As Lou knelt on the ground, she immediately felt nothing but the cold wind hitting her face once again along with the urge to ralph. Looking up, she realized that her and the other two weren't being cornered by the police nor intimidated by the loose lion. They weren't even on the sidewalk with all the damage and commotion, but on a side street that was filled with trash cans and a rat or two.

Standing up, she glanced between Jacob and Newt who were making sure nobody else was around. Jacob seemed to be the only one who noticed her expression of pure confusion.

"How d-, how?", she uttered.

"I felt that way too. You get used to it after a couple times", said Jacob, turning to Newt. "Didn't you want to go to Central Park? Why not just apparent there?"

"Apparate, Jacob. And if that Murtlap bite has already affected you to it's full extent, it isn't safe to Disapparate again. You might get splinched. Besides, now would probably be the best time to Oblivate her", said Newt, motioning to Lou.

Jacob nodded in agreement. "Good call."

Not enjoying the sense they were ganging up on her, Lou held her hands up. "Wait, I just want answers. Who are you, really?", she asked Newt. He relaxed his shoulders, standing up straight, but he only took a few looks at her before talking to the ground.

"I know most Muggles, like you and Jacob don't believe in the existence of witches and wizards, but there are and-"

"Of course there's no such thing as that! Magic isn't real", gawked Lou. She immediately forgot for a split second of what happened the past hour and went back to her skepticism. "There can't be." But she thought about it all again, trying desperately to think of something rational. "So, you're not a Zoologist?"

"Well, I really wasn't lying about that. I'm a Magizoolgist. I do indeed travel the world for the creatures I plan on writing about, in a book, I mean", said Newt, finally staring at her.

"And are you a, a wizard too?", asked Lou. Jacob scoffed.

"No, I'm not", Jacob scoffed.

A thought occurred to Lou, a stupid yet hopeful thought. "Why were you going to Central Park?", she asked.

Newt looked taken back. He obviously hadn't expected this excited outburst, especially from someone who for the little time he had known her to be ecstatic. "My Erumpent might be there, she enjoys open spaces. Speaking of which we really must be going. I swear, how many Muggles are going to be involved?"


"Someone with no magic. You get used to that, too", informed Jacob.

Lou rolled her eyes. She hated that he knew something she didn't. Like she was a Kindergartener learning to read. "Well, I want to come. Maybe I can help", she said, continuing before either of them could speak. "I know that's not saying much, but I was going there anyway. And maybe-", she hesitated. "maybe you could tell me more about your work. You travel the world you said?"

It took much more convincing than she realized, but Lou smiled in satisfaction when Newt agreed she could go, only based on the fact they were wasting time. Not to mention he was going to Obliviate her after this was over anyway.

Before they could go to their destination, Lou managed to persuade them to go to her building first. She had to get her suitcase, especially since it seemed as though the Erumpent wasn't the only creature loose. And she didn't know how long it would take. As they walked, Newt and Jacob informed her of all the events that happened that day, while also giving her brief information about the wizarding world in the UK. From what Newt was telling her, it all sounded amazing.

Then again, those group of people who were completely against the idea of witches weren't to be messed with. Whenever Lou would see them, this guy kept trying to give her among others pamphlets on how witchcraft was evil. They didn't bother her, for she never had taken one, but the little blonde girl with the group would glare at anyone who wouldn't take one. Bunch of freaks, she thought.

"So, this school, Hog-Hogwarts?", she asked Newt as he walked beside her. He nodded. "I'm guessing Muggles aren't allowed?"

"No. But if a child happened to be Muggleborn, they'd still be accepted", said Newt. They made it to the front door of her building. The two of them looked at her as she hesitated.

"Um, wait here", she said. Ignoring the confusion on their faces, she ran to her window that remained open to her relief. Naturally, she opened it and climbed through. She briskly ran out of her roomand into the hall. Holding her breath, Lou took a peek into her parents bedroom. They were sound asleep, so she closed their door as quietly as she could. She figured the place looked acceptable enough to let her acquaintances inside. It wasn't that she was worried about letting them in. They didn't have anything valuable in the least. This thought comforted her enough to open the door and gesture them in. "But you have to be quiet!", she whispered.

As quickly and as silent as they could possibly be, they were in and the door was closed. Lou took off her coat, and told them they could do the same; Jacob had taken his off and set it down. Newt didn't appear comfortable enough to make himself at home, for he remained bundled up, firmly holding his case. The kitchen was a small room, so they made their way into the living room. Lou had turned on the lights. "I just need to get something. Figured you could wait here so you don't freeze." With one last look, she returned upstairs.

A few moments past as Newt looked about the room. He saw a single picture of a little redheaded girl hanging on the wall. She wasn't smiling. Jacob tapped him on the shoulder. "Newt, let's just go. In this situation, do you really want a kid tagging along? Especially if you're in trouble just having me with ya?"

Before Newt could answer, a few bangs could be heard from the steps. Lou did her best to remain subtle at the fact that her suitcase couldn't possibly be making too much noise. "Okay. This isn't much. Just the essentials I need." As she moved closer to the center of the room, she realized what Newt must have been looking at; he tried to look as though he were looking out the window.

She smirked. "Yeah, that uh. That's the only picture of me. Ma and Da figured they only needed one. I haven't had a decent picture of me since I was able to walk." Nonchalantly, she tried to make it look like this fact didn't bother her, but Newt's look of concern made her feel uneasy. "Let's go."

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