"Burr, baby it's cold outside come touch and warm me up sir." Hamilton say missteveshily, rubbing his hand up and down Burrs crouch.

"HAmilton you know I'm married to theodosia, you have to wait for it." Burr said moaning and scooting away.

"BITCH YOU ALWAYS SAYING I WANT TO BE IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS AND I'M GIVING YOU A FUCKING CHASE," hamilton yelled in frutions in anger I mean what a bitch gotta get fuck.

"ALEXANDER you dumb bitch you think you're good effet" Burr says undoing his pants

"Burrr Ill will never be satisfied without your dick" Alexander said getting on his knees. Alexander grabs burrs dick and jerks it quite and hard, then puts the tip in his mouth roling his touge on the pee hole.

"Fuck your mouth is so good goooooOOOOD" butt moans grabing alexanders pushing him all the way down ti the base making alexander to let go and jjust play with his baby makers .

"TAke me to your candy store" Alexander gaggas out as burr cums on Alexander mouth.

"Alexander let me get in that BOIPUSSY" Burr says pulling out Alexander hamilton's pants and tighty whities down which has a brown line in it. "BOI did you shit yourself"

"ONLY for you daddy as your obedient servant " alexander purrs out as burr plays with his butthole teasing it, by licking it and finger it. Slowly Burr added another finger picking up the pays and then enters another finger. As the alexander began to relax Burr Stuffed his whole fist in his butthole like a turkey. And started fisting him hard.

"DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY" alexander yelled. Burr pulled his fist out that was covered in poo, and put his dick in his poop-dumpster. Thrusting in and out runnings pooped covered fingers through alex's hair.

"You like that don't you dirty bitch, dont you bitch."


"Thats right" Says butt as he cums all over alexander man tits and alex cums on burr face.

"For now on ill always be in the room where it happens" Burr says cuddling

"Alexander where are you it's maria, tine to take a break."