Lorelai was upstairs in her room getting ready for the big moment. Miss Celine was there with several veil options, and even though it was only 8-12 of them, the tulle covered her bed completely. The front door creaked open and Rory called out "We're here!... Mom"

"Upstairs! You may need to bring Nancy Drew to help find me under all this tool!" Lorelai Replied.

The sound of the ladies climbing the stairs was drowned out by Lorelai's phone playing her 'The Bangles' Pandora playlist but she did hear the bedroom door open as Emily complained of the dust in the stairwell and how it wouldn't kill her to bring one of the Dragonfly maids over to dust it up. Emily decided that she'd 1have one of Berta's cousins do it while they were at the wedding.

"What is all this?" Emily asked

"Miss Celine has brought over a 10th round of veils for me to try on. We can't seem to find the right one to match the dress." Lorelai replied, still wearing her sweatpants that had Yale written up the side that she'd pilfered from Rory's boxes and one of Luke's white undershirts. The dress was hanging neatly on the door. Lorelai was of course waiting until the last minute to put it on because she was eating a pop tart and red vines. Neither of those matched the cream colored dress with a tight back-laced bodice and silk over tool skirt. It was similar to the one she chose ages ago, but a little cleaner. The other dress didn't seem to fit her age anymore and she was fine with that.

"Oh, well that's no matter anyway, I've brought you something. I think it's just what you're looking for." Emily then pulled Tiffany's box from her oversized purse and handed it to Lorelai.

"Tiffany's mom? I couldn't possibly accept this. It's too much."

"Open it Lorelai," she demanded as her daughter complied. "It's the one I wore 50 years ago when I married your father. It's not actually from Tiffany's. I just sent it there to have them polish it up and make sure no gems were loose first. My mother had it custom made for me by a designer in Germany before my wedding. I was convinced I needed it. It would be my honor if you would wear this today."

Emily's eyes were dry, but as Lorelai opened the box, she could feel tears starting to escape her eyes. She choked them back as her makeup was already done but her voice wavered as she just said "Thank you, Mom."

"Well put it on Natalie." Miss Celine prodded her.

It. Was. Perfect.

"Well then, we have our headwear chosen. I will be right back with your shoes. I changed my mind from the ones we chose yesterday. I found the classic shoes I dressed Meryl in for her first Golden Globes show. She's convinced those shoes are why she's still so relevant."

"Wow, this is the last time we'll all be Gilmore girls." Rory said as she stood in the room with her mom and grandmother. She all of the sudden felt extreme pride in her Gilmore name. The only longing was for the one person who couldn't be here today.

"Richard would be beaming to see you right now." Emily said. Then almost without missing a beat she added, "Please tell me your bathroom's not as dusty as your stairs. I need to get ready as well. We only have a couple hours." Lorelai just rolled her eyes and directed her downstairs.


Across town… all of 0.2 miles away, Luke was getting ready for the last time in his old apartment. Jess was right there by his side.

"You should have called me man. Totally would have been at your first wedding last night" Jess chided.

"We just wanted to get the nerves over with. Although that plan did not go as well as I thought it would. I'm still a little anxious. I think it's this tie," Luke replied.

"Or maybe it's the thought of you changing your name to Lucas Gilmore as I'm sure Emily will convince you to do," Jess smirked as he helped his uncle fix the pocket square one last time.



The wedding went off without a hitch. The procession began with Paris' daughter as the flower girl and Lane's twins (Steve and Kwon) as the ring bearers. Paris took video to help coach her daughter later but overall gave the performance a B+. She lost points for throwing too many flowers in the beginning and almost running out at the end.

Luke and April came down the aisle together proceeded by Jess and Rory.

Finally, Lorelai and Emily walked down to Reverend Skinner. Lorelai refused to be "given away" as she was not and never would be property. Even though she knew she belonged to Luke, he also belonged to her.

The party was perfect and both flash mobs had the crowd hyped. It went well into the morning hours until most of the liquor was gone.

Before leaving, Emily took Luke and Lorelai aside and gave one last gift, "I know you weren't planning on a honeymoon but I wanted you to escort your wife to Europe, Luke. The money Richard and I would usually use to see it in the Fall, I used to buy your accommodations."

After protest, they accepted the three week vacation. Emily had already arranged with Caesar and Michel to cover their businesses for the time so they could leave the next day.


Lorelai and Rory hardly had the chance to converse about the huge bombshell she was dealing with. The wedding dominated the entire day into the early the morning. Lorelai had barely slept in 48 hours. She was 68% coffee at the moment, but she wanted to see her daughter before the honeymoon. Luke was still in bed as they sat across the kitchen table.

"I know what I'm going to do." Rory Proclaimed. Lorelai took a deep breath into the waves from her coffee, but just waited for Rory to continue. "I'm not getting an abortion. I considered it, and I'm as liberal as the next woman if that's the best choice. Burn your bras sisters, your body your choice and all that jazz. Maybe if this was 10 years ago, I would have. I don't know. I know I am a mess and I know that I can't do this alone, at least not like you did this alone." she nervously twiddled her thumbs on the table and looked down.

She took a breath and continued. "I mean, I guess technically I could- but I don't want to. I also don't want to do adoption because I already love this baby. As weird as it sounds, she has my heart. I'm calling her she not knowing girl or boy but just hoping for a she and apparently when you're less than 12 weeks the genitalia is female. I'd like to renovate Luke's old apartment and move in there, if that's okay with you guys. I'm gonna stay at the Gazette and write my book from the apartment. I don't want to be a teacher or take lame jobs, but I am going to apply to grad schools and newspapers, this time with real pitches, and start fiddling with the website to make it look good for my future employers. I'm going to talk to Taylor about getting minimum wage and health benefits. Maybe I can sell ads or something to raise my own salary." Rory finally took a breath and asked "What do you think?"

"I'm not going to be called grandma, not yet… but I'm here for you kid. I'll talk to Luke, but we'll get you into that apartment. You sure you're not gonna rent in Queens?"

"Yes. At the wedding, I realized how blessed I am to be a Gilmore and to be raised in this place and this is where I want to find what I lost and work my way back to ice cream queen and pilgrim. Plus this year, I have a shot as before Mary in the Nativity Pageant!" Rory's last comment lightened the air a little and they both cracked a smile.

"Ok. Now don't get mad at me, but I have to ask…What about the father? I assume Logan?"

"Yeah, it's Logan. I already told him. We haven't come to any terms, but I do know that he's not my Luke. I thought he was once. I thought he could be if only. But then I realized, 'If Only' was ridiculous- especially now. It's not about me anymore. It's about the baby. The only thing I have decided is that no matter what, this child's last name will be Gilmore."

Lorelai nodded in understanding and they sat for a moment soaking it in.

"Alright, well, I'm dying kid, and I think I heard Luke just slam the toilet seat up so we're probably leaving in a minute."

Lorelai and Rory hugged goodbye and Rory went to her childhood room where April was sleeping on the lower trundle.