven't seen any arrests in a while. Plus, I'll just say you held me hostage while your partner in crime was robbing the place", said Lou.

He scoffed. "Just scram, kid", he said motioning for her to beat it.

She wasn't sure why it happened, but at that moment he reminded her of her father. Back when she was seven. She had asked her father to help her deal with a kid in her class that was being a bully. But her father ignored her and told her to leave him alone.

Becoming angry, Lou didn't care if he was a criminal or not. "No. And I can't wait to see you and him carted off to the nut house", she exclaimed. Ignoring him, she glanced towards the man in the store. He had moved on top of another glass case that was falling because of his weight, slanting against the window, which started to crack.

The two bystanders had to back up to avoid the millions of glass shards that were flying into the air along with the man with curly brown hair and blue coat. As he attempted to get up, a small furry creature had run across the street. What was that? A dog? The slim man had gotten up and reached swiftly into his coat pocket. Certain it was a gun, Lou lost interest in watching an arrest. Her instincts told her to run.

Suddenly the bug had starting buzzing again and began to fly around her. She too spun to make sure she kept her eyes on him so he wouldn't get away. She didn't even know what to call the blue moth, so she bellowed the first thing that came to mind. "Pond! Pond! Come back!"

After a few more minutes of chasing Pond, she finally managed to catch him. He attempted to escape but he must have realized it was she who had caught him; he once again relaxed. Sighing, Lou put Pond back on her shoulder and turned to see where the men had gone.

They could be seen running across the street while hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of jewelry were flying towards them. Lou had to duck just as a tiara flew over her head and landed on the ground. Her thoughts were going wild. What was happening? It didn't help the fact that a ring had hit her straight in the face, scraping against her cheek. That was going to leave a mark.

Dodging some more trinkets, she ran over to the men who were staring into another window. Panting, Lou had to hold her breath as she stared wide eyed at the furry duckbilled creature that was sticking inside the window that seemed to be in a gelatin like state.

"What is that thing?!", she asked.

The bigger man held the ugly suitcase, prepared to open it and made the same gesture he had before. "I said scram, kid!"

"You can shut it!", shrieked Lou as she noticed both men were covered in valuables. They were just screaming theft. She pointed back to the squirming furball. "And what is that?!"

"A Niffler. That is the reason Newt was trashing the place", said the plump one. The other guy immediately glared at his friend, as if silently telling him he shouldn't have spoken.

Just from what he said made it all the harder for Lou to comprehend.

The man she assumed was Newt, sighed. "Yes, this is my Niffler. Little bugger. Might still have a few gems with him", he said. A Brit. He stepped forward and used both hands to grasp the Niffler. It only took a few tugs, but he was free of his trap. "Stand back", he muttered, not meeting Lou's eyes. "Jacob, if you please."

"Jacob" kneeled down with the case and opened the latches as he eyed Newt.

Newt also kneeled and very quickly opened his case, shoving the Niffler inside. And just as quick as he opened it, he closed it.

"You're going to kill it if it's in there!", half whispered, half yelled Lou. She wasn't sure why they were smiling at each other as they stood up. These two were crazy.

Dusting himself off, Newt placed the suitcase next to him as he tried to appear casual. "Not likely. Trust me."

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