A/N: Well it has been quite a long time since I have last written anything. This is my newest obsession!

I am posting today as many chapters as I have already written, my goal was to finish this story before the series continues but no can do. I'm heading off to abroad for a week and I won't have a chance to write there. But everything is already planned out.

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Basically this is right from where the mid season finale was left off.

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Chapter 1: Intro

"No!" Lucy screamed as Flynn dragged her along. She tried to fight back but the grip on her hand was too tight. "Wyatt!"
"Lucy!" she could hear her co-worker in the distance. "Lucy!"

They were closing in the Mothership and the door opened for them.
"Wyatt!" she shouted again but she knew her friends were still too far away to come in rescue on time. Ironic, time travellers being not on time.

Flynn pulled her inside the ship and the door closed after them.
"Go, now!" he ordered his pilot. He then tied Lucy to one of the leg of the chairs.
"You are not gonna get away with this," she said angrily. He didn't answer anything, just sat down at the same chair she was leashed to.

The capsule started to rumble but nothing like their Lifeboat usually did. She gave a quick look to the ship and she had to admit it was definitely bigger than theirs. And it looked much more modern. Ten seconds of small vibrating and the whole trip was done.

She was amazed; their trips usually caused nausea and the shaking was unsettling. This ship did it so smooth you barely noticed something had happened. Flynn and his men didn't even need any seatbelts. So unfair.

* l * l * l *

"Anything?" Wyatt asked Rufus as they were searching the area.
"No. Not a single sound or sign that he is here," Rufus asked frustrated.
"I have a bad feeling about this," Wyatt admitted and walked forward.

"Wyatt!" they heard Lucy's scream somewhere ahead of them. Wyatt didn't know what had happened but Lucy sounded troubled, almost panicked.
"Lucy!" he shouted back, trying to navigate towards her voice. "Lucy!"
"There!" Rufus pointed ahead of them. Wyatt could barely see two figures in the darkness and they raced there.

Just as they came to the scene they saw the door of the Mothership close and heard the machine making noises. Wyatt managed to take few more steps but it was only two seconds and the ship vanished, sending a windy wave at them. They both stumbled because of the force and nearly fell to the ground.

The meadow was quiet in the night, they could only hear their own hearts beating.
"Shit," Wyatt said out loud. Rufus put his hand on his head and closed his eyes.

Flynn had taken Lucy.