A/N :- As the title suggests this fanfiction is an attempt to put forward the events that may have taken place after the series Finale till Joey's pilot. My motive here is to do my best to complete the picture. Though Mondler got a picture perfect ending, Phoebe's could've certainly done better, Ross and Rachel had barely started anew (I was sooooo disappointed the way they ruined these two over the years. Especially last two seasons..) well the only reason I want Joey the spin-off to exist is because he finally gets the huge break he deserves! He was just a lonely guy with a chick and a duck by end of Friends! It has everyone but excuse me if I focus a little more on Ross and Rachel . It has a couple of ideas derived from 'The true story' series by Jennifer10, but I've tried putting it differently. I hope you enjoy reading this.

Episode 1:- The one with the 'last' cup of coffee

(This picks off right from the series Finale. The scene is in Central Perk, where all are having their 'last' cup of coffee. All are silent, not knowing what to say to each other.)

Phoebe: Say something, people!

Joey: Uh, uhm, what day of the week is it ?

Phoebe: There you go! Yeah go on Joey...

Joey: No, I'm serious really!...

(All smile and roll eyes. Title song)

(Scene resumes)

Monica: Do you guys realise how much has changed since we first sat on this couch as a group of six people?

Chandler: Oh, I don't know, sometimes it just seems like yesterday when we were hanging around with Ross exclaiming he wanting to be married again and as if on cue Rachel came as a runaway bride!

(Pilot episode flashback)

Rachel: Oh! so that's why you exclaimed wanting a million dollars when you looked at that door! It did feel so weird!

Chandler: Yeah, I never got them but at least someone got lucky!

(Ross and Rachel exchange smiles. Joey looks confused.)

Joey: What?! Yesterday was nothing like that! You adopted twins, remember?

(All roll eyes)

Chandler: It's an expression, Joe.

Ross: Well, in some way it does feel like that, but sometimes it also seems a lifetime away! I mean look Chandler is actually married and looking forward to being a great dad! I mean who would've thought?!

Chandler: Thanks man! (Sarcastically)

Ross: And we really have matured. I mean yesterday we realised that we just couldn't live without each other but unless we made a fresh new start with a whole new understanding for each other... we were gonna get nowhere! We'd always end up hurting other people or hurting each other. So now we've promised each other to be in a mature adult relationship. (Appears smug)

(Rest all are impressed)

Chandler: OK. So were you on a break or not?

Ross: Of course ye...(Rachel glares at him)... Oh, we are still deciding... it's on timeout for now.

Monica: Congratulations! You REALLY have matured, ha!

Phoebe: Hey Rach, what are you gonna do about your job? I mean are you still moving or getting your old job back or what?

Rachel: Oh, I honestly don't know Pheebs! Earlier I just thought it was great.. the job, the money, and it was in Paris! I mean I gave up almost everything 10 years ago when I came here... so I thought if it turned out so great when I had like nothing up my sleeve.. then just simply how fabulous it could be now! But then I realised how complicated it was. Back then I had no real friends, nothing to keep me there. But now there's you guys, there's Emma and of course you Ross! I couldn't do this to you now! I'm glad that I got off the plane... I just couldn't leave things this way!

Ross: It's all thanks to Pheebs. God only knows what would have happened otherwise! Really Pheebs I owe you, big time!

Rachel: Me too.

Phoebe: Aww.. yeah you do owe me. Hey! Oh! I know what you can do as your new job Rach!

Rachel: What?

Phoebe: You could become a fashion designer and have your own outlet!

Rachel: What?!

Phoebe: Why not? I mean you already have the gift of making people look great, I mean you did help us out!...

All: Yeah...(thinking..)

(Flashback:- Joey's man's bag! Ross's Pink sweater!- not actually Rachel's fault...)

Phoebe: Besides your handcrafted clothes looked great on Monica as well as you!

Monica: Handcrafted? Rachel when did you give me handcrafted clothes?

Rachel: Oh honey, I really didn't have the heart to tell you this, but you actually thought that you wore dresses of the labels I put on?

Monica: You put fake labels?!

Rachel: Of course I did! From where did you think I brought you fancy clothes at least 3 sizes larger than the biggest one in town?

Monica (Embarassed): I thought, you had contacts.

Rachel: Not enough to convince them to make clothes your size!

Ross: Oh, wait! So the prom dress... was it your own creation?

Rachel: Oh yes!

Ross: Wow! It was gorgeous!

Rachel: Thank you sweetie!

(All groan as Ross and Rachel remind them of those many awkward moments several years ago)

Phoebe: Oh, get a room!

Rachel: Oh yes, we are! I mean we really are! I'm really sorry Joey, we'll no longer be roomies...

Joey: Yeah, it's fine. Now that everyone's moving, I think I am too.

(All look at Joey, confused)

Chandler: Whatcha saying Joe?

Joey: I mean look at you guys! You and Mon are gonna have your own life out there, Ross and Rachel need to have some time out together and Phoebe is also planning on having a baby. I mean everyone has something going on and I'm still here!

Chandler (concerned): There's always the Joey room, big guy!

Joey: It's not that simple Chandler! I mean with Estelle passed away and with Ramorey really going to die...even though I kept my mouth shut this time!

All: Oh Joey, we are so sorry...

Joey: Everything is just slipping away, everything's changing...

(All look uncomfortable, somewhat surprised to find their usually jovial friend to have taken things this much to heart)

Joey: I.. will have to change too. Move on... to somewhere like L.A.

Chandler: Moving on doesn't mean changing where you live, big guy.

Joey (half smiling): It's not something I thought overnight Chandler. Although I'm surprised I thought it all by myself!(looking into the distance with pride for himself...typical Joey look)

Chandler: Ahemm...

Joey: What?

Chandler: You were saying something?

Joey: About?

Chandler (incredulous and wide eyed): Moving to L.A.? The west coast?The other side of the country?

Joey (surprised): Really? Is it that far?

(Chandler rolls his eyes)

Joey: Anyways, my sister Gina called yesterday. I was so down that I told her everything and she offered me to move some place in the city. She said she knows a few agents and I might actually get my big break there!

Rachel: Are you sure about this Joe? Because we'll still be here honey! Whenever you need us!

Chandler (concerned): Yeah! I didn't know you'd take it this seriously.

Joey: I thought about staying here, but it'll be too hard! Not seeing you (to Rachel) every morning before breakfast, not having you guys next door and having strangers instead. And most importantly not being able to take food from your fridge everyday! It's like the end of an era!

(A moment's silence)

Chandler: It is indeed. You said era!

Monica: Now is not the time!

Ross: It's your call Joe. But we'll be with you, whatever you decide.

All: Yeah, we will

Phoebe: I'm going to miss you so much, Joey Tribbiani...

All: We all will...

Joey: Me too. All of you... it's... just something that I'll have to do.

(A moment of heavy silence.)

Ross: When were you planning on moving, Joe?

Joey: In a few months I suppose... I still have a bit of a part left on DOOL

Chandler (smiling): We'll make every moment count...

(Just then one of the twins start crying)

Chandler (speaking as Monica gently rocks the baby): Okay, Okay you're right! Daddy'll be there for you too!

Joey (smiling): It's okay. I understand, Chandler.

Rachel: You guys are gonna make it to Emma's birthday, right?

Monica: Of course! When is it?

Rachel (flushes): When is it?! You can't even remember your niece's birthday?

Monica (catching Rachel red handed): Well then you tell me!

Rachel (stutters and blushes): It...It's on... Ross? Why don't you tell her our daughter's birthday?

Ross: I... hang on for a second..(removes a notepad from his pocket)...I had it written down...God dammit!

Chandler: Oh Emma is so lucky to have such caring parents who love her sooooo much.

Ross: Mock me all you want, Chandler. Let's see how you fare in the following weeks.

(Chandler immediately becomes serious.)

Rachel: Anyways, no going away this time guys! Because believe me I'm going to bring the cake myself and make sure it is not the same shape as last time!

(All snigger)

Monica: Sure, what will it be this time? The flower?

(All simply stare at her)

Monica: Oh come on! Wasn't it even a little bit funny?

Rachel: Oh God Chandler! How did you even stay with this woman?! You still call it that?

Ross (cringing): Oh, Eww! I actually was thinking of Emma's face in a daisy. Now it's just gross!

Phoebe: Why? It's actually sweet.

(All stare at her incredulous)

Rachel: I think I'm gonna regret asking this... but...how so?

Phoebe: It'll be like a picture of what happened exactly 2 years ago.

(All physically cringe)

Chandler (as though recovering from a trance): I will never be able to look at cakes and women the same way ever again.

(Just then a beeping sound is heard)

Monica: That's the movers. They are halfway there. We'll have to leave, we're really sorry..

Phoebe: But this doesn't change much right? I mean I know we'll not be together the whole time but we'll still see each other everyday untill Joey's here right?

(All stare at each other, none meeting eyes with Phoebe especially Joey)

Phoebe (voice loud and teary): Chandler Muriel Bing tell me you were kidding when you said we were going to have the last cup of coffee!

Chandler (hugging Phoebe): Of course I was.

(A/N- All were so stumped that none laughed at Chandler's middle name)

Monica (joining and making it a group hug): Of course we'll meet sweetie. But not everyday Pheebs, I'm sorry.

Rachel (breaking the hug): I know something that might cheer you up...

Phoebe: What?

Rachel: You could write a song about this.

Phoebe (smiling): I could write a hundred.

Joey: We'll hear them all, Pheebs.

(A beep is heard again)

Monica: We have to leave now...(tries to mouth goodbye but they simply wave and begin heading away towards the door)

Phoebe: Oh wait, you forgot to say goodbye to someone!

Rachel: Who?

Phoebe: It's been here all along for us!

(All look confused)

Phoebe: Our couch! (now to the couch) Thank you for providing comfort to our tushies for the past 10 years. You'll always remain in our hearts. (kisses the couch)

Phoebe: Do you guys realise how much we owe this place? It's been our second best hangout!

All: Yeah...

Ross: Yeah, this was the place where I first kissed Rachel and also this couch...(suddenly sheepish)

(Rachel blushes)

Joey: What are you two hiding?

Ross: I think it's safe to say that this couch has so much more than just our butt prints...

Joey: You guys did it on this couch? Score!

Rachel: Why else would I have done overtime at a job I hated with all my heart?

Monica: These were your night shifts?!

Phoebe: It's just like Monica and Chandler's laundry thing!

Chandler: Except we've been sitting on that 'laundry' (air tags) for 7 years not knowing it!

Monica: Any other place in the coffee house we need to know about? Cause believe me the next time I'm sitting there will be when hell freezes over!

Ross: Well in that case you can't sit on those chairs either... neither on those (pointing at some others)... boy they do need to change the furniture here or you'll have to take takeaways!

Monica: Oh my God! Did you sickos spare nothing?

Rachel (deep in thought): Well there's this storeroom we never tried...

(Both Chandler and Monica let out a sigh of relief)

Chandler: Well thank God. Because that was our 'laundry'.

(A beeping heard again)

Monica: Just the perfect excuse for not coming back here ever again! Let's go, Chandler.

Chandler (smiling): A goodbye just as I had imagined...

Joey: I don't know what she is freaking about. I left my prints everywhere long before you guys even started!

(All look disgusted, the newfound respect for the place suddenly lost!)

(Scene ends)

(Ross and Rachel are climbing up the stairs carrying huge boxes with them. They finally reach the door and open it. Inside there are many more such boxes.)

Ross (eyeing the boxes): Wow! I thought there would be a lot more...

Rachel: There will be. These are just my essentials... just regular shoes and regular clothes...

Ross: And what is in the remaining boxes?

Rachel: Oh, fancy shoes and fancy dresses and stuff...

Ross (smiling): Stuff?

Rachel (blushing): Oh, you know... that stuff...

Ross: Like?

Rachel: Okay, Okay... shoes and clothes. That's all I have!

Ross (hands up in the air- like surrender): Okay! Well, you may be happy to know that I've already arranged for your 'stuff' (air tags)

(Rachel throws a sofa cushion on him)

Ross (opening the shoe cabinet): The top 2 shelves are all yours...

(Now Rachel is watching in amusement)

(Ross now moves to the wardrobe)

Ross (whose voice is now faltering): Aaand this half of the wardrobe for your clothes...

(Rachel is desperately trying to stifle her laugh. Ross now glances at the stack of boxes and the 'space' he had created and adds two plus two.)

Ross: Well...

(Rachel begins laughing)

(Ross makes a face and heads out of the apartment)

Rachel: Where are you going?

Ross (from the corridor): To get a bigger wardrobe and cabinet.

(Scene ends)

(Scene opens at Monica and Chandler's)

Chandler: Where's Pat?

Monica (puzzled): Who's Pat?

Chandler: Pat the dog! The ceramic dog. The only thing I got for adopting Joey all these years!

Monica (blushing): It was a long drive till here, Chandler. Who knows what could've happened? It could have fallen off a cliff for all we know! Why are you asking me? Why do you think I had something to do with the movers throwing it away? I didn't give them money to do it!...(speaking so fast that nothing was legible.)

Chandler: Calm down, Mon. It's okay. It wasn't that great looking...Ehh who am I kidding? It was pathetic...

Monica (in too hopeful a voice): So it's fine it's no longer there right?

Chandler: It's not that. It's what it symbolised. Our great times together. Chandler and Joey's (making air gestures), Jandler forever! The Chanoey's!...

Monica: Honey, I understand... But if you say that once more, I'm going to move out!

Chandler (smiling): You know, this feels weird. Though we have a bigger place, our home never seemed smaller to me than it is seeming now.

Monica( hugging him): I get that feeling too.

(Chandler is now glancing through the living room window.)

Chandler (suddenly exclaiming): Oh there it is!

(The ceramic dog. Chandler rushes out of the door to get it.)

Chandler(from outside): And it is one piece! Oh, I missed you too...

Monica (muttering under her breath): Son of a bitch!

(Scene ends)

(Final/ Credits scene)

(Scene is at Central Perk. All except Rachel are seated in the couch and chairs. It's evening is preparing coffee. All of a sudden he sees Rachel approaching the door. She opens it and enters, eyes only for him. He stands still in shock, mouth slightly open.)

Gunther: You...You came back?

Rachel: I just couldn't leave things the way they were! I'm so sorry I lied! Because of course I love you the same way you love me!

Gunther (not believing his ears): You do?

Rachel (Holding his hands in hers): Let me prove it to you..

(She draws in close to him, very close..)

(All of a sudden there is a loud noise.)

(Gunther snaps into reality and looks down finding that he had broken a cup. He bends to pick it up.)

Gunther (muttering to himself): It'll never happen... she's gone...

(Just then, the door opens. In comes Rachel and heads straight towards the counter.)

(Now Gunther truly can't believe himself. So he pinches himself)

Gunther(to himself): Oww... Oh my God! It is really happening...

Gunther: You came back?

Rachel( Smiling): I just couldn't leave things the way they were!

Gunther faints.

(End of scene.)

(End of episode.)

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