Authors Note: BunnyRibbit is actually one of my favourite OvW ships right now, and thanks to a few people who gave me the muse for this on Tumblr, it's actually become a thing for me. So, pls enjoy a collection of drabbles.

Her chat pinged for the umpteenth time. Hana was sure that he was doing it to somewhat annoy her. The same person, every night, would be in her chat 30 minutes early. During set up, She enjoyed the moments to herself, moments where she could paint her nails a new obnoxious shade of pink, or get in a few warm up rounds of whatever she was playing today, but she couldn't when that stupid, obnoxious screen name would pop up. "RibbitRibbit. Who the hell would've thought of that?" It wasn't the weirdest thing she'd seen. Late at night, there'd always be a few people that would come in with names like "DaddyDeath or FistMe76" It was the internet after all, nothing was ever sacred for too long. It was like walking into one of those sex shops in America. You felt dirty just looking at them. Glancing down to her screen, Hana gave a huff, reading the message

RibbitRibbit: Know you're there. Just wanted to come say Hi :P You were really shit up after yesterday. I get it - The Evil Within is a freaky game. I freaked out the first time I played it.

Oh god, he was here yesterday. The girl found herself smiling at the computer screen, fingers resting on the keyboard. She could totally turn her stream to private for a little, right? At least for the half hour before everything began. Her fingers moved from the keyboard to the camera upon her monitor. This is such a bad idea. He could've been a creep, he could've been someone out to get her. After all, Korea's starlet was worth something to people that wanted to make a name for themselves, but what harm could it do? It wasn't like anything could go that wrong, plus - his profile said he was in Brazil. Nothing a little security check could do if he was a creep. A flick of the camera, and her face lit up on a secondary monitor. It looked tired ( She'd fix that with a few hours sleep. Maybe throw in an energy drink too.) Another ping, and another message

RibbitRibbit: You didn't have to do that! I would've been cool just talking in chat :P But you look done for. You should rest after this stream. Can't have you passing out on us. What are you playing today?

"Mortal Kombat X. I've gotta get an achievement!" Her hands moved up to her mouth, finger nails pressing limply against teeth. A nervous habit that she'd picked up many moons ago. It wasn't really the kind of thing she did in front of a camera, though. D'va was a figure of confidence, someone that kids aimed to be like, and she knew that. It was picked up easily by her visitor, who spent rather a long time with the three little dots by his name. Was she 100% nervous? Absolutely. Opening up to a person that she didn't really know? It was strange. Her hands began to fiddle with anything that they could. Her energy drink, the Pop! Figure that rested by her mouse pad. Then there was that ding

RibbitRibbit: That's a good game! I usually play as Raiden. He's my fave. Sorry, I was working on something. Kinda got… distracted by something ;)

Was that a blush? She could feel her cheeks burning at the stupid emote. Hana couldn't help but smile, and this time. It was absolutely much bigger than the last one. It was stupid how a small comment could get her completely giddy. To be fair, she received a lot of them from different people during the night - but this? This felt different. She hummed quietly, the gentle play of a Lucio song in the background of her surroundings. It was time to relax. There was about 5 minutes before her stream began. Another Ping

RibbitRibbit: So, I'm not gonna be able to stick around tonight. Work things came up. You should check twitter, though. It's dvamode right? I know you might not look at it, but I think you should see it (:

Hana nodded, leaning a little closer to the screen and seemingly blowing a slight kiss at the screen "It was nice meeting you, Ribbit." And then the chat went dead. That small bubble of happiness in her gut slowly disappearing. That was different, a kind of different that she didn't like. But she tapped away at her phone, and loading up twitter. The screen was bright, various tweets about how people were excited for her stream and then the notification popped up " RibbitRibbit tagged you in a photo" She tilted her head gently, pressing on the link and then her mouth dropped

That was Lucio, The Lucio. The Lucio, with her face in the background. He was in her stream. Mouth slightly ajar, the Korean gave a laugh. She had to reply to it. After their small conversation, it only seemed right that she did. Part of her was freaking out on the inside. How long had she been listening to his music? God, even before she started streaming, really. Lucio was something she could concentrate to. A quick snap of her face, and it was a reply back - quickly captioned "… I should get a backstage ticket for the torment you caused. I love your music.."

And that's when the tweets began

dvamode u know lucio!

dvamode is that your boyfriend
dvamode m Y OTP IS REAL.

"Oh, christ."

Authors note: So, for one. I don't know how twitter works. I don't use it D: This is the first of a few drabbles though. I'm in the mood to write just not long things? Even though at the moment of typing this this sits at 1000 words. So LMAO. Short my ass. Umm, I guess if you like it? Just say you do. And I'll write some more