Authors Note: You ready for some bad smut?

He doesn't know how it happened. Lucio was always so slick with the way he was around Hana. Gentle touches under the mess hall table, quiet make out sessions in Jack's office. It was always away from eyes that could easily judge them. He'd heard it before. "Relationships between coworkers don't often go well. I know that from experience." And he honestly didn't want to hear it again. Jack was a good guy, and he didn't doubt that - but leaving Brazil, he'd left his family behind. He didn't want the fatherly figure here. Especially with the person he'd been perusing for this long.

He doesn't know happened, but here he is - Hands exploring the pale body below him. Hana was beautiful. So fucking beautiful, and the way she writhed when a finger pressed inside her inner most walls. Fuck, it caused him to harden almost instantly. She'd always been the kind of person that liked the foreplay, but the way she ground against his fingers. That was different. What had happened that they were so unwound? His gaze on her is somewhat confused, and when she manages to crack her eyes open - there's a small whimper of "please." And he can't say no. He really can't say no to her when she's needy

His cock twitched as it came loose, and in his need, he pushed forward, stretching her slightly as he did. A gentle whine came from rosy lips, and Lucio found himself lost. "Harder," She whispers. Lucio can't help but smile at how needy she was. She didn't care if the movement of his thrusts was causing her any pain. She just wanted to feel him. Another quick thrust, but Lucio honestly refused to believe that it was because she asked to. She didn't ask. In fact, she just let it happen. She was good for that. They didn't get times like this together. He felt the constant constricting of her walls around him, and fucking hell - It was heaven.

It only took a soft knock on Lucio's quarters to snap him out of the gaze on her body. The only contact they had was the gentle rocking of his hips. Hana found herself having to hold back the gentle whimpers "Who is it?" Lucio spoke up, his voice was normal. "Jack. I just wanted to give you the files for your next job. Can I come in?" Lucio glanced down to his partner, and with a small mouth of 'Fucking Jack.' He managed to speak out a quick response "Not right now, man. I'm working on a new track and kinda want some alone time." Lucio had to hold back the audible gasp when Hana pushed him back against the bed. All of his muscles stiffened, and he could barely contain the throaty groan that rested in his chest. She began moving with a slow and steady rhythm, holding her hand against her mouth to keep her quiet. The friction - fuck, it was amazing.

"Alright. Come see me after, okay? I wanna talk to you about a few things."

Everything grew silent in moments. They could hear Jack's footsteps down the hallway, but they had to keep quiet. The quiet panting and heavy breaths were all that surrounded them. There couldn't be any moaning. His constant ramming into her made the smacking sound against her flesh. He was sure he could already feel the wetness down her legs. He made a mental note to himself to tell her just how much he liked it. She was so close. The gentle twitches of her body were enough to keep him grinding into her. Just a little more, and he'd get to here that wonderful moaning that she often did. Finally, her head jerked back against the bed, giving his cock just enough to hit her in that right spot. Whimpering, that was all he could here. The gentle whimpering from his girlfriend - if he'd even call her that.

"I'm coming inside of you." He managed to breath out. She nodded, couldn't care less about it. There was too much going on in her head to let his words sink in. There was a few more slow thrusts that were jerky, sloppy and god. Soon enough, he stiffened against her skin, and the last thing he could pick up on as he came was the sight of her closing her eyes as he filled her up. They held each other, half dazed, half happy. A complete euphoric state, and by god - he could've came again with the slow movements she was doing against him. They held still for a moment, just listening to the gentle breaths of each other.

It was only a few moments afterwards that they began to get dressed again, and Lucio could've picked up on the way she rested on the end of her bed, hands on bare lap. For a moment, he was wondering why. Legs wrapped around her, and there's a gentle press on her neck. These were the moments he really enjoyed. When nothing was effecting them. "Babe, what's wrong?" He was sure he could've heard Hana bite back a laugh, and it sounded bitter. And then she spoke up, and it felt like his whole world came crashing down around him.

"I'm going to help out with the Omnic problem in Russia. I don't.. I don't know when I'm gonna be back." It's sad, and he felt the way she bent forward to rest her head in her hands. Lucio automatically moved forward to tighten his grip around her. She wasn't going to be back any time soon, and fuck - that scared him. He had to ask about going with her. He had to, but for a moment - he didn't care. There was a gentle sigh, and Lucio muttered a quick "Shall we go a round two?" She laughs, and he's so sure it's the best thing he's ever heard.

She's the best thing he's ever had

Authors Note: Told ya.