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Chapter 11

"Are you sure we are on the right path?" Rufus asked as a branch slapped his face for fourth time.
"I'm pretty sure," Wyatt answered, not bothering to slow down.
"You said the same over half an hour ago."

Wyatt sighed. "I'm sure it's here, somewhere… Just trust me, okay?"
"Always," Rufus replied quietly, and shook his head.
The town was already far in the distance, and now they were stumbling forward in a thick forest.

"Man, how can anyone live here? Seriously?" Rufus stated out loud. "This is like being doomed to die here. Alone. Surrounded by nothing. Far away from literally everything."
"Your positivity is remarkable," Wyatt smirked.
"Inherited from my mother, I've heard."

They both stopped to look at the surroundings.
"I hate to say this but..."
"Don't, Rufus, we are close. I can feel it."
"All I can feel is exhaustion and a pinching pain on my left shoulder. I'm not that good at hiking and camping and that sort of stuff."

The men exchanged looks, Wyatt looking desperate.
"Wyatt " Rufus started.
"I heard it the first time," Wyatt sighed slightly irritated and disappointed at their current situation.
"No, not that "
"We are gonna find her, okay?"
"I believe you, actually."
"You do? What happened to the pessimistic despair?"
"The hut happened."
"What hut?"
"Turn around."

Wyatt turned his head to the direction Rufus was looking at and saw nothing at first. Then the profile started to appear once his eyes got used to scenery and colours.
"Oh, that hut?"
They hadn't noticed the building before, for it blended perfectly to the nature. It looked like it was growing from the ground and trees.

"Thank your mother for me, would you?" Wyatt said giving a tiny smile.
"What for?"
"Being pessimistic. Let's go."

They approached the building carefully yet enthusiastically, hoping to find Lucy at last. It seemed like there was no movement anywhere. They came to the door and knocked. A loud thump was heard inside, then steps coming closer. Both men hold their breaths.

The door opened and a grim looking man stood in front of them. He said something in German and Rufus turned to Wyatt, who, apparently, greeted the man and asked something in turn. Rufus didn't understand anything from their short conversation, and the only thing he did catch was Lucy's name. He could see the look change in the man's eyes.

Wyatt spoke again, mentioned America and something else.
"You Wyatt, he Rufus?" the man asked in English.
"You… you know us? Who are you?" Rufus asked surprised and glanced at Wyatt. "And you speak English?"
"I'm Jacob. Lucy talked about you."
"Where is she?" Wyatt asked with a hope glimmering in his eyes, and peeking inside impatiently. "Is she here?"
"Wood," the man pointed at the forest. "She is back soon. Come in!"

The man turned on his heels and went inside. Wyatt and Rufus glanced at each other in amazement. Could they really have found her at last? They followed the man to the cozy looking hut. The next 20 minutes or so passed way too slowly for them to wait, and Wyatt started pacing back and forth.

"Relax," Jacob said and drank from his mug. "She comes."
"You have no idea how long we have been looking for her," Rufus sighed. He wasn't sure the man understood everything he said.

Finally, they heard a noise outside the building; Rufus stood up, Wyatt stopped pacing, and they both looked at the door. The door opened and a familiar figure stepped in.
"I'm so sorry Jacob, I didn't find the " Lucy said, glimpsed to the room and froze. Without closing the door, she dropped all the wood she had collected and made a small cry.

Lucy launched herself at Wyatt's waiting arms, squeezing the man as hard as she could.
"I thought I was never gonna see you two again," she commented shedding tears and laughing at the same time. Rufus came next to her and she threw arms around him. "Oh, how I missed you guys."
"We missed you too," Rufus said smiling and thinking of never letting go of her.

Jacob had been watching them silently, smiling at their happy faces.
"You gonna leave now?" he asked Lucy, and she turned to him, wiping away most of the tears.
"I'm afraid so," she answered apologetically. "It has been really nice to be here with you but… I miss my home."
Jacob nodded and stood up. "I understand." He spread his arms so that Lucy could give him a goodbye hug.
"Thank you," she whispered to him in a bear hug. "For everything."

The trio said their goodbyes to Jacob and left the hut.
"I can't believe we actually found you," Wyatt said to Lucy and kept his position right next to her, not wanting to lose the sight of her.
"Well, I haven't been here the whole time," Lucy stated. "Only couple of weeks. Before that I was somewhere else, I don't even know where."

The boys gave a look to each other.
"What?" Lucy asked confused seeing their expressions.
"You wouldn't have been here for two weeks if the Lifeboat hadn't missfunctioned," Wyatt said.
"Yeah, we would have been here a little bit earlier," Rufus added, "but for some reason the date went wrong."
"All that matters, is that you found me. That is good enough for me," she remarked firmly. "Now I just want to go home, have some fresh, non-stinking clothes, and a long bath."
"I think that will manage," Wyatt replied smirking.

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