Hello Everyone,

This has been a pet project I have been trying out for a while. It is a rather simple story of a boy and a girl, discovering life while falling in love.

Key notes:

1. This is an Alternate Universe and it does incorporate some elements of the shows. But, in all honesty, there would be stuff that is totally differing from the shows.

2. It might seem like the story is similar to some of the other stories out here *Karry Universe* (Which I simply love), but the story is quite different and there would be troupes that might make them seem the same way, but ahh... You get the point. xD

The following chapter is a prologue. I do hope you guys have as much fun reading this as much as I am having working on this. Enjoy!

Year One: Prologue

West Household, Central City,

It was a ruckus in the West household. Everyone where moving around, packing stuff in all the suitcases. Joe looked at Iris and Wally as they were clearly excited to go on their vacation but, out of all the excitement, there was one room, one person who sat in there silently.

Joe went up the stairs leading to Barry's room and knocked on the door. Not getting any response, he went in and found Barry sitting on the bed with a news article in his hand.

"Barry?" Joe sat beside him trying to see what Barry was looking at.

"Joe! It's… It's nothing. I was just packing up for…" Barry shuffled around the room and tried to hide the paper in his hand when Joe took it from him.

Joe had a look at the article he was reading.

Nora Allen Murdered by Husband

Joe saw the two droplets in the paper. He was not able to react to what he just saw. But he took a breath and turned to Barry.

It has been 5 years since the incident when a yellow lighting struck at their house, killing his mom. His dad was convicted for his murder. Ever since that day, he tried to prove his father's innocence. And no one believed him until that day. The day he was struck by a lightning.

"You sure you want to do this? We can always get another room booked for you. And even Iris would love to have you on the trip. Think about it. There is still time." Joe suggested.

"I have to do this, Joe! This is the only way I can find out the person who killed my mother. And for that, I need to know the limits of my powers. I need to know what I am."


"Joe, trust me! I am confident about my decision!" Barry held himself back and replied, "I will train myself and prove my father's innocence."

"But, do you have to go to this… this Justice Academy?"

"It's my best shot." Barry went back to packing up his stuff, "But, are you sure I shouldn't tell Iris the truth. I mean, she was really excited to go with me on the vacation since last year."

"No, Barry. You can't tell Iris. If there is another murderer, then Iris is also in danger if she knew." Joe patted on Barry's back and walked back to the door.

"Okay!" Barry hesitantly replied.

"I'll see you after the summer." Joe greeted back and walked out of the room.

Barry sat there and looked at the offer letter in his hand. Ever since he woke up from his lightning induced coma and had super speed, he received a letter to the covert institution. An institution for people like him. Super powered. And as much as he felt human, he wanted to make sure he knows the limits of people like him.

Taking a deep breath, Barry collected all of his remaining stuff and stuffed them up in his suitcase. Barry packed up all his bags went down to the street and pressed a small tracker that came with the letter. In seconds, a long black van rolled up and picked up the speedster.

Meanwhile, Midvale,

"Honey, you sure you want to do this?" Eliza asked to the shy and studious blonde who just brought down her bags through the stairs.

"Yes mom! I am confident about this. If Clark wants me to go to this place to train, then maybe I should give it a try. And frankly, I am very tired of hiding who I am. At least, now I can have a place where I can let myself free. And maybe, I might find a purpose, given that my original purpose is null and void now." Kara replied as she adjusted her glasses and took a second look at the bags.

Kara has been going through a bit of a rough patch ever since Clark found her. Especially since she was supposed to be the one protecting him, not the other way around. And frankly, she doesn't want to be an errand in a random office.

Eliza sighed a bit and said, "If you really feel this would help, then sure. But what about Alex? You tried talking to her?"

Kara bit her lip, thinking about Alex. Two years back, Alex moved to National City and ever since, it's always been a bit weird to get in contact with. Every time, Alex made an issue and wasn't able to talk. Somehow, even the thought of talking to her about that felt a bit scary.

"Umm… I figured I can inform her once I get there. Besides, I'm not going to be an all year. I should be back here by the Summer." Kara responded without making eye contact.

Eliza noticed the uneasiness and decided to this was rather touchy topic for her to talk for her. "Okay, have you decided where you want to move for college once you get back?"

"I haven't made a decision. I don't know what exactly I am good at. Maybe I would get a clue during this time." Kara sighed as she shyly walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Well, you then have three months to figure it out. I really hope you find what you look for." Eliza comforted her as she moved into the kitchen. She saw that Kara was beside the counter, clearly worried about what to do.

Eliza mode near her and gave her a hug, "It's okay. I'm sure you would do great in there. I'm gonna miss having you in here in summer."

"I'm gonna miss you to mom." Kara said as she hugged her back, although a bit hesitant.

As they were hugging, the two were startled by the sound of a horn. "Well, I guess that's my ride. I better get going." Kara said, mustering a smile.

"Good luck out there." Eliza added as she planted a kiss on her forehead and smiled.

Kara was feeling a bit glad with the gesture as they moved to the Living room. Kara picked up the bags as she began heading out of the house. In the outside was a black van waiting for her.

As Kara stood in the front porch, with Eliza standing by the door and her bags in her hand, Kara turned back and looked at the place where she had her childhood in earth. Where she got Alex, where she lost Jeremiah. Four years of memories in this place. Somehow, it kinda felt like this might probably be the last time she would be here.

Kara recollected her emotions and turned to the van, getting her composure. She held her bags tight as she walked towards the vehicle and got in. Never did she know she would actually get a lot more that what she could ever imagine.

And that, is the beginning of the Year One of Justice Academy! Hope you guys enjoyed the story. Make sure you leave your thoughts in the reviews below. And for the conclusion…

Coming up next,

Barry find a new roommate who is rather a peculiar one to deal with, while Kara realises that life on earth isn't as simple as it was in Midvale. As their first week rolls in, they realise that being a superhero might not be as easy as they thought it would be… Will they get to see the other side? Will Kara and Barry get their first time meeting each other work? See how it goes in the next update of Adventures of Justice Academy!

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